How to Make $200 A Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be showing you how you can earn over $200 a day online with this simple method I’m gonna show you guys guys the great thing about what I’m gonna show you is this works even if you’re completely broke you don’t need a single dollar to start doing this and the great part is guys as soon as you finish this video you can take what I’m about to tell you and you can start doing it yourself to start entering some money online so that sounds good make sure you stick around to the end of the video because guys in just a minute we’re gonna dive into my computer so I can show you guys exactly how to do this but before that guys I gotta say right now if you’re new to the channel and this is your first time watching me then definitely subscribe right now join the fam for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to do this alright what is going on guys we’re in my computer as you can see we’re on because this actual website we’re gonna be using to earn over $200 a day online hi guys I’m gonna dive straight into it I’m not gonna waste your time your time is valuable my time is valuable so I’m gonna get straight in and tell you guys exactly what we’re doing or actually we doing guys when we drop shipping products from suppliers on eBay directly to customers guys I’m gonna show you some examples the people that are doing this right now to earn some money online and you’re pretty much gonna be doing the exact same thing that they are so guys I’m gonna type in a hand drill that seems like a good a good random item to choose so first one right here guys it’s smelling for a simple mini micro aluminum hand drill with keyless chuck whatever okay so a forty-nine free shipping and this person’s already sold one hundred and thirty two of these let’s go ahead and click this I guess we’re actually gonna do is gonna come down to the pictures down here we can click this picture right here like search Google for image because what we’re actually doing guys is I can almost guarantee this person is drop shipping this product from another supplier what I did was guys I write clicks and I clicked search Google for image we’re actually in a reverse image search for this image we can actually find it find it find their supplier let’s click this link right here and right here guys Allen’s website same aluminum drill it’s pretty much the exact same picture guys exact same pictures are using on eBay right here are the exact same pictures on his website and right here it’s only selling for 468 with free shipping standard shipping time 7 or 20 business day is not a problem you guys see it’s only selling for 468 here we guys on eBay this person selling it right here for 849 weekend with free shipping but that right there was a $4 difference almost the foil difference in price every time he sells one of these he’s making a $4 profit right there was do some quick math he sold over 132 of these he’s made over $400 just selling this mini micro aluminum hand drill for like $8 I’m not even sure what this thing really is to be honest please made a serious profit just song is one item alone guys you’re gonna be doing the exact same thing gonna be going through eBay looking for products and then you’re actually a find suppliers for these products on other websites like this I’m banggood you guys can use Walmart Amazon Home Depot they all work you guys are pretty much it’s gonna be drop shipping directly to the customer we’re gonna be doing is Union be taking products like this and you’re gonna be listing them on eBay but when somebody buys them instead of shipping the product to your house you’re actually gonna put the customers information in and ship it directly to them alright so I’m gonna show you guys another example because right now you’re probably saying Anthony this is like an $8 hand drill he’s only making like $4 selling this hand drill in profit you said we’re making two hundred dollars a day online how are we doing that so I’m actually going I’m actually sure he has no example of a little bit of a higher priced item let’s choose another random one let’s type in baby crib that says krub okay let me okay let me fix that really fast sorry about that guys baby crib and of course if you have a lot of his 7000 results that one’s actually coming straight from Target so I’m not gonna put that one that one looks nice but I’m actually to click this one right here the portable baby crib bassinet playpen travel all that good stuff just longing for $75 right now he sold over eight of these already let’s do the same thing guys gonna come on to the picture right click right click and then click search Google for image the same thing as we’re pretty much reverse searching the image to find out where their supplier is you guys right here Walmart calm let’s this and see where it brings us and guys it is the exact same picture again right there accident that they have on eBay right there on mine I was actually out of stock but I mean when this person made the last thing that probably wasn’t stock but this person is doing the exact same thing it’s selling on for 62 dollars 98 cents then he’s selling it for 1795 so I don’t almost a 10 dollar profit this one was baby crib alone and he sold over eight of them how does a quick $80 guys right there or course you’re not gonna see insane profit to this obviously you guys aren’t gonna be sourcing products and then selling them for like double triple the price but if you guys can make maybe like 5 10 maybe even 20 dollars in profit per sale that will add up especially if you guys list multiple products that’s really the heat here guys is the scale is up you don’t want to do is pick one product unless that product than wait for it to sell I’m pretty sure new eBay accounts allow you to sell up to 10 products out of time you can list 10 different items and sell them all at once if you have a little bit of an older account or give a more experienced account you can actually even more items so let’s say use 50 items from from Walmart Amazon Home Depot all these places on eBay as if you have 50 items all making me like 5 10 20 25 dollars in profit and a few of those are selling every single day you should easily be able to scale it up to like $100 day $20 day maybe even more if you actually stick with this for a while grow your eBay account a little bit and actually get your selling limit increased because guys there are people on eBay that are really making a killing with this there are people that have stories with over a thousand items listed and of course they’re making lots of sales every single day with that and of course guys like I said before it might only be like five ten fifteen dollars with your song like 20 things a day 15 50 things a day and you’re easily making 100 200 maybe even 300 dollars day doing this exact method you guys are probably wondering hey is this legal are you allowed to do this is a customer name at if they find out like it came from my Amazon or Home Depot Walmart alright guys let me clear that up this is completely legal you’re not doing anything wrong here what of course I have to give you guys a little bit of a disclaimer I’m gonna be honest you guys when you’re actually selling things from like Walmart Amazon Home Depot a lot of the times they’ll actually come with like an invoice and and on that invoice it’ll say exactly what’s uh what’s in the package right for examples sake it’ll say you know there’s new coffee baby crib playpen and it’ll actually tell you the price on the invoice as well so and that and those scenarios the customer might get a little bit upset if you’re actually charging seventy eight ninety five but you know they see that you only paid sixty to ninety for it they might get a little bit upset on certain websites in like the shipping to the checkout you can actually put do not include any type of like invoice or promotional material in the package that way the customer won’t see any receipts for invoices and they can really get upset but again with Amazon Amazon also ships with their Amazon tape and their Amazon boxes so that might look a little bit suspicious to the customer but I also know a lot of people that do this exact method on eBay and they ship things from Walmart Amazon Home Depot and they don’t really care they’re making that much trouble of course guys you might have to do with some customer service issues every once in a while isn’t like the biggest deal guys like I said this is completely legal there’s nothing wrong with this a lot of times when people are coming to eBay to buy things they’re pretty much looking for the cheapest price I’m we’re looking around I’m really Price shopping window shopping checking different websites for different prices if any were just coming eBay buying and not really caring about what they’re paying necessarily they just hoping they’re getting the lowest price but of course you know you’re actually making a profit with it over that clears things up a little bit for you guys this is not illegal there’s nothing wrong with doing this it’s completely fine but you might have to do with some angry customers every once in a while I can’t guarantee anything guys I’m not gonna sit here lie to you of course so you might have to do with some hanging customers every once in a while but of course guys we’re not we’re not worrying about that we’re worrying about making profit making $200 a day online and it’s exactly how you’re gonna do it that’s pretty much the video wrapped up guys if you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a like on it and definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day make sure to join the fam and with that being said guys my name is Anthony villa I’ll see you in the next video and until then I am out peace you

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Make Money Online $15/hr – Doing Part Time Work From Home Jobs at

Please click the subscribe button and do click the bell icon to get regular updates on different types of income opportunities hello friends welcome to our YouTube channel open4profit today in this video I’ll show you how you can make decent and regular income just by using social media platform whether it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram or any other popular social media site there are job vacancies open for you few years ago I never would have thought that social media will become another source of getting a job. Today there are hundreds of jobs available through social media and there are tons of ways to make money from it one of those ways is to become a social media evaluator with APPEN. Now what exactly is this “Appen”. Appen is a company that has been in business since 1966 and it specializes in global tech services. They work with some of the biggest names around to provide social media valuation search engine evaluation and other transcription services – other popular job titles at appen are web search evaluator, search engine evaluator you can work as a consultant you can work as a data entry operator.

Now as an appen social media value tube you can get paid for using social media right because appens mission is to help technology companies to grow their audiences across global markets. Now to do this, appen often employs virtual workers for a variety of short-term contract and even full-time positions. So if you are interested in working with appen, here is what they are looking for you in regards to social media evaluators. Now what kind of work the social media evaluator do as a social media evaluators you are given a specific assignments to ensure that a social networks newsfeed is relevant and accurate based on the criteria given, in this position you will evaluate photos, search queries, advertisements and much more. Now each project is different okay so before you are accepted to a social media evaluator project you will have to pass a qualification test.

Qualification tests are generally performed over the span of one day. Now it is important to note that each project has a different contract length and hourly requirement. For instance, you may be asked to work four hours per day, four days per week for a year for one project while others may only last week long and be only 2 hours per day so it’s all depends upon project to project. Now what are the job requirements you want to become a work from home social media evaluator here is what you will need first you need to be an online daily usual media user second you must be able to follow instructions and work independently and third you will need the good communication skills both verbally and written in English now next comes – what type of equipment you will need – You need a good computer PC laptop with operating systems like Windows or Mac and should have a good internet speed and should have the ability to install applications to your computer after that you can join the appen network and will be regularly notified when they have positions open.

Now comes, what kind of hours and pay you can expect from appen, hours what happened will vary by project ok as I said number of hours totally depends from project to project you may be asked to work two hours four hours depends from project to project However to give you a broad idea they have recently asked applicants to be willing to work one to four hours per day five to seven days per week so this is a work from home position and you can see the hours are totally very flexible now you must be wondering how much does the social media evaluator or a data entry operator make at appen. I’ll give you in one line also anyone in roughly make around 12 to $15 per hour that’s really sounds good so friends let’s get started at open the website you can see the website name once you open the website you see a page like this.

This is the main website and here you can find different types of work from home opportunities and different types of jobs which you can do in your spare time you can even search job here you can click here find flexible jobs you will see a form like this to show you some results just click the search button once you click the search button you see relevant job openings as per the country ok so I have selected India and here you can see lot of job openings are there in India and you can see the location also ok and these are the different categories are there ok so you can select for example if you click online part-time job in India ok you see the full details about this all and part-time job in India at appen and scroll down a little bit you will see a complete job description like what are the requirements and all so you can go through all these details and if you are interested you can just click the apply Now button here once you click the apply Now button you’ll be asked to join our Talent Network so it’s a simple registration so I’ll show you how to register here you can enter your first name here enter your email address select the country then location you can enter your city name here next is desired assignment opportunity okay so here are the four categories out there so you can select web search evaluator in this will get lot of data entry jobs are also there which totally depends upon you like on which category you want to register next is next option is are you fluent in English you can select yes what is your native language whatever native language you have you can engineer for example I will enter here Hindi now next is desired job title so you can enter and desired job title which you are looking for well enter data entry operator here you can mention other languages you know so and enter English you can also upload your resume here if you have it will be a plus point if you uploaded resume next you click the join button once you click the submit button you will see matches thanks for joining our Talent Network and you can see recommended jobs available that is when job is open here that is crowd sourcing work from home flexible hours anybody in India so if you want you can just click it anything go through the details okay and if you are interested you can click the apply button.

So once you click the apply button you will be notified by appen about the job and then you can immediately start the job work, so it’s a very good opportunity for anyone who are looking work from home opportunities and this is absolutely free of cost you don’t have to invest a single penny, and the reviews about this website is very good over the internet, you can search it on google okay so likewise you can search work opportunities on any locations you can see all countries are available here you can select for job openings in any country and you can complete the task I’m just working from home now finally everyone would like to know about the payouts.

Payouts are basically done as per the project suppose the job is weekly payouts then you will get payments weekly if it is monthly, you will get paid monthly Payouts are normally done in two ways -first is by papers check or another option is direct bank deposit because these are the two options okay through which we will get paid so friends I hope you liked the video and have got the complete idea about how to create an account at and how you can make money by working on social media websites so it’s a very great opportunity from a great website and recommend everyone to register on this website and create an account and you can apply to the all available jobs here apart from this you will also get direct work invitations from different companies also so friends that’s all in this video if you have any query if you have any question regarding this, I request you to please post comment here and I’ll try my level best to answer you as soon as possible finally if you haven’t subscribe to our channel I request you to please do subscribe our channel click the bell icon so that you won’t miss out any of the new income opportunities which we bring from time to time ok friends please do share this video with your friends so that’s all for now see you soon till then take care and have a great day

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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Welcome to Top10Archive! Are you tired of the 9-to-5 routine? Did our Worst Jobs video do nothing to make you feel better about your current employment? We may be able to help you, as always, with another great installment! This time, we’re tackling the top ten real ways you can make money online! These may not replace your full-time job immediately, but with a little time, patience and imagination, you could go create a career out of the comfort of your own home! 10.

Online Psychic and Tarot Readings Regardless of what you believe, there are those out there that swear by astrological readings, tarot cards, and psychics. That also means there are people out there that would pay others to provide said services, turning what some would consider ludicrous into a viable business. Via websites like, alleged psychics can sign themselves up for paid live chat sessions and charge a specific amount per minute. Tarot readings are a bit more complicated to get started in, mostly because there are so many free services offered, but Craigslist has proved a viable starting point before moving onto your own online tarot reading service. 9. Online Surveys Ever wonder how some companies make the decisions they do? Sometimes it’s an internal decision based off of figures and estimations, but consumer opinion can be a big part of change; but where would those opinions come from and how do they coax people to take the time to do a survey? Well, with online surveys and cash money, of course! There are plenty of websites that offer compensation for surveys, so much that the market is getting pretty saturated, but some sites are a bit more generous than others.

If you aim to make some extra cash through online surveys, recommended sites include,, and, or for Android users, the app Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn a few bucks towards your Google Credit account. 8. Online Focus Groups Like online surveys, online focus groups allow for convenient consumer and political research, but they require a bit more from the participants than clicking a few radio buttons. Rather than gathering a group of people in one location, though, everything is done in an online forum. As there isn’t much of an inconvenience to participants, not every online focus group pays, but if you’re looking for a quick buck, is a valuable resource.

A moderator will steer the discussion, which is held over a web-based technology like WebEx and GoToMeeting, and you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of face-to-face discussion. 7. Etsy Feeling crafty and don’t know what to do with those 25 scarves you crocheted? You can try your luck at an arts and crafts show, spend the money to secure a table, and enjoy the blistering heat, or you can simply open an Etsy shop and sell your handmade product from the comfort of your own home. Members of the eCommerce site specialize in handcrafting unique items, leading to a community of over million sellers and $billion in annual sales in 2015 alone.

Additional to arts and crafts, Etsy also allows shops to carry vintage and antique items that are at least 20 years old. 6. eBay Have a lot of junk that you think may be worth something? Since 1995, the online auction house has proved to be a fine means of unloading your unwanted stuff. While you’re free to sell just about anything you can find, those that have the potential to make the most money tend to either focus on limited collectibles, antiques or open their own eBay Store and specialize in stocking and selling anything from clothing to electronics to niche items like, uh, erotic postcards. One of the best ways to find stuff to sell on eBay is by visiting local thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. Be sure to bring a device with an internet connection so you can price-check your lucky finds before you buy them! 5.

Owning or Building a Website Have a service you think you can offer? Is your mind filled with things that you’d love to throw out for the world to read? Think you have the know-how to turn an online space into an advertising mecca? You may want to shell out the minimal start-up cash to build yourself a website. Making money from a website is a long-term endeavor that takes a lot of patience and time, but if the formula can be perfected, your bank account can grow from ad revenue. If you are the creative type and know your way around WordPress, or even better, can code, there are plenty of small brick-and-mortar and service companies looking to have a website built, and will often pay in the $1,000’s.

4. Virtual Assistant Thanks to the wonders of the internet, some jobs are able to leave the office setting and be done from the convenience of your home. One position, which offers the perks of a home setting and independence, is a virtual assistant. Much like an in-office assistant, virtual assistants act as a sort of liaison for a higher-up employee, scheduling meetings, fielding phone calls, performing research and record keeping, and partaking in conference calls and online meetings. Via e-mail, telephone calls, and online meeting software, virtual assistants communicate with fellow employees and not once do they need to slip into high heels or throw on a tie to get the job done. 3. Online Tutoring Maybe you’ve pursued a career in teaching but find that it’s not at all what “younger you” thought it was cracked up to be. Maybe you’re in between teaching jobs or are just waiting for summer break to end. Whether the situation, your schooling doesn’t have to go to waste, especially not with online tutoring as a feasible alternative. Cutting out the need to deal with children in a face-to-face setting, online tutoring allows you to use your educational background to help people of all ages with homework, basic and advanced test prep, and general coursework.

Even if you’re still pursuing a degree, so long as you’re a Sophomore in a 4-year degree program, sites like will consider you for an online tutor position. 2. Freelancing If you have an ability to create something others may struggle with, such as an informative piece of writing, beautiful graphic logo, or piece of music, you could have a future as an online freelancer. Typically, freelancers are responsible solely for content, whether it be a company logo, website design or podcast theme song. Just knowing how to create something is one part of the battle as marketing yourself and finding clients can be far more frustrating and time-consuming. Websites like PeoplePerHour,, and are vital resources for starting freelancers looking to remain and succeed in an online setting. 1. Own a YouTube Channel It’s true, you can make quite a bit of money by owning and operating your own YouTube channel. What isn’t true is any inkling you may have that it’s easy to do.

Many different factors go into what makes a YouTube channel successful, first and foremost being whether or not the idea is original and appealing. Though that doesn’t mean you need any talent or expensive equipment, there are plenty of channels that have started or continue to use sub-par equipment, yet have a huge following. YouTube GradeAUnderA is a prime example – a channel that went from 50,000 to million subscribers in just one year, utilizing only Microsoft Paint and Movie Maker to make his videos. YouTube is all about creativity and finding an audience that enjoys your content.

Chances are if you find something funny, entertaining or educational, then someone else will too – so don’t be afraid to start creating content and starting your career path on YouTube!.

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Top 3 Ways Of Making FAST Money Online 2017-2018! (ANY AGE With NO MONEY)

What is going on guys welcome back to another video on this channel today I’m going to talk to you guys about the top three ways that you can make money online and better yet most of these are passive now I’m gonna rank this in order from most passive to least passive although they’re all paths they’re all technically passive I’m going to show you guys most work to least work so to start off we’re gonna be talking about pure investment so this is big connect big Nick bit connected something I’ve been to actually doing videos on quite a decent amount on my channel because I believe in it now before you guys start coming in here and hating and saying that oh this is a scheme it’s a scam blah blah blah I’ve done my own research I believe in the platform you don’t have to this is just totally up to you I’m gonna leave a link to big connect in the description if you guys want to sign up it’s free to sign up you only have to deposit money whenever you want to so if you guys want to make an account and then put in money later that is totally fine as well anyways I’m gonna explain to you guys a little bit of how big Nick works to maybe help you guys understand why I don’t think it’s a scheme or a scam or whatever you guys want to call it the way big connect works is that it’s you’re lending money to a trading bot right so similarly to how in the stock market there are Robo traders right this is basically the same thing except it’s doing it with cryptocurrency and the difference between cryptocurrency and the regular stock market is that cryptocurrency is a lot more volatile right so if you have a bot that can trade accurately and do it well you’re going to make of more money on trading the cryptocurrency than you would on the regular stock market so that’s why I believe that these guys have a legitimate reason to how they can pay you out now the percentages are absolutely wild but they also don’t say they don’t have like asset guarantee except for a few over here other than that they can give you 0% right that’s happened before it’s very rare that they give you zero percent a day but I’ve seen it happen before and that’s why I think maybe it that’s why I believe that this is a legitimate thing and why think it makes sense now again you guys don’t have to agree with me whatsoever but this is just my opinion and I’ve been I felt comfortable and I’ve invested my money into this platform and if you guys are instead of doing that again link is gonna be in the description you guys can follow what I’ve done and make your own money now I’ll explain you guys a little bit of how this works so I have to set this in previous videos in case you guys haven’t watched it though I’m gonna run over it again so if you land between a hundred and a thousand dollars you’re just gonna get your the percent of the daily percent and then after two hundred ninety nine days your money’s locked up for two hundred ninety nine days so they can invest with it and after two hundred ninety nine days you get the initial investment back right so say you invested five hundred at the end of two hundred ninety nine days you get your five hundred dollars back right now if you invest anything above a thousand you get an extra percent bonus so a thousand to five thousand you’re gonna get a plus percent daily five thousand to ten thousand plus point to ten thousand to a hundred thousand plus point to five now anything over a hundred thousand I’m assuming just gonna stay at point two five I haven’t tried it home to a 1 million dollar loan or anything so unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around otherwise I might actually consider it cuz your payout would be a lot of money you’ve got like ten thousand dollars a day right Wow anyways we’re gonna go over I’m gonna show you guys actually a calculation that you can do with this alright so you guys can see the last few days we had a one point four four percent to s I told you guys it can be very very low over here this day had an interest rate of zero on the 23rd of September we had an interest rate of zero right here it was point zero two again here was zero again right one point zero one tick I can see that it does happen but overall the average in the last seven days has been a point six eight it has been fairly low if you check the last 30 days in the last six months it has been a lot higher this is just a slower week since last week it was really really high last week Babbage was like crazy stuff and don’t forget if you have invested over a thousand dollars you do get a plus percentage on here so say even if you didn’t you were invest $500 so your money would be locked up for 299 days right with a average interest rate of percent at the end of the 299 days you’re gonna come out with 1845 dollars so your profit will have been one thousand three hundred and forty five dollars for an ROI of two hundred and sixty nine percent which is out of this world guys even if you did a $100 investment right you’d still like it depends on which money you have obviously to play with to me a $100 loan is small that’s why I’m doing loans in the thousands but if $100 is good for you guys and you come out with two hundred and sixty nine dollars profit that’s great right that’s phenomenal it’s still profit it’s great but now if we go into maybe we invested three thousand right and then our money would be tied up for two hundred and thirty nine days two hundred and thirty nine days just kind of run you guys through what happens so three thousand dollars would quickly turn into seven thousand dollars profit you’d come out with ten thousand because you get your three thousand back and that’s basically how this works obviously the more you do let’s pretend that we have what’s that one thousand this is a minute so pretend we have a million dollars to throw around this would only be 120 then yeah there’s way way too many zeroes I can’t even one two three one two three so your profit would be one point three eight million and you come out with million so again crazy numbers this is the first the number one way I believe you can make money online because you don’t have to do anything you can literally sit back and the money will be given to you right so it’s a one-time few clicks you buy your Bitcoin on coinbase which I’ll leave the link down below as well for you guys so you buy your Bitcoin you transfer it here yes loan it takes five minutes for everything and boom you’re done instant money every everyday way number two is a little bit now this is mix up affiliate marketing I’m gonna talk about philia marketing and Amazon FBA affiliate marketing happens I’ll be there they can vary on how easy or difficult there are obvious if you have a if you have a personal brand or if you have an audience of following affiliate marketing is gonna be very very easy for you if you don’t you’re gonna have to run some ads and stuff like that and learn that type of stuff but I have placed affiliate marketing at number two for the easiest one you can get started with because the initial startup capital the money you need to get started is not that high and what I’ve shown you guys is I have max bounty open I’m a member of Max bounty they have a ton of campaigns where you can get paid as you can see so it’s ranges from one point six dollars per lead to ten dollars per lead all the way up to four hundred twenty-five dollars per lead right obviously depends on which one’s harder to get well how much is worth you’re gonna have different amounts that you’re gonna get paid out but the cool thing is that you get paid out this if you make a sale on this right now there are restrictions obviously would like country bulb love but what people usually use they haven’t they have an ad they run it on Facebook they have a club a landing page usually using click funnels and then so they have a landing page which goes to their offer from bets they can collect an email the landing page and then go to the offer that email can later be used they put it to an email list later be used to give more offers of that same type in case that person is interested so you have upsells and then they’ll go to the actual deal and if they convert and they buy it or they do whatever is needed to do whatever action is needed then you’re gonna get paid out however much is stated here okay the Lending Club business loans can pay up to four thousand three hundred dollars per leave now I guarantee you this is not going to be easy to do to get one of these obviously these are a lot rare you can’t do this like once every hour but there are some others that like smaller ones that you might be able to get more conversions you really have to play around with it and see which one works best for you now I mentioned click funnels which is what people use to create landing pages they also have an affiliate program so you can not only create an account but then you can also have an affiliate program and teach other people how to do what you’re doing and get Commission now I looked at their affiliate agreement I’m not I’m not an affiliate for click funnels not yet at least I don’t do as much affiliate marketing as do Amazon but says 40% of all fees received by click phone so that could add up to a ton of money for you guys so affiliate marketing I put at number two now number three is probably I just put my youtube channel in here because number three is Amazon FBA and I am building the free Amazon FBA course so if you guys are just to go check that out this requires more of a startup and startup money because you’re gonna buy bulk from China send it straight to Amazon and then for like Amazon will fulfill all of your products that you just have to worry about the keywords in the listing but again very passive everything is done everything can be done from your phone so that’s the best part of it all of these everything can be controlled straight from your phone especially once it’s set up right obviously creating a landing page of stuff might be harder to set up on your phones I would recommend using a laptop or a desktop but after that it is completely hands-off so Amazon the only time you have to actually touch it is when you either order more inventory want to change your ads which is done straight on Amazon so they’re really really easy to do so or when you’re looking for a new product to sell now I’m not going to go into too much detail but the main gist of Amazon FBA if you search for product that sells well low competition order it bulk from China send it to Amazon and you keep refreshing your phone while you make sales basically that’s what I spend my day doing just like refresh refresh refresh refresh and there’s a lot of people making a ton of money with Amazon PA if you guys are interested in Amazon FBA go check out my course I’m gonna have the link down below to a Bitcoin tab it connect coinbase and while you’re on my youtube channel so you don’t get me the link to my youtube channel affiliate marketing I don’t really have any links for but if you guys are interested there’s a ton of programs think about whatever niche you’re interested in fitness money whatever it is there are affiliate programs for it I carry to you their affiliate offers for it there is no niche that I know of that doesn’t have an affiliate program so yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed this video that thumbs up button and subscribe to channel if you guys are new so that you guys can get updated every time we post a video it’s all relates entrepreneur it’s all related to business it’s all related to money and I’m gonna help you guys or I’m trying to you guys improve your financial situations and hopefully make a ton of money yeah guys that’s gonna be it for me today again subscribe hit that like button and comment down below if there’s anything I missed or if there’s anything you guys want me to explain better but for now I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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The FASTEST Way To Make Money Online With No Experience As A Beginner

What is up guys welcome back to the channel Joaquin Corrales guys in this video We’re gonna learn how to make money online and the best part about this is that not a lot of people are doing this ok So it’s not something. That’s super Saturated in which there are millions of other people doing it which are gonna make it harder for you guys not a lot of people are doing this to make money online and Another thing is is that the limit of money that you could potentially make from this is very high So let’s jump into my computer and let’s get right into the top three things that I want to talk about on How you can start right after this video on making money online that by the end of this week you could be making upwards of a thousand dollars per month minimum So let’s jump into my computer alright guys so without wasting any time Let’s get right into it so what we’re gonna be talking about as far as making money online is gonna be Shopify email consulting Okay And what I’m gonna be going over in this video is exactly what you guys are gonna need to do to get started Doing this to make money online by the end of this video and the best part is that the amount of money that you can make Does not have a limit okay it all depends on how many customers you could hire Or you could work with at once, but the best part about that is that you’re going to be paid From these customers based on the results that you get them Okay, so it’s gonna be super easy to get a whole bunch of customers because you’re not going to have to pay you for Example on a monthly basis to begin when you begin doing this and I’m gonna explain in a second what I’m talking about They’re gonna be paying you based on the results that you get them and getting them results is extremely easy okay So let’s explain what Shopify is in case any of you watching this do not know so Shopify is an ecommerce platform And what that means is just a platform that people go online? And it makes it extremely easy for anyone to start up their own online store Now all email consulting is is just a really cool way of saying that you’re going to send emails to people who buy Certain products or to but or that buy products at all right, so there are a bunch of people out there There are millions of people with Shopify stores out there ok and these people that have Shopify stores They are not doing email marketing at all ok they are not sending emails to their existing customers so for example if you were to talk to someone who has a Shopify store And you want to sell them on the idea that doing Shopify email marketing Is the way to go and that you’re gonna do the consulting for them? This is what you explain to them, so what most people are doing right now is that they’re going on Facebook, okay? They’re going on Facebook, and they have a specific product So let’s say that this is the product that they’re selling okay products selling and what they’re doing is that they’re sending Traffic from Facebook to this product, okay, they’re sending traffic from Facebook to the product and let’s say that they’re spending five dollars right here and They’re making ten dollars back.

Okay, so they’re running advertisement. It’s going good They’re spending five dollars, and they’re making ten dollars back, but then what happens is that they’re going to have to spend more money To come back on Facebook and retarget that same customer right so come back to that same customer and get them to buy something else Whereas if they would go from Facebook? Okay so right here? We have Facebook again here We have their product if they were to send traffic to Facebook to the product Let’s say that they spend five dollars here And then they get $10 back again if they were to start doing email marketing with that Customer right with that customer that just bought and continue to build trust with them and sending them newsletters and sending them information Based on what products match with the product that they just bought and so on Then they’re going to generate more money from the same customer right because logically you’re staying in touch with him, right Because you’re emailing him you’re staying in contact They’re trusting you and so on and so this is the strategy and this is what you have to tell people when they say When they ask you like for example why should I do email marketing in my Shopify store and now a lot of people know about? this But one they’re not doing it because they feel that they’re not there yet Or they’re just lazy or they do not know where to start and the cool thing is is that all of this is made possible By a specific software, so I’m gonna link in the description Exactly what you guys are going to do when you get your first customer so when you get your first customer What you’re going to have to do in in this specific soft? We’re called contact flow in order for you guys to set all of this up right which is through templates So it’s extremely easy to set up is in another YouTube video that I created so I’m gonna send you to that video after this I’m also gonna link it in the description And what we’re gonna be focusing on in this video is gonna be how do we get our customers? Okay? How do we get customers? That are going to allow us to Do email marketing and email? Consulting in their online business because that is really the hardest part right because once they agree to this and they give you access Then you’re just gonna go to the other YouTube video and and follow the instructions as to what you’re going to be able to do So the reason why it’s gonna be a lot easier for us to get Customers is because we’re not gonna.

Do what some people out there doing which is that they’re charging a monthly fee, okay? They’re charging a monthly fee to do email consulting for these people We’re gonna do it a bit differently so what we’re going to do is that we’re only going to make money When we deliver results and now when you guys are going to realize is that the results are going to come extremely fast Because it only makes sense that if you’re retargeting people and if that you’re sending emails to people Offering them different products in the same store then they’re going to come back and they’re going to spend more money, right? the easiest way to Get someone to buy something from you is by offering them something right after they bought okay? And then the other YouTube video that I’m going to send you guys to after this you’re going to learn exactly how to do that So the results are going to come extremely fast and what you’re gonna Do is that you’re gonna go up to people that have Shopify stores right and you’re gonna tell them hey? I don’t want I’m gonna.

I want to do Shopify email consulting for you, but here’s the deal I haven’t done it for anyone yet, so I’m going to do it for free and What I want is I want from 20 right you guys could decide maybe you start off at 20 And then you go up to 40 I want from 20 to 40% of the profits For every sale that I bring in through email marketing And guys if you look at this you’ll realize that there’s no way that they’re going to say no, okay There’s no way that They’re going to say no because this is an extra 60 percent of Money that you’re bringing them that you bring into the table, okay? If you weren’t doing this then they would have not had the 60% of money so it only makes sense for them that they pay you based on the profits as opposed to a Monthly income or a monthly off fee that they may not initially feel comfortable with and now the real key here Is that once you do get results for people okay? Once you get results for people and you have these testimonials with people that are That are receiving a lot of value from what you’re doing then you could start charging a monthly fee plus Okay, a monthly fee plus a a Percentage of profits, okay, you could start charging both those And that’s when you really start making a lot of money like for example once you have a lot of results Let’s say that you want to be making.

I don’t know ten thousand dollars per month all you need is ten customers Paying you $1,000 a month right and it’s not only $1,000 a month there you have 10k a month right. That’s a 10k a month in revenue right there for you and The amount of time that you’re spending in this is not a lot because as you guys are gonna see in the other video that I’m gonna put in the description all of this is done through a software called contact flow Okay which I own and and in that software you’re gonna have one of the best Shopify apps to date forge for the system and Everything is automated so you’re gonna set this all up one time and you’re just going to come and take a look at it every once in a while So it’s super easy to get the 10k a month because all you need is 10 people paying you 1k But since you’re starting right you’re going to come here, and you’re going to tell them hey it’s going to be free I just want from 20 to 40 percent of your profits, and I’m gonna handle the rest okay And now where do you find the customers to be able to do this so the first place that you’re gonna find customers is in Shopify groups, okay, so you’re gonna go on Facebook And you’re gonna join every single group that has the word Shopify in it you’re gonna join every single one and what you’re going to do after they accept your invite or if they’re open then you’ll be inside already is that you’re Gonna start adding value to the group, okay You’re gonna start adding value to the group by helping people out in there answering questions and kind of giving the the vibe that That you’re interested in email marketing and Shopify and then what you’re gonna Do is there gonna reach out to the person who owns the group and you’re gonna ask them if you could offer? To do email consulting for free for people okay, and more than likely they’re going to say yes Because these group owners Just want people adding value in their in their group right so they’re gonna be like yeah of course so you’re gonna be able to post they’re Asking a whole bunch of different people there are groups with thousands of people whether you can do email consulting for them, okay And a lot of them are going to start DMing you they’re gonna start messaging you Because obviously it’s free like it’s money that they would otherwise not have and the best part is is that you could start for? absolutely zero because joining these groups is free and you have a 14-day free trial to the Software okay that you guys are gonna learn about in the other video On for everything that you need to do now the second place that you could find Customers is through referrals, okay? And this is this is this is a Really powerful one because what you’re going to do is that after you have your first couple of clients or your first client from the? Shopify groups that you were scavenging you’re gonna ask them for a referral because most of the time They have friends That also have Shopify stores that would like to do email marketing and you guys are gonna be so surprised at how many How little people are doing this type of email consulting for Shopify stores? And how much money you could ultimately make by doing it now the third place that you could find customers for your Shopify email Consulting is by actually messaging these people okay by messaging people that you know are into Shopify So in the Shopify group not only are you gonna be posting, but you could go around messaging people With a message that is obviously it doesn’t sound spammy maybe you’re like hey.

How’s it going man? I’m just I’m just new to the whole Shopify marketing thing. I just really want to add value I’ve gone through a whole bunch of different trainings on Email marketing and I want to be able to provide the service for free. I know what I need to do I have the software and I’m ready to go and once you tell people that you have the software and that you’ve had training what you’re doing for them is free so they’re up to ten times more likely to allow you to come into their store and Start doing work with that and and guys remember. You don’t need to be an expert in this you just need to know enough and And come from a position where you know where you’re talking about and you’ve had the training to guide you through it I’m gonna link in the description to the other video where I’m gonna go on how you’re going to be doing these email marketing Tactics in the software once you do get a customer and in the description of that video.

I also have a Training a free training for you guys Walking you step-by-step through the software that you’re gonna use to be able to do this so guys This is how you start making money online? If you’re not currently doing anything right now or maybe you are and you want an extra source of income And how you start making money online is by going to people that own Shopify stores, okay? Just an e-commerce platform, they own online stores And you offer them to do email consulting and remember when you’re just starting you’re gonna do email consulting for free okay So you’re gonna tell them hey, I’m going to do this for free all I want is from 20 to 40 percent of profits Okay, and guys they’re going to say yes, because this is money that they would otherwise not have okay, so make sure you guys go on to the next video so you can learn what you’re going to do after you have your First client, which you’re gonna find in Shopify groups You’re gonna find them do two referrals and you’re gonna find them by messaging people who are using Shopify who are doing things in Shopify? asking them if they know anyone and don’t more than likely refer you to someone who you’ll be able to help because remember you’re coming you’re not coming from a position of wanting to make a lot of money or you’re not coming from a position of wanting to charge a monthly fee right where you need to be coming from initially is a Position a position of you wanting to bring Value to these people okay? And that is why you’re doing it for free and you’re only charging from 20 to 40 percent Now after you have gotten results for other people then you could up your charge You could start charging more money and at that point getting clients to pay you $1,000 a month is a complete joke like that is Super easy to do at that point you only need 10 clients to make 10k a month and at that point you’re making a hundred And twenty thousand dollars a year, and you brand new business, okay? So guys hit a comment below on on If this helped you and what are their different types of videos you guys want to see from here I’m gonna focus within the next couple of videos to drill down on different ways that you guys could make money online Such as this and also different ones that I have not mentioned before and that I’ve seen that not a lot of people are Mentioning so guys make sure you hit the subscribe button make sure you hit a thumbs up alike And I’ll see you on the next one

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