How To Make Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Make Money Online: Ten years ago seventeen percent of the world’s population was using the internet on a regular basis and only ten years this number has jumped too close to fifty percent the fact of the matter is for anyone that hopes to eventually own their own business work for themselves or even become financially independent the internet is the key there’s a lot of money to be made in the first part of this video we’re going to take a look at four very different methods that people are using as we speak to make money online if you want to skip ahead to a method that interests you the most you can check out the description box to skip forward after that we’re going to talk about exactly how you can learn to do these methods and start making money yourself so let’s jump right into it alright so the first method that we’re going to take a look at is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is essentially when you refer someone over to a product it could be a digital or a physical product and you get a percentage of the commission so let’s say for example i am interested in buying some self development books so I’m your average consumer and I type in top self-development books of 2016 and these are the search results click on the first link like most people do and it redirected to a page that’s essentially a review page about what this guy thought the best books of 2016 art and i’m scrolling down and all this book stands out so i click over here and as you can see this is actually amazon link it redirects you to Amazon what this guy is doing on his website is he’s actually using what’s called an amazon affiliate let’s say as a consumer I do decide to buy this book i added to my cart what will happen is Amazon will pay this blogger a percentage of this $17 and for amazon it ranges anywhere from six to fifteen percent let’s say ten percent he makes about a dollar seventy cents and you might say well that’s not that much money the great thing about amazon is if you decide to buy another book let’s say this one this one stands out and I decided by this one amazon will also give you a percentage of this book for the next 24 hours anything you buy on Amazon will give this person a percentage of everything you buy another way to find affiliates is by just typing in any company and the word affiliate we’re going to use move for example move a website that sells business cards and i typed in affiliate brought me to this page and over here you can see a commission structure as you can see for every customer I bring over to move that decides to buy I get eight dollars and every time they return I get another 250 and the great thing about failure marketing lies in the fact that you don’t need to invest anything to start making money all you have to have is some form of traffic which is why the majority of youtubers the majority of bloggers all use affiliate marketing alright so the next method that we’re going to take a look at is Instagram Instagram is actually considered to be the most profitable social media platform because well everything is very visual think of it as window shopping so let’s take a look at how this page millionaire dream with 250,000 followers is making money the first thing you notice right here is that he has a link in his biography if we click on that link let’s see where brings us Wow brings us to a webinar page and on this webinar page you can see that this is primarily probably his main form of income he has people sign up for the webinar only 500 spots and he probably sells a product a digital product over here let’s look at another page motivation mafia these guys have a lot more followers million okay perfect so you can see right here this is what’s called a shout-out basically he made a post and in this post in the caption he shouted out another page this agent Stephen guy what this is is a way to promote another person’s page and these ppl other pages are going to pay large sums of money to have someone give a shout out to them i believe the rate is if you have a hundred thousand followers it’s fifty dollars for shoutouts so if someone has million followers anywhere from three to six hundred dollars for one shout out and that’s a consistent source of income because you can post six hours ago four hours ago two articles every two hours he makes a new post and a couple hundreds of dollars and that’s all he has to do mostly guys are probably thinking well how do i get to this many followers well we’re going to cover that towards the end of the video another method of making money is through sponsorships so we’re on another page gym means official and let’s take a look like this is probably a sponsorship okay awesome so this guy not only did he shout out this page do even but this page do even has a website some sort of online store so this is what’s called a sponsorship because this company do you even com is paying gym means official a large sum of money to have them shout out their page and bring in large amounts of traffic alright so the next method that we’re going to talk about is kindle kindle is actually met the Dai personally use and it brings me a decent sum of money every single month kindle is a part of amazon which is the third largest search engine in the world let’s take a look let’s assume that we’re a random consumer and we’re interested in social skills this brings us to a page filled with books out of all these books here maybe this one and this one and possibly this one are actually you know big-time publishers every other book is published by someone like you and me let’s look at this one so this one by mr.

Tom benfield price point is 299 study makes two dollars off of every copy sells the cover as you can see subpar and there’s not that many reviews there’s actually a very easy way of being reviews but we’re not going to talk about that in this video today in order to find out how much money these guys making off of this one book we scroll down here and we take a look at the amazon best sellers rink he’s like that around a hundred thousand in the kindle store which means he’s making about one sale a day so he’s making about two dollars a day you might say well that’s not that much money well the whole point of kindle the whole strategy behind building a candle business is to have multiple books 1020 some some people even have fifty a hundred books if you have a hundred books bringing into dollars a day that’s two hundred dollars a day that’s that’s like a 60,000 years salary that’s a decent sum of money let’s take a look at a book that’s right a little bit higher if you follow methods that you can find online about how to rank your book higher you can get to a spot like this this first by right here he’s selling at five dollars so he’s making about four dollars every sales let’s take a look at how many copies he sells parte de is amazon best sellers rank is 19,000 at a hundred thousand you’re selling one copy a day fifty thousand you’re selling about two copies a day at 25 you something about 45 at 20,000 you’re probably something about five six copies a day twenty dollars a day from just one book if he scales up and he has ten books like this he’s making four dollars a day and this works for any category is not just social skills you can type in anything like how to take a look at this one how to write a book how to write a book price point is that 299 he’s probably selling about four to five copies a day so this book is making him about ten dollars a day and there’s a bunch of different categories like this and that’s basically how you make money off the kindle alright so the final method that we’re going to take a look at today is fiber fiber is actually a growing platform they’ve been growing dramatically over the past couple of years and the premise behind it is essentially you get to pay people five dollars to do just about anything they might say well five dollars is nothing it’s not that much money well for any of these guys were just a random category by the way any of these top sellers not only do they have multiple orders in queue which means no discovery has 20 orders lined up but they also have were called up sales basically they provide a better service usually more revisions and three revisions sometimes a fast delivery and they charge a lot more so what you’ll find is that a lot of these orders yes you know maybe half of them will be five dollars but the other half might be 20 some of them will even be 30 some of the more reason to be 40 and they can make a decent sum of money and the great thing about fiber is that they have categories which can be automated extremely easily anything in the graphic and design category for the most part you can outsource its people in other countries the Philippines India Pakistan and if you can get yourself onto these top spots right here you don’t need that many reviews you can have a decent sum of money coming in a lot of these you know designs are not made from scratch there’s a lot of programs out there a lot of websites out there that will allow you to develop some of these for absolutely free it’s just that people don’t know how to do that so they come to fiber and they are willing to pay some money to someone who does and that’s fiber so what are the exact methods i need to follow in order to start making money off of any of these methods how do i set it all up funny enough everything you need to know about making money online regardless of the method can be found online the best way to learn any of these methods is by reading a forum post or purchasing a course made by someone who is already making money from these methods for affiliate marketing there’s literally thousands of free posts and videos about setting up an affiliate website so if you’re interested in doing that Google is your best friend for kindle there’s actually a very good course out there my guy named Stephanie knows that i personally use and can vouch for those of you who don’t have much money what I would actually recommend is for you to buy the course go through all the lessons and then just ask for a refund I believe you have 30 days to refund the course once you’re making money you can always pay him back by buying the course again for Instagram I actually know a guy who grew up a stool over 1 million followers all by himself so if you’re interested in making money on instagram you can expect the video about how to grow your own page by the end of the month for fiber there’s a bunch of cheap courses out there as well not any that i’ve personally tried but again look for one that is refundable by it go through it and just ask for refund i hope you guys doing some value in this video the purpose of the video will give you a general overview an idea of the many many different ways you can make money online if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer as many of them as possible stay tuned

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How to Make $200 A Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be showing you how you can earn over $200 a day online with this simple method I’m gonna show you guys guys the great thing about what I’m gonna show you is this works even if you’re completely broke you don’t need a single dollar to start doing this and the great part is guys as soon as you finish this video you can take what I’m about to tell you and you can start doing it yourself to start entering some money online so that sounds good make sure you stick around to the end of the video because guys in just a minute we’re gonna dive into my computer so I can show you guys exactly how to do this but before that guys I gotta say right now if you’re new to the channel and this is your first time watching me then definitely subscribe right now join the fam for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to do this alright what is going on guys we’re in my computer as you can see we’re on because this actual website we’re gonna be using to earn over $200 a day online hi guys I’m gonna dive straight into it I’m not gonna waste your time your time is valuable my time is valuable so I’m gonna get straight in and tell you guys exactly what we’re doing or actually we doing guys when we drop shipping products from suppliers on eBay directly to customers guys I’m gonna show you some examples the people that are doing this right now to earn some money online and you’re pretty much gonna be doing the exact same thing that they are so guys I’m gonna type in a hand drill that seems like a good a good random item to choose so first one right here guys it’s smelling for a simple mini micro aluminum hand drill with keyless chuck whatever okay so a forty-nine free shipping and this person’s already sold one hundred and thirty two of these let’s go ahead and click this I guess we’re actually gonna do is gonna come down to the pictures down here we can click this picture right here like search Google for image because what we’re actually doing guys is I can almost guarantee this person is drop shipping this product from another supplier what I did was guys I write clicks and I clicked search Google for image we’re actually in a reverse image search for this image we can actually find it find it find their supplier let’s click this link right here and right here guys Allen’s website same aluminum drill it’s pretty much the exact same picture guys exact same pictures are using on eBay right here are the exact same pictures on his website and right here it’s only selling for 468 with free shipping standard shipping time 7 or 20 business day is not a problem you guys see it’s only selling for 468 here we guys on eBay this person selling it right here for 849 weekend with free shipping but that right there was a $4 difference almost the foil difference in price every time he sells one of these he’s making a $4 profit right there was do some quick math he sold over 132 of these he’s made over $400 just selling this mini micro aluminum hand drill for like $8 I’m not even sure what this thing really is to be honest please made a serious profit just song is one item alone guys you’re gonna be doing the exact same thing gonna be going through eBay looking for products and then you’re actually a find suppliers for these products on other websites like this I’m banggood you guys can use Walmart Amazon Home Depot they all work you guys are pretty much it’s gonna be drop shipping directly to the customer we’re gonna be doing is Union be taking products like this and you’re gonna be listing them on eBay but when somebody buys them instead of shipping the product to your house you’re actually gonna put the customers information in and ship it directly to them alright so I’m gonna show you guys another example because right now you’re probably saying Anthony this is like an $8 hand drill he’s only making like $4 selling this hand drill in profit you said we’re making two hundred dollars a day online how are we doing that so I’m actually going I’m actually sure he has no example of a little bit of a higher priced item let’s choose another random one let’s type in baby crib that says krub okay let me okay let me fix that really fast sorry about that guys baby crib and of course if you have a lot of his 7000 results that one’s actually coming straight from Target so I’m not gonna put that one that one looks nice but I’m actually to click this one right here the portable baby crib bassinet playpen travel all that good stuff just longing for $75 right now he sold over eight of these already let’s do the same thing guys gonna come on to the picture right click right click and then click search Google for image the same thing as we’re pretty much reverse searching the image to find out where their supplier is you guys right here Walmart calm let’s this and see where it brings us and guys it is the exact same picture again right there accident that they have on eBay right there on mine I was actually out of stock but I mean when this person made the last thing that probably wasn’t stock but this person is doing the exact same thing it’s selling on for 62 dollars 98 cents then he’s selling it for 1795 so I don’t almost a 10 dollar profit this one was baby crib alone and he sold over eight of them how does a quick $80 guys right there or course you’re not gonna see insane profit to this obviously you guys aren’t gonna be sourcing products and then selling them for like double triple the price but if you guys can make maybe like 5 10 maybe even 20 dollars in profit per sale that will add up especially if you guys list multiple products that’s really the heat here guys is the scale is up you don’t want to do is pick one product unless that product than wait for it to sell I’m pretty sure new eBay accounts allow you to sell up to 10 products out of time you can list 10 different items and sell them all at once if you have a little bit of an older account or give a more experienced account you can actually even more items so let’s say use 50 items from from Walmart Amazon Home Depot all these places on eBay as if you have 50 items all making me like 5 10 20 25 dollars in profit and a few of those are selling every single day you should easily be able to scale it up to like $100 day $20 day maybe even more if you actually stick with this for a while grow your eBay account a little bit and actually get your selling limit increased because guys there are people on eBay that are really making a killing with this there are people that have stories with over a thousand items listed and of course they’re making lots of sales every single day with that and of course guys like I said before it might only be like five ten fifteen dollars with your song like 20 things a day 15 50 things a day and you’re easily making 100 200 maybe even 300 dollars day doing this exact method you guys are probably wondering hey is this legal are you allowed to do this is a customer name at if they find out like it came from my Amazon or Home Depot Walmart alright guys let me clear that up this is completely legal you’re not doing anything wrong here what of course I have to give you guys a little bit of a disclaimer I’m gonna be honest you guys when you’re actually selling things from like Walmart Amazon Home Depot a lot of the times they’ll actually come with like an invoice and and on that invoice it’ll say exactly what’s uh what’s in the package right for examples sake it’ll say you know there’s new coffee baby crib playpen and it’ll actually tell you the price on the invoice as well so and that and those scenarios the customer might get a little bit upset if you’re actually charging seventy eight ninety five but you know they see that you only paid sixty to ninety for it they might get a little bit upset on certain websites in like the shipping to the checkout you can actually put do not include any type of like invoice or promotional material in the package that way the customer won’t see any receipts for invoices and they can really get upset but again with Amazon Amazon also ships with their Amazon tape and their Amazon boxes so that might look a little bit suspicious to the customer but I also know a lot of people that do this exact method on eBay and they ship things from Walmart Amazon Home Depot and they don’t really care they’re making that much trouble of course guys you might have to do with some customer service issues every once in a while isn’t like the biggest deal guys like I said this is completely legal there’s nothing wrong with this a lot of times when people are coming to eBay to buy things they’re pretty much looking for the cheapest price I’m we’re looking around I’m really Price shopping window shopping checking different websites for different prices if any were just coming eBay buying and not really caring about what they’re paying necessarily they just hoping they’re getting the lowest price but of course you know you’re actually making a profit with it over that clears things up a little bit for you guys this is not illegal there’s nothing wrong with doing this it’s completely fine but you might have to do with some angry customers every once in a while I can’t guarantee anything guys I’m not gonna sit here lie to you of course so you might have to do with some hanging customers every once in a while but of course guys we’re not we’re not worrying about that we’re worrying about making profit making $200 a day online and it’s exactly how you’re gonna do it that’s pretty much the video wrapped up guys if you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a like on it and definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day make sure to join the fam and with that being said guys my name is Anthony villa I’ll see you in the next video and until then I am out peace you

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10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

– Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake, of helping you create something awesome today. So today we’re gonna talk about 10 different ways to make passive income online. And I’m really excited about this, because this is probably one of the most important videos that I’ve ever done, because this will actually help people achieve financial freedom, make some extra money, give themselves a raise, maybe put some money away for their kid’s college, so I’m super excited about this particular video. Now I’m not one of those internet gurus, who is trying to sell you on the idea that passive income means not having to work, or get up early, or do anything like that. It’s freaking hard work and it’s nothing new. The top Fortune 500 companies in the world, are making passive income right now. You just have to change the way you’ve been thinking about it, so that you don’t think of it as a scam or a myth.

And there’s a lot of ways you can really think about exactly how this works, and has always worked. And reality is that, right now, whoever is doing the, or has the licensing in Netflix for a show like Dawson’s Creek, or Roswell, or something like that, from years and years ago. Guess what, the actor’s might not be making any money from that right now, or they might. It’s called, they might be getting royalties. But whoever controls the licensing, and was able to sell that to Netflix. Whoever had the rights to the whole thing, they’re making money years after that show is already off the year. The camera man, who showed up every day, he’s not still making money off of Dawson’s Creek, or Smallville, or whatever. But whoever owns the licensing to that intellectual property, is still making money today. The person who invented the paper clip, their descendants are still making money today. So when you think about passive income from that perspective, you realize that the largest corporations in the world are raking in passive income right now, while you’re waking up and grinding, which by the way, you should probably still be doing.

But, they are doing that, and making money on the backend. CEO’s could probably stop working today, but because they own their company, they will make residual passive income everyday, whether they show up and run the business or not, or whether their general manager or their VP does it. So, you have to start thinking about it in that way. So here are ten ways that you can actually start making passive income, and a lot of them are really easy, and you can do them right now. For one thing, if you don’t own your own intellectual property, it’s okay. You can do what’s called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketings from programs like Amazon, or Commission Junction, or even through individual web hosting companies, like Blue Host, and Go Daddy, and One in One, all allow you to sell their products, or their services, and you will get a commission for it.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. So if you read a book, like, let’s say, the Ask Gary Vee book, which is one of the best books to buy right now, is a blue print for entrepreneurship. So buy that book with the link in the description below. See what I just did? That is affiliate marketing. So I want you to buy Gary’s book, and learn about how to be an entrepreneur, or how to grow your business, and if you do, I’d probably make a couple bucks.

So that right there, is a primary example of affiliate marketing. Now granted, you should do that for things and products that you believe in, and you know, and that you are reputable to speak about. If you’re a photographer, talk about the camera gear that you own, and review each piece of lenses, and camera bodies, and your lighting equipment, and get people to buy those based on your recommendations.

Or recommend alternatives to those, and that’s a way to do affiliate marketing. That’s just one example. You can do affiliate marketing whether you’re a photographer, an artist, a makeup guru, whatever, it’s something that you can do right now, just by talking about products you own, and products you love. Now, a lot of you might be thinking, well, if I do that, that doesn’t necessarily mean I can quit my day job, or that I can create financial freedom for myself. You’d be surprised, actually. You’d be surprised. I’m not allowed to talk about certain numbers, from certain programs, but I can tell you right now, that I do very well in Amazon. I probably do somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars a month, in Amazon affiliate marketing, right now, based around my content. So that’s just a primary example.

I can tell you that other affiliate marketing programs like Blue Host, the web hosting company that I use, and that I do affiliate marketing on behalf of, whenever I get somebody to sign up for the cheapest Blue Host plan, I get 65 dollars. Right now, there are many of you watching this video that are making 65 dollars after working all day busting your hump at your job right now. Whereas, if you were able to actually get two people to start a new website, you’d make 130 dollars for that day.

Granted, that will pay out 30 to 60 days later, but again, this is the earning potential we’re talking about. And so, I would say that taking advantage of programs like Amazon, Blue Host, and Commission Junction are a really good way to make passive income. And, even if you have no intention of ever leaving your day job, this will give you that 5,000 dollar a year raise that your boss just isn’t gonna give you, and is not gonna write a check for. So affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways that you can make passive income, but there are other great ways that you can as well. One of them, is creating your own products. Like, writing a book? Or maybe your thing is that you’re really good at making music in Garage Band, or Fruity Loops, or whatever.

You can actually sell products online, whether they’re a book, whether they’re videos, whether they’re music, you can sell these products online in things like Amazon and iTunes and Google Play, and you can make passive income. This is the same as the same big companies that are selling their DVDs or their downloads. You can do that too, and the beauty of it is you can go directly to the marketplace, and not need to sign with a label, or a publishing company.

The guy who wrote The Martian, whose name escapes me right now. He put his book out for free, and his audience demanded that they be able to read it on their Kindle, and on their iPad. So he went directly to the marketplace, and more people bought the book, than downloaded the free version when they could before. Or went to the website and got the free version. More people bought the book. It was an instant Amazon best seller. All of a sudden, all the publishing companies that turned him down, and mocked him, and laughed at him.

All of a sudden, they had to come crawling back, and they wanted to offer him a deal, and that’s how the book went to print. And later, he sold the licensing rights, which is another way that you can make passive income, for that movie. So licensing your content, licensing your intellectual property, whether it’s the rights for your book, or your idea to become a film, or a television show, is a great way for you to make money, and to get royalties so that you’re paid for life off of that, as well as sell the product directly. So these are two great ways, that you can make passive income. And again, you can do this whether it’s the licensing of your idea for a movie, whether it’s selling part of the rights to your book, whatever it is, you can do that, and go directly to the marketplace and sell your product, or you can license it to somebody else, and make money on the backend.

Tip number four for making passive income, is speaking of licensing, there is a such thing as stock video, stock photography, and stock audio. By selling stock resources, you can actually make royalties off of that forever as well. If you’re a photographer, and you shot some great landscapes, or you have some stuff that you bought from the dollar store, you shot against a white background, like a piggy bank, marketers like me buy stock photos, by the drogues all the time to use for banner ads, and for print ads, and for billboards, and for things like that. So you could make a lot of money off of marketors and designers if you’re a photographer, and if you shoot video, you can sell to video editors and to marketors as well, as far as stock video, we’re always looking for that stuff, and we want that to be royalty free, so we’ll pay for the rights to use it, and if we want it to be exclusive, we’ll pay even more. So producing stock audio, and selling that to people in a marketplace like iStock, or Audio Blocks, or Graphic River, or Invato, all of those things are a way to make passive income online forever, having done the work one time.

So if you make a lot of these things, you stand to make a lot more money. If you have like 100 beats to sell, you can package and bundle some of them, you can sell them individually, and you can sell them in multiple marketplaces. You don’t have to do marketplace exclusivity. You get more money if you do, but you can sell them everywhere and make a lot of money. You can do the same thing with your photography, or if you’re a graphic designer, you can make some simple graphics, you can make word bubbles, you can make arrows, you can sell banner ad templates, you can sell website templates, and this will make you money online. So, selling stock graphics and stock audio and stock video is a great way to make passive income, because again, you’re selling a product.

One of the other ways you can make passive income online, is through online advertising. Online advertising through Google ad sense and other marketplaces are a great way to make some real money. Now granted, it’s pennies on the dollar, but if you have enough content in enough places, it all adds up. You could also use affiliate marketing banner ads and links along with these Google ad sense pay per click ads, and that could be a good way to make some money in different ways. So if you have a blog, you can do Google ad sense, and you can do the other ad marketplaces, but you can also use your affiliate marketing there as well, and then you have more shots at making real money. So, I would highly encourage you to sign up for as many of those marketplaces as you can, and get in on Google ad sense, as well as some other ones. A sixth way you can make passive income, is through direct video marketing. Now, this works in a couple of different ways. There are video platforms outside of YouTube, that pay you, like Daily Motion has a way to pay you, and so does Vimeo, as far as paid on demand videos.

So you could use those marketplaces. YouTube also is connected to Google ad sense, and that is another way to make passive income. So you can use video content, and pay video, to make passive income online and that’s another great opportunity for you. Another way you can make passive income online, is through sponsored content. Now, the way sponsored content works, is very different, depending on who the sponsor is. You could get what’s called, pay for performance sponsorship, which means that they will pay you in proportion to how many views that you get for your content, whether that’s a video, whether that’s a blog post, whether it’s a podcast. They’ll pay you based on either the downloads, or the views, or what have you. And that’s another great way to make passive income online. Some people want to pay you a flat rate, and that’s okay too. Another option is also, they could pay you a commission based on what’s called cost per action, meaning if your videos translated to a sale for them, and it’s trackable, they will pay you for that. So it’s similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s a little different.

Because instead of going to the marketplace, you have a direct deal. The commissions for that could be higher, than if you did affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is usually lower percentages, anywhere from four to ten percent, but when we’re talking about direct sales, it could be higher. So just look into that. Speaking of sales, another great way, and I think this is number eight, to go ahead and make passive income online, is what’s called joint venture partnerships. So if somebody’s launching a product, or a course, and you’re what’s called a JV Partner, a joint venture partner, you can sell on their behalf, and they will cut you in for the profits, and this could be 20%, 30%, or even upwards of 50% and that’s great. Now, you might be wondering, why somebody might do that, but the reality is, selling stuff is harder than people think. So if you have ten people out there selling for you, getting 50% of the sales of ten people, is much better than getting 100% of just the sales you can bring in by yourself. So that would be another great opportunity. So you can look for joint venture partnerships, by either working directly with entrepreneurs, people in your network, or just do a Google search and find out whose looking for JV Partners, and see what you can bring to the table.

Another way of doing passive income online, is network marketing. I’m not the biggest fan of network marketing personally, but there are a lot of people who swear by it, and I would just say, make sure you’re not roped into a pyramid scheme. Look for something really strong, as far as network marketing, and something that’s reputable. Grant Cardone has a lot of great advice on this, so I would highly recommend that you look into that. One of the final ways I’m gonna talk about making passive income online, is selling actual, tangible products. Meaning, that you can actually go into Amazon, or Ebay, and you can sell existing products that you already have to people, whether they’re new or used. This can be great if you happen to get a gift that you have two of, you can go ahead and make some money by doing this, by just taking a couple pictures and posting up for sale and seeing who bites. This is a fantastic way to make money offline, if you’re trying to go ahead, and think of it as a virtual garage sale. So this is my tenth, and final way for you to make passive income online.

I might go in depth about each of these, later down the road, but these ten things are something that you can execute on probably today, tomorrow, or within the week, if you really wanted to. Anyway, I hope this video helped you guys out. This should probably help some of you figure out how you can make a little bit of extra money. A lot of these things are things that I’ve done, I’m actively doing, or have done in the past, or I specifically know people that are first hand connection, who have taught me about it, so that’s why I’m giving this advice. Resource links for everything I’ve talked about, are in the description below. So make sure you’re checking that out. If you still have questions about passive income, and how to make it work for you, let me know in the comments section.

I’ll try and answer as many of your questions as I can. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome content on the channel, as always you guys, thanks so very much for watching, and don’t forget, create something awesome today..

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Options Trading For Beginners – How To Make Money Online with Binary Options – Working 2017

Hi everybody. This is Imba Trader and today, we’re going to make money online by trading binary options. I wanted to introduce the new – it’s not new but I cover it for the first time, it’s short-term binary options reversal strategy. That is one of the most successful and profitable binary option strategies that can be used by traders of all experience levels. On average, the success rate associated with this strategy is not less than 75%. It is based on the concept that if an asset moves in one direction, it is unlikely to stay at the peak but returns to its original position or close to it. Let’s proceed and set up the proper trading settings. I am going to switch to the candlesticks. For the newbies, I know that there are some people over there that don’t know what those candlesticks mean. Basically, if I switch to the one minute interval, each of these candles shows the period of one minute.

If it is green, it means that during this one minute, the candle, the price was rising. If it’s red, then the price was falling. For the green candle, the lower part, the bottom part means the point where the minute started and the upper part means where it ended. These thin lines mean that during this minute, there was a fluctuation of the price and this was the higher, highest price during this minute.

This was the lowest price during this minute. The same with the red candles; the lowest price, the highest price, the opening price and the closing price. I’m going to also add a couple indicators, the Bollinger bands with the default settings. This is my favorite one. It shows the price range and the moving average. I do like using the reversal strategy in conjunction with this indicator because it gives us very certain binary options signal showing us that whenever there is a breach of let’s say for example, the breach of the upper band, there should be the reversal to the bottom. The same thing, if there is the breach of the lower band, the price should eventually start going up.

There are two more indicators that I wanted to cover in this session. They are the CCI. Also, I leave the default settings. There are two lines – no, there is one line. There are two lines in another indicator, the stochastic oscillator also set it up with the default settings. There are two periods: period K and D which are represented by two lines. Starting with the CCI indicator. It stands for the Commodity Channel Index. There are two basic strategies for using the CCI oscillator, crossing the +100 level and -100 level. When the CCI moves above the plus hundred, it means that the price is trending strongly upwards. Whenever it drops below the -100, a strong downtrend is in place at the moment. The short trade is held until the CCI rallies back to the range between the hundred and minus hundred. Basically what it means is that whenever you see the breach, let’s say for example of the upper line, it means that there is an upwards trend happening.

Just like here, there is the breach over here and we do see the upwards trend. Whenever it goes back to -100 level it means that the trend eventually lost its steam and the price is going back to the previous position. The same thing when the breach is here at the bottom, at the -100 level, it means that downwards trend is happening.

In this case, it was very short-term. This is basically a very nice binary options signal that helps us understand how the price is going to behave after this sharp movement happens. For example here, we do see like several signals. One is the CCI indicator, is between the minus hundred level. The second one is that the lower Bollinger band is breached, and the third one is that stochastic shows us the breach of the 20% level. We have three indicators showing of the conditions where the price should start going up. In this case, where we had two red candles, it means that the price is going down for two minutes. I would personally make a stake for two minutes for the rise. In this case, it’s going to be pure win. The same thing over here. We do see the downwards trend that started at this point.

The CCI is far below the -100. The stochastic shows us the 20% level breach. We do have one, two, three, four candles showing us the downwards movement. The same thing I would do for the call stake. I would make – after I see that this trend ended, after I notice this green candle and I wait until the end of this minute, I’m going to make the four minutes call stake. In this case, one, two, three, four of this should be a pure win as well. The same thing happens over here. The small trend going up.

We have one, two, three indicators showing us the conditions where the price should start moving down. After this candle, I’m going to make four or five minutes put stake; one, two, three, four, five. This will be the pure win once again ladies and gentlemen. Right now, the conditions are not that good. The profitability is only 50%, but still there is some movement happening on the market so I’m not going to proceed with some high stakes because of the low profitability.

I will try to show this strategy in the action and we’ll try to catch some reversal movement. At this point, the Bollinger band is breached. The stochastic is still very up high, but the CCI is showing us the proper signal. Two out of three signals, I don’t think that’s enough at the moment. That’s why I will wait a bit or maybe check out some other currency pairs. A small downwards trend, but still not enough indicators. USD/JPY – not enough movement to be honest. Let’s see if there are any other currency pairs that might show us some nice movement ladies and gentlemen. At this point, it was a pretty good moment to enter. We see four candles going up and if we make four minutes put stake, it will be also pure victory. This might be – you know what my mistake is here, that I added RSI instead of the CCI indicator.

Okay perfect. I was looking into the wrong place. Alright, so a small trend over here. Let’s wait a bit more. It’s four candles up. The CCI is in place. The stochastic is moving there. And so, what I’m going to do, I’m going to wait until the small trend finishes and I’m going to proceed with the several minutes put stake. Stochastic is moving towards our goal. I didn’t tell much about this indicator. Stochastic oscillator can help traders with the trend based on trading strategy to anticipate any changes in price directions and generate trading signals.

Stochastic oscillators sometimes also shortened as K and D. It is a momentum indicator, so by comparing the current closing price of an asset to its trading range, the stochastic oscillator attempts to predict the turning point of the price movement. That’s why it is so important in our reversal trading strategy. We do see that CCI is on the way back. We do have three signals in place already, so I think it should be a pretty good moment to proceed with the put stake. So maybe I’m going to go ahead with the four minutes period. I’m just waiting for this small trend to change its direction. I still see that it tends to go up, but I need to wait until that moment when the trend changes its direction and starts going down.

Again, you see the market conditions were pretty decent before, but right now there is not much movement, so market isn’t really helpful. Let’s see what’s happening on the other currency pairs. This one might be good. Okay, so it looks like we missed the moment and because there was a big drop-down that happened right away. We’re going to skip it. AUD/JPY, this might be good but still not much. The movement is pretty decent here, so let’s wait a bit. We got one, almost two, and the third indicator is on its way.

Okay let’s proceed with the three minutes call stake. Since stochastic is still not in the 28% range, but it’s still pretty close to it. It’s in 30. I still think that we should be in the good position here. So as we see, stochastic oscillator consists of the two lines: the K line and the D line. K line is blue and D line is red.

The K line measures how the current closing price is in relation to the total price range for the defined the defined time period. The D line creates the second line which is also plotted on the diagram, and it is a three period movement average of the K line. So it is slower to react, and in all cases, it’s going to follow the K line. So whenever you trade based on the stochastic oscillator, many traders like to wait until the K line crosses the D line before they invest. This adjustment is supposed to generate more refined binary options signals. And you see just like I explained to you, so we had three signals: we had the lower Bollinger band breach, we had the CCI below -100 and we had the stochastic on almost 20% level.

Our decision to make the call stake was right – of course we haven’t won yet, there are still like 50 seconds left but this is a good representation of the reversal strategy used. I’m going to wait until the expiration. Basically what’s happening here, we can go for another reversal because you see how the breach of the upper line is happening, I think it should be a good moment to go for the put stake. The stochastic is still not there, but the CCI and Bollinger band might be enough. So I will proceed with the put stake. Our previous stake won, not a lot of profit but again, I don’t want to go for some high stakes because of the market conditions at the moment.

50% is pretty low profitability because of the time, because most of the markets are closed and this is the main reason why the percentage is so low. The movement is pretty steep. You see how the price was going up and down sharply, but still, based on the two indicators – of course, those were only two indicators, not all three that I like to use. I still think that there is high probability that we are going to win here. The secret to the success is identifying when the asset has reached its peak and knowing why it changed and using fundamental and technical analysis are the key to identifying why the asset will peak and return to its stabilized price. So this is the basics of the reversal strategy. As the price approaches the trend line, the price movement will get more and more erratic. Other traders have recognized the trend line too. They are no longer investing in the reversal and wait for the price to start moving in the direction of the main trend again. We got five seconds left and it looks like our prediction wasn’t right. Actually no, we just won. Amazing. So again, you see we were not that accurate here.

On our previous trade, it was a pure win, and our second trade, our prediction was not that accurate. Mostly because as I said, we had only two out of three signals, so if I wanted to be 100% sure that the trade is winning, I need to wait until I have all three indicators in place. And again, I made only two minutes put stake and at this point, we had to proceed with the three minutes put stake because there was one, two, three candles of the min trend upwards movement. Okay so again, because of the market conditions, I don’t want to trade a lot, I don’t want to take a lot of your time. If you want to try trading, you can go ahead and do it absolutely for free by registering the demo account, subscribe to the YouTube channel and I will try to teach you as much as I can.

Thank you guys. I will see you later. Bye-bye..

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Make Money Online $15/hr – Doing Part Time Work From Home Jobs at

Please click the subscribe button and do click the bell icon to get regular updates on different types of income opportunities hello friends welcome to our YouTube channel open4profit today in this video I’ll show you how you can make decent and regular income just by using social media platform whether it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram or any other popular social media site there are job vacancies open for you few years ago I never would have thought that social media will become another source of getting a job. Today there are hundreds of jobs available through social media and there are tons of ways to make money from it one of those ways is to become a social media evaluator with APPEN. Now what exactly is this “Appen”. Appen is a company that has been in business since 1966 and it specializes in global tech services. They work with some of the biggest names around to provide social media valuation search engine evaluation and other transcription services – other popular job titles at appen are web search evaluator, search engine evaluator you can work as a consultant you can work as a data entry operator.

Now as an appen social media value tube you can get paid for using social media right because appens mission is to help technology companies to grow their audiences across global markets. Now to do this, appen often employs virtual workers for a variety of short-term contract and even full-time positions. So if you are interested in working with appen, here is what they are looking for you in regards to social media evaluators. Now what kind of work the social media evaluator do as a social media evaluators you are given a specific assignments to ensure that a social networks newsfeed is relevant and accurate based on the criteria given, in this position you will evaluate photos, search queries, advertisements and much more. Now each project is different okay so before you are accepted to a social media evaluator project you will have to pass a qualification test.

Qualification tests are generally performed over the span of one day. Now it is important to note that each project has a different contract length and hourly requirement. For instance, you may be asked to work four hours per day, four days per week for a year for one project while others may only last week long and be only 2 hours per day so it’s all depends upon project to project. Now what are the job requirements you want to become a work from home social media evaluator here is what you will need first you need to be an online daily usual media user second you must be able to follow instructions and work independently and third you will need the good communication skills both verbally and written in English now next comes – what type of equipment you will need – You need a good computer PC laptop with operating systems like Windows or Mac and should have a good internet speed and should have the ability to install applications to your computer after that you can join the appen network and will be regularly notified when they have positions open.

Now comes, what kind of hours and pay you can expect from appen, hours what happened will vary by project ok as I said number of hours totally depends from project to project you may be asked to work two hours four hours depends from project to project However to give you a broad idea they have recently asked applicants to be willing to work one to four hours per day five to seven days per week so this is a work from home position and you can see the hours are totally very flexible now you must be wondering how much does the social media evaluator or a data entry operator make at appen. I’ll give you in one line also anyone in roughly make around 12 to $15 per hour that’s really sounds good so friends let’s get started at open the website you can see the website name once you open the website you see a page like this.

This is the main website and here you can find different types of work from home opportunities and different types of jobs which you can do in your spare time you can even search job here you can click here find flexible jobs you will see a form like this to show you some results just click the search button once you click the search button you see relevant job openings as per the country ok so I have selected India and here you can see lot of job openings are there in India and you can see the location also ok and these are the different categories are there ok so you can select for example if you click online part-time job in India ok you see the full details about this all and part-time job in India at appen and scroll down a little bit you will see a complete job description like what are the requirements and all so you can go through all these details and if you are interested you can just click the apply Now button here once you click the apply Now button you’ll be asked to join our Talent Network so it’s a simple registration so I’ll show you how to register here you can enter your first name here enter your email address select the country then location you can enter your city name here next is desired assignment opportunity okay so here are the four categories out there so you can select web search evaluator in this will get lot of data entry jobs are also there which totally depends upon you like on which category you want to register next is next option is are you fluent in English you can select yes what is your native language whatever native language you have you can engineer for example I will enter here Hindi now next is desired job title so you can enter and desired job title which you are looking for well enter data entry operator here you can mention other languages you know so and enter English you can also upload your resume here if you have it will be a plus point if you uploaded resume next you click the join button once you click the submit button you will see matches thanks for joining our Talent Network and you can see recommended jobs available that is when job is open here that is crowd sourcing work from home flexible hours anybody in India so if you want you can just click it anything go through the details okay and if you are interested you can click the apply button.

So once you click the apply button you will be notified by appen about the job and then you can immediately start the job work, so it’s a very good opportunity for anyone who are looking work from home opportunities and this is absolutely free of cost you don’t have to invest a single penny, and the reviews about this website is very good over the internet, you can search it on google okay so likewise you can search work opportunities on any locations you can see all countries are available here you can select for job openings in any country and you can complete the task I’m just working from home now finally everyone would like to know about the payouts.

Payouts are basically done as per the project suppose the job is weekly payouts then you will get payments weekly if it is monthly, you will get paid monthly Payouts are normally done in two ways -first is by papers check or another option is direct bank deposit because these are the two options okay through which we will get paid so friends I hope you liked the video and have got the complete idea about how to create an account at and how you can make money by working on social media websites so it’s a very great opportunity from a great website and recommend everyone to register on this website and create an account and you can apply to the all available jobs here apart from this you will also get direct work invitations from different companies also so friends that’s all in this video if you have any query if you have any question regarding this, I request you to please post comment here and I’ll try my level best to answer you as soon as possible finally if you haven’t subscribe to our channel I request you to please do subscribe our channel click the bell icon so that you won’t miss out any of the new income opportunities which we bring from time to time ok friends please do share this video with your friends so that’s all for now see you soon till then take care and have a great day

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How Can I Make Money Online – Simple $300/Day Strategy

Hey everyone its PJ Zafra from and chances are you’ve landed on this video because you were searching for how can I make money online I’m excited to let you know that I found the solution and I’m more than happy to be able to share with you today I’ve been making money online doing it full time for over five years it’s been an amazing journey in life is nothing short of amazing I’m extremely thankful that funds industry and assistant head on over to ten key strategy stuff I start making money online when I was 18 years old straight out of high school with the proper mentorship and system in place I was able to end my struggles and transform I want to make it clear why the job I don’t have a bus or anything like that I thought I love and then headed over the tensions in the Description box through step-by-step exactly how you can start making money on that now the beauty of this business is the fact that anyone can do it it’s absolutely no need to be technically it’s always best to keep things simple headed over to take a strategy stuff or click the link in the description box right and you’ll get instant access I’m doing and you’ll be able to learn exactly how you can be implemented as well that’s all for now see you again soon

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How To Make Money On Internet | Top 10 Easy Ways

What is going on YouTube, Rafi site here with a brand new video last, and today we countingdown Or choose the best 10 easy ways to make money online. Number 10, there Millions of individual people or companies from sources there works for ordinary people Like you and me and is one of the best place marker for spears free. You may be students or job seekers, or because you have you probably got a job as a curse that will not pay You luck !, what ever in you can earn serious money. Simply sign up, submit Skills. There are millions or billions of projects just waiting for you. Search And choose the right one for you and complete your task completely and progress. You will Pay when you submit your business.

Payment by Paypal, Bank Transfer, Money Booker (Skrill) And free main discount card. Number 9, now it is the name change to is another big market place of their own account. It’s pretty much like Subscribe odesk or search for your own work. The work of one is a freelancer Careers. For example, if you are a graphic designer and you like to design logos. There are many Companies or people who need people like you to create a logo for them, and they will pay Very will. There are a wide variety of business in odesk. To be anything more obvious Can be done on a computer, from the Internet, mobile, programming and graphic design. This is the place Which can be sold talent and skills of your own.

If you take it seriously, and will become one It is better to pay a career for you. Hands Off for to give us this out Permanent service. Payment through Paypal, Payoneer for Oscril. Number 8, megatypers. is the workforce that provide data entry services management company For henna and government institutions. display data entry jobs. It is really easy Work on if you have some good writing skills, go to him, he worked Convert scaned papers in digital document digital qualifying. Just take a look at the pictures and Simply type it in the field, before timing out and press enter. Just keep doing It is also known as the process of writing the word verification paid.

We can see the word verification situation in May Internet in our daily lives. Human testing, for example when we try to sign up for something On the internet or you can watch captchas while trying to create an e-mail account, and so on Forth. There are cases may. Continued to write and earn more and more money and there Different prices depending on the hour while working. For example, if you work at to Maybe hourly rate of $ four per thousand business and in the same day’s work on 2 I rate your hour perhaps $ 9. Keep the change depending on several factors like him. The rate may be high or low, whatever it is another better way to start making Money is fast online. Sign up for megatyper each link will be in the description. Pay Payment by debit card, bank check, PayPal, Mani Web, perfect money, Baeza and Western Union. Number 7 adfly, adfly is a site link, such as or a small link. And adfly Link Service helps us to convert or short, long or ugly looking link for a short time, trim Link and eye-catching. But how ever have adfly some different from or adfly contain ads.

If someone clicked adfly boil a short link and you will see five seconds Framing, the exhibition and advertising, before forwarding to the actual website address, and you will get paid. You are You can shorten any Ra Duck on the Internet, and promoting it on the web page of your fan or anywhere On the Internet, where people can see it, and make it attractive to get more clicks Minimizer has a copy per minute (cost per mile) based system. You recycling rate adfly may rely even on very Several factors. For more control, and how to make money on adfly. I have a full video only For this. So be sure to watch it, and the link is in the description or click on the explanation Right of the screen. And start earning money now. Adfly is one of the best source of income.

Payment methods adfly PayPal, Payoneer and Baeza road. Number 6 fiverr. is The global market on the Internet, provide functions and services starting cost of $ 5 For each job to do, in the form which is to get her name. The site is used primarily freelancer, Who use fivver to provide services to customers all over the world. This is not my definition. This It is what Google knows. This is another amazing sell your skills for money opportunity. For example, if you are good in creating video introductions, you can sell them on fiverr. Literally You can sell almost anything can be done on your computer or the Internet. Enhance the fan page, CEO or search engine optimization, and so on and so forth.

Number five, Are you a reputation for blogs or bloggers? You know the people there earn money You can form a blog you think there are. Yes that’s right. Simply register for a blogger and the beginning Writing a blog. You can write about anything, if you got a good writing skill. Did not matter Topic but this idea must form your Hart comes. Once done monetize your blog, and Keep making new blog posts. Another is the best way to make money online. Exit Blogging number one online Google-owned platform. You can link your blog With any ad network there, such as Adsense, Infolins, Doubleclicks, Madads, Popads And many others this is how you make money on Blogger. About payment methods, and Very even it depends on which adnetwork you choose.

Some adnetwork offers payment via PayPal Or some of the other Baeza offers wire transfer or check. Is your decision that you sign up with. All you can go out there the official website for more information. 4, create Application. It has become really easy to create application at the present time. You can create applications for leading Platforms such as Android, iOS, mobile and Andozoojhzh games, and cash them or sell them Through official stores, for example, store play. Create a good application, if you have a talent you can Make millions of just create a single application. 3 create a website. Create a website It is what some like to create a blog. But it is better much more than just a blog.

On the Internet Everything is the location. You can create a website for any purpose. I think the idea of ​​mind-blowing, Planning well, develop your website. Get a domain host, there are sites that may Services such as hosting and selling domain very low cost. For example,, and so on. So put your goal of getting a job the beginning of the scope of it, the final The result is the only success!. 2, sponsored tweet. Tweet sponsored allow the highest brand Tab in the user’s Twitter followers to reach new customers by giving companies access to Stream your Twitter. The compensation for each loudspeaker announcement that it accepts. If some One-click one of your sponsored tweet you will get paid. If you are a normal loudspeaker Or have a standing list of followers, it is not difficult to achieve the highest level earnings.

In any case it is one of the best easiest way to make money online in the list of the top ten. Payment through Paypal ways. Number 1 on the list and I know the excitement is shooting up friends. It is not, which is where watching this video right now. I’m really happy to say it, but it is true. Can you believe that men! YouTube is the second The largest search engine on the planet. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube Per month. When we close the study of YouTube history and got to know YouTube is a resounding Success! This place is No. 1 for entertainment, education and much more. The The best place to make money online serious. You know before six months I started this channel Educational geeks, to share some of my technical experience with you and you know what, I realized What I missed in all passed days. Create your own channel, and create good video content And upload them to YouTube, critique your videos and start making money.

If you got Talent and you know how to use it, YouTube is the place for you. do not worry Your experience, and you will grow up with you. Believe me guys, start making videos now! In my work with YouTube is fun, as well as a lucrative business of the great day. You may be millions or billions, it sounds nah good!. But I tell you at least you Can make a few thousand dollars each moths, how it looks! Do you know what they give me Courage to my very damn, odd jobs that will not pay me well.

Start within a video blog today with YouTube YouTube and be successful. YouTube payment methods there are many, confusing Things about it but, in my opinion, using the sense of Google ads you can wire your YouTube bank Money, or get a bank check. But I highly recommend is to get a partnership with YouTube partners Network, such as bentpixels and get your money through PayPal more quickly, as well as bentpixel It contains a split good rate of return. The division of revenues up to 90%.

It is one of Best YouTube network there. All the links mentioned in this video will be on video Describe. Hopefully more of the top ten videos soon Peace out!.

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[$12,614 in 29 days]- Clickbank Live PROOF- How To Make Money With Clickbank

Yellow I’m going To if you are intersted to make money online Mucha all that action hide anything in this vieo I will show you how i made $12,614 in 29days from clickbank the best but less yes like that at all this in the world and this this he just said so trust yeah so the engine I’ll do this no holder is cause of this year in Asia customers I what yes the secret sauce what’s needed statement and I and also celibacy tunis just the laptop any that she any that help people this Islam so here’s what I said up close the US in six days an element of human think the whole his chain that he’s I love this step-by-step along the Sun levels on how I for something else unusual the just that are internet connection limited capital know all this no style so Alcides the well the national and one that will be many more lene right now millionaires hmm Thursday here in the US I just checked in at Hilton Woodland Hills in Delhi I’m still jetlagged library excited to get started so how does it all look well to start you need two things: near that top and you need an internet connection so I left off in five yet I’m gonna get connected to the internet now the next thing which I wanna show you is to take more all the current date and time it’s currently 8 18 p.m.

Here Lt and its June 10 on a Sunday 2012 and the reason why i wanna show you this is so that we can track our progress ministry okay this thing these are little is was assigned a public defender Kyle this came back to come I just signed up for another couple of minutes ago ed I’ll let you do take note all the company as well as its sales you’ll see that the account name is called US chip and you also notice that this click back in town is fresh is 10 seal me to date is completely new and this will be there come will be working on in the next couple of weeks I’ll talk to you again soon as soon as I make my first sip is baby yen the US I’m still a few Lt and best thing to do is not think ok at home here as you can see from time in deep thought pump it currently p.m. june the twelfth Chango so let’s take a look at how US ship bank account to see the progress and beefy at me and sales this log in right now I’m human details and as you can see from I’ll occult the US chip Clickbank account we have made seventeen dollars and ninety eight cents till date now granted I know there’s not a lot of money but it’s only two days into using this system and yet be dull a seal so what does this mean well 01 the bus sales the Honda CR come by any we know that by using this system that we can generate seal all you need to do is to use the same thing we’ve been doing and just do the same thing again and again and again and that will create momentum to generate even more serious does now basile is on so I’ll keep you updated it yet and Nazi how these come rebels up and speeches you guys is the name and you checking up his kids old let’s have a look at our help here just logged in and things are looking pretty healthy bout six hundred dollars pencils so we’re still technically still losing money yet to people car rental and but let’s see the if things get field the day that and I’m here in Santa Monica his adopted by the party years is helping US ship colin is going its things are starting to its shape and both doesn’t really good to to a dollar days it’s about 150 dollars so far so let’s look at how things go in the next couple days well its day that the nanny just made up of us three hundred dollar the up well check it out guys the 16 happy that i’m gonna sales the 17 per side for another day the eyes day twenty things aren’t right bus stop hey guys they chained to the second thousand-dollar day hey guys what’s up in staging by and we just meet our but thousand dollar-a-day so before we continue let’s do a quick recap on what has happened so well as you can see you know first did this we didn’t make any serious it to this treaty love you know personal and right now via me our the house in all so why is that well you notice that the bill but ended up mentors and now getting I 2000 all these the and there’s a reason for that that’s how the system works is that studying a strong foundation and manage traffic cops in is actually pretty I to stop seals and its last week now station by and on spending the last we hear Davis yet and I’ll keep you updated on progress hey guys I’m kind yes friend unclear or were hiked down want to show you guys simply much collection your life II their still up let’s take a peek at Perth and look at what has yep that’s a fun their first me to spend quite a bit of time wouldn’t you setting up the system but now as we approach our last week remember me spending more time hiking and looking around because the system now SP much on autopilot it’s funny multiple and it’s pretty much ends of them so let’s take a look at the results for polled speak to you can see hey guys is the chamber and I just got back from the Grand Canyon and this is at our case study I’m leaving that cold Malaysian tomorrow so let me show you what has happened to all counsel up you notice that in the last three days with me about over three thousand US dollars which is a pretty decent considering that we haven’t worked on it in the last three days and it’s really help I’ll all the dot-com lifestyle internet marketing with this initially even added a case study in this I wanted to show you guys what’s it like tumhare Hyndman freedom have a system that’s setup once and that it continues he makes money for you %uh setup he saw how this happened initially but there was very little sealed just that but what’s the and its closest in the making 800 but I’ll dollars FBD way day I just saw that in the Asia and 1998 the much longer yes indeed yahya rest but hell just less I who that left side I series website the just looking while lost yeah sold and the reason why I all the Press but Press on their of my home real possible him so messages imagine clean up in the morning lot pool I’ll Paul Russia okay %um overcome the world also second beach you realize the more miles and all of them all shield online shield Pakistan teeth a very mean person this to look up in my Inbox and whenever i receive and email from Clickbank it gets archive into my sales call them and as you can see from here a meet over a hundred and ten thousand seals it put it back and this is just vendor sealed doesn’t include I feel it seems and fast cool down you can see that this is a typical day home on Gmail looks like July 22nd and I this is I’m not going to kneel on Chinese special day this is just typical day an SI school that to all that you’ll Sunday July chains second eulogies second collection for to realize your time a judge in first so this notice that seals multiple seals is me and I’ll even while I’m asleep the in be a let’s have a look at this I’ll one York Times issued a don’t miss home US bought from me and it’s it’s 17 lawless you know the typical ceiling mount for my product reach from 37 US dollars and a over and whose a and I’m this much II five musical 78 a loans really change I al as I hold a with almost any push buttons software only the up so evasion No glasses this like I bliss them shot on No because angle locks will me that friend now people so he’d up try this is a mile ed sees if for any reason at all you not see the results and Nani massive amount of cash for amnesty the you alleged me or us lemme sensual pipe psalm do is unless head higher this deal and I’ll see you on your side

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Make Money Online $177.71 Made ⬅️- Video 4 How To Earn Money Online

Yo, yo, what’s good Youtube Christopher Ramirez Comin at you with another video? And I know you’re probably searching either on Hulu or YouTube For a job in your local area for some kind of work that you’re looking forward because more than likely struggling to find work Alright um I just want to go ahead and show you what was helping for me What’s working for me that’s helped me to generate extra revenue on the side well, I still working on two five two But I want I want to also help you out to get extra bonus low income okay on so far I’ve generated with my Amazon associates account a hundred and seventy seven thousand 71 cents in all okay, I had that zoom to end and for you to get more information on that go ahead and click those links in the description and We’ll go ahead and help you guys I’ll give some of their free training on our house able to skim this all revenue this added revenue of through Facebook okay, and I’ll see you on the inside so go ahead and click those links in the description no ceo in the training you

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How to Make Money Online Fast | Earn $1500 A Day Online | No Experience Required

How’s it going guys as Jeffrey was here this video and we’ll keep it real short but this is something if you read the title that really helped me out of my financial situation if I look kind of dark and tan and all that it’s one of the perks of being your own boss and being around this Sun too much that kind of overdid it but uh it’s all good also at the same time so to make sure that you hit me loud and clear I had the music a little background it’s not too loud give me some thumbs up give me some thumbs up that you hear me loud and clear at the same time you give me a thumbs up let me know what city and state you’re coming from at the same time okay so I know that you see me and I hear you at the same time I see a lot of people popping in right now so that’s what’s awesome but also I’m gonna give you right now what’s going on real quick you know what this is what the video is going to be about it’s a system that I’m part of a business business system from home that I get delivered all the time these checks all the time from home guys so let me get this out so I want to give you the opportunity also at the same time to show you how I got involved with this to being able to make these kind of commissions not even per per month this is per day kind of Commission all right guys all my name is Jeff rule is if you’re on my page right now obviously you know who you are Who I am because you’ve been following me the whole time and I’m always providing value in helping people get resorts from home 3,000 right 1500 hey guys I see you I see you give me the thumbs up if you hear me loud and clear just to let me know that I’m good to go I just want to make this short video 1500 um let me cover uh let’s see let’s Jeffery Ruiz right there right there all right you hear me so to being able to make these kind of commissions these kind of commissions all the time from home from home it’s a beautiful day what’s going on Keith let me know where you from guys don’t be shy just let me know what’s going on what’s going on fifty hundred and this week started off strong started off strong close to a five figure week and it’s Monday and what’s happening right now it’s a momentum a big momentum happening and a lot of people you know the parents are taking the kids back to school they’re situating themselves what’s going on my man off in New York I see what’s on my man people getting situated now that’s trying to see another second income build another signal a second income from home which a possibility is very strong from online you know a lot of people have a lot of things thinking it’s not possible before this system let me tell surprise um I’m a part of a lot of internet marketing businesses I’ve been doing this for five years and to see how this system is especially if you’re busy with family um working 60 80 hours a week you’re just not able to put so much time in to invest in yourself well you’re not or you’re intimidated because you’re not technically savvy anything like this this is the business for you guys like I showed you before so being able to make the large incomes in everything let me know oh also I mean I’m here I have music in the background if it’s bothering you let me know at the same time if it’s cool thumbs up I have friends all over the place you know I just love to vibe with music but this is something for you if you’re looking for another income this is also something for you if you want to leave your actual job it really is you know we’re in a dead age now that it doesn’t it’s not a sea you know so many people say it’s a scam it’s a scam it’s a scam it’s not a scam at all online it’s not a scam there’s so many opportunities out there here’s the difference is that people don’t actually put the actual training into place but anyway let me get to the point to those guys the system that I’m talking about was called big profit system it came to me a friend helped me out showed me and I said this is a very powerful this is very powerful I put it to the test the first week you know the first week I made $3,000 wasn’t even trying and then I knew it blew my mind because honestly I probably put that whole week one hour I sent traffic actually from the back office and what I’m telling you about the back office if you don’t understand what I’m talking about please people don’t be shy this is live we’re live right now question me then I’ll answer I’ll answer Melissa what’s going on and Tony what’s going on Keith what’s up answer me or question me so I can help you out so let me turn this around real quick so this is a website if you join if you join me this is a website you will get personally done for you that it’s called a big profit system you’re going to get this capture page basically you know you visit it this is where people will go in watch this we’ll go in read about the page put their information this is how the coaches the systems are gonna follow up with you you put your name email your phone number that’s how we you know follow up with you give you the information what kind of system is this it said it’s an internet marketing platform educational platform but this is a thing guys you get all this education in the background that you get to use but at the same time do not worry about doing the selling and telling why because most people are not good at sales most people don’t want to talk to people on the phone most people don’t like that it’s okay this is where we have coaches in place we have closers in place to actually explain what happens is here’s how the system works I go to my Lee’s list I’m gonna go I’m assuming because I don’t want you guys to like you know private private information from people so this person visited the website this this tells me step by step gives me the points how what they’re going through the funnel or this system they have gone through all these a couple of pages websites and stuff so I know this person is kind of serious soon they’re gonna ask for a coach request and when I mean by a coach request let’s go and let’s see I have a bunch of these guys I just don’t want to give numbers but anyway a coach requests what happens is a coach will call them when they were they request a coaching call the coach were explaining the whole entire business this is not your job our job is just drive leads all we got to do is drive leads and let me tell you right now let me flip this over real quick let me tell you right now when you say oh it sounds too easy to be true no you got to stay consistent all you got to do though is very simple steps you know what’s so funny see anytime anybody asks how much it is in the beginning right away you know they’re not based on value they’re based on let me know how much it is you know let me tell you right now somebody’s smart enough if you can make $3,000 off of one sale right let me flip this over let me flip this over if you can make $3,000 off one sale guys one sale let me look let me keep them coming $1,500 off one sale guys right $500 off one sale guys right $1,500 off one sale guys huh I hope you don’t come and think this is like a $40 $100 program no this is not a job either yes a job you don’t have to invest in a job this is an actual business opportunity meaning you have to partner up if this is something that works for you but this is great for somebody that’s brand-new whose business minded whose business minded who wants to take it to the next level and make real big commissions you know the kind of commissions you see online all the time people talking about talking about all on the beaches of the world and hanging out and automated this is the kind of deal because what you’re talking about is this real big ticket you got to spend a little bit of money you got to spend a little bit of money right but at the same time you’re getting your value you’re getting the value to the people you’re actually getting a system that a system is following up with an email when the email says they want a coach request a coach is calling your lead all you do is focus on providing the lead guys give me some thumbs up if people are starting to get this if you get this I’m trying to simplify this to the easiest level and at the same time I don’t want to hear this is too good to be true it’s a process it’s a process guys thank you thank you so here we go email broadcast campaigns and I’ll go to resources and this is all we have to do all you have to do guys I’ll bound look it look it look it oh let’s go right here I’ll bounce text blastings opportunity can action you go here you call this guy or email them I prefer calling him and he gives you a blast for $150 he reaches out to 2,000 people with your code meaning when they sign up with your code and the coaches close the deal depending what level you come in you can make 500 our commission 1500 our commission $3,000 Commission 6000 our Commission all depending where you come in this business it’s all about positioning yourself in the right spot you know what I mean Tina you’re in awesome Tina that’s what I like to hear Melina I see you Lilly what’s going on I see people popping in that’s awesome give me the thumbs up in hearts if you’re kind of understanding a little bit of a bigger picture if you want to make serious money online you gotta spend some money but you get all the products you get everything you know what I mean but at the same time I’m right now showing you the how to bring people in part you know what I mean not the product you you have all your products here people care more let’s be realistic how how can I make money from home from my smartphone from my laptop from my computer you can do this while part time at your computer at your job at the same time that’s how fast it is all you got to do like I said hit the resources buy some campaigns or done-for-you postcards here’s about here’s a real live postcard for you right now hold on one give me one second mm-hmm bang I was one of our postcards right here so there you go postcards and here’s the thing all you got to do is order it they do everything from the warehouse you do not order it you don’t have to stamp it you don’t have to waste three hours putting stamps picking out addresses no we pick people from a buyer’s list and when I say we I’m not part of the I am an affiliate I’m not the don’t get me confused as the owner or anything like that I’m not that guy yeah I just worked the business and I’m just showing you presenting you how easy impossible it is all right so people try trying to see exactly how to do this all you got to do is like this video like it like the comment like the post share it if you’re serious and then comment you know freedom you want freedom you want financial freedom I seriously spend one or two hours a day that’s it five days a week weekends I really tried not to work I mean this is me right here obviously it’s me there you go Jeff Ruiz I’m legit like I’m getting packages all day that’s a serious that’s a post I just recently made and let me tell you right now the week is just getting started guys if you’re in give me the hard to give me everything also this is a QA guys ask me questions if you have if you’re interested ask me serious questions right now I’m sure I will answer this is a perfect opportunity to want to do it so Brown you want some information also I’ll send you some information there’s no linking on top of this video so you know just comment down below to know more information this has made so many people right now six-figure earners within four to five months it’s been crazy it’s been it’s absolutely a blessing and you know what I like about it is just because a lot of people I’m telling you I got a real I have to say this again just because a lot of people hate selling and selling and stuff like that and you don’t have to do that here this is something that you just you just plug and play no I use automate or author I use everything as the coaches or the coaches I mean I buy the ads from the back the SMS text blasts are doing the best for me I’ve been sticking with them the whole time and they’ve been doing they’ve been doing solid the only thing I do different let me check it I’ll show you let’s see only thing I do different is that I do email broadcast so I’ll broadcast like today like tonight actually I’ll leave it for tomorrow morning tonight what I’ll actually do or tomorrow morning I’ll do one of my own emails to my whole list and showing them basically i’ma show what’s going on all my man I’m gonna give them i’ma show me i’ma give them the link to this video and then give them the link to to make a coaching call so use this to man email broadcast I mean you can only use it once every three days so use it once every three days and use your and put your own personal email it’s gonna blast to how many people you have on your list which is powerful I mean when you’re able to make 500 one sale 1500 one sell 3,000 one I mean I’m not I’m not smoke I’m not joking fifteen hundred you know five hundred I’m showing you right now five hundred three thousand one sale you know and I’m showing people I’ll give you a my private coaching I’ll show you ii was going off with this system so simple it’s two three steps I do and that’s it I let it run by itself all day guys all day that simplicity but a lot of people are stuck in a whole different mindset which is crazy that it’s not possible you can make this kind of money and this and that it’s kind of brainwashing but the truth is you really can I’m um I’m uh let’s say I you can say I’m an example I’m an example to that so this has been one of the most powerful systems that I’ve been able even a newbie this is great for people who’s brand-new just have to be willing to to invest and at the same time be coachable be coachable and take action steps that’s all you got to do which that’s the power of it give me some hearts give me some love give me some some thumbs up if you feel me at the same time like I said feel free to hit me up on my fan page anytime or if you want hit me up on my my personal Facebook Jeff roars I mean that’s me I’m not hiding anything and uh let’s rock and roll hope you’re liking the jam and the music and all that good stuff but let me tell you right now what would it be if you could just make $3,000 extra $5,000 actual month right about ten thousand it’s all possible I’m not throwing crazy out numbers out there some people you know in their minds they’re not ready for that but I’m here to help you out because you don’t do the selling and selling you do everything and at the same time you have me I am experienced five years full time online and I know how to results and I just care about having people just get results all you gotta be is don’t be shy come to me and I’m gonna help you out and I’m gonna show you the way but first thing you got to do is take the road block away and jump in jump in when you’re ready I’m here alright guys so he’s Richard you make that clear what you say per month or not per week what are you talking about commissions let me know if you talk about commissions or not sure what are you talking about so make money got to make money Sam Carlos this is a big ticket program like I showed you like I showed you if you’re making one sale and you’re making 3,000 or you’re making 500 or you’re making 1,500 I just tell people I hope you don’t think this is a little hundred dollar program obviously the first level is 1280 1280 and one time you’re a village so you’re able to do 500 I’ll commissions most people come in right now at the level 2 or level 3 because they have big bonuses I’m they’re running until August late August and then a month I mean they might extend it this is what I last heard late August so you come in at level 2 it’s three thousand two eighty one time and you get bumped into the six K and now you’re able to make $3,000 commissions here’s the thing at first it might seem a lot of money I understand totally I own the same it’s a lot of money for most people for me everybody it’s a lot of money look at the big picture I’ve been able to do with this program I came at level three which bumped me into the 12 K within four months I’ve been able to do over 150,000 so at first it might be like oh my god big risk big risk it is big risk you want big money got big risk but here’s the same time you have mean you have me you have the company you have the coaches especially if you join me I will help you I’ll give you the resources that I’m using how to make it happen you know like I said this is not for everybody not for everybody and it’s not attended to it’s not intended for everybody this is only for the series – serious-minded the entrepreneur is that no numbers the knows risk calculated risk and see they got put money to make money this is not a job this is a business opportunity for good questions time I appreciate you and Richard I’m thinking you’re asking commissions commissioners you can make them every day you can make them every day there’s no limit there’s no limit so if that’s what you’re asking there’s no limit you could get paid every day Randy what’s going on what’s good guy was good let me know where you’re from give me hearts give me love but guys it’s been productive let’s make things happen here’s the biggest thing that I’ve seen the biggest fault that people always tell me Moe Jeff I’ve been trying online and you know I’m part of these small programs 40 $50 programs I can’t get on a bike let me tell you 40 $50 program people are very broke very broke I’m sorry I’m speak the fact very broke they’re they’re wishing for a wonder of Hail Mary you know that like you know a little Hail Mary out there and like a miracles just gonna happen when you have people investing twelve one thousand two eighty three thousand six thousand twelve thousand these are people with business minded and they know it takes the money to make money it’s a whole different kind of breed of people and this is the people that actually make big money online because when they join these small programs these are the people that are broke wishing for a miracle and then all of a sudden they call everything a scam and they have everybody else thinking it’s a scam you know but now as you know you read the news the most millionaires and billionaires are coming out of internet marketing based businesses in fact is fact I’m just passing the news right to you it’s real talk that’s all it is anybody else have any other questions so I can help you out before I died out by the same time like I said like this video share it and then comment you know freedom you know financial freedom I’m gonna send you the information if you want to be a part of it at the same time if you do join me besides the coaches you’re gonna have the most exclusive coaches in the business but also I’m gonna put you on my private group just to give you my tips my marketing tips that you can use if you decide to join another business you could take it over to another business and start you know getting results I’m here to help I’m here to help you get make money online because it’s possible it’s possible guys I have my own LLC I tax write everything off you know everything because I have my home business you know this is this is where it’s at guys this is where it’s at all right talk soon make it happen guys signing out

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