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Okay my friends welcome to my new system how to make $100 every single day for a newbies with this video guys I want to show you my proof how I a how much I make from this system this month a so let’s go first to a google and type time and date USA so today today is the end of the eighth month like you a 30 year so a let’s go to a PayPal PayPal account and let’s check how much I make from this system okay like you see here over for $1000 I make this month from this new system this system everyone can use it everyone can work with the system it’s so easy to set up this system and you can make over four thousand dollars every single month on auto-pilot okay so now I want to cash out this money to my bank account and we’ll show you on the free days on the next three days how I make every day over 100 dollars every single day okay so let’s cash out okay Michael welcome back to my video how to make $100 even more every single day for a movies this is a new system and everyone can use it to make $100 even more every single a day ok so after we cash out a the a cash from people to my bank account a before I will before I will show you am i earning a this last a day let’s go to a google and type time and date you saying so like you see here is October a1 start of the a month and the now let’s go and login to my PayPal account and let’s see a how I how much again from this a autopilot a system okay so let’s login okay very nice one day over a $140 in one day my friend okay one day over 140 $like I said everyone can do it it’s autopilot system a two minutes to set up everything and everyone can use it okay thank you for watching this video I will back tomorrow and show you my earnings from this new system so thank you for watching and have a good day okay my friend will welcome back to online a new system how to make $100 every single a day for newbies on auto pilot today is today number two a a before I will login to a to a PayPal account let’s go to google and type time and debt you say like you see it’s October October – its October – and now let’s go to a my paypal account login and I will show you my earring today from this a new system so let’s login okay very very nice like you see here over two hundred dollars that means one hundred dollars every single day this is a new system everyone can use it I will stop this video right now and we’ll back tomorrow with a my result so thank you for watching my video and have a good day thank you very much okay my friend welcome back to my new system how to make $100 every single day today is a number to day number a 3/8 so before I will log in to my PayPal account let’s go to google and type time sorry hang on tip you will stay like you see October 3 okay this is the date today and now let’s go to my paypal and check my gear link today login okay my friend over $300 a in a three days okay that’s me 100 dollars every single day for free on autopilot this system it’s a for a newbies everyone can set up and everyone can hearing from this system so thank you very much for watching my videos a you can click the link below this video to start to join this program and to succeed with this a new program thank you again and have a good day thank you very much you

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How To Make $100 A Day Online And Get Paid With PayPal

What’s going on guys welcome back to another video and in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can make $100 per day online with PayPal all right make some of their online money and to do that the best way to really make a bunch of money online is to find a problem and offer a solution and there’s one problem that every business has every business wants more traffic and a lot of business business is done on how to get free traffic or they don’t know that there’s like ways they can do it and it’s looking them right in the face so we’re going to show I’m going to show you one of those methods today we can go out and get businesses more traffic and they will pay you money to do so okay this is a very very easy method guys um but you would have to put in a little bit of work to get the money but once the money is there and it’s done a-rollin it’s pretty much going to be automatic once you have everything set up okay so what you need to do guys is use make sure you go and download a Chrome application called Facebook pixel Halper you’re going to have to download this and this is all going to be using to dive into our method so make sure you download this add it to your chrome and then I’m gonna show you exactly what we’re gonna do right now what you want to do guys is go into Google and look into your look I’ve been looking at Lamborghinis I’m thinking of getting a new car this is the one here actually is that the one yeah this one oh it’s not the one I post from Instagram near the other day but I just seen down here I was looking at looking at stuff stuff anyway guys so what you want to do is go into Google and look at for local businesses so I’m going to go dentist and you want to do like things like ones that people that have a lot of money dentists things that restaurants may be in things like that and you want to simply click you want to go to websites that are on the first page because we know that they already have traffic coming in okay they need to be on the first page these sites need to be getting traffic and the thing about this method is you can you can really upscale this to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month this is kind of like the entry level that I’m showing you and then you can scale it up and I’ll tell you about that in a second so click on these websites guys it’s probably best to click on more places and the snack pack here and just view I need to do a right click on that I think so I open up all of these dentists and you can you like the restaurants or maybe we’ll look at some restaurants in a second and we’ll go back this is what you want to do guys you want to install that Facebook pixel helper and then you want to go and click on it up here you want to see if they’ve got a pixel now if they have a pixel is a good chance that they’re already doing Facebook ads if they don’t have a pixel on their store there’s a good chance they’re not running Facebook ads and what we can do is we can contact these guys and offer them our services and say hey we can do some Facebook ads for you now the thing is you might be saying what Facebook ads might be a little bit hard well if we go and put a pixel on their site for us and these sites are getting traffic we’re gonna be doing retargeting so that’s like the gateway it’s basically the gateway the Gateway to all of this stuff we do the retargeting it’s cheap we we’re already hitting people that have already interested in their brand they’ve already seen their website so we’re going to get them results pretty quickly and that’s what these guys want to see results if you can get them results they’re gonna start paying you more money the more clients you get them and we’ll talk about money in a second I’ll show you how to build out some stuff and we’ll jump into some more stuff in a second but um so someone like this our Lumino dentist is quite a big brand over here so we wouldn’t bother with them men yori were dental center no pixel another one no pixel right let’s try restaurants probably spot that wrong yeah so restaurants as well are very good because restaurants you can offer deals okay if one loves a deal and if there’s someone that’s already been to the site and they see the deal they’re like okay it may you might wanna do a family deal or something like that now dental clinics you can offer free consultations that’s really where well as well as well but this is literally so look at the numbers of a second and I’ll show you kind of the money you can make the best thing about this guys you don’t need many clients to make over $100 per day okay so I’m just going to open up a few oh what’s going on here I’ve messed up okay here we go open the website open the website open the website they don’t have a website do they have a website they have a website okay so these guys you’ve kind of got to look at them as well and be like I think these guys be willing to pay so you kind of want to go for bigger restaurants this is just a small corner store restaurant probably not really someone we would want to really look into doing their promotions for them this is a foreign country these guys have a pixel so they’re probably already doing ads already or have someone doing ads for them already these guys don’t have a pixel either so that’s what you do guys the pixel it’s going to determine whether they are doing Facebook advertising or not so now what you want to do is go and clicked a list of businesses from the top page probably in the top five results because we know that they’re already getting tons of traffic okay didn’t you want to contact them with your pitch to say hey you know we can do some Facebook advertising for you to learn Facebook ads and things like that obviously you need to have some sort of experience with social media marketing and don’t just be like a spammer and say hey we can we can get you more traffic go in there and write a good long email and contact these businesses and offer your services to them say hey we noticed you don’t have a Facebook pixel on your site we can get you more traffic by doing Facebook advertising for you at a cheaper cost now what kind of numbers are you looking at um we’re gonna we’re gonna go into numbers right now like this is basically the method find the companies like I literally just down four or five sites on the top team we didn’t even go into any other niche and most of these sites don’t have a pixel on this on this site so that pretty much tells me that guaranteed that they are not doing any type of Facebook advertising they are leaving so much money on the table because imagine how many people go into these sites every single day and then leaving and never seen their brand again they are throwing money away because they could be doing Facebook ad retargeting and bringing those customers back to their business small businesses like this every single customer matters if they can get a free consultation by spending five bucks on a Facebook ad and their free consultation turns into four hundred dollars with the fillings and then maybe they come back for a recheck six months later and they get another 200 bucks where the fillings and some hygienic cleaning for a hundred bucks it’s very very long time our long-term customer value if you can get there for them they’re gonna keep hanging lots of money so guys most people are willing to pay between five hundred to two thousand dollars even up to ten thousand depending on the company people will pay a lot of money if you can get the results consistently all you would need is six clients to pay five hundred dollars per month to get one hundred and seven dollars per day all you would need is three clients paying you a thousand dollars per month to get you one hundred and seven dollars a day all you would need is two clients to pay you $2,000 a month to get you one hundred and forty-seven dollars per day now restaurants aren’t going to go and pay you two grand a month maybe a massive restaurant but they’ll be more like the 500 dollar category but then again a lot of local social marketing agencies charge a thousand two thousand dollars a month even more so that the how much you charge is going to depend on how much I have any results you can get these guys so I would start off small just charge a little bit okay at the start now what do you do you run a Facebook ad you click the lead and then you send them to the offer okay which will be a consultation a coupon a discount something that’s something that you can give away to them to get them to come into the business to for one deal family deals or something like that and then they go on the email list and then you can do follow-ups as well the good thing about the email list guys is you can charge an upsell or another rate to manage and run the email list for them so that’s the next step in this cycle running their email list then the next step after that is building up look-alike audiences building up bigger retargeting lists or even doing coal traffic and starting to charge them more for the more results you get to come in you could literally start off with like charging these companies 500 bucks per month or even less and then once you get them heaps of results they’ll start to pay you more money because they want more customers and more results okay so I’m going to show you quickly how you can build one of these it’s actually very very easy to collect the lead okay you just basically need a app that I use is called thrive dashboard I’m gonna click on that on my website our website is very cheap for you guys to pick up you should can go off like 30 bucks a year right you use Bluehost or something I’ll leave some links below and I’m gonna go to I’m sorry so over I’ve installed my arm thrive thrive architect I’m gonna go to pages add new this is like literally a couple of seconds guys and you could build out a you know a template to collect emails and then you’re gonna have to need an email responder I’m just going to put test page Oh tis age YouTube let me click publish then I’m gonna click Edit with thrive architect okay so I’m just going to pick a template right now pretty easy nothing hard took a template and this program is called thrive an architect doesn’t need to be an expensive program we go down here I’m going to choose a landing page template and I’m going to just pick a simple opt-in look at this here we go right here this is pretty pretty straightforward pretty easy pretty clean now I would recommend going to look at other people’s social media marketing ads to see what they’re doing but you could do something like this is pretty pretty straightforward stuff guys I’m just showing you quickly in this video so you can see I can literally just change this template do whatever I want I’m not in the door right now the changes template connect this to my autoresponder which is the email marketing software so something like contact flow is very good I leave a link for that to contact flow I get response and things like that MailChimp and you collect you connect this to those software’s and then you click you build up the email list and then you go out and you do follow and then you can charge a premium to manage the email list for your clients okay now I’m going to click Save and I’ve literally got a preview page and I now have a page where I can send traffic to via retargeting guys retargeting is so cheap that’s the thing if this let’s say the dental clinics getting 200 views a day maybe a hundred views a day you go retarget those people you are gonna get you’re gonna get these guys clients you will get these guys clients because they’ve already seen the brand you’re gonna get the leads for cheap like on the pennies most probably especially if it’s local and then you know I think we did a dental thing for someone once when I was doing agency stuff we’re getting leads for like 20 cents all right and then they go and get the free consultation then six months later those customers might be worth a thousand two thousand dollars to your client all right so guys that’s it nice and easy that’s how you can literally go out right now now this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme I just want to get that straight okay you will have to put in the effort you have to email these people it will take time you might amount wente people and not get a client you might email a hundred people and get one client but that’s what it takes they don’t know you’re you even exist these people probably don’t even know that they can make money from facebook ads they probably don’t even know that any of this type of stuff exists but you can go out there guys like and I’m an Auckland or clothes not a massive City compared to a lot of other cities and we just found these sites here that don’t have a pixel on their site if the site doesn’t have a Facebook pixel guys it means they’re most likely not running Facebook ads and they should be these guys will be getting traffic to their site and you can go out and custom tailor some ads to suit their business we have tradesmen doctors law lawyers would be a good one guys lots of money and lawyers dental clinics so dental clinics doctors and lawyers are like probably at the top those are the top dogs fishing charters those guys are always looking for clients especially around Christmastime when it went ahead functions and things like that so fishing charters is another good one those guys are willing to pay big bucks and I know that fishing channels make very good money builders you know all sorts of things guys you can literally go out there and this is like the gateway into social agency marketing which is a very very big trend right now and that’s it guys okay here you go and they pay you into your PayPal like that’s all you just give them your PayPal address and they will pay you into your PayPal usually so guys that’s how you can make over a hundred dollars per day with online and you don’t the beauty about this guys is you don’t need a lot of clients you’re not doing drop shipping stores you’re not doing affiliate marketing you don’t need a lot of traffic you simply go and email your these potential clients and even if you send 100 emails and you get one client that’s going to pay you two grand a month or two clients that that pay you two grand a month that’s 140 bucks per day and this is at the lower end guys like the sky’s the limit what why not go and get 12 clients at $500 and make one hundred and fourteen dollars sorry two hundred and fourteen dollars per day once the ads set up and you have an ad running and thus getting results and you’ve optimized it there’s that’s just money coming in and guys the the client pays for the edge this is the money that you get okay they are paying you of premium fee to run Facebook edge for them or you could even teach them how to do Facebook Ads alright guys so that’s the end of this video check out my links below I have some links to the programs that I mentioned in this video remember to hit that like subscribe and follow me on Instagram guys I’m going to start doing a lots of competitions over on Instagram soon and lots of Q&A s alright so I’ll leave some links on the screen for that and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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How to Make Money on YouTube without Subscribers — 3 Tips

Did you know that making money on YouTube is not directly related to how many subscribers you have so in this video we’re going to be sharing three tips for how to make money on YouTube without subscribers coming up hey what’s up guys Benji here Sean here and welcome to video influencers where we’re helping you build your influence income and impact with online videos and on this channel we do interviews with video influencers plus tips and strategy videos just like this one so if you’re new here consider subscribing and today we’re talking about why subscribers don’t directly relate to how much money you make you know it’s a funny thing everybody is concerned about how many subscribers they have right in terms of growing their channel and making money well Google actually pays you for views that’s what’s most important that’s what we’re talking about today in this video yes it’s actually possible to have thousands or even tens of thousands of subscribers but not be getting any views therefore you’re not really making any money with YouTube ads and Adsense and so in this video we want to share a few tips so that you can get those views and actually earn money even if you don’t have a lot of subscribers yet and it actually speaks to a story of somebody who’s a part of the video influencers community named Miguel and he just started YouTube in the last few weeks only has less than 400 subscribers but has already gotten 20,000 views he crushed that 10,000 view threshold so he can monetize his channel and now we’ve already earning money because he’s doing these tips and like Miguel there’s really two strategies are really important for you to focus on if you want to get views regardless of how little or how much subscribers you actually have number one is ranking videos and what that means is where your video shows up when people type in a certain search query second is related videos those are the videos that show up on the side of the YouTube page when someone’s watching another video yes this is basically search and discovery for your channel and so you can see this in your own analytics when we go to ours we can actually see that 66% of the views that we get on this channel video influencers come from related videos which is like suggested videos and search traffic which is when videos rank in search and so if you can master those two categories of videos you can start getting a lot of views start earning money with Adsense even if you haven’t gained a lot of subscribers yet so here are three quick tips to help you get your videos in search and suggested videos tip number one is your video SEO that’s your video search engine optimization and so this is basically where you need to come up with a good title fill out your description really well and then put on the proper tags on your videos so that when people are searching for certain phrases it can actually show up in those search results and the same is actually true about suggested videos but if you have certain tags if your title is related to something that is also happening in suggested videos then YouTube can know whether or not they should recommend your video on the right side column or at the end of somebody else’s video tip number two is cover trending topics now this is where you actually cover things that are happening right that people are searching for and trying to get into those search queries an example of this is my wife Judy of itsJudytime and years ago she actually created a video look about how to do hair like Selena Gomez in one of her music videos and she titled similarly to the music video and because of it she was actually showing up by that music video and getting a lot of traffic because it was a related video and in fact it’s one of her number one viewed videos of all time and then tip number three is create high quality content now we know you’ve heard that before but we really can’t say it enough because YouTube wants to promote high quality content in search and in suggested videos and so the biggest focus here that you want is you want to have content that gets people’s attention and then keeps people’s attention the more minutes you can get people to watch of a video the more YouTube will want to promote it so never forget this statement minutes matter most on YouTube so these tips are just an overview of the general idea of how to get views with zero to a little subscribers but we’re going to be going even deeper in an upcoming YouTube masterclass that we have coming up yeah we’re actually going to be breaking how to implement these things so you can really start showing up in search as well as suggested videos so if you want to sign up for that master class the link is on the YouTube card as well as in the description below question of the day what a trending topic you could film on for your channel put it in the comments below thanks so much for watching make sure you subscribe for more videos just like this it’s a like button if you got value out of this video and definitely sign up for that upcoming youtube master class that we’re doing links in the description below or you can go to to register for free and as always here on video influencers we’re helping you build your influence income and impact with online videos keep crushing it and we will talk soon scribers coming up [Music] okay

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How to make money fast for kids at home-Make $700 per Day

how to make money fast for kids at home you are my need do they have a need give at a know how make money fast money save money for at home is not difficult it really reason you just have to know lot of work have the know what to do how they do it for that you need help reliable information we give you reliable information just you click in the link below..

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How to Make Money Making Games? (iTunes and Google Play)

Historically games were sold as boxed products via bricks and morter stores but the industry is whole heartedly moving towards online distribution. Instead of having to trek to a store or waiting impatiently for days for it to arrive from Amazon, players can click a button and the game is downloaded and playable at the speed of their internet connection. Instant gratification. The Apple App Store, Google Play, and Valve’s Steam Powered are all great examples of this. But how do these games make money? The pay to play model is one of the most common options. You pay a fee and it unlocks a game that you can play from start to finish. Simple. These types of games have to be top notch offering quality gameplay in order to compete and succeed with all the free games available. Done right, games like Minecraft can generate explosive revenues. Other game developers choose the route of in-game advertising as it doesn’t require any upfront payment from the players. Instead of making money from purchases, developers earn money from brands eager to advertise to this lucrative demographic.

Ads come in all shapes and forms such as video ads that play at the start and in between levels, billboards during gameplay, or ads that appear around the game itself. Some companies even create Advergames that immerse the player in their brand while they’re playing which increases brand awareness in ways other forms of advertising, like banner ads, simply cannot. Done correctly this can be a powerful advertising tool. Trial versions of games allow the player to get a taste of the game before they commit to buy.

This can be done when the game stops after a period of time or limited versions where the player gets the first levels for free but have to pay to continue. The trick here is all about balance, you don’t want to give too much away for free because you want upgrading compelling enough to warrant purchase. Microtransactions became popularized by games like Candy Crush and have been adopted by many games since. The idea is to give away your game for free but make it extremely difficult for players to pass all the without “powering up” with paid boosters. Some games make it possible to finish the game by in a ton of effort while offering payment to skip the more mundane aspects of acquiring the boosters manually. In other games, such as when you’re competing with other players, players can buy boosters to get an edge over their competition.

Just like everything else, finding the balance is key and can mean the difference between incredible revenue streams or nothing at all. Developers are also dabbling in episodic content, also known as expansion packs, where instead of unlocking the entire version of a game the player unlocks each small part individually. This allows development companies to release a game before it’s completed to see if there’s a market and then offer each new episode when it becomes available. Skill based games are becoming popular as they allow players to enter a tournament to compete for real money and developers take a small percentage. Players can either compete head to head or in tournaments against the masses. In order to conform to laws prohibiting gambling, these games must be skill based and winning be determined by a player’s physical or mental skill. It cannot be random like a lottery or poker unless you obtain a gambling license.

Some games are created without the intention of ever making a dime. Many serious and educational games are developed with altruistic intentions that playing a game can change the way you think and act thus benefiting society as a whole. Whether it’s understanding evolutionary anatomy, to inspire young girls into STEM careers, or understanding how our actions affect the environment, these games can really make a difference. Training games are similar to serious games in that they change the way players think and act but with training games the company is rewarded by improved productivity. These games are created with the purpose of advancing the players ability to sell, improved performance, and product understanding. The players gain valuable insight and learn by actions in the game that change behaviors in the workplace. The results benefit the player and company in the long run. Training games are either developed and distributed by the company for free, sold for a fee per user, or provided with a paid training session. There are many other ways to make money with games such as licensing, preselling, etc, but these are the most common.

Many developers offer a combination of the above options to culminate an offering that appeals to everyone and maximize their potential earnings. The trick is finding which ones work best for you and your game..

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How I Made $800+ On Fiverr – Make Money On Fiverr

Hey, this is Stefan from In this video I’m going to show you exactly how I was able to make $800 on Fiverr. Truthfully I was able to make a lot more than $800 because the strategy that I was utilizing with Fiverr at the time was primarily to generate leads for another business that I have and be able to earn more money beyond Fiverr. I’ll explain a little bit about that model a little bit later on in this video. Now if you’re not familiar with with what Fiverr is, Fiverr is basically a website and a service where people can offer their services for as low as $5. Alternatively, if you’re looking for graphics or certain services that you might be interested in, Fiverr is a fantastic website for that. You can go on over to Fiverr, search for certain things in different categories, and find a lot of different gigs where people are offering their services for as low as $5.

Now $5 is the minimum of what you can offer your service for. However, there are strategies to increase the value and the amount that you can earn per sale by providing different upsells and additional add-ons as well. I’ll share a little bit about that in this video also. As I said before, I was able to learn about $800 on Fiverr. Right now I’m logged into my Fiverr seller account. While $800 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, like I said, I wasn’t primarily using Fiverr and offering the service on Fiverr just to make the $800. I was using it for lead generation, I was using it to funnel the customers that I was generating into another course and products and services that I had, which would end up increasing the value of the customer.

With Fiverr there’s a lot of different strategies. You can look at just the earnings that you’re making from Fiverr just from the gigs that you’re offering. Or you could use Fiverr to generate leads maybe for another business or product or service that you have, and then funnel those leads into that product and service and earn a lot more money from them. That’s probably the most common way that I think people use Fiverr to have the most success, because just earning $5 or $10 or even up to $20 per gig and having to manually do the work, that’s not good math.

You’re still trading your time for money in that way. If you can find a way to automate your service on Fiverr, and I’ll show you exactly how I was able to do that, because I was able to automate my entire Fiverr process and have a virtual assistant basically operate everything all my orders for me. I’ll show you exactly how I did that, because it’s quite clever how I did it. That’s the best position to be in, because then you’re earning passive income. You’re not going after active income where it always requires your time, you’re trading your time for money.

You want to be making passive income, and there are strategies on Fiverr that can allow you to do that. Now I will mention that I have discontinued my work on Fiverr. There’s just so many other businesses that I’ve been focused on and things that are much higher priority. With Fiverr I just happened to focus on it that much in the last year or 2. With any business you still have to keep your eyes on the business, you still have to oversee things, you still have to make sure things are converting and optimized well and promote your gigs, and just make sure that your gigs remain profitable and successful on Fiverr. I stopped focusing on Fiverr about a year and a half ago and just moved on from it, but I still wanted to do this video because is always still in the back of my mind, just to want to show people that might have an interest in earning some small money on the side, that can help supplement may be an online business that you’re starting or supplement a job or a different scenario that you might be in your life.

It can still be a fantastic way for someone that’s starting out wanting to make money online. So I still wanted to do this video just to show you guys exactly what I did and how I did it. If I click on this tab here, you’ll be able to see some of the completed orders. I ended up doing about 148 orders. As you can see from some of these orders here that some people paid me $5, some people I was able to generate $10 from, some gigs $20, they paid $20, $15.

Obviously the more that you can generate per gig, the better per customer and having different upsells. Actually you can actually learn a lot more now on Fiverr than when I was doing it, because I was doing it back in 2014 with different gigs here. Fiverr has grown a lot and they’ve actually improved a lot as well. I think my strategy, what I did, would be more effective today, and maybe it’s something that I may revisit if I have some more time to focus on it and just get my VA to run it again, but obviously the more that you can make from a customer in terms of upsells and services, the better, the more positive reviews that you get. I had a ton of great reviews on Fiverr which is really useful for ranking you on Fiverr as well. Fiverr will help promote your gigs if you have really good rankings also. The primary niche that I was focused on was Kindle publishing because a lot of Kindle publishers go to Fiverr for Kindle publishing services.

The primary reason for that is because I have a Kindle publishing course called K Money Mastery, It’s a step-by-step video training course that teaches people how to publish on Kindle, how to make money with Kindle publishing and everything. I created just different Fiverr gigs just to basically attract customers and, yeah, make $5 or $10 here and there, but more so to promote my Kindle publishing course and other products that I had that could help benefit these Kindle publishers. That’s the strategy that I utilized. I’ll show you some of the gigs that I have. Now these gigs, this is just over the last 7 days. They’ve pretty much been dead over the last 7 days, but some of them were really successful quite a while ago. Setting up your gigs on Fiverr, pretty easy. You just need to have a really good title that stands out and gets people’s attention. You want to make sure you have good keywords in the title so when people search on Fiverr for certain keywords then your gig will show up.

Having a good image of your gig is very important as well as because that can help you stand out and get people to click on it. Having a really good description and really just a really good offer, especially at the beginning when you first launch your gig, because you want to get as many sales as possible just so you can start getting those reviews. Once you start getting the reviews and feedback, that’s really going to boost you on Fiverr and help have your gig as a really popular premium gig.

I had a point where one of my gigs just took off and just was getting tons and tons of sales every single day, it was pretty crazy. Some of the gigs that I had at the time are: I’ll show you how to find profitable niches for your Kindle books on Amazon, I’ll show you how to get verified reviews for your books on Amazon, I’ll submit your book to KDP book promotion sites, I’ll give you 83 places to promote your Kindle book for free, I’ll promote your book to my Facebook page, I’ll promote your book to my email newsletter, I’ll show you how to format your book, I’ll show you how to rank your book, and I’ll show you how to outsource your book.

These are all gigs that were helpful for Kindle publishers and helping them have more success with their Kindle publishing business. I’ll also mention that one thing that helped me a lot too was doing a video for each of my gigs as well. Videos, you can upload a video to your gig, can really help convert your audience a lot better. I would just put myself behind the camera and explain what I do in the gig, make it personable. That would really help make a difference in converting customers also. Now how did I automate this process? Because doing a lot of these things would require a lot of time. Showing people how to do these things or submitting to directories, all the sort of stuff is time-consuming. You might be wondering, how are these people on Fiverr doing this stuff for only $5? How are they really making money? Because some of these things might seem like it takes quite a bit of time to do it, and to earn $5 per gig isn’t much money at all. There’s a few ways that I automated this. One was showing you how to find profitable niches for your Kindle books on Amazon, how to get reviews.

The ones where I’d show and provide certain information, what I did in that case is that when somebody would order the gig, I would have my virtual assistant send them an automated message. I already had a certain template of a message that it would send the customers. In the message it would basically have instructions on how they could get what they paid for in the gig. For example, the one on how to find profitable niches, I would have a template that would say, “Thank you so much for ordering. We really appreciated it. In order to get the training provided on how to show you how to find profitable niches click this link.

You’ll be taken to our website, you’ll be able to sign up for our username and password, and you’ll be able to log in. And then once you login, you’ll be able to watch the training. Then by the way, we also decided to throw in some additional training for you on this and that.” We’d always try to provide more than what the person was paying for for $5. What we’d do is we’d set them up with a page where they could sign up for an account for my Kindle publishing course. It was basically already training that I had inside my Kindle course that would show them how to do 1 or 2 things like how to find a profitable niche, but then of course if they wanted to know more, which they would because the information was really good, it would really help them and add a lot of value, then they’d have the option if they wanted to buy my Kindle course, they could buy that as well for $67.

That was essentially the main upsell on how I was able to profit from Fiverr. It wasn’t just from the $5. It was providing a really, really good training for them, adding a lot of value, and then of course if they wanted to know more, if they wanted the full course, tons of more information, then they’d end up investing in it. The training was really good that I provide inside my Kindle course and stuff and so it clearly demonstrates me as an expert and as an authority and again it provides tons of value.

That’s the key thing to success on any online business, especially Fiverr. You always want to provide more value than what people pay for. When you provide way more value they’re going to become a raving fan, they’re going to buy your other gigs, they’re going to buy and follow you on Fiverr and buy some additional things that you have as well. That was one way that we automated it. Because I already had the course set up and the training video set up and all of that, all my VA had to do is basically every time someone ordered would just copy and paste and send the templated message for each customer order.

That’s how I automated that. That’s a really effective way to be able to deliver content as a Fiverr gig because you can get hundreds of orders every day if you wanted to and if it was that popular and it still wouldn’t require that much time because it’s just copy and paste. You can have your virtual assistant do that for you for as low as $3 an hour. That’s one way that you can automate it, and again, be able to earn profit to build a list or generate leads from. The other services such as submitting your book to different promotional websites, we actually have a software that does that called K Optimizer, where with the click of a button you can submit your Kindle book to 30 plus different book websites.

The other option of doing that as well is that again if you have a virtual assistant, that’s maybe working for $3 an hour, then making complete this gig for you for $3 and Fiverr will actually end up paying you actually $4 let’s say, so you’d end up profiting $1 from it. You can have a VA do things if you can outsource things for cheaper than the $4 that you’ll get paid per gig. That’s one way. Gigs like this where I’ll give you a list or I’ll give you something, that’s really easy to automate because you’re just basically just providing a PDF, you’re providing a video, you’re providing information.

It doesn’t require your time to complete the gig. If you already have a list on Facebook, if you have like an email newsletter or a following on Twitter, Instagram, these are great ways also that you can promote yourself and have gigs on Fiverr also. I know for myself and my business we pay different people on Fiverr that have Instagram followings to do a shout out for us, to promote my Instagram channels and stuff like that too.

These were just some examples from the gigs that I have, but really the key thing to success with the gigs is you have to see what people want. What are people looking for on Fiverr? What’s popular on Fiverr? What’s trending? What are people searching for? Fiverr is a search engine. They have a lot of different categories. You can search around just by clicking here and looking at some of the different categories here, and seeing what’s popular, and seeing what skills do you have that people would be interested in that would be willing to pay for. Really, if you can model other gigs and see how they’re doing it and see how they’re profiting and see what their offer is, and then you can come along and do something better than them, and you actively promote it, then it can really take off and you could automate this whole thing to really be a successful business for you.

I personally didn’t have enough desire and enough focus at the time to really grow my Fiverr thing and really get into it. I kind of just put in on pause and focused in a lot of other things, but if I really wanted to I know I could’ve really built this into a bigger business. But for me there’s just so many more opportunities that I’m involved in, that I’m a little bit more passionate about. But if you’re someone that’s just brand new and wanting to get started to make money, then I think Fiverr could be a good strategy to get started with because it is relatively simple, Fiverr does a lot of the work for you and it does work.

That’s how I was able to make $800 plus on Fiverr. Really I was actually able to make a couple of thousand dollars of Fiverr if you were to factor in the back end and everything that I did. In any business you always want to look beyond the front end. Front end is where you make the least amount of money because you do have to promote and market yourself. It’s really the back end, what you do with the customers that you get and being able to increase the value and what you’re able to earn from them and build a relationship with your customers, build a relationship and provide additional products and services, that’s where the real value is in any business and how you want to set up any business.

Even amongst Kindle publishing, often when I teach Kindle publishers, they’re just so focused on just making royalties from their books. I try to show them how you can make a lot more by building a list, building a relationship with your customers, being able to promote affiliate products or create your own products if you choose. There’s so much more potential beyond the front end, and that’s how you always want to be thinking because that’s where the real value, the real profit really is.

That’s it for this video. Hopefully you were able to enjoy it. If you did like it, make sure to like the video below. Leave a comment, let me know if there’s any questions, and make sure to subscribe for more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next video. Hey, this is Stefan, and thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed this, then please hit the like button below, leave a comment to let us know what you think, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos like this.

Now if you want to take your life to the next level, then I want to offer you a free gift. It’s called My Life Mastery Toolkit and it literally has the best of the best of what I have to offer in terms of videos, articles, and resources for taking your life to the next level and living an extraordinary life. To get access to this all you have to do is click the link that’ll appear right here on this video or if you’re on a mobile device then click the link in the description below, and then head over that page, enter your email address, and I’ll send you immediate access to the Life Mastery Toolkit.

I want to thank you again for watching this video. Until the next one, I’ll talk to you soon..

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How To Make Money Online – $10k Challenge Program (2018)

What’s up guys welcome to Network legend in this video I’m going to show you how to make money online now stick to the end of this video because I want to share some really cool stuff that could potentially help you make five to ten thousand dollars per month and it’s never been easier so stay tuned make money online alright guys so before we begin first I wanna introduce myself my name is luis antonio and i’m an online entrepreneur mentor and coach i’m currently running my own business from home making over ten thousand dollars per month that’s over a hundred thousand dollars per year now this video is for people who are serious about making money online now this is either if you want to make extra income from home or you just want to quit your job and run your own business how to make money online so what i’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take you to my computer to share with you the same system I’m using to generate income from home now before I show you my results as well I want to give you an income disclaimer I do not guarantee that you are gonna make money online because I don’t know you and I don’t know if you’re gonna take action if you’re gonna follow our training and if you’re gonna use the system to its full potential so let’s do make money online that right now okay guys so where my computer screen and what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna show you my results and how I make money online now if you want to know how this whole process works and how you can activate your multiple streams of income click the link below and the description box now I don’t have to run a single ad or sell anything to get paid from these companies check this out click funnels they have paid to me over two thousand four hundred and one dollars there goes another one how to make money online click pain over seven thousand one hundred and fifty six dollars and click magic over one thousand four hundred and four dollars now guys this company pays you on a monthly basis now this is called the multiple streams of income make money online everyone learn more information on how you can activate your multiple streams of income so that you can actually start generating income online then click the link below in the description box you can learn how the whole process works so how to make money online I just wanted to show you my results in this video because in the next video you’re gonna learn how to actually activate your multiple streams of income and how the whole thing works okay guys so you seen that this does work I am making money and you can also use the same system to make money by clicking make money online the link below in the description box watching the whole full presentation video on how this worked and how you could create your account today now don’t forget to subscribe like us on Facebook how to make money online hit the thumbs up on this video please share with friends and family and if you have any questions leave your comments down below thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you later how to make money online

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What’s going on my friend Nick Anderson here in this video and show you how to make money on Instagram I’m gonna be given you my $10,000 formula so stay tuned I got a lot of real value for you but let’s get it all right I’m really excited to be sharing this information with you guys now you’re gonna be really really surprised with how simple this is a lot of people out there they think making money online are making money using Instagram is really complicated now the reason I want to make this video for you is to break it down in three simple steps on what you can do to make your first $10,000 using Instagram now obviously you no results may vary and results are typical but I’m gonna be teaching you how to do it how to not be typical in a lot of people out there they don’t take action you know they don’t apply what they learn and I want to show you guys exactly how I do this now I know right now you know my facebook they really quick let me go over my Instagram really quick now the main profile that I’m using is NickAnderson208 you guys now you don’t have an Instagram profile you want to create one you know it’s free to do it all you need is an email address and he just create your account you guys and if you’re not on it you know the reason why you should be using Instagram you know to make money to promote products to brand yourself is because there’s over 300 million monthly active users worldwide that’s pretty much the entire us’ population now in the USA alone there’s over seventy million people that’s like 30 percent of the population so there’s so many people out there that are on Instagram that are using it now most people use it just like you know see their friends photos people that they know but there’s also a big demographic of people out there you know that are hungry buyers that are interested what you have to offer k so Instagram is definitely definitely a powerful tool now the very first thing is you guys want to do to make sure that you understand how to do this the correct way is your gonna make sure you download free pdf that I left in the description beneath this video if you’re watching this on youtube I’ll just throw a link below or you can just go to you know train up to rank up dot com you guys are able to check that out now here’s the PDF right here you can be able to click a link you guys have put a lot of time and effort and energy into this to show you how to master Instagram K and I’ve you scroll to ask you can read this content you’re gonna be able to follow along that is all PDF shows you exactly what I did to build four counts over 50,000 followers you guys in skinny give you the step-by-step playbook on what to do you know what to post you know how to brand yourself you see so many people out there they’re pretty much like spamming their products are spamming their company and they’re not branding themselves like check this out if you guys go to my main Instagram NickAnderson208 to a way you can scroll to my photos and you’re not going to see you like a single picture about my product you know and I’ve gotten a lot better over time when I started out I didn’t understand how to do this the correct way but I learned some information allowed me to brand myself to where you know people want to buy whatever it is that I’m selling and I can you know make like 122 product sales every single day ok so here’s the steps that you’re going to want to be doing in order to you know make your first $10,000 on Instagram a broken down into three simple steps you guys now step number one is you want to make sure you have a product to sell right i mean seem stupid simple right by you know a lot of people out there they want to make money on Instagram but they don’t have anything they’re selling so you can’t make money unless you’re selling something right so I assume right here that you are you have a product you are doing business you might maybe have your own company that you’re running and you’re looking to get more exposure and hence why you are watching this video right now if you don’t have a product to sell you can go to my website right here grow with Nick dot com I just one W and you guys are going to see the product that I’m promoting on Instagram if you’re curious about that you know if you already have one you guys are good to go so that’s step number one now if you’re like ok well what products they promote just what do you guys interested in health and fitness interest in nutrition are you interested in like technology video games maybe are you interested in training may be providing people with knowledge and resources to help them build the business you know that’s the category that’s the demographic that I mean you guys sell you know go with Nick dot com we’ll show you exactly where you so step number two is you want to make sure you have a link to the product that you’re selling in your Instagram Biol now if you download my checklist it raining during the dot-com you guys going to see how to structure your Instagram bio the correct way because your bio is the most important thing alongside your photos because if you don’t have anything in there for them to click here for them to go to their not gonna know what you’re doing the doctor know what you’re promoting and while you’re like sleeping while you’re on vacation you want to be generating leads you wanna be making money on autopilot you guys you know the late great Warren Buffett is a billionaire is that if you’re not learning how to have money work for you while you sleep you’re going to continue to work for money till the day that you die so what i’m showing you guys in this video is how to leverage your time effort and energy to you can make money to generate leads and start building your business you know all on autopilot you guys that step number to make sure you have a link to you know your product in your bio so for example mines us grow with Nick dot com cakes the last step in by far the most important step is to get traffic to your page traffic in front of your product that you’re selling night I mean stupid simply guys is pretty easy do a lot of people don’t over complicate this you like to simplify things down now the reason why people struggle to get traffic is because they they don’t know how to use hashtags I don’t really know how to drive people in front page or what they’re doing now what I’ve been using I’ve been using something for the past several months in order to drive traffic to you know all four of my Instagram profiles it’s pretty much like putting your Instagram on steroids now if you guys want to see you know what I’m using for that what the software as you know I’m gonna leave a link in the description below so I got you guys a lot of value lot of stuff that’s really helped you out here but this to all this software here’s what it does is it allows you to automatically comment on people’s photos automatically like people’s photos based on different hashtags that they’re using it allows you to automatically fall users automatically unfollow users automatically direct message all your new followers and even allows you to upload photos for you so for example like you guys see in this photo right here you know at the beach if you’re on vacation or out of Internet service you can’t get on your phone to upload any photos you can schedule it to have photos be posing for you on either a daily basis hourly basis weekly basis monthly basis however often you want to do it now this story here very very powerful you guys and I it allows me to meet all my Instagram the only time I log on to Instagram is to either you know like respond to a few comments direct messages that people send me that are ready to join my business or just kind of maybe like post up comments or something like that or whatever I want to do you know I have all this automated guys this is with four different accounts in his attic PDF you’re gonna see exactly what I mean by that so I want you guys to make sure that you just apply everything I teach you inside this PDF right here in on train up to rank up dot com just go through that I know you’re gonna love it I know you’re gonna see value in it now with that being said you guys make sure that you subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more value more training on how to brand yourself on social media you know I’m not just using Instagram I’m using Facebook and I’m using YouTube as well I retired from corporate america that in 2012 and you know I married a full time income online by leveraging social media in my passion is helping other people have breakthroughs inside their business inside their life in you know if I can help you have a breakthrough that allows me to add another success story to my belt so are you out of this video I look forward to hearing your success story I also you know we’ll see you at the bank or the beaches the world my friend talk to you soon peace

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Marlyn Oh Bennett the original student at a game of internet marketing I was just listening to some classical music guys you know sometimes it’s a great you listen to classical music or something you kind of just relax you you know I mean drown out all the noise anyway guys again it’s your boy Marlon Oh Bennett welcome guys to what I’m gonna call another episode of my street-level marketing hey guys today let’s talk about the best ways to make money online the best ways to make money from home and how you can start earning while you learn guys but before we talk about that guys let’s talk about something else I want to talk about I want to talk about the fact that if we justify the current situation that we’re in no matter what that situation is right if you justify it then you won’t give yourself the parameters you need to move on to move ahead to build okay to evolve and do what it is you want to do or what you will call to do right if you continue to justify your current situation you just won’t move forward guys and you won’t do it so before we talk about making money from home and the best way to make money from home the best way to make money online you have to understand that if your current search the circumstances are such that you’re happy and you feel like you’ve evolved to a point where you can’t evolve anymore then that’s fine okay although I always believe there’s a room for improvement but let’s just say that you want to move forward in your life maybe you just want to learn a new language maybe you want to go to school and take up some classes on you know a few courses or some things you always wanted to maybe you want to go to another country who knows guys but whatever it is you have to have hope and in order to have hope you have to be in this place where you’re not going to just be comfortable with the current situation you in if it’s not a means to an end or it’s not taking you or you’re not on a path where there’s going to be a means to an end what everydays doesn’t have to have anything to do with finances at all okay but when we talk about time freedom when you talk about making money from home and you talk about making money on the internet or you talk what the best way to do it and my mind guys the absolute best way to do it is with marketing systems okay marketing funnels and what I mean by that guys is when you if you guys have been on in my previous videos you always hear me talking about a lot about traffic and a lot about business systems automated business systems and funnels and the reason I talk about that guys is because the simple fact that you can actually automate to make money or making money online process when you have the proper tools anyway guys I’m not supposed to be driving my wife hates when I do videos in the car but it’s such a beautiful day guys you can see I got my shades on and I just wanted to get that message out to you so for anybody who finally me for the very first time a day on YouTube guys on Facebook

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How to make money with 4% Four Percent group – Tatyana Moshchenkov

Hey there Tatyana Moshchenkov here founder of stand out to success calm and Tatyana in today’s video I’m gonna share how you can make money with 4 percent group or 4 percent right or how to make money with the 4 percent group see I’m one of the leaders inside 4% a proud lifetime member and I have made thousands of dollars in 4% and I’m super proud to be affiliated with such a system a vision that is so transforming not only in the financial aspect of life but actually in all areas of life so today I’m gonna share three tips for you that you can take right now they business right and start succeeding with 4% whether you’re already in 4% or you’re looking considering to start okay so number one is that of course as always you do your due diligence right and you make sure that the vision of 4% is something that you resonate with because if you don’t resonate with any company’s vision you’re not going to be able to believe in it 100% and you’re not going to be able to succeed in it 100% either okay so number one is you have to do your due diligence and make sure that you resonate with the vision and you resonate with what it is that the company and in this case 4% is offering and if it’s something that aligns with your vision okay number two is you got it commit and you got to go all-in there’s no way that you can succeed with workers ten if you don’t and if you don’t go all in and by that I mean that you know number one you make a decision to commit and that you’re gonna do whatever it takes to succeed right number two is you’re gonna go all-in which means you’re going to position yourself at the optimal level to where you can optimize your Commission’s and your financial reimbursement and reward right so you are eligible to you unlock your multiple income streams and that you position yourself to the point that you can get feed on every possible level okay so make that decision to commit and go all-in and of course the last thing which is number three is that you take massive action okay it is impossible to succeed even if you have like the best strategy even if you have the best everything in the world but you are not taking massive action you will see so if you want to succeed make sure that you take massive action and in our case with four percent your massive action would include you follow the seven steps that have been outlined for you in a specific strategic way okay you set everything up you position yourself our sponsor right and you take daily action you develop something what I call a daily mode of operation or DMO which includes you building things out it includes learning it includes personal development which means growing your skills growing your mindset and actually succeeding setting yourself up for success building that strong foundation so if you’re missing any of these components make sure go back watch this video take note and start taking massive massive action in order to change your situation and go out to build whatever it is that you desire and the more committed you are there’s he’s enjoying the sunrise too so the more committed you are the more action that you take the better off that you’re going to be at every single person that I witness inside four percent that has taken action see results so if you’re ready to take action if you are somebody who’s committed I invite you to go ahead and find the link somewhere on this page okay click the link enter your information go all in create your accounts position yourself and I will personally reach out to you and unlock our team bonuses which include total domination challenges how you can be part of one of the fastest growing and one of the most active teams in sight 4% so with that said go ahead find that link get yourself in get your stuff positions and I’ll see you on the inside Tatyana signing out

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