How To Make Money Online in 2017 From Home – Free 7 Steps Guide To Earn $100 to $500 A Day

Hey my name is Vic Strizheus. I’m the founder and creator of the four percent group where we teach people just like you how to become great at marketing and create solid income online look if you have tried to build an online business for any period of time you’ll probably realized there seems to be two things happening a lot, right? there is theory and complexity and frankly that’s why so many people fail to achieve any measurable results so to help our four percent group members get results fast, I have created industry’s first seven steps to result it’s the world’s simplest step-by-step guide for making money online and creating lasting success it’s a 997 dollar program but today you don’t have to pay 997 dollars in fact you don’t have to pay a dime because right now today you can get your hands on seven steps to results 100 percent FREE no strings attached.

I’ll even give you a free account to the four percent group and as soon as you log in you’ll be taken straight to the seven steps to results program so you can start implementing it immediately right now. Look if you’re sick and tired of information overload where you don’t know where to start or what to do If you’re sick and tired of theory and complexity where everything seems to be complicated, right? If you’re sick and tired of not getting the results you want I’m talking no sales, no money. If you’re sick and tired of traffic generation challenges where you don’t know where and how to get hungry visitors AKA traffic to your website that are ready to buy what you’re selling if your sick and tired of fluff where gurus just talking and no real 123 type action plan for you to follow and you really would like to have a simple 123 type guide that shows you exactly what to do to get results fast if you would like to have your hands on a selling machine proven to generate massive sales and make you money even if you don’t have a product or a website if you want multiple streams of income that get you paid from many different sources ok if you want to be a part of an active $100,000 campaign where you can literally what get to watch over my shoulder step by step how we take a brand new campaign from scratch and build it out towards generates a hundred thousand dollars in commissions and you get to see everything that good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

Every click every mousemove is recorded and documented and you can literally model it and you can follow along with me okay if you want to virtually be able to command sales on demand and never have to rely on anybody or anything this can really help you ok this is the same system our members use and follow right now to create massive results online look the other day while doing a live webinar I asked our members if they were making money as a result of using this system everybody fixture is here i’m going to do something that’s a little bit unexpected in this particular video look I stepped into a studio to do a team webinar and here we are there’s me this is live stream this is inside of the four percent group members area as you can see they’re right and here we have let’s see we got 800 people in the room ok let me go ahead and expand the screen for you gonna do something that is like unexpected and normally you wouldn’t see a lot of people doing live but I want to be totally transparent totally authentic with you I’m gonna ask our people in the room okay we got 799 people in the room right now at the moment here they are chatting right ok here are the people watching me how many of you guys are gonna ask you guys live right there okay I’m gonna ask you guys live in the room how many guys have generally have made money have made Commission’s have made sales here within the four percent group ok let’s take a look at the comments there’s like a 20 30 second delay over here ok take a look how many guys have made sales have made money here in the four percent group as a result following by following our system let me know I let me know in the comments ok let me know in the comments there’s like a 20-second delay now look you can’t fake look look how crazy this thing is going right look yes yes yes made make me look at this look just look for yourself ok so what you’re looking at right now my friend is we’ve got 798 people okay look how crazy this chat is going ok look at this look at this look at this you guys are awesome appreciate your feedback now what do you guys think ok what do you guys think so this is the company has made money now I want to ask you another question i’m going to put the camera over to myself but I’m not even going to edit this because you know there’s a lot of fakeness going on in the industry you know there’s a lot of a pretender there’s a lot of things that people just like hype up you know what want to be totally authentic everything we do here in 4% it’s totally authentic it’s from the heart okay i want to ask you guys here are in the room watching me on the webinar might as well write it without you guys in the room you know what you guys think of the four percent group in general ok from somebody who might be on the fence just kind of checking it out it’s a free you know it’s you know it video they can create themselves an account for free get plugged into the seven steps to results program you know they can get plugged into the operation 100k what do you guys think what are your thoughts from a member’s perspective here of for the four percent okay from the four percent what’s your perspective thoughts on the four percent group ok Cash in the bank is still might still make money now there’s about 20 to 30 second delay now check it out ok so right here people are just now seeing the scene the you know my message there in the group okay so check that out ok you guys are unbelievable look at this ok now look my friend if you are looking for something that’s really something that’s that’s solid something that I look at how many we got a hard-on for people in the room right now get the moment okay look at this just look for yourself right I was gonna leave leave the camera okay on this you got you guys are absolutely out of this world man you guys are awesome congratulations ok so there you go you know i can i can keep the camera I’m gonna flip it on myself and there you have it okay does what what everybody else think about the four percent group about the same opportunity that you have right in front of you right now you just saw my friend go make a decision.

I’ll see you inside pretty cool huh so naturally look if i were you i would probably be wondering why in the world are you giving this away for free. That’s a great question you see it has to do a lot with our vision our vision is to help 1 million members create solid income online ok it’s a worthy goal we’re actually on track to making this a reality within the next six to 12 months really really exciting look I realize there’s a lot of garbage out there online and naturally a lot of people are skeptical perhaps they got burned before okay I get it so by allowing you to get into the four percent group for free and showing you that I can help you by actually helping you get results ok letting you see the entire system in fact actually letting you use our system see our amazing 4% community which by the way is unbelievable my hope is that you will immediately realize that this is unlike anything else in existence and you might want to lock arms with us and help us expand this vision even further reaching and helping millions of people together ok and perhaps you want to send and go further with us so it’s a win-win look at the end of the day what really matters here is you getting results agreed you don’t necessarily need more Theory you don’t need more courses to buy or more videos to watch that just give you well again more theory and fluff that you can implement what you really need is results fast yes? I’m talking getting sales earning commissions putting money in your bank account i get it and it’s exactly and precisely what we’re focusing on here i believe that if i can help you get results there’s a good chance that you will become a raving fan and a loyal member of our community for life helping us expand this vision and positively impact millions of people’s lives but we start by first helping you okay look I don’t really need to sell you on this because you can get started right now one hundred percent free thousands are joining daily literally every single day my question to you is are you ready for your breakthrough and your results here is your next step simply go ahead and create your free account to the four percent group this might be the best thing that has ever happened to you thanks for watching I’ll see you inside the four percent groups seven steps to result let’s get started

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GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Smuggler’s Run

Thanks to all for getting back at us for a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks You already know, I’m Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew – but if you didn’t, now you do! This time we’re peeping out the new business opportunity introduced in “Smuggler’s Run” and drop everything you need to know about costs, time, profits and whatever else you didn’t think you wanted to know yet.

But do! So let’s get straightly to it! Like all other businesses, with “Smuggler’s Run” you will only be able to “buy-and-sell” in public sessions – unless you find some way to play on the down low. This business follows the same structure of the businesses added in Finance & Felony and Import/Export. To sell a product you have to steal it, so your presence and active participation is necessary to get paid. First things first, what’s the best Hangar to buy? Its ain’t like there’s a wide selection: two are located at the Los Santos International Airport and three at Fort Zancudo. The cheapest are at LSIA while the hangars at Fort Zancudo grant players a low-level clearance to the Fort – in other words the ability to enter and fly over and inside Fort Zancudo without gaining a 4-star wanted level.

Thanks to that, the three hangars located in the Fort are the most appealing, but whichever you choose, be ready to face some hard competition. Hangars do not offer any kind of upgrades, staff to pay, etc. Buy the place, decorate it, add a workshop if you want and it’s done. Once inside you can change the position of your planes. You can park a “Pegasus vehicle” changing its status to Personal Aircraft – that can later be called from the interaction menu – or customize your fleet with upgrades, colors and more. To begin smuggling in San Andreas you need to complete a setup mission, which always involves stealing a Mogul from some bikers; once the caper’s done, you can start making money.

Sourcing is the main aspect and focus of this new business. Under the office there’s enough space to store up to 50 crates of goods like, Narcotics, Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Gemstones, Tobacco & Alcohol and Counterfeit Goods. Each individual crate can be sold for $10,000 – fully stocked its worth hits a cool $500,000 – but that’s not all – even more cash can be raised thanks to a bonus we’ll get into later. These missions are crucial for players who wanna buy new aircraft – because completing them, unlocks discount prices – something that in both Import/Export and Gunrunning was tied to a specific, and fun to play, group of missions. In “Smuggler’s Run” instead, after the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st source missions, you unlock the trade prices for the Ultralight, Rogue, Alpha-Z1, Havok, LF-22 Starling, V-65 Molotok and Tula. But that’s not all, the Bombushka, Howard, Mogul, Pyro, Seabreeze, Nokota and Hunter all have their trade prices as well, that unlock after missions 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42 are complete.

Like any other business, you need to become a VIP, CEO or MC leader – that last one is not recommended for your health. That’s because first, spawning an armed Buzzard is more useful than any bike can ever be. Second, the most you’ll be able to collect in a single mission is 4 crates – even if you have a full 8-member MC club active. The reason for this is to stop players from filling and then selling out full Hangars in less than an hour. To start a mission, in the new office turn on the PC and choose the material you want to source.

Every mission has a 20-minute time limit. If you’re not able to complete all objectives and bring the crate to the hangar in the time allotted, the mission fails. If in the case of doing the mission with a friend – he manages to get his crate inside the Hangar before time is up, his will be valid and marked as collected – even if you don’t get yours back – the mission is passed. Once a sourcing mission has ended, you can immediately start a new one, unless you are interested in collecting the same material. In the event you do want to stick to the same product, you’ll have to wait. How long you wait depends on what kind of product you want: a four minute cooldown for Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies, three for Animal Materials, Art and Jewelry and two for all remaining categories – you also have to add an additional minute for every crate collected by one of your associates. There are various missions to play when collecting goods. Most of these require reaching an area, killing up a shitload of enemies and retrieving the cargo dropped by murdered goons, tucked inside fake crates that must be destroyed, or already in other aircraft that you need to jack and take back to your own hangar.

With the exception of the selling missions, you can destroy any given aircraft containing the crates, collect the goods on foot and use the vehicle you like the most to fly back to the Hangar. Moreover, while we talking about destroying aircraft, if these are marked on the map with a white icon, you can simply ignore them and use a different aircraft, while instead a colored icon indicates that using – or at least getting aboard – that aircraft is necessary. But let’s get back to missions. The simplest one requires reaching a Maverick crash site and finding and collecting the lost crate.

Most of these missions are designed to use the abilities of the new aircraft, like dogfighting enemies in Lazers using the new Molotok and Nokota. One of the best missions involves the use of the Tula and killing a group of scavengers in order to retrieve crates lost at sea. Other lit ones are where you silently attack enemies from the Air Ambulance or parachute in for mass stealth-killings of your enemy – then grab the crates. The most common missions unfortunately are, longer and more boring. The first example is the one created for the Hunter – an attack helicopter returning from the 3D era. In these missions, all you have to do is destroy an indefinite number of scramblers around Los Santos and Blaine County to reveal the location of a Brickade, destroy it to retrieve its cargo and take it back to the Hangar.

The same can be said for the Seabreeze, a new, faster plane able to land and take off on water, used for a long mission centered on bombing Tugs and Trash Trucks to retrieve their hidden cargo. Just like for the mission on the Rogue where you have to carpet-bomb roofs filled with enemies just to find out where a couple of Buzzards with cargo are. The last example is the mission featuring the Mogul. Here we have to defend a Titan from armed Buzzards for almost twelve minutes flying continuously in circles waiting for the next fleet of enemies to spawn. All these missions can be played alone and the ones which involve destroying stuff, are undoubtedly better played as such because there will always be fewer and fewer things to bomb before you find the merchandise. Not for nothing, but the design of the new aircraft and missions require at least one friend who can man the aircraft’s secondary weapons. This makes the missions hella’ easier. But its also possible to collect cargo without dealing with missions at all.

Like vehicles from Import/Export, you can destroy or steal other players’ crates. The first option – also known as the “that-motherfucka-method” – awards players who destroy other player’s crates only $2,000. The second option instead – just stealing it – adds an extra crate to your stock only available when an enemy player is on his own source mission. During an enemy’s selling mission, his cargo can’t be ripped off, only destroyed. But don’t forget – the same goes for you! Incorrectly, the game informs you that by destroying or stealing other people’s cargo, your stock will increase – now this is true if you put the stolen crate in your Hangar – because you’re gonna have one more crate, that’s the value increased, not if you destroy other people’s cargo. It doesn’t matter if your stock’s full or if you only have one crate, you can still start a selling mission.

But, it’s important to understand, this one is different from all other updates in that inspite of how much stock you’re selling, you can still find yourself with several aircraft to manage at once, even if you’re selling a single crate. Avoid selling alone in a public session, without a friend, or two (or more) to watch your back and your crates because you might end up getting hit and having all your profits blown to hell. In a selling test we did with a full stock of Chemical materials, we missed a single drop out of fifteen and for that, we lost almost half of our profit. You can choose to fill your Hangar with crates of the same type or get random and take a bit of this and that – but if you’re aiming for maximum profit, always source the same material of one of the first three types. That’s because if you collect at least 25 crates of Narcotics, Chemicals or Medical Supplies, the value of your entire stock gets a 35% bump. If you fill up your Hangar with one those materials, a 70% bonus is unlocked.

You get 12% per every 10 crates of Animal Materials, Art & Antiques and Jewelry & Gemstones – – giving you a maximum profit of $800,000 for a full stock of a single material. The remaining two categories, Tobacco & Alcohol and Counterfeit Goods instead only get a 5% boost and that’s for every five crates, for a max price of $750,000. As always, the “High Demand” bonus is active. We’re talking about a positive bonus of 1% more for each enemy player in the lobby at the moment of the sell. However, to balance it all out, Rockstar Games also added a negative bonus. For every sell completed, Ron will get a 2.5% cut from your profit. That means $250 for a single crate goes to $21,250 for the full stock of prime product sold. Damn! Like sourcing, selling missions also center on the new aircraft added with Smuggler’s Run – and even here the cooldown between two selling missions, no matter how many crates – is just a paltry three minutes. One mission that calls for 2 players – literally it won’t even start if you’re alone – is focused on a new cargo plane, the RM-10 Bombushka. Thing is, with the Bombuska, you have to fly low to drop crates to buyers.

Meanwhile your friends have to arm the machine guns in case they have to end any fools trying to attack in a Buzzard. In another mission you fly Ultralights under a height limit – to avoid activating the “Global Signal”. That’s a becon that broadcasts your position on a map to all the other players in the session. Nothing’ a G wants. But there are also classic missions that require simply flying towards checkpoints using an Alpha Z-1, or dropping cargo in a designated area from a Seabreeze. Still in others you only use a Skylift to bring a container aboard a cargo ship. There are two different missions where helicopters are used. In one, the Cargobob is utilized, while in the other – the Havok.

Each requires multiple deliveries for each player. What this means is that more than one helicopter for a single player is needed if you use the Havok – there will be from two to eight Havoks depending on how many players you have and how much cargo you’re selling. In the mission involving the Cargobob, each player needs to get aboard a Cargobob, lift up a small cargo container and deliver it to a specific place. This process must be repeated at least once. One odd thing we noticed about selling missions, is the number of aircraft the game gives you. With the exception of one selling mission involving four players and eight Havoks, all the missions we played gave us two to three aircraft – even if our team had four players. And like we already said, you could fuck around and end up with three aircrafts to manage during a selling mission – even if you’re playing alone and just selling a few crates. To maximize profits and blow up those paydays, you know you have to fill your hangar with Narcotics, Chemicals or Medical Supplies. Remember, this is so you can sell your full stock for $850,000.

Considering missions can’t take more than 20 minutes – but that most of them can be done in 10, you’ll be able to have a full stock in two and half to a maximum of four and half hours while playing with a team of four. Instead, if you play alone, collecting 50 crates could take up to 18 hours. So, let’s move on to what all G’s are in it for, the math! Here we breakdown costs, profits and more. The least expensive setup for a hangar is $1,200,000, while the most expensive rockets up to $5,670,000, but that’s all. You don’t have to spend money on anything else to run this business – there are no upgrades, fees to pay for having info about the crates or such. Your hangar is even perfectly protected and cannot be raided. To recover the cost of the cheaper hangar, and make a profit of half a million, all you have to do is sell two full stocks of prime materials. But you’ll need to sell seven to get the top one and profit by $280Ks. Both are definitely doable because in the first scenario, even playing alone, in less than 40 hours you’ll be able to record a profit, while in the second scenario you’ll be able to make a profit in less than a single week.

So, it’s definitely easy to break-even in Smuggler’s Run in less than ten hours of abusing your friends’ patience, you can cover all the expenses necessary to start and run your own filthy business. If you’re able to isolate yourself and your friends while selling, you’ll be able to put some serious money in the bank. Still, the Bikers and Gunrunning businesses are better because they keep making money even if you’re focused on something else – and even if you buy supplies, your profit will be nice. The real problem of “Smuggler’s Run” is not its content, but what came before: over a year of updates that followed the same logic and structure. Also dragging it down are the repetitive and long missions, the removal of co-op missions and the fact that you’re still being forced to do everything in public lobbies full of motherfuckers with just one thing in mind: screwing you – surely this isn’t helping the way players are starting to see GTA Online.

And that ends this Tips and Tricks episode. Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about “Smuggler’s Run”. If you want to chat with us and other players or find someone to play GTA Online with, join us in our Official Discord Server or follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s all, from the GTA Series Videos crew and yours truly, G7MT. See you next time..

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How to Make $1000 on YouTube — 3 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

– Are you curious about how to make real money on YouTube? In this video, I break down three different ways to earn $1,000+ in detail, coming up. (chill music) Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with Think Media TV, helping you go further, faster, in media, and on this channel we do tech gear reviews as well as tips and strategy videos just like this one, so if you’re new here, consider subscribing. So I recently did an online YouTube master class, breaking down five different strategies for building your audience and your income on YouTube this year, and I wanted to share one of those strategies with you, which is all about cash flow, right? How to build your income, and specifically, how to earn $1,000+ on YouTube in three different ways, and all of the details, so let’s cut over to the training right now.

Cash flow. This is strategy number three, because we need cash flow to help us grow, especially if you have this mission, you’ve got a passion, you want to make a difference, you want to make an impact, well if you can’t fund it, especially when you know the stress of having a day job and dreaming about a dream job and maybe doing this full time, well, as your cash flow increases, it gives you more time to do what you love and to work on your passion project, so let’s talk about, practically, three ways to earn $1,000 with YouTube. Three ways to earn $1,000 with YouTube. Now, we’re gonna talk about YouTube ads, we’re gonna talk about affiliate marketing, we’ll talk about brand deals, and share some tips on each of these. So the first one is YouTube ads. Now, the average, in case you’ve ever wondered how much money you can make with YouTube ads, the average is for every a thousand views you get, if ads are turned on, you’re gonna get $2.

That’s called a CPM. That can go up, that can do down depending on the channel, depending on the niche, depending on a lot of factors. So let’s say our goal here, as an example, is to earn $1,000, you would need half a million views to get $1,000 based at that CPM. So as you look at this, you might be thinking, shoot, that’s a ways off. I mean, even for established YouTubers, YouTube ads is a tough way to generate real, substantial income, especially to try to support your family, or anything like that. This video, for example, is approaching 500,000 views, and as you can see, using this little tool here, the estimated earnings are only $707. Now that’s cool, but it’s tough to get that many views, and the other thing is for Think Media TV we do some stuff, our CPM is actually more like $5 per 1,000 views, so this video would make more like $2,300 or so, but even still, YouTube ads are my least favorite way to earn money on YouTube.

I kind of try to even ignore them because it’s like pennies for your efforts. It’s not the best way. But there’s good news! There is better ways to build your income on YouTube, and the second way is actually my favorite way. It’s called affiliate marketing. This is how I built a full-time audience, or a full-time income, off not even having a very large audience, under 30,000 subscribers, which is still large, but sometimes we’re under this misconception we need 100,000 or a million. We need a zillion subscribers, and all this stuff. It’s not true. There are ways to do it. Affiliate marketing is how we’ve been doing it, and I’ll show you how it works. I like, and Amazon Associates, you can go there, just sign up for an affiliate program, and then what you end up getting, is you can create custom links that you put in your YouTube description, that link to the products you talk about in that video. So if you did a video on a yoga channel, Best Yoga Accessories, you could link to all those accessories in the YouTube description and then what happens is if a visitor clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you make money.

Let me show you how this works. On my Sean Cannell channel, this channel honestly gets pretty neglected. It’s not a main thing. My main channel is Think Media TV. That’s where I built a full time income. We do video influencers as a side project. Benji and I do it together. So I use this channel, but one reason I love it is because I use it for experiments, so I use it to test things like I’m teaching you right now to see if this stuff can work, these kind of ninja tactics or whatever. So, affiliate marketing, here’s an example from a month ago during the holiday season this past year, and this past year these LED projector lights came out, and maybe you noticed these; it’s kind of a weird love/hate thing. A lot of people hate them, but whatever, and what they were, you just put them in your yard and it just shines these little dots of lights on your house, but that’s not the point.

So I do a simple product review video, just sitting at my desk, talking about these LED projector lights, and then I share the links to the products that I talk about in the YouTube description. So here’s a screenshot of the affiliate income just in like a month, and so it’s kind of weird how it works, but all of these, they’re kind of the same thing, but maybe they’re different nuances, and so you can see here 8.5% commission and there’s this many sales, so this line right here made $1,122.88.

This, $319.44. $963, $357, just one video. Crushing it, right? Now, these are the lights that I talked about, and these ones though, I didn’t even mention these. Now maybe these are the ones you saw in the grocery store. That’s kind of what even inspired me to do this video is I was like, “Hey, these are up front in the grocery store, “these must be popular. “I should just throw a video up.” So the Starshower as-seen-on-TV lights, I didn’t talk about these, but what’s cool with affiliate marketing is if someone clicks through your link, whatever they purchase, you get credit for, so there’s another hundred bucks, 43, 35, all this income, right? So just one video makes 8.5% commission, well over 1,000 units sold, well over 3,000 in revenue, and the key being that more revenue from related sales, especially because this is during the holidays, someone’s not only buying lights, they’re also buying an Xbox for their family and a watch for their boyfriend and all this stuff. You get credit for all of that, so obviously you can see by this example how this can stack and really generate some crazy results.

Now, let’s get to the third way. The third way is creating videos for companies and brands in exchange for free product and/or money called brand deals. Let me give you an example from Kimbyrleigha, who’s one of my students, and she says this: “I just picked up,” for confidentiality we’ll just say “I was just picked up “by a brand to be their spokesperson and brand ambassador. “They’re gonna feature me on their social media platforms, “tell people to go watch my videos for the newest trends, “I’ll also be at their booth at VidCon for a meet and greet, “and of course I’m also getting paid for all this.

“They’ll even double my affiliate commissions.” So powerful, right? That’s what a brand deal could do, and they’re gonna double, it’s stacking now, her affiliate commissions as she recommends that product. Here’s another example, Heather. She has a homeschool and motherhood channel, and in just eight months she’s grown by over 2,500 subscribers, 85,000 channel views, so having good traction but still in the very very beginning stages. She’s only posted 15 videos. You know how we talked about like, “Is this gonna take too “much time,” and she did, she’s a wife, she’s a mother, she’s a homeschool mom, she’s doing homeschool every day, we’re working together, so this is a very, very, very side project for her that she just devotes a few hours a week and not even every week, and she’s been making monthly income from YouTube ads and affiliate income, as we talked about, but recently she just landed an $1,100 of free product from a brand deal.

Now, it’s curriculum, so it’s stuff that their family would have bought anyways. That was money, not just something cool, something necessary that they would have spent that money, so they saved that money, and $3,600 to do a series of videos about that curriculum, and 10% affiliate commissions when anybody is potentially exposed to that curriculum and says, “That would “be valuable for me as well in my homeschool.” Crazy, right? So we always hear, “Do only the big channels get brand deals?” The good news is absolutely not. We just proved it. Of course the answer is no. You just saw Kimbyrleigha, you just saw Heather, and I want you to see this article from Forbes that says micro-influencers are actually gonna be the new influencers. So 80% of people are likely to follow a micro-influencer’s recommendation, which proves that you don’t need to rely on huge mega-influencers to advocate for your brand.

Powerful stuff. So we talked about three ways, and here’s a power tip, and if you’re ever curious how do the full time lifestyle entrepreneurs, the full time YouTubers, or the people who are generating passive income in their business, how do they do it? Well they do it through what I like to call YouTube income stacking, and that’s where what you do is sometimes these are small, like maybe YouTube ads, not that much, but when you stack it on affiliate marketing, and then you stack it on brand deals, and then you stack it on many others, and we’ve got resources about that, then you can start to get these multiple streams of income and what I’ve noticed smart influencers do is they stack different streams of income to support themselves, their family, their mission, and their message. So the reality is cash flow helps you grow, and so I hope that that training was valuable, and actually if you want to check out the entire master class with all five strategies, you can grab that for free for a limited time while the replay is available at

Question of the Day! What is your biggest challenge right now with building your audience and your income on YouTube? I would love to help out in future videos, so definitely post in the comments section. Thanks so much for checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for more videos just like this, and if you know somebody who’s trying to build their influence with video, could you share this video with them and if you do want to check out that master class, the full five strategies, you can get access to those at

We’ll link it up in the description, and on the YouTube card as well. Until next time, Think Media TV is helping you go further, faster, in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon. Yeah! Eeeeeegayyyyyeeeeeeee. What do you think about these glasses? My wife really, really, hates them..

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How To Make Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Make Money Online: Ten years ago seventeen percent of the world’s population was using the internet on a regular basis and only ten years this number has jumped too close to fifty percent the fact of the matter is for anyone that hopes to eventually own their own business work for themselves or even become financially independent the internet is the key there’s a lot of money to be made in the first part of this video we’re going to take a look at four very different methods that people are using as we speak to make money online if you want to skip ahead to a method that interests you the most you can check out the description box to skip forward after that we’re going to talk about exactly how you can learn to do these methods and start making money yourself so let’s jump right into it alright so the first method that we’re going to take a look at is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is essentially when you refer someone over to a product it could be a digital or a physical product and you get a percentage of the commission so let’s say for example i am interested in buying some self development books so I’m your average consumer and I type in top self-development books of 2016 and these are the search results click on the first link like most people do and it redirected to a page that’s essentially a review page about what this guy thought the best books of 2016 art and i’m scrolling down and all this book stands out so i click over here and as you can see this is actually amazon link it redirects you to Amazon what this guy is doing on his website is he’s actually using what’s called an amazon affiliate let’s say as a consumer I do decide to buy this book i added to my cart what will happen is Amazon will pay this blogger a percentage of this $17 and for amazon it ranges anywhere from six to fifteen percent let’s say ten percent he makes about a dollar seventy cents and you might say well that’s not that much money the great thing about amazon is if you decide to buy another book let’s say this one this one stands out and I decided by this one amazon will also give you a percentage of this book for the next 24 hours anything you buy on Amazon will give this person a percentage of everything you buy another way to find affiliates is by just typing in any company and the word affiliate we’re going to use move for example move a website that sells business cards and i typed in affiliate brought me to this page and over here you can see a commission structure as you can see for every customer I bring over to move that decides to buy I get eight dollars and every time they return I get another 250 and the great thing about failure marketing lies in the fact that you don’t need to invest anything to start making money all you have to have is some form of traffic which is why the majority of youtubers the majority of bloggers all use affiliate marketing alright so the next method that we’re going to take a look at is Instagram Instagram is actually considered to be the most profitable social media platform because well everything is very visual think of it as window shopping so let’s take a look at how this page millionaire dream with 250,000 followers is making money the first thing you notice right here is that he has a link in his biography if we click on that link let’s see where brings us Wow brings us to a webinar page and on this webinar page you can see that this is primarily probably his main form of income he has people sign up for the webinar only 500 spots and he probably sells a product a digital product over here let’s look at another page motivation mafia these guys have a lot more followers million okay perfect so you can see right here this is what’s called a shout-out basically he made a post and in this post in the caption he shouted out another page this agent Stephen guy what this is is a way to promote another person’s page and these ppl other pages are going to pay large sums of money to have someone give a shout out to them i believe the rate is if you have a hundred thousand followers it’s fifty dollars for shoutouts so if someone has million followers anywhere from three to six hundred dollars for one shout out and that’s a consistent source of income because you can post six hours ago four hours ago two articles every two hours he makes a new post and a couple hundreds of dollars and that’s all he has to do mostly guys are probably thinking well how do i get to this many followers well we’re going to cover that towards the end of the video another method of making money is through sponsorships so we’re on another page gym means official and let’s take a look like this is probably a sponsorship okay awesome so this guy not only did he shout out this page do even but this page do even has a website some sort of online store so this is what’s called a sponsorship because this company do you even com is paying gym means official a large sum of money to have them shout out their page and bring in large amounts of traffic alright so the next method that we’re going to talk about is kindle kindle is actually met the Dai personally use and it brings me a decent sum of money every single month kindle is a part of amazon which is the third largest search engine in the world let’s take a look let’s assume that we’re a random consumer and we’re interested in social skills this brings us to a page filled with books out of all these books here maybe this one and this one and possibly this one are actually you know big-time publishers every other book is published by someone like you and me let’s look at this one so this one by mr.

Tom benfield price point is 299 study makes two dollars off of every copy sells the cover as you can see subpar and there’s not that many reviews there’s actually a very easy way of being reviews but we’re not going to talk about that in this video today in order to find out how much money these guys making off of this one book we scroll down here and we take a look at the amazon best sellers rink he’s like that around a hundred thousand in the kindle store which means he’s making about one sale a day so he’s making about two dollars a day you might say well that’s not that much money well the whole point of kindle the whole strategy behind building a candle business is to have multiple books 1020 some some people even have fifty a hundred books if you have a hundred books bringing into dollars a day that’s two hundred dollars a day that’s that’s like a 60,000 years salary that’s a decent sum of money let’s take a look at a book that’s right a little bit higher if you follow methods that you can find online about how to rank your book higher you can get to a spot like this this first by right here he’s selling at five dollars so he’s making about four dollars every sales let’s take a look at how many copies he sells parte de is amazon best sellers rank is 19,000 at a hundred thousand you’re selling one copy a day fifty thousand you’re selling about two copies a day at 25 you something about 45 at 20,000 you’re probably something about five six copies a day twenty dollars a day from just one book if he scales up and he has ten books like this he’s making four dollars a day and this works for any category is not just social skills you can type in anything like how to take a look at this one how to write a book how to write a book price point is that 299 he’s probably selling about four to five copies a day so this book is making him about ten dollars a day and there’s a bunch of different categories like this and that’s basically how you make money off the kindle alright so the final method that we’re going to take a look at today is fiber fiber is actually a growing platform they’ve been growing dramatically over the past couple of years and the premise behind it is essentially you get to pay people five dollars to do just about anything they might say well five dollars is nothing it’s not that much money well for any of these guys were just a random category by the way any of these top sellers not only do they have multiple orders in queue which means no discovery has 20 orders lined up but they also have were called up sales basically they provide a better service usually more revisions and three revisions sometimes a fast delivery and they charge a lot more so what you’ll find is that a lot of these orders yes you know maybe half of them will be five dollars but the other half might be 20 some of them will even be 30 some of the more reason to be 40 and they can make a decent sum of money and the great thing about fiber is that they have categories which can be automated extremely easily anything in the graphic and design category for the most part you can outsource its people in other countries the Philippines India Pakistan and if you can get yourself onto these top spots right here you don’t need that many reviews you can have a decent sum of money coming in a lot of these you know designs are not made from scratch there’s a lot of programs out there a lot of websites out there that will allow you to develop some of these for absolutely free it’s just that people don’t know how to do that so they come to fiber and they are willing to pay some money to someone who does and that’s fiber so what are the exact methods i need to follow in order to start making money off of any of these methods how do i set it all up funny enough everything you need to know about making money online regardless of the method can be found online the best way to learn any of these methods is by reading a forum post or purchasing a course made by someone who is already making money from these methods for affiliate marketing there’s literally thousands of free posts and videos about setting up an affiliate website so if you’re interested in doing that Google is your best friend for kindle there’s actually a very good course out there my guy named Stephanie knows that i personally use and can vouch for those of you who don’t have much money what I would actually recommend is for you to buy the course go through all the lessons and then just ask for a refund I believe you have 30 days to refund the course once you’re making money you can always pay him back by buying the course again for Instagram I actually know a guy who grew up a stool over 1 million followers all by himself so if you’re interested in making money on instagram you can expect the video about how to grow your own page by the end of the month for fiber there’s a bunch of cheap courses out there as well not any that i’ve personally tried but again look for one that is refundable by it go through it and just ask for refund i hope you guys doing some value in this video the purpose of the video will give you a general overview an idea of the many many different ways you can make money online if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer as many of them as possible stay tuned

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How to Make $200 A Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be showing you how you can earn over $200 a day online with this simple method I’m gonna show you guys guys the great thing about what I’m gonna show you is this works even if you’re completely broke you don’t need a single dollar to start doing this and the great part is guys as soon as you finish this video you can take what I’m about to tell you and you can start doing it yourself to start entering some money online so that sounds good make sure you stick around to the end of the video because guys in just a minute we’re gonna dive into my computer so I can show you guys exactly how to do this but before that guys I gotta say right now if you’re new to the channel and this is your first time watching me then definitely subscribe right now join the fam for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to do this alright what is going on guys we’re in my computer as you can see we’re on because this actual website we’re gonna be using to earn over $200 a day online hi guys I’m gonna dive straight into it I’m not gonna waste your time your time is valuable my time is valuable so I’m gonna get straight in and tell you guys exactly what we’re doing or actually we doing guys when we drop shipping products from suppliers on eBay directly to customers guys I’m gonna show you some examples the people that are doing this right now to earn some money online and you’re pretty much gonna be doing the exact same thing that they are so guys I’m gonna type in a hand drill that seems like a good a good random item to choose so first one right here guys it’s smelling for a simple mini micro aluminum hand drill with keyless chuck whatever okay so a forty-nine free shipping and this person’s already sold one hundred and thirty two of these let’s go ahead and click this I guess we’re actually gonna do is gonna come down to the pictures down here we can click this picture right here like search Google for image because what we’re actually doing guys is I can almost guarantee this person is drop shipping this product from another supplier what I did was guys I write clicks and I clicked search Google for image we’re actually in a reverse image search for this image we can actually find it find it find their supplier let’s click this link right here and right here guys Allen’s website same aluminum drill it’s pretty much the exact same picture guys exact same pictures are using on eBay right here are the exact same pictures on his website and right here it’s only selling for 468 with free shipping standard shipping time 7 or 20 business day is not a problem you guys see it’s only selling for 468 here we guys on eBay this person selling it right here for 849 weekend with free shipping but that right there was a $4 difference almost the foil difference in price every time he sells one of these he’s making a $4 profit right there was do some quick math he sold over 132 of these he’s made over $400 just selling this mini micro aluminum hand drill for like $8 I’m not even sure what this thing really is to be honest please made a serious profit just song is one item alone guys you’re gonna be doing the exact same thing gonna be going through eBay looking for products and then you’re actually a find suppliers for these products on other websites like this I’m banggood you guys can use Walmart Amazon Home Depot they all work you guys are pretty much it’s gonna be drop shipping directly to the customer we’re gonna be doing is Union be taking products like this and you’re gonna be listing them on eBay but when somebody buys them instead of shipping the product to your house you’re actually gonna put the customers information in and ship it directly to them alright so I’m gonna show you guys another example because right now you’re probably saying Anthony this is like an $8 hand drill he’s only making like $4 selling this hand drill in profit you said we’re making two hundred dollars a day online how are we doing that so I’m actually going I’m actually sure he has no example of a little bit of a higher priced item let’s choose another random one let’s type in baby crib that says krub okay let me okay let me fix that really fast sorry about that guys baby crib and of course if you have a lot of his 7000 results that one’s actually coming straight from Target so I’m not gonna put that one that one looks nice but I’m actually to click this one right here the portable baby crib bassinet playpen travel all that good stuff just longing for $75 right now he sold over eight of these already let’s do the same thing guys gonna come on to the picture right click right click and then click search Google for image the same thing as we’re pretty much reverse searching the image to find out where their supplier is you guys right here Walmart calm let’s this and see where it brings us and guys it is the exact same picture again right there accident that they have on eBay right there on mine I was actually out of stock but I mean when this person made the last thing that probably wasn’t stock but this person is doing the exact same thing it’s selling on for 62 dollars 98 cents then he’s selling it for 1795 so I don’t almost a 10 dollar profit this one was baby crib alone and he sold over eight of them how does a quick $80 guys right there or course you’re not gonna see insane profit to this obviously you guys aren’t gonna be sourcing products and then selling them for like double triple the price but if you guys can make maybe like 5 10 maybe even 20 dollars in profit per sale that will add up especially if you guys list multiple products that’s really the heat here guys is the scale is up you don’t want to do is pick one product unless that product than wait for it to sell I’m pretty sure new eBay accounts allow you to sell up to 10 products out of time you can list 10 different items and sell them all at once if you have a little bit of an older account or give a more experienced account you can actually even more items so let’s say use 50 items from from Walmart Amazon Home Depot all these places on eBay as if you have 50 items all making me like 5 10 20 25 dollars in profit and a few of those are selling every single day you should easily be able to scale it up to like $100 day $20 day maybe even more if you actually stick with this for a while grow your eBay account a little bit and actually get your selling limit increased because guys there are people on eBay that are really making a killing with this there are people that have stories with over a thousand items listed and of course they’re making lots of sales every single day with that and of course guys like I said before it might only be like five ten fifteen dollars with your song like 20 things a day 15 50 things a day and you’re easily making 100 200 maybe even 300 dollars day doing this exact method you guys are probably wondering hey is this legal are you allowed to do this is a customer name at if they find out like it came from my Amazon or Home Depot Walmart alright guys let me clear that up this is completely legal you’re not doing anything wrong here what of course I have to give you guys a little bit of a disclaimer I’m gonna be honest you guys when you’re actually selling things from like Walmart Amazon Home Depot a lot of the times they’ll actually come with like an invoice and and on that invoice it’ll say exactly what’s uh what’s in the package right for examples sake it’ll say you know there’s new coffee baby crib playpen and it’ll actually tell you the price on the invoice as well so and that and those scenarios the customer might get a little bit upset if you’re actually charging seventy eight ninety five but you know they see that you only paid sixty to ninety for it they might get a little bit upset on certain websites in like the shipping to the checkout you can actually put do not include any type of like invoice or promotional material in the package that way the customer won’t see any receipts for invoices and they can really get upset but again with Amazon Amazon also ships with their Amazon tape and their Amazon boxes so that might look a little bit suspicious to the customer but I also know a lot of people that do this exact method on eBay and they ship things from Walmart Amazon Home Depot and they don’t really care they’re making that much trouble of course guys you might have to do with some customer service issues every once in a while isn’t like the biggest deal guys like I said this is completely legal there’s nothing wrong with this a lot of times when people are coming to eBay to buy things they’re pretty much looking for the cheapest price I’m we’re looking around I’m really Price shopping window shopping checking different websites for different prices if any were just coming eBay buying and not really caring about what they’re paying necessarily they just hoping they’re getting the lowest price but of course you know you’re actually making a profit with it over that clears things up a little bit for you guys this is not illegal there’s nothing wrong with doing this it’s completely fine but you might have to do with some angry customers every once in a while I can’t guarantee anything guys I’m not gonna sit here lie to you of course so you might have to do with some hanging customers every once in a while but of course guys we’re not we’re not worrying about that we’re worrying about making profit making $200 a day online and it’s exactly how you’re gonna do it that’s pretty much the video wrapped up guys if you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a like on it and definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day make sure to join the fam and with that being said guys my name is Anthony villa I’ll see you in the next video and until then I am out peace you

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12 Best Ways to Make Money On the Internet| How to make Money online for Teenagers in 2016 & 2017

What’s up you guys it’s Danny here and welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be a little bit different but I really like it. I’m going to show you guys a couple of ways that you can make money online. If you’re in high school right now or you just started college, you probably know that it’s really difficult to get a couple of bucks here and there, so this video is really going to help you out because obviously this is a day and age when we spend a lot of time online. So making money online is actually not that difficult. People are used to getting paid through, you know the conventional ways of working.

However there is a couple of ways that you can make money online, especially if you are in high school and you have a lot of free time in your hands. I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you do, please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe down below so you can see more videos like this in the near future. Because I am making them every Wednesday and Saturday now so I hope to see you guys here soon. So without further do, let’s get to this video on how to make money online. That way. So number one is going to be doing surveys online. You can make upwards of $100 a month on just doing surveys while watching TV. Which is like yeah, pretty cool. There are so many different websites that do these types of surveys online, so I am just going to list a couple of them down below so you guys can click on them. It’s really easy to sign up, it’s also free. Be careful if they ever ask you for money to do a survey, that is probably a scam, so never give money, never input your credit card information or any other type of information that they are asking for.

These should be free, of course because they re paying you to do the surveys. You are not paying them to do the surveys. So on some of these websites you do not only earn some extra cash, but you can also get super cool rewards, like gift vouchers, prize drawings, you can event get free products out of it which is pretty cool. So I’m going to link them down below. Just doing a couple of surveys a month and you can get a couple of bucks right there. Like yeah, I’m totally signing up. The next one you’re probably going to love because you’re already here. Getting money for watching videos. Yo’. Like what? Yes. You can make money from watching videos y’all. Like seriously. There is a site, it’s called Swagbucks, and all you have to do is watch videos and like them.

You also have to watch them for a certain amount of time in order to get your reward. You can earn upwards of $200 a month from watching videos and liking them. Earnings obviously vary but this is so cool you guys. So simple to do. These are things that we already do. I mean I personally spend hours every single day watching Youtube videos so the fact that you can get paid for watching commercials and different types of videos that they put out there on the internet it’s like so cool. Alright number 3 is going to be downloading apps. Which is something that we also do all the time on our phones. I hope you have enough space on your phone for this one. But I’m going to give you simple apps that you can download that are going to make you a couple of extra bucks.

So the first one is going to be the Nielsen Mobile Panel app and that one is actually brought to you by the Nielsen TV ratings website. And basically what you do with this one is basically just keep the app on your phone and you’re going to make money. You can earn upwards of $50 a year. Now this one doesn’t sound like a lot, but just for keeping an app on your phone you can earn money and that’s pretty cool y’all. The next one is called mobile expression and all you have to do is again download it and you can be entered to win different prizes every single week. You can play like a game they have for market research to have companies understand different customers and you can actually earn prizes off of that too.

So I’m going to put the link down below. Number 4 you are going to be joining this website that is called MyPoints. And basically what you do through this website is shop with those points on websites like Amazon and Walmart. And basically you get points for shopping through the website and those points you can later redeem for travel miles. You can redeem the points also for gift cards and restaurants and all kinds of stuff. The cool thing about this one is that just for joining MyPoints which is a free services again, you get a $10 amazon gift card.

So again, link down. Number 5 is going to be for checking out websites. All you have to do is check out websites, navigate through them and then you’re going to give your feedback on them. And this one gets you an almost whopping $30 an hour just for checking out websites. And giving your opinion on them. Thus company called User Testing is actually the one that does this. And all you have to do is record your screen while you are navigating through the website and you’re sharing your thoughts. And then for every 20-minute video that you make you get $10 on Paypal. Number 6 pays you to be healthy. Awesome. This is a really good motivation for you to stay healthy. Because they are going to pay you for it basically. This one is done through this website called Achieve Mint and basically what they do is reward you for being healthy.

For walking, and logging your information into your FitBit or MyFitnessPal which is a free website online where you log in calories and your exercises every day. For every 10,000 points that you earn through their website, you can get a $10 reward. This one is one that I just learned about and I’ve never used it before so I’m excited to use it and I wanted to share it with you guys because yeah. Are you a writer? Are you the friend that people always call when they need someone to review their papers? Then I have the perfect website for you, it’s called Upwork. And Upwork pays you to write. Or correct people’s articles or books or whatever they might write. So there is this website that has thousands of employers who are looking for people to review their papers, their articles, their books. Anything that they have written that they want someone to look at and maybe fix. So if you are an English major or you are very very good at English and you always catch those mistakes on people’s papers, or articles or emails or whatever it might be, this is a great way for you to make a couple of extra bucks.

Number 8 is really similar to number 7 which was Upwork. And actually Upwork does this as well. There’s a bunch of websites out there that are looking for graphic designers and people that are very good with computer skills. So you can do anything from designing graphics. Doing marketing and web programming jobs. So if you are really good with computers and you know all of these things check out the couple of links down below that I am going to put and I’ll probably put them here on the screen somewhere. There are really good websites that are looking for people who are skilled in these industries and can do the job for them. Check it out if you are good with computers. Number 9 is going to be also with Upwork and a couple of other websites. And it’s actually becoming a virtual assistant. So if you want to work from home and make a couple of extra dollars or you want to make just your living from home this is a good way to become someone’s assistant on the internet. So you will be doing everything from handling emails and travel expenses and day-to-day tasks that the person needs.

And sometimes you can make anywhere between $50 -$100 an hour for assisting someone through the internet. It could be like a high end company owner, or an online company but still require that assistance. So if you want to do that, this is probably a really good idea. 10 is for those who want to give private tuition classes. If you have a lot of SAT knowledge. Basically a service to provide tutoring for people and it’s called Chegg Tutors. Again their link is going to be down below and you can do that as well for a couple of extra bucks.

Number 11 is going to be for sharing your honest opinion on products with focus group companies. What these companies do is basically bring you into a focus group to provide honest feedback on products. So they basically show you the product and you provide an honest opinion on it. They ask questions. It’s so simple. I’ve done this one many many times here in L.A. and actually you an do it online as well. Check out 2020 Panel which is the website that does this type of service. I think it depends on the product that you are reviewing but you can earn $100 or more just for reviewing a product that you probably use on a daily basis. If you’re a pizza lover you are going to love number 12. Because this one is basically just rating pizza places on their quality and their delivery time. So there is a bunch of websites that do this. You can actually get a free pizza out of this and earn like an extra $5 bucks depending on the place.

I’ll probably be doing it like right after this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. And again if you did please give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe down below. Because you hopefully want to see this face in the near future with more videos. Every Wednesday and Saturday so I hope to see you guys back soon. These are really really easy things that everyone can use to make a couple of extra bucks. And you know, who doesn’t want a couple of extra bucks because we’ve got to pay for a lot of stuff. Whether you are in high school, or in college or you are an adult already and working full time, there is a lot of things that we have to pay for.

So a couple of extra bucks other than your conventional job never hurt. So I hope this video did help you out and yeah..

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How To Make Money Online For Beginners ~ Step By Step Guide To Making Real Money

Hey everyone rouya here and chances are you are actually watching this video because you’re looking for how to make money online for beginners I was a beginner just a few years ago and I actually because of the fact i didn’t have a video like this that I’m making for you I spend a massive amount of time and money going through different trainings to try to figure out how to make money online as a beginner and I didn’t know where to look for the right information but you know for the right mentors and what I really found was that ninety percent of actually more like ninety-nine percent of the people out there trying to teach how to make money online their information is garbage and that’s really sad to say these people who are you know who consider themselves mentors I’m give you you know some of the information and wait for you to figure out that some of the information is missing then they sell you more product and then there’s other stuff missing and then more products but i really really really wanted to find you know the information i want to find the mentor I was I wanted to get a hold off someone who would give me all the information and you know just someone who really cared enough that you know could teach me exactly what I needed to know to make money online you know what how to make money online for beginners making money online is like anything else you know any any other profession or business that you would start and you expected to somehow pay your money definitely requires you to have very you know very good understanding of how to do it so it’s really interesting for me and this is also true for me is really interesting how people just expect to go online and just make money how to make money online for beginners there is a science to make money online and if you understand it you can make a lot of money and if you don’t understand it unfortunately you will make no money and in fact over seventy percent of people who want to make money online and start to do you know either you know they just do the things that they think is going to help them make money over seventy percent make no money at all and that’s a sad truth but if you start with the mindset and understanding that you know online marketing is a is a science and you have to understand you know step by step how it works so to make a you know long story short uh what I found was that again not many people who you know we’re really really helpful in teaching me what I needed to know to make money and he wasn’t actually until if you just a few months ago that I ran into a mentor who truly you know doesn’t doesn’t just get online or tries to sell you products and you know coaching and stuff like that how to make money online for beginners what he does is he presents the information and step by step by step teaches you exactly how it is that online you’re able to make money he actually started in the internet marketing space 11 years ago and his mentor at the time he started was making two hundred thousand dollars a month and you know his his goal obviously at that at that time 11 years ago was making five thousand dollars a month and to him that was gold but what he found that is as he followed what he was told by his mentor that his income grew you know really really rapidly to the point that now are you know he’s making I don’t know between 250 250 thousand dollars a month and there are times when there is launches on either his own products or you know some of the colleges colleges in his unlike likes launches you know he makes like you’re a million and a half in less than 30 days so you know as far as knowledge is concerned he is very well-versed in how to put systems together and he also know another thing that’s really important is that the understanding a very deep understanding that people fail and systems work so he knows how to put systems together in order for a marketing system how to make money online for beginners you know for it to work correctly and therefore earn you the kind of income that you’re looking for so recently you know my mentor and whose name is big stresses had a webinar and in this webinar how to make money online for beginners you know only his private of students were invited and you know their guests so he went through this very just incredible information about how to start an online business how to make money online this webinar and the information in it get so much value to the people who are on the webinar that you know everybody who was working with them asking if you would go ahead how to make money online for beginners and continue to play this webinar this video online and it is only this video was you know only available to certain people and I was actually fortunate enough to be one of those people and so I’d like to share this video with you are that again he explains exactly the online you know landscape how it works how to make money what works what doesn’t work and it’s an excellent video especially for a beginner because he’s the type of person who breaks everything down into little digestible pieces where nobody gets confused which witch is which is brilliant to me it’s absolutely brilliant it doesn’t matter how much education you’ve had what how to make money online for beginners what is really important is how well can you explain it to a five-year-old and you know by five years I i really mean just like somebody was a beginner someone who doesn’t know about the space on this video i am not sure how long he’s going to keep online and right now i have actually left a link that the link to the video in the description box below so i urge you to watch it as soon as you can because i am again i’m not sure how long he will keep this video online and you must you know you might get off you know it might be offline at any time so if you click on the link in the description box and you will you know you find a blank page just know that he decided to take that the video off are so again i highly recommend you watch the video that you’ll find a lot of fantastic information there about you know how to market online how to make money online and um I really really hope this information has been helpful and I wish you a wonderful day

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How does LMG make money? – Honest Answers Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of honest answers. Today I’m going to try to demystify another aspect of the inner workings of Linus Media Group about which there appears to be a lot of confusion. How do we make enough money to afford all the staff, studio space and equipment that we have? Tunnel Bear is the simple VPN app that makes it easy to browse privately and enjoy a more open internet experience to try tunnel barrier for free check out the link in the video description below. So it feels appropriate to open this discussion with one of the main ways that people think we make money. Paid advertising videos disguised as reviews. While we actually couldn’t be fined for that type of behavior here in Canada where the advertising guidelines and even then they are guidelines not laws here are only just now being revised for the age of social and influencer marketing for brands and agencies that want to market to Americans. So forty to fifty percent of our audience.

Hefty fines are quickly becoming commonplace with undisclosed influencer marketing. So no responsible brand would engage in this practice and we outright refuse to as well anyway because even with proper disclosure what value does a paid review or even a video with a very similar structure to a review have to the viewer? Which getting into how we do make money then, doesn’t mean that we never do paid projects with hardware manufacturers. We absolutely do. Every entry in the obscenely popular build guide series is clearly sponsored by either Intel or by AMD. But in these and other product placement deals we retain the right for our hosts and writers to have their own opinions with very tight restrictions on what a brand can alter about the finished video. We grant these sponsors no special rights to positive reviews in other videos or even space on our editorial calendar at all. For example, perennial sponsors, Corsair and Cooler Master often promote products in pre-roll ads that we have never reviewed and Apacer as an example of a sponsor whose products we have never reviewed at all.

There’s other baggage for LMG sponsors too. We have on multiple occasions s*** canned potential sponsors for refusing our terms and even existing sponsors for not taking care of our viewers. dbrand is a golden example of what we expect in this regard. If a LTT community member complains they mobilize the robot army immediately and do what it takes to fix. This is critically important for us because as I’m about to reveal in enough detail to make Nick and Yvonne wince.

No amount of marketing funding in the short term could possibly outweigh the long-term value of creating the best content we can while maintaining the trust and viewership of our audience. I’m not going to give exact numbers here. Firstly, because disclosing dollar amounts would violate some of our contractual agreements and secondly because exactly how much money I or Luke or Brandon or anyone else here makes is none of your f****** business. But, however much it is. Here is where it comes from. A little under half of Linus Media Group’s revenue this year has come from sources that are basically directly affected by the number of views that we draw in.

YouTube Adsense you know that little skip add button you clicked before watching this and amazon affiliate links that showed out at the end of our videos where you can buy the product that I’m reviewing or really anything else and we get a kickback Make up equal portions of this and Vessel the early access platform where you can watch our videos seven days before they go live on YouTube makes up a smaller but still very significant chunk. Of the remaining fifty percent and change a quarter of that is the brands who sponsor us to cover events like Computex the Samsung developer, conference NAB the Polaris launch in Macau and PAX East.

Another quarter of it, is pre-roll ads and what we call “standard” product integrations. You know how the Master Case 5 has a variety of modular parts and Mass Drop gets you great deals on genuine products over at draw dot slash, etc, etc, and we bake those into our Linus Tech Tips videos on YouTube. TechQuickie and WAN Show ad spots get separated out in our books so I’ll do the same for you. They combined for just under fifteen percent, then another five percent is t-shirt fan and hoodie sales, another 2% is patrons and contributors and banner ads on the forum and point one percent is one sponsored spot that we did over on Channel Super Fun for Odious Games. Man that channel loses a lot of money. Anyway though, the remainder so just about a third of it is the dozen or so projects that we’ve done this year that fall outside of “standard” pre-rolls and integrations.

Some of them are dedicated, disclosed, fully sponsored videos like the recent tech then versus now video sponsored by Sage. The my Grandpa meets google video sponsored by the google store and the unbuild logs that we’ve done with some system integrators including iBUYPOWER and Origin PC. But many of them are things that probably wouldn’t even occur to you. On the books for this year we’ve got the sponsored instagram posts tweets and periscopes dreams that we did from the North America and New York auto shows with Ford and Toyota. We’ve got a series of retail staff training videos that we produce exclusively for Intel’s retail edge program. We’ve got DBrands product placement and sponsorship of Scrap Yard War season 4. Logitech’s Daniel Borel innovation center tour and Nerd Sports a series that vessel contracted us to produce as an exclusive web series for their platform with that being pretty much it.

So then why am I telling you all of this? Most Youtubers keep this stuff very carefully hidden. The answer is because I believe you guys have a right to know and because I hope that it’ll drive home once and for all, why it’s in our best interest from both an ethical and even a monetary standpoint to make the best content we can make whether that means working with long-term partners, products from non-sponsors or even brands who can’t be arsed to reply to an email about a review unit. And, I do all of this hoping even though I realize that no degree of transparency will convince some of you hoping that I can get across the point that we aren’t in fact, actually paid Nvidia shills. Nor are we obligated to bow to any other manufacturer. All of these hardware vendors the ones on this list and any miscellaneous smaller ones I might have missed combined make up less than fifteen percent of our revenue so far this year.

If that business went away tomorrow, Linus Media Group would not only survive but it would continue operating the way it does without needing to cut anyone’s pay or downsize our work space and this is thanks to the partnerships we’ve built with non-hardware brands who want to reach our audience like SquareSpace, Dollar Shave Club, Ting, Soylent, GammaLabs, VideoBlocks, Blue Apron, Tunnel Bear and and more and more importantly thanks to you guys. You the audience are in black and white terms in every measurable way worth more to us than anything that a sponsor can offer and I hope that you can understand why that is now. To be clear undisclosed paid reviews are out there. I’m not saying to put away your tin foil hats just yet. Some key ways to recognize them would be manufacturer links especially tracked or custom ones in the video description with above the full being a dead giveaway or supporting social posts with weird hashtags that no one in their right mind would give a s*** about, but I’m just saying that thanks to self flattery incoming careful planning on my part and my teams you won’t find them here.

Linus Media Groups integrity is not for sale, it never will be and now you know why. Squarespace featuring Squarespace domains a new fast and easy way to search over 200 top-level domain types and manage them directly through Squarespace. Your twenty four seven support via live chat and email and a site only costs eight dollars a month. You get a free domain if you buy Squarespace for a year as well and all of that includes the responsive design that makes your website look great on any device. Commerce module so you can sell stuff and the classic cover page so you can have one singular page that just looks great. To start up an online presence today start a trial with no credit card required and when you do sign up for Squarespace make sure to use offer code linus to get ten percent off your first purchase. So thanks for watching guys if this video sucked you know what to do, but if it was but if it was- but if it was awesome, get subscribed, hit that like button or even consider supporting us directly by buying a cool shirt like this one, or by joining our community forum where you can ask questions, answer questions, and basically talk tech with a bunch of other technophiles.

Now that you’re done doing all that stuff you’re probably wondering what to watch next so click that little button in the top right corner to check out our latest video over on the money sink that is Channel Super Fun. Can i just like throw these at it? Channel Super Fun!.

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How Would You Start an Online Business?

John: Hey, John Sonmez from I’ve got a question here about starting an online business. This question is from Stig and Stig says, “Hello John, a new subscriber here. I study computer science with a hefty amount of focus on programming and design and I’d love to hear more about how you would start an online business, start your own online business. I’d like some concrete steps. Would you blog? Would you do a webpage services? Would you freelance and with which skills? I’d also love to hear your thoughts about areas of specialization within software development possible like if you started out having spent a year programming in Java and done some databases networking as well as programming design methodologies, how would you decide which old or new field to dig deeper into and specialize in? What’s your take on specializing in software security? Thanks a bunch, Stig.” So Stig I’m going to more answer the question about like starting an online business and less about the specialization because that’s—and it’s really difficult to say what you would specialize in.

It’s kind of up to you and it’s going to take some research on your own. But as far starting an online business today like what would I do the basic thing is like I said I always recommend developers start with a blog and I would do the same thing for an online business. What you really want to do like when you think about it like the best way to be successful at an online business is to do pretty much the opposite of what most people do which most people is they come up with an idea and they create some kind of product around that idea and then they try to find people to buy that thing.

That doesn’t work very well at all unless you just have something that’s so phenomenal that people are going to share it and it’s usually not a very successful road to go. It’s usually a lot of work. What I recommend doing though is building an audience like focusing on this idea of building an audience and a following. If you look at the strategy that I’ve done that’s exactly that, right? If you build up an audience, if you get people interested in what you’re saying or you find something that you’re catering to that someone is looking for and you’re giving them information and you’re building up that audience then you can turn around and sell the product to them and they’re going to—not only are you going to be selling something that you know that they want because you’ve heard from them, you know who they are, but you’re going to have trust already.

Most of the reason why people don’t buy from us when we have something good is because they don’t trust us, right? You’ve got to build trust. I would start off by creating a blog and using that to build an audience. You can do things like Craig and a YouTube channel as well, right? Start making videos or tutorials about a subject. Do all the kind of things that I talk about in my How to Market Yourself package. If you haven’t gotten that it’s at You might want to check that out, but do all those same kind of things in order to build an audience, to build a name for yourself and when you do that what’s going to happen is that that’s going to give you plenty of ideas.

First of all you’re going to hear from a lot of people about what their pains are and what kind of ways that you can solve pain. A good business solves a problem for people, right? That’s the key thing. That’s why businesses exist. It’s not to make money or that you can have your dream job, it’s so that you can solve someone’s problem. If you do that, if you focus on that that’s where it’s really going to come into play. This goes into that whole specialization thing that you brought up as well which is when you do this pick a very specific niche.

Pick something very, very specific. Focus on a group of people. Figure out who you want to talk to, who your audience is and reach out to those people. What are their problems? How can you solve those problems? I’ll give you an example outside the software development world and you can apply it. A lot of people want to be photographers. What do they do? They go and they pound the pavement trying to find jobs. But if I were going to start a business online with doing photography, I would start by writing articles about things that people who are looking for a photographer would want, not about photography itself. I wouldn’t talk about lighting and I wouldn’t talk about cameras and all this. I would talk about how to hire a good photographer, what kind of things to look for. I would talk about how to shoot—how to pick the perfect scene like backdrop to do your family photos, what locations you want to choose and what time of day. I would talk about all kinds of things related to someone who’s looking to buy the services of a photographer, things that they’d be interested in.

That’s the approach that I would take. So the same thing that you want to do like if you want to start an online business is figure out what is your niche and what are the customers who would buy your product or service, what kind of things are they interested in and that’s going to be your audience. You blog about that stuff. You write about that stuff. You talk about that stuff. You take Simple Programmer, right? I talk about a lot of things for enhancing your career as a software developer. That’s my audience, right? It’s developers who are interested in improving their lives and improving their career and developing these soft skills. By building up that audience, by doing these YouTube videos, by doing things like that what’s happening is I’m creating an audience that is likely to buy a product that I produce.

When I sell something, when I sell for example my How to Market Yourself As a Software Developer package people are likely to buy that because one, they trust me and 2, it’s exactly that audience that I’ve built. I’ve built up a group of people that would want to buy that that are interested in that thing. That’s what I would do if I were you. If you want to start an online business is start off with a blog, start building an audience and once you have an audience then you can build a product that is going to be tailored to that audience. You might give it a few different tries. You might have to build different products in order to get one that’s going to be successful, but that’s the key is you’ve got to find that what they call product market fit. When you have that then things will really take off. The only way to get that really is to start, in my opinion, with an audience. That’s what I would highly recommend. A lot of people do this the wrong way. They start with a product.

They don’t have an audience. They’re not actually solving someone’s problem and that doesn’t end up working out for them. If you do this—make sure, another thing I would say with this is sell something of high price. The other mistake that a lot of people make is that they want to sell something for like $5 online. Well, you know how many customers you need to make a living off of some product that you sell for $5? Plus, do you know—okay, here’s a thing. Go to the app store, right? Go on your phone and go to the app store and go and find an app that’s 99 cents and go look at the comments, the reviews. People will say, “I can’t believe I wasted 99 cents on this thing” “I wish I had my 99 cents back.” They’ll complain all about this stupid app that was 99 cents. It’s just as hard to make a sale for a low price item as it is to make a high price item. In fact, the people are less likely to complain.

It seems counter intuitive but someone is—it’s not that much harder to sell something that cost $500 than it is to sell something that cost $1. It’s just weird how that works. If you find something that someone needs it’s going to be just as easy to make that. You might as well have a higher priced item. Make sure you don’t under price yourself. Don’t sell things for $5, $10 online unless you’re going to get millions of customers. It’s not going to scale. You want something that’s at least—I would never sell anything online like as my primary business model that’s not at least $100. If you don’t do that you’re going to—if you make the mistake of not doing that you’re going to feel the pain. You might be successful but you’re not going to be successful enough to keep the business going.

So yeah, so that’s it. Hopefully that’s helpful. Obviously I can’t tell you in 10 minutes how to create a successful online business but I can tell you where to start. If you watch a lot of my other videos, if you listen to the Entreprogrammers Podcast you’ll find a lot of this kind of advice and a lot more detailed advice on how to do this. I definitely recommend go to and check out that podcast that I put out every week because we go—if you watched that from the beginning and you’ll see exactly how I built my business, how a couple of other guys in the mastermind group have built their business online as well.

Thanks for the question. Good question Stig and hopefully this is helpful to you. If you have a question for me, just email me at and if you like these videos subscribe. Take care..

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10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

– Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake, of helping you create something awesome today. So today we’re gonna talk about 10 different ways to make passive income online. And I’m really excited about this, because this is probably one of the most important videos that I’ve ever done, because this will actually help people achieve financial freedom, make some extra money, give themselves a raise, maybe put some money away for their kid’s college, so I’m super excited about this particular video. Now I’m not one of those internet gurus, who is trying to sell you on the idea that passive income means not having to work, or get up early, or do anything like that. It’s freaking hard work and it’s nothing new. The top Fortune 500 companies in the world, are making passive income right now. You just have to change the way you’ve been thinking about it, so that you don’t think of it as a scam or a myth.

And there’s a lot of ways you can really think about exactly how this works, and has always worked. And reality is that, right now, whoever is doing the, or has the licensing in Netflix for a show like Dawson’s Creek, or Roswell, or something like that, from years and years ago. Guess what, the actor’s might not be making any money from that right now, or they might. It’s called, they might be getting royalties. But whoever controls the licensing, and was able to sell that to Netflix. Whoever had the rights to the whole thing, they’re making money years after that show is already off the year. The camera man, who showed up every day, he’s not still making money off of Dawson’s Creek, or Smallville, or whatever. But whoever owns the licensing to that intellectual property, is still making money today. The person who invented the paper clip, their descendants are still making money today. So when you think about passive income from that perspective, you realize that the largest corporations in the world are raking in passive income right now, while you’re waking up and grinding, which by the way, you should probably still be doing.

But, they are doing that, and making money on the backend. CEO’s could probably stop working today, but because they own their company, they will make residual passive income everyday, whether they show up and run the business or not, or whether their general manager or their VP does it. So, you have to start thinking about it in that way. So here are ten ways that you can actually start making passive income, and a lot of them are really easy, and you can do them right now. For one thing, if you don’t own your own intellectual property, it’s okay. You can do what’s called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketings from programs like Amazon, or Commission Junction, or even through individual web hosting companies, like Blue Host, and Go Daddy, and One in One, all allow you to sell their products, or their services, and you will get a commission for it.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. So if you read a book, like, let’s say, the Ask Gary Vee book, which is one of the best books to buy right now, is a blue print for entrepreneurship. So buy that book with the link in the description below. See what I just did? That is affiliate marketing. So I want you to buy Gary’s book, and learn about how to be an entrepreneur, or how to grow your business, and if you do, I’d probably make a couple bucks.

So that right there, is a primary example of affiliate marketing. Now granted, you should do that for things and products that you believe in, and you know, and that you are reputable to speak about. If you’re a photographer, talk about the camera gear that you own, and review each piece of lenses, and camera bodies, and your lighting equipment, and get people to buy those based on your recommendations.

Or recommend alternatives to those, and that’s a way to do affiliate marketing. That’s just one example. You can do affiliate marketing whether you’re a photographer, an artist, a makeup guru, whatever, it’s something that you can do right now, just by talking about products you own, and products you love. Now, a lot of you might be thinking, well, if I do that, that doesn’t necessarily mean I can quit my day job, or that I can create financial freedom for myself. You’d be surprised, actually. You’d be surprised. I’m not allowed to talk about certain numbers, from certain programs, but I can tell you right now, that I do very well in Amazon. I probably do somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars a month, in Amazon affiliate marketing, right now, based around my content. So that’s just a primary example.

I can tell you that other affiliate marketing programs like Blue Host, the web hosting company that I use, and that I do affiliate marketing on behalf of, whenever I get somebody to sign up for the cheapest Blue Host plan, I get 65 dollars. Right now, there are many of you watching this video that are making 65 dollars after working all day busting your hump at your job right now. Whereas, if you were able to actually get two people to start a new website, you’d make 130 dollars for that day.

Granted, that will pay out 30 to 60 days later, but again, this is the earning potential we’re talking about. And so, I would say that taking advantage of programs like Amazon, Blue Host, and Commission Junction are a really good way to make passive income. And, even if you have no intention of ever leaving your day job, this will give you that 5,000 dollar a year raise that your boss just isn’t gonna give you, and is not gonna write a check for. So affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways that you can make passive income, but there are other great ways that you can as well. One of them, is creating your own products. Like, writing a book? Or maybe your thing is that you’re really good at making music in Garage Band, or Fruity Loops, or whatever.

You can actually sell products online, whether they’re a book, whether they’re videos, whether they’re music, you can sell these products online in things like Amazon and iTunes and Google Play, and you can make passive income. This is the same as the same big companies that are selling their DVDs or their downloads. You can do that too, and the beauty of it is you can go directly to the marketplace, and not need to sign with a label, or a publishing company.

The guy who wrote The Martian, whose name escapes me right now. He put his book out for free, and his audience demanded that they be able to read it on their Kindle, and on their iPad. So he went directly to the marketplace, and more people bought the book, than downloaded the free version when they could before. Or went to the website and got the free version. More people bought the book. It was an instant Amazon best seller. All of a sudden, all the publishing companies that turned him down, and mocked him, and laughed at him.

All of a sudden, they had to come crawling back, and they wanted to offer him a deal, and that’s how the book went to print. And later, he sold the licensing rights, which is another way that you can make passive income, for that movie. So licensing your content, licensing your intellectual property, whether it’s the rights for your book, or your idea to become a film, or a television show, is a great way for you to make money, and to get royalties so that you’re paid for life off of that, as well as sell the product directly. So these are two great ways, that you can make passive income. And again, you can do this whether it’s the licensing of your idea for a movie, whether it’s selling part of the rights to your book, whatever it is, you can do that, and go directly to the marketplace and sell your product, or you can license it to somebody else, and make money on the backend.

Tip number four for making passive income, is speaking of licensing, there is a such thing as stock video, stock photography, and stock audio. By selling stock resources, you can actually make royalties off of that forever as well. If you’re a photographer, and you shot some great landscapes, or you have some stuff that you bought from the dollar store, you shot against a white background, like a piggy bank, marketers like me buy stock photos, by the drogues all the time to use for banner ads, and for print ads, and for billboards, and for things like that. So you could make a lot of money off of marketors and designers if you’re a photographer, and if you shoot video, you can sell to video editors and to marketors as well, as far as stock video, we’re always looking for that stuff, and we want that to be royalty free, so we’ll pay for the rights to use it, and if we want it to be exclusive, we’ll pay even more. So producing stock audio, and selling that to people in a marketplace like iStock, or Audio Blocks, or Graphic River, or Invato, all of those things are a way to make passive income online forever, having done the work one time.

So if you make a lot of these things, you stand to make a lot more money. If you have like 100 beats to sell, you can package and bundle some of them, you can sell them individually, and you can sell them in multiple marketplaces. You don’t have to do marketplace exclusivity. You get more money if you do, but you can sell them everywhere and make a lot of money. You can do the same thing with your photography, or if you’re a graphic designer, you can make some simple graphics, you can make word bubbles, you can make arrows, you can sell banner ad templates, you can sell website templates, and this will make you money online. So, selling stock graphics and stock audio and stock video is a great way to make passive income, because again, you’re selling a product.

One of the other ways you can make passive income online, is through online advertising. Online advertising through Google ad sense and other marketplaces are a great way to make some real money. Now granted, it’s pennies on the dollar, but if you have enough content in enough places, it all adds up. You could also use affiliate marketing banner ads and links along with these Google ad sense pay per click ads, and that could be a good way to make some money in different ways. So if you have a blog, you can do Google ad sense, and you can do the other ad marketplaces, but you can also use your affiliate marketing there as well, and then you have more shots at making real money. So, I would highly encourage you to sign up for as many of those marketplaces as you can, and get in on Google ad sense, as well as some other ones. A sixth way you can make passive income, is through direct video marketing. Now, this works in a couple of different ways. There are video platforms outside of YouTube, that pay you, like Daily Motion has a way to pay you, and so does Vimeo, as far as paid on demand videos.

So you could use those marketplaces. YouTube also is connected to Google ad sense, and that is another way to make passive income. So you can use video content, and pay video, to make passive income online and that’s another great opportunity for you. Another way you can make passive income online, is through sponsored content. Now, the way sponsored content works, is very different, depending on who the sponsor is. You could get what’s called, pay for performance sponsorship, which means that they will pay you in proportion to how many views that you get for your content, whether that’s a video, whether that’s a blog post, whether it’s a podcast. They’ll pay you based on either the downloads, or the views, or what have you. And that’s another great way to make passive income online. Some people want to pay you a flat rate, and that’s okay too. Another option is also, they could pay you a commission based on what’s called cost per action, meaning if your videos translated to a sale for them, and it’s trackable, they will pay you for that. So it’s similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s a little different.

Because instead of going to the marketplace, you have a direct deal. The commissions for that could be higher, than if you did affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is usually lower percentages, anywhere from four to ten percent, but when we’re talking about direct sales, it could be higher. So just look into that. Speaking of sales, another great way, and I think this is number eight, to go ahead and make passive income online, is what’s called joint venture partnerships. So if somebody’s launching a product, or a course, and you’re what’s called a JV Partner, a joint venture partner, you can sell on their behalf, and they will cut you in for the profits, and this could be 20%, 30%, or even upwards of 50% and that’s great. Now, you might be wondering, why somebody might do that, but the reality is, selling stuff is harder than people think. So if you have ten people out there selling for you, getting 50% of the sales of ten people, is much better than getting 100% of just the sales you can bring in by yourself. So that would be another great opportunity. So you can look for joint venture partnerships, by either working directly with entrepreneurs, people in your network, or just do a Google search and find out whose looking for JV Partners, and see what you can bring to the table.

Another way of doing passive income online, is network marketing. I’m not the biggest fan of network marketing personally, but there are a lot of people who swear by it, and I would just say, make sure you’re not roped into a pyramid scheme. Look for something really strong, as far as network marketing, and something that’s reputable. Grant Cardone has a lot of great advice on this, so I would highly recommend that you look into that. One of the final ways I’m gonna talk about making passive income online, is selling actual, tangible products. Meaning, that you can actually go into Amazon, or Ebay, and you can sell existing products that you already have to people, whether they’re new or used. This can be great if you happen to get a gift that you have two of, you can go ahead and make some money by doing this, by just taking a couple pictures and posting up for sale and seeing who bites. This is a fantastic way to make money offline, if you’re trying to go ahead, and think of it as a virtual garage sale. So this is my tenth, and final way for you to make passive income online.

I might go in depth about each of these, later down the road, but these ten things are something that you can execute on probably today, tomorrow, or within the week, if you really wanted to. Anyway, I hope this video helped you guys out. This should probably help some of you figure out how you can make a little bit of extra money. A lot of these things are things that I’ve done, I’m actively doing, or have done in the past, or I specifically know people that are first hand connection, who have taught me about it, so that’s why I’m giving this advice. Resource links for everything I’ve talked about, are in the description below. So make sure you’re checking that out. If you still have questions about passive income, and how to make it work for you, let me know in the comments section.

I’ll try and answer as many of your questions as I can. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome content on the channel, as always you guys, thanks so very much for watching, and don’t forget, create something awesome today..

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