2 legit ways to make money working from home

Alright guys, what’s up? Anton Kraly here again, and I’m back with another video Like the title says on this one I’m gonna talk about “how to make money online” from home but before you watch this I just want to let you know (if you haven’t seen any of my videos before) I want to let you know that what i’m about to share with you is legit. I’m not going to talk to you about how to fill out surveys online, or how to make ten dollars. I’m not going to talk to you about how to sign up for some MLM scam… I’m going to share two actual business models with you. One I’ve been using for over a decade the other i’ve been using for about five years now. They work great either on their own or together and I wanted to make this video because I know there are a ton of people out there who are kind of like me when I first started that don’t really know what the opportunities are right like you don’t like maybe you have a job already you’re working a nine-to-five or an eight to six :/ and you like you don’t even know what’s out there and it could seem all overwhelming…

So the purpose of this video is to break down two business models that work if you want to figure out how to work online from home I’m not going to get super in-depth in either of them (for time) but again the goal of this is that by when it’s over you walk away with a clear understanding of each of these business models, and you can choose which one you want to use if you want to figure out how to work online! From home so the first one is I guess like my original business model, and it is ecommerce Okay, so ecommerce when I’m referring to it I’m talking about selling physical products online so you know have a website And I don’t know maybe you sell a mug right or maybe you sell something more valuable Like I tend to do like this desk here or like that office chair or like that framed painting in the background or the TV mount over there or the bookshelf or Anything right I can go on and on but ecommerce is selling physical products online now This is definitely something you can do alone as a solopreneur And it’s definitely you something you could do from home even in your spare time now Yes It could be a business if you think e-commerce you know and you’re looking on both ends of the spectrum you might have someone right? like Amazon Which is obviously not an e-commerce business that someone like I mean I mean owning Amazon like it’s not something someone could run from home right that’s a company that needs thousands of employees all over the world and hundreds of billions of dollars now on the other hand on the opposite End of the expect of the spectrum you could have you know someone selling, let’s just say like homemade mugs right I use the mug example before so you could have a solo seller Selling mugs they build the website themselves they fill a few orders a day manually Maybe they make the products So these are like both ends of the expect spectrum of e-commerce businesses now the one that I would recommend You get into if you’re looking to get into e-commerce something that will make you a lot more money than just selling mugs and Something that’s a lot easier than trying to be then that’s just Jeff Bezos It’s actually probably much more on this spectrum of the things But we’ll just put it here in the middle and what I would recommend doing if you want to work from home is starting What I call a high ticket Dropship store Now few keywords in this short little description here of what I would recommend again as a great way to work from home If you want to get into e-commerce and sell physical products and make it worth your time is High ticket very important and dropship, okay, so let me explain this I’m gonna go to the next page because there’s just not enough space here But let’s say again you decide you’re not gonna be Amazon you don’t want to make a few extra dollars Selling trinkets you want to make some real money But be able to work from home in your spare time maybe run this as a solopreneur So here’s what I would present to you.

I guess okay Why you should sell more expensive products, and why you should work on the dropship model first of all with drop shipping? It’s simply a way to fulfill orders, so that’s what I want you to think of it as okay So the way the dropship business model works is you go ahead and you build a store right? This is your ecommerce store that makes the money we use Shopify as our e-commerce platform Okay, we then get traffic from different sources so things like Facebook things like YouTube things like Google and Those people come to the Shopify store now when they go to the store They’re gonna be shopping and they’re gonna buy products. Okay these products and I’ll make a Box here that’ll be the envelope that you ship to the person these aren’t something that you’re making yourself These aren’t products that you’re going out there and trying to invent these aren’t something that you have in a warehouse somewhere, okay? These are products that other companies manufacture, so these are the products that get drop shipped someone right dropship Products Now the way this works is you’re getting approved to sell four different Manufacturers the companies that have these products in stock already They have them in their warehouses.

They make them That’s their business right they’re manufacturers, and then you list them for sale on your Shopify store Shopify is an e-commerce platform. I can get more into that in a future video But the point is you are building an online retail store, and you’re selling other people’s products now What happens is when someone comes to your store and they you know they maybe they come from Facebook or YouTube or Google? Different traffic sources again where you can attract buyers? They will place an order on your website What happens is you get the money so if someone buys? I don’t know Let’s say this this desk right here right if I sold desks and someone comes to my website And they spend a thousand dollars on it Then I get a thousand dollars Deposited into my bank account so it’s pretty simple pretty straightforward someone buys from you you get the money.

Okay? You’re not an affiliate You’re not you know like trying to like get a percentage from someone else you get this money direct to yourself Then once that order comes through on your website you place that order with the supplier right whoever makes it So if this desk was from Herman Miller we would contact our sales rep at Herman Miller say Hey, we sold one of these ship it to this customer so then they go ahead and say okay We’re gonna charge you whatever your wholesale cost is you know when you get approved. Let’s just say It’s you know seven hundred bucks including shipping So they go ahead, and they charge us seven hundred dollars, and then they ship the product to the customer Okay What this means and this is why it’s such a good business model if you want to make money online and work from home it Means all you had to do is and then obviously here equals three hundred dollars profit But all you had to do in this scenario is build a Shopify store Which is a lot easier than it used to be they make it very you know user-friendly like to actually like work with them It’s it’s very simple like anyone could build a site there like literally anyone could do it It’s all drag-and-drop super easy But all you had to do is build a website then establish relationships with different brands different suppliers Not talking about you know drop shipping from China or anything I’m talking about building real relationships with real companies that make quality products And then you have to get traffic to your website from any of these sources They come they buy you place the order with the supplier you have the relationship with They go ahead ship it to your customer you you know they charge your credit card for $700 You’re left with that $300 profit and as you can see This is something that doesn’t require a ton of employees it doesn’t require an office space it doesn’t require a warehouse It doesn’t require like all these extras building on top of You know your website.

This is literally something that you can do from home It could be your own business and guys This is something like you don’t even have to quit your job to start this you could do this and you know a spare hour Every night or spend your weekends doing this just make the time for it this It’s a great way to make extra money And think about this like it’s very easy to get even just one sale a week like that’s very Very easy and even if you just do that you could be making an extra $300 a week an extra $1,200 a month You know that could pay your family’s car payments that could pay Maybe your rents depending on where you live in the world so really simple business model again ecommerce But specifically if you want to get into e-commerce so you want to figure out how to work from home and make money online Then I definitely recommend drop shipping because that removes the risk of having to again buy products in advance You don’t pay the supplier anything until you sell their product.

This is the beauty of it There’s no costs until you start making money, so you know definitely ecommerce use Shopify for your ecommerce platform Use drop shipping for your fulfillment method work with the best suppliers You could find and of course only sell expensive products because you know in this scenario Let’s just say I wasn’t selling these high-end desks. Let’s say I was selling like again these mugs right if I sold this for 10 bucks and my cost to fulfill the order for a product cost and shipping was let’s Just say seven using the same The same averages then I would make three dollars instead of 300 so that’s why I guys for a work from home Opportunity really and building your own business your own asset Which there’s a million other benefits for I’ll talk about it in a future video This is this is why you want to stick with high ticket and by the way like I just mentioned I’ll talk about that in future videos some more of the benefits of actually having your own business Even if you still have a nine-to-five or whatever it is.

There’s a ton of side benefits. You’ll get if you want to see that video Which I’ll post maybe in a week or so Definitely click the subscribe button below me and that way you can get updates every time. I post to this channel at the time I’m recording this when the channels still pretty new, but I I made a commitment to myself that for the next hundred days I’ll be posting here so definitely click Subscribe if you want to keep seeing videos like this all different business trainings I’m gonna talk about traveling I’m gonna talk about location independence so hit that button now that was the first one guys right that was high ticket dropshipping That was ecommerce I told you I was gonna share my top two business models if you want to figure out how to make money online By working from home so the second one is what I call info marketing, okay? info marketing Now you might have noticed this I didn’t call it out as a benefit of e-commerce But one of the big benefits of e-commerce is you don’t need that much skill or product knowledge You or like passionate about what you’re selling You just need to want to start a business The main difference with info marketing when you compare it to e-commerce is this is something that Again, I’ve been involved with in this space for about five years as well You need to be passionate about about what you’re selling because this to succeed is gonna come down to you, okay? It’s not about just getting traffic It’s about like actually being able to to help people with specific topics so for example my info marketing sites You met you may have seen this you might have not I have a site called dropship lifestyle Calm and that one is all about you know how to sell products online about e-commerce I have a site that I’m a partner with in called FBA Empire calm That’s all about selling on Amazon again something that my business partners are passionate about I’m passionate about the business side.

I also have performance marketer Comm and again, this one is all about advanced marketing strategies that we post about that I make videos about and the reason these businesses are successful info marketing businesses is because we have the passion behind what we’re doing so Let’s just say you’re watching this right now You want to you know figure out a way to make money online from maybe you know you are a personal trainer right now Right and you work with clients all day. Maybe you’re a relationship counselor. Maybe you I don’t know teach people how to Swim like there’s so many things out there. Let’s just say maybe you’re a good You know poker player it doesn’t matter, but information marketing basically refers to the fact that you are distributing and selling information Based on your passions, so there’s a few different ways you could do this and again. This is something You don’t have to quit your job to start This is something you could do in your spare time if you want to make money online If you want to eventually turn it into a seven eight figure business, then yes, this will be your full time commitment But if you’re looking to make an extra few thousand bucks a month Then you know don’t feel like you have to literally quit your job to do this But the way these business models typically work are through sales funnels So what you would do is you know let’s again assume that you wanted to get into the info marketing space You would start with content distribution, okay? Some can write content here, and you would start by creating free content So literally maybe a video like this right, and you could choose your distribution platform.

It could be YouTube it could be a blog It could be a podcast You know it could be snapchat if you’re if your demographics under 30 years old it could be Instagram honestly It doesn’t really matter what matters is that you’re putting out content About your passions to other people that would be interested in what you have to say okay? So as you do this as you start putting out the content what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna build a following Now once you build that following and again It’s very important the content piece happens first you have to get people to know you to like you to trust you Because then it’s time for the next step in what ultimately is a sales funnel right and that is the Esk that is the offer? So in this case what you’re typically doing to make money by you know basically making money online is Offering an upgraded version of your free content so here with all the free stuff You’re giving value you’re giving value, and then there’s going to be a lot of people that want more from you And that’s when you can make an offer and charge money for it now these could be things like Different membership sites that have recurring revenue, so I can give you some examples for that you might be familiar with Your let’s just say if you’re a golfer right if you play golf.

There’s a company called Revolution golf they have golf instructional videos it started because the guy was passionate about it so we started info marketing Siot They charge I think ninety seven dollars a year, but they do over eight figures a month in sales, okay, and that’s just about golf It’s an info product about golf that definitely could have been created in Someone’s spare time on the at nights on the weekends, and that was the offer they had free content They made that offer other different kind of like continuity sites Anything where you’re regularly providing more and more content and updates that could be recurring in the fact that you’re offering someone access to To like be ongoing membership site another thing could be online courses. Let me just right here like alright recurring Membership My favorite and the info space is online courses, so Again, let’s just say you were teaching someone you know for free Maybe how to work out right how to get you’d biceps or how to get abs now the upgrade could be an online course That takes them through sequential process, maybe it also gives them access to a private Facebook group, or a forum Maybe even phone coaching and these things it really depends on what your your your passion is Because the price range on what people charge and what you could charge is so all over the place it really depends on like Kind of like what’s what’s the solution to their problem worth? for example if I could help you start a business that allowed you to quit your job and To make you know an extra five hundred thousand dollars a year.

That’s worth a lot of money to you right because that’s life-changing That’s that’s life-changing for generations of your family on the other hand if I told you hey I could teach you how to draw, you know really nice flowers That’s not worth that much to you because you’ll figure it out in your own right look It’s not like what’s the what’s the benefit? So that’s why pricing really varies what I’ll tell you is with memberships They typically range from about that hundred dollar a year point up To you know over a thousand a month again depending on what the topic is online Courses typically start at about a hundred ninety seven dollars and go up to about five thousand dollars So that’s a good range if you’re brand new and those numbers sound intimidating like oh Can I actually charge that for my information? Don’t worry? That’s not what you come out swinging with with day one Just if you want to get into this if you have a passion and you want to make money on your passion Start with putting out content get people to know you like you and trust you and then this part will get figured out eventually And I could talk more about the specifics of how that actually works You know in future videos as well so again guys Those are my favorite two business models if you want to make money online from home the first is ecommerce But specifically using high ticket drop shipping the second is info marketing Starting with free content get your name out there get heard get people to know like and trust you and then eventually you could start Introducing products that serve those people at a higher level, so hopefully you guys got value from this video I’m gonna get back to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions But if you did definitely give it a like or a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button, okay, it’s important This is a new channel, and I want to get some exposure here So the more people subscribe to it the more other people will find us the more I’ll keep creating videos so definitely click that button hit the notification bell, and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video

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Top 3 Ways Of Making FAST Money Online 2017-2018! (ANY AGE With NO MONEY)

What is going on guys welcome back to another video on this channel today I’m going to talk to you guys about the top three ways that you can make money online and better yet most of these are passive now I’m gonna rank this in order from most passive to least passive although they’re all paths they’re all technically passive I’m going to show you guys most work to least work so to start off we’re gonna be talking about pure investment so this is big connect big Nick bit connected something I’ve been to actually doing videos on quite a decent amount on my channel because I believe in it now before you guys start coming in here and hating and saying that oh this is a scheme it’s a scam blah blah blah I’ve done my own research I believe in the platform you don’t have to this is just totally up to you I’m gonna leave a link to big connect in the description if you guys want to sign up it’s free to sign up you only have to deposit money whenever you want to so if you guys want to make an account and then put in money later that is totally fine as well anyways I’m gonna explain to you guys a little bit of how big Nick works to maybe help you guys understand why I don’t think it’s a scheme or a scam or whatever you guys want to call it the way big connect works is that it’s you’re lending money to a trading bot right so similarly to how in the stock market there are Robo traders right this is basically the same thing except it’s doing it with cryptocurrency and the difference between cryptocurrency and the regular stock market is that cryptocurrency is a lot more volatile right so if you have a bot that can trade accurately and do it well you’re going to make of more money on trading the cryptocurrency than you would on the regular stock market so that’s why I believe that these guys have a legitimate reason to how they can pay you out now the percentages are absolutely wild but they also don’t say they don’t have like asset guarantee except for a few over here other than that they can give you 0% right that’s happened before it’s very rare that they give you zero percent a day but I’ve seen it happen before and that’s why I think maybe it that’s why I believe that this is a legitimate thing and why think it makes sense now again you guys don’t have to agree with me whatsoever but this is just my opinion and I’ve been I felt comfortable and I’ve invested my money into this platform and if you guys are instead of doing that again link is gonna be in the description you guys can follow what I’ve done and make your own money now I’ll explain you guys a little bit of how this works so I have to set this in previous videos in case you guys haven’t watched it though I’m gonna run over it again so if you land between a hundred and a thousand dollars you’re just gonna get your the percent of the daily percent and then after two hundred ninety nine days your money’s locked up for two hundred ninety nine days so they can invest with it and after two hundred ninety nine days you get the initial investment back right so say you invested five hundred at the end of two hundred ninety nine days you get your five hundred dollars back right now if you invest anything above a thousand you get an extra percent bonus so a thousand to five thousand you’re gonna get a plus percent daily five thousand to ten thousand plus point to ten thousand to a hundred thousand plus point to five now anything over a hundred thousand I’m assuming just gonna stay at point two five I haven’t tried it home to a 1 million dollar loan or anything so unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around otherwise I might actually consider it cuz your payout would be a lot of money you’ve got like ten thousand dollars a day right Wow anyways we’re gonna go over I’m gonna show you guys actually a calculation that you can do with this alright so you guys can see the last few days we had a one point four four percent to s I told you guys it can be very very low over here this day had an interest rate of zero on the 23rd of September we had an interest rate of zero right here it was point zero two again here was zero again right one point zero one tick I can see that it does happen but overall the average in the last seven days has been a point six eight it has been fairly low if you check the last 30 days in the last six months it has been a lot higher this is just a slower week since last week it was really really high last week Babbage was like crazy stuff and don’t forget if you have invested over a thousand dollars you do get a plus percentage on here so say even if you didn’t you were invest $500 so your money would be locked up for 299 days right with a average interest rate of percent at the end of the 299 days you’re gonna come out with 1845 dollars so your profit will have been one thousand three hundred and forty five dollars for an ROI of two hundred and sixty nine percent which is out of this world guys even if you did a $100 investment right you’d still like it depends on which money you have obviously to play with to me a $100 loan is small that’s why I’m doing loans in the thousands but if $100 is good for you guys and you come out with two hundred and sixty nine dollars profit that’s great right that’s phenomenal it’s still profit it’s great but now if we go into maybe we invested three thousand right and then our money would be tied up for two hundred and thirty nine days two hundred and thirty nine days just kind of run you guys through what happens so three thousand dollars would quickly turn into seven thousand dollars profit you’d come out with ten thousand because you get your three thousand back and that’s basically how this works obviously the more you do let’s pretend that we have what’s that one thousand this is a minute so pretend we have a million dollars to throw around this would only be 120 then yeah there’s way way too many zeroes I can’t even one two three one two three so your profit would be one point three eight million and you come out with million so again crazy numbers this is the first the number one way I believe you can make money online because you don’t have to do anything you can literally sit back and the money will be given to you right so it’s a one-time few clicks you buy your Bitcoin on coinbase which I’ll leave the link down below as well for you guys so you buy your Bitcoin you transfer it here yes loan it takes five minutes for everything and boom you’re done instant money every everyday way number two is a little bit now this is mix up affiliate marketing I’m gonna talk about philia marketing and Amazon FBA affiliate marketing happens I’ll be there they can vary on how easy or difficult there are obvious if you have a if you have a personal brand or if you have an audience of following affiliate marketing is gonna be very very easy for you if you don’t you’re gonna have to run some ads and stuff like that and learn that type of stuff but I have placed affiliate marketing at number two for the easiest one you can get started with because the initial startup capital the money you need to get started is not that high and what I’ve shown you guys is I have max bounty open I’m a member of Max bounty they have a ton of campaigns where you can get paid as you can see so it’s ranges from one point six dollars per lead to ten dollars per lead all the way up to four hundred twenty-five dollars per lead right obviously depends on which one’s harder to get well how much is worth you’re gonna have different amounts that you’re gonna get paid out but the cool thing is that you get paid out this if you make a sale on this right now there are restrictions obviously would like country bulb love but what people usually use they haven’t they have an ad they run it on Facebook they have a club a landing page usually using click funnels and then so they have a landing page which goes to their offer from bets they can collect an email the landing page and then go to the offer that email can later be used they put it to an email list later be used to give more offers of that same type in case that person is interested so you have upsells and then they’ll go to the actual deal and if they convert and they buy it or they do whatever is needed to do whatever action is needed then you’re gonna get paid out however much is stated here okay the Lending Club business loans can pay up to four thousand three hundred dollars per leave now I guarantee you this is not going to be easy to do to get one of these obviously these are a lot rare you can’t do this like once every hour but there are some others that like smaller ones that you might be able to get more conversions you really have to play around with it and see which one works best for you now I mentioned click funnels which is what people use to create landing pages they also have an affiliate program so you can not only create an account but then you can also have an affiliate program and teach other people how to do what you’re doing and get Commission now I looked at their affiliate agreement I’m not I’m not an affiliate for click funnels not yet at least I don’t do as much affiliate marketing as do Amazon but says 40% of all fees received by click phone so that could add up to a ton of money for you guys so affiliate marketing I put at number two now number three is probably I just put my youtube channel in here because number three is Amazon FBA and I am building the free Amazon FBA course so if you guys are just to go check that out this requires more of a startup and startup money because you’re gonna buy bulk from China send it straight to Amazon and then for like Amazon will fulfill all of your products that you just have to worry about the keywords in the listing but again very passive everything is done everything can be done from your phone so that’s the best part of it all of these everything can be controlled straight from your phone especially once it’s set up right obviously creating a landing page of stuff might be harder to set up on your phones I would recommend using a laptop or a desktop but after that it is completely hands-off so Amazon the only time you have to actually touch it is when you either order more inventory want to change your ads which is done straight on Amazon so they’re really really easy to do so or when you’re looking for a new product to sell now I’m not going to go into too much detail but the main gist of Amazon FBA if you search for product that sells well low competition order it bulk from China send it to Amazon and you keep refreshing your phone while you make sales basically that’s what I spend my day doing just like refresh refresh refresh refresh and there’s a lot of people making a ton of money with Amazon PA if you guys are interested in Amazon FBA go check out my course I’m gonna have the link down below to a Bitcoin tab it connect coinbase and while you’re on my youtube channel so you don’t get me the link to my youtube channel affiliate marketing I don’t really have any links for but if you guys are interested there’s a ton of programs think about whatever niche you’re interested in fitness money whatever it is there are affiliate programs for it I carry to you their affiliate offers for it there is no niche that I know of that doesn’t have an affiliate program so yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed this video that thumbs up button and subscribe to channel if you guys are new so that you guys can get updated every time we post a video it’s all relates entrepreneur it’s all related to business it’s all related to money and I’m gonna help you guys or I’m trying to you guys improve your financial situations and hopefully make a ton of money yeah guys that’s gonna be it for me today again subscribe hit that like button and comment down below if there’s anything I missed or if there’s anything you guys want me to explain better but for now I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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The EASIEST Way To Make Money Online In 2018 As A BEGINNER With NO MONEY

– Guys, so today, we’re gonna talk about what is the best business to start in 2018. Now if you’ve been watching my channel you already know what the answer is, but if you’re newer, the answer might kind of surprise you, but my answer is personal branding: just building a following, no matter what it’s around now. A lot of people have different objections to this, which I’ll go over later in the video and why a lot of them aren’t true, or how you can get around ’em like, “Oh I don’t want to be on camera, “I’m too shy, I don’t know what to make content on, “I’m not an expert at anything,” things like that, and I’ll address those a little later in this video, but this is for the new people on my channel or if it’s your first time seeing me, I’m gonna show kinda my income from personal branding, so, just kinda to verify, because I make some bold claims in here.

So, I’ve made million dollars in the last 10 months from personal branding. I started my YouTube in February. Before that I was doing Amazon, so I just want to show you what kind of income is possible with personal branding. So right now, I’m at 66,000 subscribers. I’ve been doing it about 10 months, like I said. Started February, I started with a channel with zero subscribers, and just been uploading videos ever since, so, on YouTube right now I’m making about 5500 a month just from ad revenue for uploading videos, so not bad.

Again, as you get more views obviously, it increases, so 5,000 a month just for making videos on YouTube, not bad. The second thing is, my courses I’m selling, so I was originally starting YouTube just to kind of help people do it for fun, and everyone started asking me for a course because I was doing Amazon, they wanted to know what I was doing, and I started selling that in March. So I had 800 subscribers when I launched the course and off those 800 subscribers, I probably grew another 1,000 in March. I made 122,000 that month from that, and then you can see it just slowly increased and then dropped a little. It’s December 2nd, that’s why this is lower, we’re now in the morning, so, you can see I’ve made probably two million off the course almost, a little bit less in less than a year, all from personal branding.

That’s one of my courses. Here’s the second one. Probably made about 300,000 from this one. Again, launched in July, so, extra 300,000 right there, that’s most people’s goal income for the year, one source. So, there’s so many different sources. This is affiliate marketing through my YouTube channel. So, I have an affiliate link, if I promote something, say, “Hey guys, I use this tool, here’s how I use it,” and I get an affiliate link, I get paid out. You can see 2,900 people have bought this tool through my link, and that’s made me about $95,000 so far this year, and that’s just one of my affiliate things, I have more affiliates, this is just one thing, which is a tool I use for Amazon, so.

That is what is really possible and I’m just scraping the surface. I haven’t even been doing this a year. I started knowing absolutely nothing, exact same spot you guys are in right now where you’re like, wow these YouTubers make so much, it doesn’t feel like realistic, like I don’t think I could do that. Doesn’t feel like realistic. So I mean I was in the same position you were. I was watching Alex Becker, I saw his PayPal and he was getting $3,000 payments a day, I’m like, I’d be so $300 a day. If I could make 10,000 a month, that’d be insane. And now my YouTube is almost that. At the end of the year, it’ll be close to that, it’ll be at 7,000 a month, and it just keeps growing. Now, if you guys aren’t in my Facebook group, I’ll leave a link in the description if you wanna get in.

Also I have one for if you want to build a YouTube channel, but these are all the excuses people gave me as to why they haven’t started a YouTube channel and started building a personal brand. First one being, I’m camera shy. There’s a lot of channels that you don’t even have to be, you can talk, you don’t have to show your face. There’s a lot of channels that are big like that. Is it better if you show your face? Yes, it’s not a necessity. I was right there with you guys. I still don’t speak well. I didn’t speak well when I started, I hated a camera being pointed at me, it felt super weird, hate the sound of my own voice, but after you do a video or two, it becomes kinda normal, and especially when you start getting 10, 20 subscribers, then you feel like you’re talking to someone, it’s not weird.

Like, I don’t ever look at the camera ’cause I don’t like looking into a camera, I think it’s weird, so, that’s why I look at my screen, and close enough, but you get over it. Make a video or two. Is that gonna be your excuse to why you’re not gonna make a couple million dollars? “Oh I’m camera shy, it’s not worth a couple million dollars “I could potentially make, ’cause I’m camera shy.” Worth it. Next one is, “I’m not an expert at anything.” Now, okay, this is fine. A lot of people are thinking in an entrepreneur space, it doesn’t have to be an entrepreneur space, you can do YouTube around anything. You don’t have to do what I do, you don’t have to be the guy that, okay, he’s an expert, and he makes money and then he teaches people in courses.

That’s the main business model. There’s so many other ways. Let’s say you really enjoy art, you’re an artist, you help people: there’s about 15 different sources of income you could use right there. You don’t have to straight teach on YouTube. People wan to be entertained. Teaching is part of that but again, you don’t have to teach, look at all the huge channels, video game channels, they’re not teaching anything, they’re entertaining, and those are the biggest ones.

It’s all about entertainment and a lot of times, let’s say you want to do the entrepreneur thing. All you have to do is document what you’re doing. Let’s say you don’t ever make money with what you’re trying to do, let’s say you’re trying affiliate marketing and you never make money running ads and doing that, but you’re documenting your process, what’s working and what’s not working, you’re interacting with people. People will subscribe to you, follow you, and let’s say a year from now, you start doing well with it, and you can eventually start teaching it, but you’re not an expert yet. Well now instead of going and starting, you have a whole year of people following you.

You’re probably at 10, 20,000 subscribers because people want to be able to relate with you and feel like they’re on the same thing, same struggle ’cause you’re at the same level, so they will follow you. You don’t have to be an expert. I didn’t feel like an expert when I started. I felt like I knew it pretty well and I was just documenting what I was doing, what was working, what wasn’t working, people want to be able to relate and be entertained. So you don’t have to be an expert. “Don’t know where to start.” That’s a good one. There is no best place to start, you just have to make a video. If you guys are watching this, you wanna go start this, make a video about you, what you’re doing, and then just start documenting like, “Okay guys I’m doing this, “I hope for the results to be this, “so far this hasn’t worked, this is working,” and you can just do updates like that, you can vlog, you can teach what you know, literally anything, and like I was saying with the channel before, if you don’t want to go that niche, I could make a YouTube channel or you could, around painting, and you’re like, “Okay where’s the money in that?” I’m like, yeah you have YouTube ad revenue for views and whatnot, but how am I going to make money other than that? You can make six figures painting on YouTube if you know how to monetize it.

Any niche, I don’t care what it is, six figures a month. So you can do consulting, you can help people, teach people if you want, that’s always there. You can make, let’s go back to entrepreneur niche, you can use affiliate links in your videos, say, “Hey guys, here’s the paint set I use,” or you can even drop ship that yourself, which is a lot easier than people think. Like if I made a store right now and said, “Hey guys, I have these whiteboards in that store, “here’s some of the pens I use, “here’s my microphone and other things.” People go buy that, it’s more profit than affiliate marketing. You have consulting. I’ve got paid $1,000 for half an hour. My normal rate was $500 an hour, so if I want to work two hours a day doing consulting, which I could easily do, $30,000 a month right there. Again, you’re not going to start at that level, but I’m not a huge YouTuber. I was getting that at 10,000 subscribers, I was getting $500 an hour for that if I wanted to. People say they’re ugly, don’t want to share my sexiness, okay, why would people watch me? Again, people wanna be entertained.

They don’t just watch experts only, and if you think YouTube’s competitive, you’re completely wrong, it’s the beginning of the whole movement towards personal branding. Anyone who doesn’t have one’s going to be left behind in entrepreneurship, and you’re just missing out. Look at what all the huge guys that are making money do. They all make the most money from their personal brand. That’s why people always teach how to make money, and people are like, “Oh, why would you share your secrets?” You make more teaching it than if you didn’t share the secret and did it yourself, and it’s less work.

So, let me go over some of the benefits of why you should start personal branding, kinda over other things, so: there’s zero startup cost. You don’t need good quality stuff. This is my webcam camera. I did just get a mic, watch a video from a week ago, it’s the mic on this, it’s fine, had that for the last nine, 10 months. No startup costs, you need, you can use your phone even. You can use your phone, upload it from your phone.

You need a phone and wifi, that’s it. Or maybe a laptop. There is very, it’s not time-consuming at all. If you want to start YouTube, it’s however much you want to put in. Let’s say you want to do YouTube, you don’t want to sell anything, you just want to document what you’re doing, and let’s say you get to 20,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Great, you’re making 2500 a month from YouTube ad revenue for spending maybe 30 minutes a day making a video. Okay, that’s kind of your worst case, uh oh I’m at 3,000 a month, making videos. And even if you stop, those continue on, because you’re getting views on those. You don’t always have to be making new videos, you don’t have to upload every single day. It’s however much work you want to put in, however much money you want to make. There’s so many sources of income, not to mention getting sponsored by other things, getting free stuff. Example, on my car, I got a body kit half off, I got the exhaust half off, I got a bunch of different things, a lot of money off, so, thousands of dollars saved from having a YouTube channel, and I was at 10,000 subs when I got those so.

You can make the most personal branding. Show me people doing things that are making okay let’s use a medium-sized YouTuber, Alex Becker. I’m going to go on a limb and say he makes two to five million a month, I’m going to say two or three. Show me someone who makes 25 million a year, that does anything entrepreneurial that hasn’t started giant businesses and isn’t doing that. There’s so many YouTubers like that, Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez, any of that, and they all make so much from personal branding just because the reach. And to go off of that, you can then start any business you want, and jumpstart it and make millions from it, once you get a decent following.

Now, maybe I’m not there yet, might take another year to get 100, 200,000 where I feel like that’d work, but Gary V launches shoes, he makes an easy couple million a year from them, just because he has a following. Not because, oh his shoes are known, it’s only because he’s known and you like him. So you can jumpstart any kind of business you want. If I go start a software business, and you guys like me, a lot of you are probably going to go buy it, and it jumpstarts my business and now I’m making more from my following but it’s a different business that I want to do, so, that’s a big one. You can make the most amount of money in my opinion. Exponential growth. Once you start growing on YouTube, you get promoted more, and when you get promoted more you grow more, so it’s exponential.

So that’s why the channels with 200,000 subscribers are gaining about 1,000 a day and channels with 1,000 subscribers are gaining 10 a day. Once you get there, I’m getting about three, 400 a day now, you just grow exponentially and make more exponentially, so, it’s awesome to see it keep growing. Now personal branding will never die. I don’t see it going anywhere because here’s why. You can take your personal brand onto any platform. Let’s say YouTube gets shut down. I can no longer do YouTube. I have my Instagram, I have my Facebook, I can move to another platform and most of you guys will follow. Maybe I take a 10, 20% hit on my following, but you guys will follow where I go because you like me now.

So if something happens to YouTube, something happens to Facebook, any of that, I can keep the business going on any other platform or make my own if there’s none that exist, but there will be something, people want to see it, so people are following you, it doesn’t matter if I’m on YouTube, YouTube gets shut down, I have my Instagram, I can say “Hey guys, I made a Vine,” pretend that existed, and I’m going to start doing that instead, because YouTube’s down, I’d get probably 70, 80% of you guys back over there. So it’s less risk also, because you can move platforms you’re following.

Now the last thing: so many different sources of income, so I have, I’m going to list you some, some beginner ones, some advanced ones that I have from personal branding, so, we have the courses, we have Facebook groups, we have an email list, we have YouTube ad revenue, we have consulting, we have, I’m going to do an entrepreneurship house so I can the real estate because I have a following and charge more for real estate because I will be there helping you guys once in a while with that entrepreneur house idea, so I can then, instead of getting a normal eight to 12% on real estate, I’m getting a 25% return on my money because of my following, same kind of concept with real estate, and sponsorships, free things, paid videos, so many different things.

You can do paid Facebook groups, there’s affiliate marketing, way too many different sources of income, and that’s just the beginning. So, and last thing, oh I said it already, you can jumpstart your own business. So you can make the most, takes no money to start, it grows exponentially, can be a little slow to start, so you’re not risking anything, you can make the most amount of money, it’s not going anywhere, tell me why you haven’t started your personal brand? These reasons, okay, camera shy, okay. Get over it, pretty much that. I had to say that to myself too. Not an expert at anything. Okay, document, start building your following. You don’t wait until you’re already making money and an expert and then start it, okay, that’s not a good excuse.

Don’t know where to start. I just told you where to start in this video. Document. Don’t know what to post? I just told you. Review videos on a tool, on what you’re doing, document, teach, vlog, anything. Procrastination? All right well you’re going to fail anyways, so it doesn’t matter. (laughing) Just kidding, I’m not that mean. Why would people watch me? I told you already, people want to be entertained. Even if you’re boring, I’m not exciting. I just tell it how it is, people like that. Maintain personal privacy, okay. That’s fine, that’s a legit excuse, I’ll take that one. Too time-consuming. I spend half an hour on YouTube a day, I don’t edit my videos, I make it in QuickTime, I will not edit this video, I will not touch anything, I made the thumbnail in two minutes, and I upload it and my tabs automatically upload.

This video, to make this whole thing, is probably a 15 minute video, less than 30 minutes. I make a video every day, not too time consuming. You can do three a week, okay, hour and a half, not too time-consuming, wrong. Too saturated, okay. Maybe some niches are more heavily saturated, but they have so many people watching, and it’s not like okay, you either watch me or you watch Tai Lopez, you have to choose one YouTuber. So many people watch tons of YouTubers, especially if you have your own unique angle, it’s very easy, it’s not too saturated, it’s just the growth of personal branding as well.

I’m ugly, good, me too. You don’t need to be beautiful. Don’t think it’ll make money? I just told you why, and kinda your worst case scenario is 2,000 a month by the end of the first year. Don’t want to be known? Flame. Keep my face off the internet, you’re lame. Just kidding. Make over 100,000 already, need motivation. 100,000 ain’t shit. That’s a joke, but okay, if you’re satisfied with 100,000, you’re not going to be more successful anyway with that anyway, so, you want to make 100,000 or you want to make a million? I’ll be making a million a month next year, so. Let me know if you want that or you’re happy with your 100,000 and barely getting by. Every other answer is a lie, I’m lazy. There we go, that’s the real answer right there. Need a computer? You need a phone, and that’s all you need. All right guys, so. I hope that was a little bit informative, and you guys see the potential now, and I can’t speak words, the potential now, with personal branding, whether it’s through YouTube, with Instagram, with Facebook.

YouTube is the strongest one because you build that personal connection, that relationship, people can relate to you, and if you don’t know where to start, go make a video talking about yourself, kind of just your little story, and what you plan on doing, and what you want to upload to the channel, whether it’s, “Okay I’m starting Amazon “and affiliate marketing guys, I’m gonna share my journey, “what I’m doing, what steps I take, so okay, “I’m talking to suppliers, this is what we’re talking about, “here’s the quote they gave me, here’s what I think, “here’s what I plan on doing,” things like that, just documenting. “Okay guys, I made this mistake, this little thing I didn’t know about so here’s something.” People want to relate, they’ll follow you, they’ll understand, so, document, build that following, you don’t have to be an expert, I gave you what to upload, make your first video, and comment below when you upload your first video. If you guys haven’t already, join this Facebook group if you’re starting a YouTube channel, want to build a personal brand, I do live streams in here and give away consultation calls on this so I can help you get started, get going and really grow.

So it’s called YouTube Entrepreneurs, it’ll be the first link in the description. Again, if you’re new, make sure you hit that subscribe button, smash the like, and I will see you guys tomorrow in the next video..

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This Is How You Can Make Money Online In 2018 With NO MONEY As A Beginner!

What’s going on guys in this video today We’re going to be talking about how you can make money online in 2018 and start your own online business with zero dollars It’s not drop shipping It’s not affiliate marketing although that has something to do with it later on it’s not any other make money online method You’re probably thinking about however that it’s in front of you right now. It’s all over the internet you see it every single day It’s personal branding hate it or love it guys personal branding makes people a lot of money And I’m going to show some income results in a second so stay tuned where you can see the potential of personal branding There’s a few reasons why I’m doing this video today guys number.

One is I want to show people that anyone can do this anyone can literally go out there start a personal brand and will go through my story because I’m I have a Feeling my story is going to relate to a lot of people. I’m going to go over What’s holding? You back later on in this video and how to overcome that and the second thing I want to motivate people to do that we just had 50,000 subscribers on this channel, and I’m a very very lazy youtuber I’m very inconsistent.

I don’t upload all the time. I am getting bitter that I used to be very very socially awkward I still am not on YouTube as much anymore But I want to show you that you can actually get this done yourself And how much money can be made from personal branding because hey love it. It’s here to stay and personal branding There’s going to be massive and 2018 all right, so let’s jump into this. I’ll show some earnings then later on in the video We’ll talk about how you can get this done Show the potential show you how to get past those those blocks those roadblocks that are stopping you from doing this yourself First of all dropping like guys.

We just hit fifty thousand subscribers, which is pretty good for someone. That’s been a lazy Youtuber so if you’re new drop alike if you’ve been with me since the start guys drop a like as we have tons more Content on the way, so let’s jump into some earnings So you guys can see kind of the potential and what personal branding can do we’ll just do a refresh here So you can have a look now? This is $55 thousand dollars u.s.. In the last 30 days now this is mostly pretty much 90% traffic from a YouTube channel to one of my courses a Fifty-five thousand is not is not a lot compared to what some people making online This is kind of at the low end scale for me.

I suppose it really depends my incomes Up and down online sometimes I get lazy sometimes I don’t but this is the last 30 days from mostly YouTube traffic And I’d haven’t even really use my YouTube to promote my course a lot I just sometimes mention it in videos And then also the power of personal branding guys a lot of people hate people that do personal branding But at the end of the day come on guys you know personal branding can make money because you’re helping people this is and Three months I think it was on the when I launched one of my courses one hundred sixty fifty thousand dollars just on the launch This is what North elites know nothing This is just from some emails and posting an Facebook group, so as you can see guys personal branding is pretty powerful and you can make money from it and 2018 is going to be a very very big year for personal branding So it’s a good idea to get started if you want to get into that Now how much money do I make from YouTube itself? I can’t actually tell you I’m talking about ad revenue It’s a ranges between around about fifteen hundred to two thousand two hundred per month It really just depends on how much my post and stuff like that So I don’t know the I don’t know if that’s a lot, or I mean that’s pretty good I suppose for a channel of fifty thousand subscribers, but I’m not really 100% sure I don’t worry about that too much alright And then there’s also Affiliate commissions if you want to know how much I make from that there will be a video and the link below go and check That out after this video it shows you all of my affiliate earnings from my Personal branding stuff alright pretty cool stuff there now the one thing I want to kind of crush right now guys Is everyone thinks you need to have a good camera you need to be on camera you don’t okay? if you want to be on camera all you need is a cell phone if You don’t want to be on camera You don’t need to be on camera, so this is my channel here all of my first videos guys I wasn’t even on camera, and they have thousands of views my talking sucked.

I sucked at talking everything just sucked But because I was providing value people liked my content people still signed up to my email list I still built a community From the content. It’s not about you like you on the camera It’s about the value you provide so one of my first videos and actually guys stay tuned So I’m actually gonna tell you how I got all these views how to get lots of views and lots of subscribers alright So what I actually did was on my first video here.

I was on camera, but I used my cell phone We have our cell phone every single day YouTube is about documenting what we’re doing and it’s exactly what I did I Did a video on how I get traffic to my blog. I simply shared that online and blow up I’ve got quite a lot of views in the fields like a couple of months And I did that with just a cell phone guys Nothing else and even then you don’t even need to be on camera if you don’t want to That’s the thing I thought to myself I have to be on camera I have to do all this crazy stuff and these two these are my two first videos right I Thought I had to be on camera and I was like man.

This sucks. This is hard, and I nearly gave up I nearly gave up two took me so long to do these videos then you’ll see the rest of my videos guys I wasn’t on camera apart from these ones. I wasn’t on camera because I thought I don’t need to be on camera Why? Why why do I need to be on camera so if you’re one of those people that you? Haven’t done. This well. You’re not doing this because not being on camera. I’ve because being on camera is stopping You don’t let that stop you. Okay go out there right now after this video start a YouTube channel effect I challenge you to go and do that okay Go and start a YouTube channel, and or even a blog or something and start to build up a community now Here is someone here miles of Bickler He does every single one of his videos guys from a mobile cell phone every single one of his videos He’s built up a personal brand worth thirty eight thousand followers and quite a quick time quick amount of time And he just does all of his videos via mobile phone.

Here’s another one Joaquin a friend of mine Started as YouTube channel one month ago currently at four hundred and sixty thousand subscribers. That’s quite good for someone Just started in a month now that this thing about um You should as it works and levels so what happens is once you hit 1000 subscribers Your videos start to get shown more once you have 10,000 your videos start to get shown more on YouTube and then 20,000 the more subscribers you get the more your content gets right around The internet that that’s how it works with YouTube because the more people that engage with your content All right, so once Joaquim had some a thousand.

He’ll start to get followers quite a bit quicker Here’s another guy guys, and this brings me to how to actually get views to your YouTube channel all right I’ll tell you in a second so this guy’s called Ryan He makes around about ten thousand dollars per month from his YouTube channel And what he does is he goes out there and actually replicates other videos that are doing really well And he does his own version. Why would why you will never get rich and two weeks? They’ve got over 450,000 views and make sure gonna be doing my own version of this soon He found another video very similar that was getting a lot of views and into his own version And he’s getting crazy amount of views That’s how you got and get views guys you replicate other videos that are doing very very well And you do your own version of that okay? That’s how I go out there and build do videos as well if you see from a lot of my other videos so these ones Aren’t actually the first on the scene to do these, but make money online with Instagram I’ve did my own version of someone else’s video the Tai Lopez scam I did a another version of someone else’s videos, and that’s how I got tons of views alright, so you can see the potential Now this is where I get most of my traffic from suggested videos and YouTube search So suggested videos is basically what I Ryan’s done here He’s gone out and done a video very similar to another video.

You know people watching that video. They’re gonna suggest Ryan’s video Okay, that’s how suggested what our views work, and then YouTube search you go and rank for keywords I think for instance I rank for something like how to make money on Clickbank I’m pretty sure I’m first Yeah, so my video is first how to make money on Clickbank for free guys seventy seven thousand views and I wasn’t even on camera Okay, so that’s how you get the traffic That’s how you got there start your personal brand and all of that good stuff now I’m another thing you guys can do is actually start a Facebook group, which I’ve done thirty thirty six thousand members This wasn’t actually for my brand this was more for talking about many online methods However, my brand is quite strong here So that does help a lot and another thing you can do to boost your personal brand guys is actually run a blog This blog actually ran before I started a YouTube channel So I did this blog before that and um I get a lot of traffic to this blog and it’s all personal Branding which is really really cool stuff, so what can you actually do like like with your YouTube channel? What kind of income streams can you look at I was going to a slide for this? But let’s just go over right now first of all you can say your own products right that’s really cool stuff Let’s go back to YouTube real quick.

You can sell your own products Second you can do a flip marketing third you can build an email list to do your own To promote your own products you can do sponsored videos if you like I don’t really do any of that stuff I don’t know much about that sort of stuff, but I get emails guys I get emails every single day with people asking me to do sponsored promotions and in fact Let’s just have a look at this video this this video right here how to make money online or shove afire 300,000 views when I first posted that guys People were emailing me saying can I put my link in the description? I’ll pay you after 50 bucks per month 100 bucks per month $200 for a week people were actually emailing me every single day asking if they can put their link in the video I asked if I could do sponsored videos for them so once you actually start getting videos rent People will contact you and ask you to do reviews on their products Ask you to do a flip promotions on their products as you do sponsored stuff on your products on their products I don’t really do much of that you probably don’t really need to I would concentrate on building an email list and I would also concentrate on either You know promoting some affiliate products later on or your own course Now the reason people kind divided with branding because a lot of people think that you know Personal branding people just go out there to make money and stuff well if you provide value And let’s say you do a video on how to create a website and you put a link in there to You know get a commission well you have the right to do that you’ve created a free quality video This you could either go and put the link of the website in there Or you could put an affiliate link and get us Commission is absolutely nothing wrong with affiliate marketing This is a perfectly good way to go out there and make money online and for personal branding guys I recommend YouTube blogs Facebook groups Snapchat Instagram you don’t want to try and stick to one platform, and it’s going to be hard to manage all the platforms But right now.

I do YouTube blog and Instagram. I don’t do much snapchat anymore all you’ve got Facebook stories Things like that just in case if something happens to YouTube then you can go on your Instagram and say hey This is where I am now I’m on Facebook or something like that alright, so personal branding is really really big But I want to squash a few more beliefs guys Before We jump out of this video alright first of all you don’t need to be a super expert in your niche Okay, don’t let that hold you back You just have to know enough to do some videos and as you go along You actually start to get better at explaining things And you start to get better at doing videos and all that sort of good stuff All right trust me you’ll start to get better my first six months I was so bad at YouTube yet those videos got the most views And my worst time on YouTube my like worst video quality those got the best views okay So don’t worry about being an expert.

You don’t need to worry about any of that crazy stuff alright Don’t let that hold you back. You don’t need expensive camera gear and in fact You don’t need any camera gear at all this video right now I’m just using my camera up here just for like personal branding right you see my face you see what I did there This is just kind of for like personal branding, but you can just do a video with no Camera no face.

Nothing like that just slideshows. They work very very well And once again, you don’t need to be on camera which is what I’ve listed under there Okay & Seek and you don’t need any crazy camera to camera editing skills so in this video for particular I am going to do a little bit of editing just because I have to do some cuts because my phone went off had to answer a phone call before but usually a video like this guys I wouldn’t have to edit I can just go through talk about a bunch of stuff and then just throw the video on YouTube Alright now another thing. I want to talk about I should have put it here is content Do I need to? Upload all the time No way guys you do not need to upload all the time if you go through my channel my first videos I like did my first one then I waited a month I think and then did another one you don’t have to upload all the time That’s a bit of a myth some people like to do like a 30 day challenge a 90 day challenge And yes that works great for some channels I tried that I mind it didn’t work very well because people didn’t like seeing me every single day they they liked my my flow of weekly monthly That’s how people liked my channel right now if you start a channel and you want to do the 30 day challenge and stuff yeah absolutely Because that’s your flow what happens is you’re gonna get a flow through your channel in your branding, and if you change that People were going to Notice then some people might not like it and what I mean is let’s say you start a channel and you upload Every couple of months or every month and you all of a sudden you start uploading all the time it might just change things I’m not saying it will but what I’m trying to say is you don’t need to be Like really square with how you upload all the time.

You don’t need to upload the same time every day You don’t need to upload the same time every week. You don’t even need to upload every week Just upload whenever you feel like it whenever you’re documenting stuff Okay, that’s the key to youtube and stuff like that all right, so you don’t need to be an expert guys You don’t need special camera gear. You don’t need to be on camera. You don’t need to be good at editing you don’t even need an init at all and You don’t need to upload all the time You can literally guard their ass start a YouTube channel right now after watching my video, and it’s free Okay, you’ve already got the camera if you want to be on camera You’ve already got the laptop or what in it if you want to do slides like this. I don’t know if you do those on On phone maybe you can all right now one other thing I do want to cover guys It’s really important as the haters.

Okay. This is a very important topic Hate haters and sometimes what makes people stop YouTube or not want to start it guys I embrace the haters so much to bring them on there’s a reason why number one haters comment on your stuff and dislike and like and all that sort of stuff that counts as Engagement when haters meantime your stuff, that’s a good thing It’s engagement and boosts your videos up to the top go in there and comment and get those haters commenting again And just just like troll them so they keep commenting on your stuff, and it gives you a videos to the top this video right here Okay Where is it this video right here? how to make money online on Shopify got so much hate guys because people were like whatever this wouldn’t work This is all bullshit now look at it. It’s one of the biggest money-making methods online I was actually one of the first people to ever post about the Shopify dropshipping myth that I actually think I was on YouTube and I got so much hate and I was loving it because it got the video to the top I was actually getting commissions from Shopify and The haters didn’t realize that their stupidity and their trolling and whatever they were doing was actually helping the video That’s what got it ranked in YouTube And that’s what got a lots of views so if you get haters guys, and you will get haters Don’t worry about it guys.

Let them do their thing Haters come and go okay that is jealous Cuz then are where you are okay, just let just let them come and go don’t worry about haters with your personal branding You’re gonna get them. Just let them do their thing They’re gonna help your videos boost to the top of YouTube so that’s it guys That’s how you can go out to make money online in 2018 don’t worry about any of the camera stuff and Just to go out there and like you don’t even have to teach you can do gaming you can Do if you’re fishing you can do a fishing channel you can do any anything like you don’t have to be not an entrepreneur niche You can be in any particular niche you want in fact I was thinking of doing a fishing channel recently cuz I do alot of fishing so you just go out there and just use YouTube as a Personal brand if you’re in the gaming issues affiliate products in the gaming niche You can do a gaming course maybe I don’t know but you can go out there and start a YouTube channel and pretty much anything Now before you finish us off guys some of you guys know I am bringing out a course on a fully marketing and it will include some youtube stuff so get on the VIP list If you want to get internet because I will be doing a particular discount on that I will be discounted to the people on the list alright guys to get on there I’m going to leave some more videos up here for you to check out if you wanna check out my last Affiliate marketing video where I show you my philia earnings from YouTube and things like that and don’t forget to like the video subscribe For more content, and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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The FASTEST Way To Make Money Online With No Experience As A Beginner

What is up guys welcome back to the channel Joaquin Corrales guys in this video We’re gonna learn how to make money online and the best part about this is that not a lot of people are doing this ok So it’s not something. That’s super Saturated in which there are millions of other people doing it which are gonna make it harder for you guys not a lot of people are doing this to make money online and Another thing is is that the limit of money that you could potentially make from this is very high So let’s jump into my computer and let’s get right into the top three things that I want to talk about on How you can start right after this video on making money online that by the end of this week you could be making upwards of a thousand dollars per month minimum So let’s jump into my computer alright guys so without wasting any time Let’s get right into it so what we’re gonna be talking about as far as making money online is gonna be Shopify email consulting Okay And what I’m gonna be going over in this video is exactly what you guys are gonna need to do to get started Doing this to make money online by the end of this video and the best part is that the amount of money that you can make Does not have a limit okay it all depends on how many customers you could hire Or you could work with at once, but the best part about that is that you’re going to be paid From these customers based on the results that you get them Okay, so it’s gonna be super easy to get a whole bunch of customers because you’re not going to have to pay you for Example on a monthly basis to begin when you begin doing this and I’m gonna explain in a second what I’m talking about They’re gonna be paying you based on the results that you get them and getting them results is extremely easy okay So let’s explain what Shopify is in case any of you watching this do not know so Shopify is an ecommerce platform And what that means is just a platform that people go online? And it makes it extremely easy for anyone to start up their own online store Now all email consulting is is just a really cool way of saying that you’re going to send emails to people who buy Certain products or to but or that buy products at all right, so there are a bunch of people out there There are millions of people with Shopify stores out there ok and these people that have Shopify stores They are not doing email marketing at all ok they are not sending emails to their existing customers so for example if you were to talk to someone who has a Shopify store And you want to sell them on the idea that doing Shopify email marketing Is the way to go and that you’re gonna do the consulting for them? This is what you explain to them, so what most people are doing right now is that they’re going on Facebook, okay? They’re going on Facebook, and they have a specific product So let’s say that this is the product that they’re selling okay products selling and what they’re doing is that they’re sending Traffic from Facebook to this product, okay, they’re sending traffic from Facebook to the product and let’s say that they’re spending five dollars right here and They’re making ten dollars back.

Okay, so they’re running advertisement. It’s going good They’re spending five dollars, and they’re making ten dollars back, but then what happens is that they’re going to have to spend more money To come back on Facebook and retarget that same customer right so come back to that same customer and get them to buy something else Whereas if they would go from Facebook? Okay so right here? We have Facebook again here We have their product if they were to send traffic to Facebook to the product Let’s say that they spend five dollars here And then they get $10 back again if they were to start doing email marketing with that Customer right with that customer that just bought and continue to build trust with them and sending them newsletters and sending them information Based on what products match with the product that they just bought and so on Then they’re going to generate more money from the same customer right because logically you’re staying in touch with him, right Because you’re emailing him you’re staying in contact They’re trusting you and so on and so this is the strategy and this is what you have to tell people when they say When they ask you like for example why should I do email marketing in my Shopify store and now a lot of people know about? this But one they’re not doing it because they feel that they’re not there yet Or they’re just lazy or they do not know where to start and the cool thing is is that all of this is made possible By a specific software, so I’m gonna link in the description Exactly what you guys are going to do when you get your first customer so when you get your first customer What you’re going to have to do in in this specific soft? We’re called contact flow in order for you guys to set all of this up right which is through templates So it’s extremely easy to set up is in another YouTube video that I created so I’m gonna send you to that video after this I’m also gonna link it in the description And what we’re gonna be focusing on in this video is gonna be how do we get our customers? Okay? How do we get customers? That are going to allow us to Do email marketing and email? Consulting in their online business because that is really the hardest part right because once they agree to this and they give you access Then you’re just gonna go to the other YouTube video and and follow the instructions as to what you’re going to be able to do So the reason why it’s gonna be a lot easier for us to get Customers is because we’re not gonna.

Do what some people out there doing which is that they’re charging a monthly fee, okay? They’re charging a monthly fee to do email consulting for these people We’re gonna do it a bit differently so what we’re going to do is that we’re only going to make money When we deliver results and now when you guys are going to realize is that the results are going to come extremely fast Because it only makes sense that if you’re retargeting people and if that you’re sending emails to people Offering them different products in the same store then they’re going to come back and they’re going to spend more money, right? the easiest way to Get someone to buy something from you is by offering them something right after they bought okay? And then the other YouTube video that I’m going to send you guys to after this you’re going to learn exactly how to do that So the results are going to come extremely fast and what you’re gonna Do is that you’re gonna go up to people that have Shopify stores right and you’re gonna tell them hey? I don’t want I’m gonna.

I want to do Shopify email consulting for you, but here’s the deal I haven’t done it for anyone yet, so I’m going to do it for free and What I want is I want from 20 right you guys could decide maybe you start off at 20 And then you go up to 40 I want from 20 to 40% of the profits For every sale that I bring in through email marketing And guys if you look at this you’ll realize that there’s no way that they’re going to say no, okay There’s no way that They’re going to say no because this is an extra 60 percent of Money that you’re bringing them that you bring into the table, okay? If you weren’t doing this then they would have not had the 60% of money so it only makes sense for them that they pay you based on the profits as opposed to a Monthly income or a monthly off fee that they may not initially feel comfortable with and now the real key here Is that once you do get results for people okay? Once you get results for people and you have these testimonials with people that are That are receiving a lot of value from what you’re doing then you could start charging a monthly fee plus Okay, a monthly fee plus a a Percentage of profits, okay, you could start charging both those And that’s when you really start making a lot of money like for example once you have a lot of results Let’s say that you want to be making.

I don’t know ten thousand dollars per month all you need is ten customers Paying you $1,000 a month right and it’s not only $1,000 a month there you have 10k a month right. That’s a 10k a month in revenue right there for you and The amount of time that you’re spending in this is not a lot because as you guys are gonna see in the other video that I’m gonna put in the description all of this is done through a software called contact flow Okay which I own and and in that software you’re gonna have one of the best Shopify apps to date forge for the system and Everything is automated so you’re gonna set this all up one time and you’re just going to come and take a look at it every once in a while So it’s super easy to get the 10k a month because all you need is 10 people paying you 1k But since you’re starting right you’re going to come here, and you’re going to tell them hey it’s going to be free I just want from 20 to 40 percent of your profits, and I’m gonna handle the rest okay And now where do you find the customers to be able to do this so the first place that you’re gonna find customers is in Shopify groups, okay, so you’re gonna go on Facebook And you’re gonna join every single group that has the word Shopify in it you’re gonna join every single one and what you’re going to do after they accept your invite or if they’re open then you’ll be inside already is that you’re Gonna start adding value to the group, okay You’re gonna start adding value to the group by helping people out in there answering questions and kind of giving the the vibe that That you’re interested in email marketing and Shopify and then what you’re gonna Do is there gonna reach out to the person who owns the group and you’re gonna ask them if you could offer? To do email consulting for free for people okay, and more than likely they’re going to say yes Because these group owners Just want people adding value in their in their group right so they’re gonna be like yeah of course so you’re gonna be able to post they’re Asking a whole bunch of different people there are groups with thousands of people whether you can do email consulting for them, okay And a lot of them are going to start DMing you they’re gonna start messaging you Because obviously it’s free like it’s money that they would otherwise not have and the best part is is that you could start for? absolutely zero because joining these groups is free and you have a 14-day free trial to the Software okay that you guys are gonna learn about in the other video On for everything that you need to do now the second place that you could find Customers is through referrals, okay? And this is this is this is a Really powerful one because what you’re going to do is that after you have your first couple of clients or your first client from the? Shopify groups that you were scavenging you’re gonna ask them for a referral because most of the time They have friends That also have Shopify stores that would like to do email marketing and you guys are gonna be so surprised at how many How little people are doing this type of email consulting for Shopify stores? And how much money you could ultimately make by doing it now the third place that you could find customers for your Shopify email Consulting is by actually messaging these people okay by messaging people that you know are into Shopify So in the Shopify group not only are you gonna be posting, but you could go around messaging people With a message that is obviously it doesn’t sound spammy maybe you’re like hey.

How’s it going man? I’m just I’m just new to the whole Shopify marketing thing. I just really want to add value I’ve gone through a whole bunch of different trainings on Email marketing and I want to be able to provide the service for free. I know what I need to do I have the software and I’m ready to go and once you tell people that you have the software and that you’ve had training what you’re doing for them is free so they’re up to ten times more likely to allow you to come into their store and Start doing work with that and and guys remember. You don’t need to be an expert in this you just need to know enough and And come from a position where you know where you’re talking about and you’ve had the training to guide you through it I’m gonna link in the description to the other video where I’m gonna go on how you’re going to be doing these email marketing Tactics in the software once you do get a customer and in the description of that video.

I also have a Training a free training for you guys Walking you step-by-step through the software that you’re gonna use to be able to do this so guys This is how you start making money online? If you’re not currently doing anything right now or maybe you are and you want an extra source of income And how you start making money online is by going to people that own Shopify stores, okay? Just an e-commerce platform, they own online stores And you offer them to do email consulting and remember when you’re just starting you’re gonna do email consulting for free okay So you’re gonna tell them hey, I’m going to do this for free all I want is from 20 to 40 percent of profits Okay, and guys they’re going to say yes, because this is money that they would otherwise not have okay, so make sure you guys go on to the next video so you can learn what you’re going to do after you have your First client, which you’re gonna find in Shopify groups You’re gonna find them do two referrals and you’re gonna find them by messaging people who are using Shopify who are doing things in Shopify? asking them if they know anyone and don’t more than likely refer you to someone who you’ll be able to help because remember you’re coming you’re not coming from a position of wanting to make a lot of money or you’re not coming from a position of wanting to charge a monthly fee right where you need to be coming from initially is a Position a position of you wanting to bring Value to these people okay? And that is why you’re doing it for free and you’re only charging from 20 to 40 percent Now after you have gotten results for other people then you could up your charge You could start charging more money and at that point getting clients to pay you $1,000 a month is a complete joke like that is Super easy to do at that point you only need 10 clients to make 10k a month and at that point you’re making a hundred And twenty thousand dollars a year, and you brand new business, okay? So guys hit a comment below on on If this helped you and what are their different types of videos you guys want to see from here I’m gonna focus within the next couple of videos to drill down on different ways that you guys could make money online Such as this and also different ones that I have not mentioned before and that I’ve seen that not a lot of people are Mentioning so guys make sure you hit the subscribe button make sure you hit a thumbs up alike And I’ll see you on the next one

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EASIEST Way To Make Money Online In 2018 As A BEGINNER with NO EXPERIENCE

What is going on guys welcome back to another video this Joaquin Corrales and in this video we’re gonna go over the Easiest way to make money online in 2018 and that is doing email marketing now remember guys email marketing is the backbone of? So many huge businesses out there for example Tai Lopez Grant Cardone all these people that are making millions and millions of dollars per month are doing it by using Email marketing in a very strategic way and in this video I’m gonna show you guys exactly how you could start doing that now on the screen I’m gonna put the winners of last week’s giveaway remember every week. We’re doing a giveaway We’re releasing a thousand dollars worth of entrepreneurship courses and free software and all you have to do to qualify Is you have to subscribe you have to like this video? And you have to leave a comment down below If you’re the winner then make sure to just hit me up on Instagram my Instagram is in the bio And and I’ll get my team together with you to give you that access So let’s go ahead and get started so the bottom line is that what email marketing is is Having a whole bunch of people on your email list right and once you have all these people in your email list you’re able to interact with them you’re able to become a Personality to them and someone that is able to give them value in a specific niche or some type of information and then what you do is that you start selling these people’s stuff right so for example every single week you could pitch your list a Brand new product and the best thing is that the products don’t even have to be yours So maybe you’re listening to this and you’re like why would I start doing email marketing? If I don’t even have any products to sell and that’s totally fine because you guys could start making money by selling other people’s products like for example Let’s say you have an email list of 500 people right and this email list likes to make money online so you make money online Right learn to make money online niche These are people that want to live a better life that want to learn Different ways to make money and so what you’re going to do is that you could go out there Following the strategies that we’re gonna go over in this video to find Affiliates right different people that are selling Products that appeal to this market and all you’re going to do is that you’re going to pitch that item in a very Strategic way to your list and for example Let’s say that you send your list of 500 people to a 997 dollar webinar Or you send them to a webinar where someone is selling a 997 dollar product right someone that knows how to sell so you guys Don’t even have to sell to these people and let’s say of these 500 people 1% of them buy this nine ninety seven dollar offer right which is a very small percentage well right there You have five thousand dollars that you just that was made in sales right and you don’t get one hundred percent of that what you get is fifty percent so just by creating an email list of only five hundred people and Finding someone that has a 997 webinar and sending up that webinar to all these people you just made k By simply doing that and the best part about this is that it doesn’t stop there right because these 500 people don’t leave your email List as long as you know what you’re doing and you know how to interact with these 500 People you could sell them stuff over and over and over again and not stop I mean I have people on my list they’ve been buying stuff on me for a very long time now And they literally don’t leave as long as you know how to handle your list what to sell them And what software’s to use in order to do that then you’re good to go so the first thing that we’re gonna talk about is building that list okay How do you build an email list and how do you start building a list? For absolutely no money because maybe if you’re starting off you don’t want to spend any money on paid Advertisement right like for example if I was building a list right now Then I would start using paid advertisement right away because I’m literally able to flip a switch.

Okay. This is a switch right here I’m able to flip it I’m able to flick this switch right here And have as many people as I want going to my landing page right and that’s the first thing so the first thing is building The list and how we start building the list is that we first Identify a niche right so what niche do we want to get into do we want to get into the fitness niche do we want To get into the weight-loss niche do we want to get into the make money online niche and once you figure out what is the niche that you want to get into then you have to start coming up with what is called the bait right and What this bait? Is is what people that are interested in that niche are going to see and want to have okay? so that’s the first thing that you need to do so for example if you’re in the fitness niche then maybe your bait is the top five foods To make you leaner, right? and this is information that you could literally find online you could find this information online and Regurgitate it in your own way and give this out away in like a PDF, right? so you don’t have to spend hours coming up with this or anything like that and so what you’re going to do is that you’re Is going to come up with that bait? and then the next thing is that we have to build a landing page right and this is all part of building our list and What we do after is what makes us the actual money, but let’s go in and let’s do that, right So let’s say that we go into the fitness niche and our bait is gonna be the top 5 foods that are gonna Help you get leaner so the next thing is that we have to build a landing page so I’m gonna come here to my software called contact flow and what I’m gonna be able to do in contact flow which is an Email marketing software is I’m gonna go to the landing page section right here and just create a very simple Landing page with an opt-in.

Okay, so you could do a whole bunch of different things here you can Modify this section you could say I only want this to take up 30%. I’m gonna add another section It’s gonna have some writing blah blah blah. You could do a whole bunch of different things on here You could grab this drag and drop it I mean we have a whole bunch of people here that use this for their own website So you come here you do that whatever? But let’s say that we want a title up here and that title is gonna be the top five foods to get leaner Okay, and I’m gonna get rid of this. I would maybe I would write something there. I’m not gonna write anything right now Let me go ahead and Center this and then I’m gonna come down here And what I’m gonna do instead of having this on there Is that maybe I’ll bring in some sort of video write a video that kind of explains what? It is that I’m gonna be giving them and then at the bottom of this I’m gonna have what’s considered an opt-in okay, and what this opt-in is is gonna be a form That’s gonna capture people’s information, okay? So I’m gonna capture their first name their last name and their email and the cool thing about this is that when someone goes ahead And puts their information on here.

They’re gonna automatically get added to your contacts’ lo account so for example I’m gonna click on this opt-in I’m gonna click Edit here, and I’m gonna tag every single contact that comes in here with the word fitness Okay, so every single person that comes in through here puts in their first name their last name and their email They’re gonna get tagged with fitness okay, and so what I’m gonna. Do is. I’m gonna have this landing page right here I’m gonna click Save and publish I’m gonna call it fitness and then I’m gonna click Save and Just like that the system made a mobile friend it gives you this link right here You go to this link and it gives you a mobile-friendly website That you literally just created in 3 seconds with an opt-in a video and your title up here You can do a whole bunch of different stuff We literally just threw together through this together in a second and you also have a whole bunch of different templates to choose from so if you comes a new landing page you could click on choose template and You can literally just start off with one of these so you don’t have to do anything at all right? So we could have just started with this one.

I think this one would have been a better one But let’s go ahead and just click Save and publish so top-five Fitness and Then it’s gonna give you a link And you’re gonna save that link because we’re gonna use that link to start building out our list and so the next step is What what do we do to get people to actually come to this URL right here? And there are a couple of different strategies that we could follow to do that and in this video We’re only gonna focus on using free traffic Okay So we’re not gonna spend any money on advertisement whatsoever so there are a couple ways that we’re going to do this the first way Is using YouTube right and so what you could do is that you could go around YouTube with this link and what I suggest that? You guys do is that you go on google chrome, and you go on Google and you type in? You’re going to type in Google URL shortener, okay, and what you’re gonna.

Do is that you’re gonna go to this website right here, it’s Goog l and you’re gonna paste in here the URL from contact flow right you’re gonna paste this landing page URL in here And it’s gonna go ahead and it’s gonna give you a short. URL. I’m not gonna do that it’s gonna. Give you a short URL From Google and so that’s what you’re gonna want to paste in the different YouTube videos because what you’re gonna Do is that you’re gonna go around YouTube and finding videos that are related to that niche And you’re gonna post a comment on the video and don’t only comment the link right because that’s never gonna work like say something relating to the video and then give them that link and Then what you’re gonna Do is that your comment is not gonna get marked that spam? Very often because that link that you’re posting is a Google link right, and if you guys remember Google owns YouTube So because you use the Google URL shortener right here, you’re gonna send people to a Google link and so YouTube is not gonna pick up your comments as spam And that’s a pretty good idea of your beginner to start generating your list and so what’s gonna happen is that people are gonna see your comment They’re gonna go to the landing page that you created and they’re gonna give you their actual information Now the next thing too the next way to get a free leads right because that’s what we’re doing we’re building out our email list through feet free leads By joining different Facebook groups right so you could go on Facebook and in the top browser You could look for different groups that are related to your actual niche that are related To what it is that you’re offering right what you’re bait is and remember if you picked out the correct bait Then when you post this people are gonna listen to it And they’re gonna go to it Another strategy and something else that you could do is That you could write a blog post right and so you could write a blog post and you could go around YouTube you can go around Facebook and actually link them to that blog right so you give them value in the blog and then at the bottom of the blog You ask them if they want whatever bait It was that you created now the third way to get free leads and to start building out your email list is by using different Forums right so you’re gonna go online you’re gonna find different forums that are again associated to whatever niche It is that you picked and in that forum you’re gonna put that link as your signature right so you’re gonna put the link as your signature and you’re gonna start contributing in the forum and Giving people as much information as you possibly can and every once in a while Depending on the forum rules you could post a an actual thread Showing people your blog posts or showing people your landing page with the five giveaways another way that you could do This is by using Instagram so if you guys notice like for example I know someone who’s literally always doing this if we go on Instagram and We type in Millionaire mentor, okay, I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of this guy There’s literally always a link an opt-in link in this guy’s bio So this is the guy that I went straight to but there’s so many other people that also do this So for example if you go in here Every single one of these is an email marketing like a lead generation link right so look learn how to start any business From home watch this is gonna.

Take us to a URL. It’s gonna. Ask us for our email somewhere Okay, so it looks like he’s using the actual blogging format So you see he has affiliate links all over this and then somewhere in here Made it digital to sign up, okay, so somewhere in there See he’s asking us for a first name and our email So he’s actually doing the strategy that I just explained which is that he’s not gonna send you directly to the landing page He’s gonna send you to the equivalent of like a blog post which then is going to take you to the page That’s asking for your email. Let’s go ahead and click on another one Follow my personal start your cryptocurrency journey here Let’s see where that takes us, but every single thing that all these people are doing online is based around the idea of Building an email list and using email marketing to generate money right and so let’s see where we can find the opt-in here be sure To check out my six steps document to start your digital business, okay? So this just takes us back to how to make money online which then takes us to that opt-in But then that’s just a quick idea and so what you guys need to do is that you need to put it in the link In your actual Instagram page, okay? And you’re gonna start getting opt-ins From people who are interested in that because what you also have to do is that you have to go around to different pages that? Are based around your niche and you have to start liking the post and you have to start? Replying to people in the comments and liking their actual post and once you start doing that what these people are going to do once You engage with them is that they’re gonna come to your profile, and they’re gonna see that you have a link in your bio They’re gonna click on it And then they’re going to convert and so this is some of the some of the free ways that you could start literally right now To start building your list right obviously if you want to use paid advertisement I could create another video on that It’s it’s much faster using paid advertisement because you’re literally able to flip a switch Right and get as much traffic to a landing page As possible like as fast as you want literally But it’s a bit more of an advanced method so if you guys are starting the best way to do This is to use YouTube to use Facebook groups use forums and to use your Instagram account and start engaging with different people and so what happens now that you have your actual list so now you’re starting to build an email list and You’re not looking for products to sell them yet first you want to build out the list you want to start getting everything automated Right and so the second thing that we’re gonna Do here is that we’re gonna focus on automation right because we don’t want like for example when someone signs up to our email list we don’t want to manually have to go and send them an email like a thank you email and Continue to follow up with them and make sure that they know who we are so what we do is that we come back to Contact flow and what we’re gonna Do there is that we’re gonna go to the flow section, and we’re just gonna click on new flow right here And what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna be bringing a tag trigger And what a trigger is is just a way to start this? Automation right the sequence of events and so what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna open this tag trigger And I’m gonna type in here the word Fitness because if you guys remember what I did in the opt-in was that I said Okay, every single person who comes in through this landing page is gonna get tagged with the word fitness And so I’m gonna add all contacts that are tagged in the future and I’m gonna remove them from any other Automations because I don’t want any conflicting messages So I’m gonna leave the word Fitness up here And so now every single person that comes in through that landing page is gonna come directly here And so what I’m gonna.

Do is I’m gonna drag in a send email, and I’m gonna connect them I’m gonna open this up, and it’s gonna be from demo your name your email The subject will be something like welcome and then I’ll go ahead and I’ll create a new email right I could go ahead and get rid of this header up here I Could bring I could drag and drop an image to the top section. I could change out the image I can add a headline right you could do whatever you want And you could build out your email here real easy on how it is that you want to? Structure what you’re sending to these people for example I could come right here and I could use this shortcode and What the shortcode is going to do is that it’s going to replace this with the person’s first name and so now you’re being You’re sending customized messages to every single person so for example if I give my information in that landing page Then this email is gonna say Joaquin content right if your name is John then it’s gonna say John it’s gonna replete this with what you The customers or your leads actual first name is then I’m just gonna click on save template and so you’re basically ready to go as far as sending your welcome email right so someone’s gonna come in into your opt-in and Actually what you would do in this first email right here is that you would send them the bait right whatever it is that you? Promised that you were gonna give them you would send in this first email But then what I would do for example Is always I would click right here and bring in a check email status right and I’m gonna check that this person even opened that email and if they did open it then I’m gonna send them a Follow-up right well the first thing that I want to do actually is that I want to wait a little bit So I’m gonna go ahead.

I’m gonna add a delay here, and I’m gonna wait let’s say one day right, so I’m gonna put here one day and after the system waits one day I’m gonna check that this person opened the email if they opened it then I’m gonna send them another email with some Other information that I find online remember you guys don’t have to come up with what you’re gonna send them in the email you could Basically send them information that you found online and you regurgitate it you threw it on a landing page And then you just sent them that write check email status So they did not open the email then maybe I’m gonna send them this first email again and be like hey I noticed that you didn’t get my my five foods on how to on how to stay lean so here It is again right and then what I would do is I would add another delay right and this time I would wait somewhere around Two days and after sending after waiting these two days I would send them another email With a blog post right and what you want to do is you want to get in the habit of creating these? automations which are super easy here, I basically created this in like two minutes and And start engaging with these people and start building trust with them because the most the more trust you build with these people the more they’re going to buy from you and the best part is is that I didn’t even have to build this because I could have just came up here to choose a template and I could have chose from these four templates right here a new customer sequence or A welcome sequence and had a whole bunch of pre-written stuff right so I didn’t even have to write any of this to start Welcoming the people that are coming in and so that’s how contact flow and I’m gonna put a link a link down in the description To this program, so you guys can pick up a 14-day free trial to get started But that’s how easy it is in this program to create a landing page To be able to start engaging with your people through email marketing and that’s what step number two is right Automation and so now the third thing that we want to do is Make money right so after we set up our automations and after let’s say 14 days We’re gonna start making money from this list because by now Using these free methods that I mentioned above we could probably get from 20 to even 40 leads per day right and so after a month we could build somewhere around a seven hundred percent list right a 400 to 700 person email list for absolutely nothing And that’s when we need to now figure out ways to make money online right or not to make money online but to Be able to pitch different things to this list that we then start making money from and so the different things that you’re gonna you Guys are gonna do for that is defined affiliate offers Right if you don’t have a product and you’re gonna do affiliate if you do have a product then you’re gonna send them your product You’re gonna send different affiliate offers You could also charge for for example a paid Facebook group, so let’s say that you’re really fit, or you’re in the fitness niche You’re gonna make money online group.

You can start charging these people forty seven dollars for access to a Facebook group in which they have access to you or something similar But I think the best way And how you guys would make the most money to begin is by selling Affiliate offers so for example what I want to do is that I want to find a webinar that has a product from anywhere from 497 to I don’t know maybe K right and as a because you guys are providing the customers Right you guys are gonna get a 50% Cut and so how do we find these webinars that are making this much money so first of all you could go to Facebook and you could look around the different ads there are a lot of people running webinars I’m running a bunch of myself, but for example you could come here to Google Chrome, and you could go to a website called webinarjam Dotnet I think let’s check that out So you’re gonna go to webinar Jam comm actually and you’re gonna click right here.

Where it says on-demand webinars Okay, you’re gonna click on on-demand webinars, and that’s gonna bring you to a whole list of webinars that are happening right now right you have 613 upcoming webinars and 482 Webinar replays so what you’re gonna. Do is that you’re gonna come down this list and 99 percent of these webinars are gonna be selling people stuff, and so what you guys are gonna Do is that you’re gonna find webinars on here that? Are related to the people that you have on your email list so for example of you if you build if you’re starting to build Out an email list of people that are interested in cryptocurrency, then you would look at this webinar If you’re interested in if you have a list of people interested in real estate, then you would come here And this is what you’re going to do you’re not gonna watch the webinar There’s no time for that for example how to quit your job and take total control right so obviously this has Something to do with make money online So what I would do is I would come here to this register page and I would try and figure out a way to contact these people so let’s see how I could do that let’s so Shane and joseline Samms, so let’s go on google and type in Jocelyn Samms I Want to see if I could find these people somewhere online, okay? So I don’t think it’s those people and maybe made what you have to do is sign up for the webinar Maybe you sign up for the webinar, and you go ahead and you get to the end of it And then you figure out what website they’re sending you to because all of these webinars You’re really selling people stuff right and so what you want to do is that you want to get into a webinar? And you want to see if you could find those people somewhere on the Internet Let’s see if I could do one here live for you guys, so you could see what it is that I’m talking about So how they build a six-figure freelance career right this might be something that? That you guys want to send to your list and so you see how right here? There’s a contact us button so I would hit this contact us button and as easy as that here I have a contact form and I’m able to tell this woman.

Hey woman My name is whatever. Here’s my email I have an email list of 500 people who trust me who know who I am and I want to send them to your webinar And I want to know if you’re selling something in the webinar So I could come in as an affiliate and send my traffic to you And this person is obviously going to say yes, right this lady is gonna say Yeah, just send your list to this URL and I’m gonna go and I’m gonna give you a 50% cut of all the sales that come in and 50% is the standard for that so make sure you guys do not get any less than that so for example if this lady has a k product that she’s selling right and this lady is good at selling stuff Then let’s say that she converts at a minimum at one percent if you have an email list of 400 people What’s 1 percent of? 404 people right so if you have 4 people out of this list of 400 which is only 1% It’s only it’s literally 1 percent which are terrible conversion rates if 4 people buy a k product Then you guys just made 10 K.

And you get a $5,000 cut you see that so you could very easily start making $5,000 per month by simply building out a list and figuring out some sort of Affiliate who’s able to take your list and knows how to sell obviously these people know how to sell they know what they’re doing in The webinar and their conversion rates are much higher Which means that you guys are going to make more money doing that? another way to find affiliate products is by doing this so if we go back to Google Chrome and we go to a weapon a website called clickbank.com This website is actually gonna Have a whole bunch of different products that people are selling online If you’ll be able to see exactly how much money you’re gonna get for every single person that buys so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hit affiliate marketplace right here at the top and then you have all these different types of Categories down here on the left side so for example is his health and fitness and so what you guys are gonna do here So you’re gonna take a look at all these different offers, which have a landing page that are ready to go, right So what you guys are gonna do when you start doing? This is that you’re gonna find one that makes sense with what your audience is and then you’re gonna hit the promote button and once You hit the promote button? this website is gonna give you your own link and that is the link that you’re going to send to your audience right so you’re Gonna create an email you’re gonna write a couple of things in there And then you’re gonna send them to that link and when they click on that link and they buy something on this website You’re automatically gonna get commission now This is the amount of money on average That you’re gonna be making per sale so for example one hundred and twenty three dollars per sale on this one but obviously you have to make sure that it’s something that has to do with your niche for example if Your list is based around the diabetes niche, then this one might be a good one right And you could literally click on it and take a look at how the how the landing page looks see so you’re gonna be sending Your audience to this page right here They’re gonna scroll down blah blah blah and the average amount of money that you make from that one is Thirty six dollars right now.

Let’s go ahead. Let’s click on another one so lean belly breakthrough Let’s click on that one and take a look at the landing page so obviously this is some sort of book But the entire landing page and the entire sales funnel is already built for you so all you have to do is that you have to come back here to Clickbank you have to click on that promote button and then it’s gonna give you a personalized link that you’re gonna be able to use to send to your audience and That’s just some of the ways in which doing email marketing can be so Profitable for a beginner right and the cool thing about this is that you don’t need Any money to start at all I showed you guys how to get traffic for free? how to start your automation is you guys have a 14-day free trial and then the lowest plan is like super cheap right compared to Everything that you could do that it has your landing pages it has everything else and then the third step is that you finally start making money And how you do that is that you start sending them to your own products if you have one right you start You create a paid Facebook group Or you use different affiliate offers to get people on there to tell you either webbing Or different products or things like that right and the cool thing about this and it’s something that a lot of people do not think About is the fact that after you made these $5,000 you still have the email list of 400 people right so all you have to do is that you have to keep going back to step 2 Creating more automation so that these people trust you more and more and become your friend more and more and then you just keep selling Them stuff right you just keep sending them to different offers different affiliate offers of different types Maybe someone didn’t want to start a freelancing career, but they wanted to learn how to start their own online store So you send them that offer and you make more money doing that so guys remember We’re doing a 180 day challenge.

We’re releasing videos daily We’re doing giveaways every single week of software and $1,000 worth of entrepreneurship courses And all you guys have to do to qualify is hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell so you guys are the first ones to comment once I release a New video and all you have to do is like and comment in this video to qualify And I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next one.

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