12 Best Ways to Make Money On the Internet| How to make Money online for Teenagers in 2016 & 2017

What’s up you guys it’s Danny here and welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be a little bit different but I really like it. I’m going to show you guys a couple of ways that you can make money online. If you’re in high school right now or you just started college, you probably know that it’s really difficult to get a couple of bucks here and there, so this video is really going to help you out because obviously this is a day and age when we spend a lot of time online. So making money online is actually not that difficult. People are used to getting paid through, you know the conventional ways of working.

However there is a couple of ways that you can make money online, especially if you are in high school and you have a lot of free time in your hands. I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you do, please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe down below so you can see more videos like this in the near future. Because I am making them every Wednesday and Saturday now so I hope to see you guys here soon. So without further do, let’s get to this video on how to make money online. That way. So number one is going to be doing surveys online. You can make upwards of $100 a month on just doing surveys while watching TV. Which is like yeah, pretty cool. There are so many different websites that do these types of surveys online, so I am just going to list a couple of them down below so you guys can click on them. It’s really easy to sign up, it’s also free. Be careful if they ever ask you for money to do a survey, that is probably a scam, so never give money, never input your credit card information or any other type of information that they are asking for.

These should be free, of course because they re paying you to do the surveys. You are not paying them to do the surveys. So on some of these websites you do not only earn some extra cash, but you can also get super cool rewards, like gift vouchers, prize drawings, you can event get free products out of it which is pretty cool. So I’m going to link them down below. Just doing a couple of surveys a month and you can get a couple of bucks right there. Like yeah, I’m totally signing up. The next one you’re probably going to love because you’re already here. Getting money for watching videos. Yo’. Like what? Yes. You can make money from watching videos y’all. Like seriously. There is a site, it’s called Swagbucks, and all you have to do is watch videos and like them.

You also have to watch them for a certain amount of time in order to get your reward. You can earn upwards of $200 a month from watching videos and liking them. Earnings obviously vary but this is so cool you guys. So simple to do. These are things that we already do. I mean I personally spend hours every single day watching Youtube videos so the fact that you can get paid for watching commercials and different types of videos that they put out there on the internet it’s like so cool. Alright number 3 is going to be downloading apps. Which is something that we also do all the time on our phones. I hope you have enough space on your phone for this one. But I’m going to give you simple apps that you can download that are going to make you a couple of extra bucks.

So the first one is going to be the Nielsen Mobile Panel app and that one is actually brought to you by the Nielsen TV ratings website. And basically what you do with this one is basically just keep the app on your phone and you’re going to make money. You can earn upwards of $50 a year. Now this one doesn’t sound like a lot, but just for keeping an app on your phone you can earn money and that’s pretty cool y’all. The next one is called mobile expression and all you have to do is again download it and you can be entered to win different prizes every single week. You can play like a game they have for market research to have companies understand different customers and you can actually earn prizes off of that too.

So I’m going to put the link down below. Number 4 you are going to be joining this website that is called MyPoints. And basically what you do through this website is shop with those points on websites like Amazon and Walmart. And basically you get points for shopping through the website and those points you can later redeem for travel miles. You can redeem the points also for gift cards and restaurants and all kinds of stuff. The cool thing about this one is that just for joining MyPoints which is a free services again, you get a $10 amazon gift card.

So again, link down. Number 5 is going to be for checking out websites. All you have to do is check out websites, navigate through them and then you’re going to give your feedback on them. And this one gets you an almost whopping $30 an hour just for checking out websites. And giving your opinion on them. Thus company called User Testing is actually the one that does this. And all you have to do is record your screen while you are navigating through the website and you’re sharing your thoughts. And then for every 20-minute video that you make you get $10 on Paypal. Number 6 pays you to be healthy. Awesome. This is a really good motivation for you to stay healthy. Because they are going to pay you for it basically. This one is done through this website called Achieve Mint and basically what they do is reward you for being healthy.

For walking, and logging your information into your FitBit or MyFitnessPal which is a free website online where you log in calories and your exercises every day. For every 10,000 points that you earn through their website, you can get a $10 reward. This one is one that I just learned about and I’ve never used it before so I’m excited to use it and I wanted to share it with you guys because yeah. Are you a writer? Are you the friend that people always call when they need someone to review their papers? Then I have the perfect website for you, it’s called Upwork. And Upwork pays you to write. Or correct people’s articles or books or whatever they might write. So there is this website that has thousands of employers who are looking for people to review their papers, their articles, their books. Anything that they have written that they want someone to look at and maybe fix. So if you are an English major or you are very very good at English and you always catch those mistakes on people’s papers, or articles or emails or whatever it might be, this is a great way for you to make a couple of extra bucks.

Number 8 is really similar to number 7 which was Upwork. And actually Upwork does this as well. There’s a bunch of websites out there that are looking for graphic designers and people that are very good with computer skills. So you can do anything from designing graphics. Doing marketing and web programming jobs. So if you are really good with computers and you know all of these things check out the couple of links down below that I am going to put and I’ll probably put them here on the screen somewhere. There are really good websites that are looking for people who are skilled in these industries and can do the job for them. Check it out if you are good with computers. Number 9 is going to be also with Upwork and a couple of other websites. And it’s actually becoming a virtual assistant. So if you want to work from home and make a couple of extra dollars or you want to make just your living from home this is a good way to become someone’s assistant on the internet. So you will be doing everything from handling emails and travel expenses and day-to-day tasks that the person needs.

And sometimes you can make anywhere between $50 -$100 an hour for assisting someone through the internet. It could be like a high end company owner, or an online company but still require that assistance. So if you want to do that, this is probably a really good idea. 10 is for those who want to give private tuition classes. If you have a lot of SAT knowledge. Basically a service to provide tutoring for people and it’s called Chegg Tutors. Again their link is going to be down below and you can do that as well for a couple of extra bucks.

Number 11 is going to be for sharing your honest opinion on products with focus group companies. What these companies do is basically bring you into a focus group to provide honest feedback on products. So they basically show you the product and you provide an honest opinion on it. They ask questions. It’s so simple. I’ve done this one many many times here in L.A. and actually you an do it online as well. Check out 2020 Panel which is the website that does this type of service. I think it depends on the product that you are reviewing but you can earn $100 or more just for reviewing a product that you probably use on a daily basis. If you’re a pizza lover you are going to love number 12. Because this one is basically just rating pizza places on their quality and their delivery time. So there is a bunch of websites that do this. You can actually get a free pizza out of this and earn like an extra $5 bucks depending on the place.

I’ll probably be doing it like right after this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. And again if you did please give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe down below. Because you hopefully want to see this face in the near future with more videos. Every Wednesday and Saturday so I hope to see you guys back soon. These are really really easy things that everyone can use to make a couple of extra bucks. And you know, who doesn’t want a couple of extra bucks because we’ve got to pay for a lot of stuff. Whether you are in high school, or in college or you are an adult already and working full time, there is a lot of things that we have to pay for.

So a couple of extra bucks other than your conventional job never hurt. So I hope this video did help you out and yeah..

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