How To Make Money Online For Beginners ~ Step By Step Guide To Making Real Money

Hey everyone rouya here and chances are you are actually watching this video because you’re looking for how to make money online for beginners I was a beginner just a few years ago and I actually because of the fact i didn’t have a video like this that I’m making for you I spend a massive amount of time and money going through different trainings to try to figure out how to make money online as a beginner and I didn’t know where to look for the right information but you know for the right mentors and what I really found was that ninety percent of actually more like ninety-nine percent of the people out there trying to teach how to make money online their information is garbage and that’s really sad to say these people who are you know who consider themselves mentors I’m give you you know some of the information and wait for you to figure out that some of the information is missing then they sell you more product and then there’s other stuff missing and then more products but i really really really wanted to find you know the information i want to find the mentor I was I wanted to get a hold off someone who would give me all the information and you know just someone who really cared enough that you know could teach me exactly what I needed to know to make money online you know what how to make money online for beginners making money online is like anything else you know any any other profession or business that you would start and you expected to somehow pay your money definitely requires you to have very you know very good understanding of how to do it so it’s really interesting for me and this is also true for me is really interesting how people just expect to go online and just make money how to make money online for beginners there is a science to make money online and if you understand it you can make a lot of money and if you don’t understand it unfortunately you will make no money and in fact over seventy percent of people who want to make money online and start to do you know either you know they just do the things that they think is going to help them make money over seventy percent make no money at all and that’s a sad truth but if you start with the mindset and understanding that you know online marketing is a is a science and you have to understand you know step by step how it works so to make a you know long story short uh what I found was that again not many people who you know we’re really really helpful in teaching me what I needed to know to make money and he wasn’t actually until if you just a few months ago that I ran into a mentor who truly you know doesn’t doesn’t just get online or tries to sell you products and you know coaching and stuff like that how to make money online for beginners what he does is he presents the information and step by step by step teaches you exactly how it is that online you’re able to make money he actually started in the internet marketing space 11 years ago and his mentor at the time he started was making two hundred thousand dollars a month and you know his his goal obviously at that at that time 11 years ago was making five thousand dollars a month and to him that was gold but what he found that is as he followed what he was told by his mentor that his income grew you know really really rapidly to the point that now are you know he’s making I don’t know between 250 250 thousand dollars a month and there are times when there is launches on either his own products or you know some of the colleges colleges in his unlike likes launches you know he makes like you’re a million and a half in less than 30 days so you know as far as knowledge is concerned he is very well-versed in how to put systems together and he also know another thing that’s really important is that the understanding a very deep understanding that people fail and systems work so he knows how to put systems together in order for a marketing system how to make money online for beginners you know for it to work correctly and therefore earn you the kind of income that you’re looking for so recently you know my mentor and whose name is big stresses had a webinar and in this webinar how to make money online for beginners you know only his private of students were invited and you know their guests so he went through this very just incredible information about how to start an online business how to make money online this webinar and the information in it get so much value to the people who are on the webinar that you know everybody who was working with them asking if you would go ahead how to make money online for beginners and continue to play this webinar this video online and it is only this video was you know only available to certain people and I was actually fortunate enough to be one of those people and so I’d like to share this video with you are that again he explains exactly the online you know landscape how it works how to make money what works what doesn’t work and it’s an excellent video especially for a beginner because he’s the type of person who breaks everything down into little digestible pieces where nobody gets confused which witch is which is brilliant to me it’s absolutely brilliant it doesn’t matter how much education you’ve had what how to make money online for beginners what is really important is how well can you explain it to a five-year-old and you know by five years I i really mean just like somebody was a beginner someone who doesn’t know about the space on this video i am not sure how long he’s going to keep online and right now i have actually left a link that the link to the video in the description box below so i urge you to watch it as soon as you can because i am again i’m not sure how long he will keep this video online and you must you know you might get off you know it might be offline at any time so if you click on the link in the description box and you will you know you find a blank page just know that he decided to take that the video off are so again i highly recommend you watch the video that you’ll find a lot of fantastic information there about you know how to market online how to make money online and um I really really hope this information has been helpful and I wish you a wonderful day

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