GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Smuggler’s Run

Thanks to all for getting back at us for a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks You already know, I’m Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew – but if you didn’t, now you do! This time we’re peeping out the new business opportunity introduced in “Smuggler’s Run” and drop everything you need to know about costs, time, profits and whatever else you didn’t think you wanted to know yet.

But do! So let’s get straightly to it! Like all other businesses, with “Smuggler’s Run” you will only be able to “buy-and-sell” in public sessions – unless you find some way to play on the down low. This business follows the same structure of the businesses added in Finance & Felony and Import/Export. To sell a product you have to steal it, so your presence and active participation is necessary to get paid. First things first, what’s the best Hangar to buy? Its ain’t like there’s a wide selection: two are located at the Los Santos International Airport and three at Fort Zancudo. The cheapest are at LSIA while the hangars at Fort Zancudo grant players a low-level clearance to the Fort – in other words the ability to enter and fly over and inside Fort Zancudo without gaining a 4-star wanted level.

Thanks to that, the three hangars located in the Fort are the most appealing, but whichever you choose, be ready to face some hard competition. Hangars do not offer any kind of upgrades, staff to pay, etc. Buy the place, decorate it, add a workshop if you want and it’s done. Once inside you can change the position of your planes. You can park a “Pegasus vehicle” changing its status to Personal Aircraft – that can later be called from the interaction menu – or customize your fleet with upgrades, colors and more. To begin smuggling in San Andreas you need to complete a setup mission, which always involves stealing a Mogul from some bikers; once the caper’s done, you can start making money.

Sourcing is the main aspect and focus of this new business. Under the office there’s enough space to store up to 50 crates of goods like, Narcotics, Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Gemstones, Tobacco & Alcohol and Counterfeit Goods. Each individual crate can be sold for $10,000 – fully stocked its worth hits a cool $500,000 – but that’s not all – even more cash can be raised thanks to a bonus we’ll get into later. These missions are crucial for players who wanna buy new aircraft – because completing them, unlocks discount prices – something that in both Import/Export and Gunrunning was tied to a specific, and fun to play, group of missions. In “Smuggler’s Run” instead, after the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st source missions, you unlock the trade prices for the Ultralight, Rogue, Alpha-Z1, Havok, LF-22 Starling, V-65 Molotok and Tula. But that’s not all, the Bombushka, Howard, Mogul, Pyro, Seabreeze, Nokota and Hunter all have their trade prices as well, that unlock after missions 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42 are complete.

Like any other business, you need to become a VIP, CEO or MC leader – that last one is not recommended for your health. That’s because first, spawning an armed Buzzard is more useful than any bike can ever be. Second, the most you’ll be able to collect in a single mission is 4 crates – even if you have a full 8-member MC club active. The reason for this is to stop players from filling and then selling out full Hangars in less than an hour. To start a mission, in the new office turn on the PC and choose the material you want to source.

Every mission has a 20-minute time limit. If you’re not able to complete all objectives and bring the crate to the hangar in the time allotted, the mission fails. If in the case of doing the mission with a friend – he manages to get his crate inside the Hangar before time is up, his will be valid and marked as collected – even if you don’t get yours back – the mission is passed. Once a sourcing mission has ended, you can immediately start a new one, unless you are interested in collecting the same material. In the event you do want to stick to the same product, you’ll have to wait. How long you wait depends on what kind of product you want: a four minute cooldown for Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies, three for Animal Materials, Art and Jewelry and two for all remaining categories – you also have to add an additional minute for every crate collected by one of your associates. There are various missions to play when collecting goods. Most of these require reaching an area, killing up a shitload of enemies and retrieving the cargo dropped by murdered goons, tucked inside fake crates that must be destroyed, or already in other aircraft that you need to jack and take back to your own hangar.

With the exception of the selling missions, you can destroy any given aircraft containing the crates, collect the goods on foot and use the vehicle you like the most to fly back to the Hangar. Moreover, while we talking about destroying aircraft, if these are marked on the map with a white icon, you can simply ignore them and use a different aircraft, while instead a colored icon indicates that using – or at least getting aboard – that aircraft is necessary. But let’s get back to missions. The simplest one requires reaching a Maverick crash site and finding and collecting the lost crate.

Most of these missions are designed to use the abilities of the new aircraft, like dogfighting enemies in Lazers using the new Molotok and Nokota. One of the best missions involves the use of the Tula and killing a group of scavengers in order to retrieve crates lost at sea. Other lit ones are where you silently attack enemies from the Air Ambulance or parachute in for mass stealth-killings of your enemy – then grab the crates. The most common missions unfortunately are, longer and more boring. The first example is the one created for the Hunter – an attack helicopter returning from the 3D era. In these missions, all you have to do is destroy an indefinite number of scramblers around Los Santos and Blaine County to reveal the location of a Brickade, destroy it to retrieve its cargo and take it back to the Hangar.

The same can be said for the Seabreeze, a new, faster plane able to land and take off on water, used for a long mission centered on bombing Tugs and Trash Trucks to retrieve their hidden cargo. Just like for the mission on the Rogue where you have to carpet-bomb roofs filled with enemies just to find out where a couple of Buzzards with cargo are. The last example is the mission featuring the Mogul. Here we have to defend a Titan from armed Buzzards for almost twelve minutes flying continuously in circles waiting for the next fleet of enemies to spawn. All these missions can be played alone and the ones which involve destroying stuff, are undoubtedly better played as such because there will always be fewer and fewer things to bomb before you find the merchandise. Not for nothing, but the design of the new aircraft and missions require at least one friend who can man the aircraft’s secondary weapons. This makes the missions hella’ easier. But its also possible to collect cargo without dealing with missions at all.

Like vehicles from Import/Export, you can destroy or steal other players’ crates. The first option – also known as the “that-motherfucka-method” – awards players who destroy other player’s crates only $2,000. The second option instead – just stealing it – adds an extra crate to your stock only available when an enemy player is on his own source mission. During an enemy’s selling mission, his cargo can’t be ripped off, only destroyed. But don’t forget – the same goes for you! Incorrectly, the game informs you that by destroying or stealing other people’s cargo, your stock will increase – now this is true if you put the stolen crate in your Hangar – because you’re gonna have one more crate, that’s the value increased, not if you destroy other people’s cargo. It doesn’t matter if your stock’s full or if you only have one crate, you can still start a selling mission.

But, it’s important to understand, this one is different from all other updates in that inspite of how much stock you’re selling, you can still find yourself with several aircraft to manage at once, even if you’re selling a single crate. Avoid selling alone in a public session, without a friend, or two (or more) to watch your back and your crates because you might end up getting hit and having all your profits blown to hell. In a selling test we did with a full stock of Chemical materials, we missed a single drop out of fifteen and for that, we lost almost half of our profit. You can choose to fill your Hangar with crates of the same type or get random and take a bit of this and that – but if you’re aiming for maximum profit, always source the same material of one of the first three types. That’s because if you collect at least 25 crates of Narcotics, Chemicals or Medical Supplies, the value of your entire stock gets a 35% bump. If you fill up your Hangar with one those materials, a 70% bonus is unlocked.

You get 12% per every 10 crates of Animal Materials, Art & Antiques and Jewelry & Gemstones – – giving you a maximum profit of $800,000 for a full stock of a single material. The remaining two categories, Tobacco & Alcohol and Counterfeit Goods instead only get a 5% boost and that’s for every five crates, for a max price of $750,000. As always, the “High Demand” bonus is active. We’re talking about a positive bonus of 1% more for each enemy player in the lobby at the moment of the sell. However, to balance it all out, Rockstar Games also added a negative bonus. For every sell completed, Ron will get a 2.5% cut from your profit. That means $250 for a single crate goes to $21,250 for the full stock of prime product sold. Damn! Like sourcing, selling missions also center on the new aircraft added with Smuggler’s Run – and even here the cooldown between two selling missions, no matter how many crates – is just a paltry three minutes. One mission that calls for 2 players – literally it won’t even start if you’re alone – is focused on a new cargo plane, the RM-10 Bombushka. Thing is, with the Bombuska, you have to fly low to drop crates to buyers.

Meanwhile your friends have to arm the machine guns in case they have to end any fools trying to attack in a Buzzard. In another mission you fly Ultralights under a height limit – to avoid activating the “Global Signal”. That’s a becon that broadcasts your position on a map to all the other players in the session. Nothing’ a G wants. But there are also classic missions that require simply flying towards checkpoints using an Alpha Z-1, or dropping cargo in a designated area from a Seabreeze. Still in others you only use a Skylift to bring a container aboard a cargo ship. There are two different missions where helicopters are used. In one, the Cargobob is utilized, while in the other – the Havok.

Each requires multiple deliveries for each player. What this means is that more than one helicopter for a single player is needed if you use the Havok – there will be from two to eight Havoks depending on how many players you have and how much cargo you’re selling. In the mission involving the Cargobob, each player needs to get aboard a Cargobob, lift up a small cargo container and deliver it to a specific place. This process must be repeated at least once. One odd thing we noticed about selling missions, is the number of aircraft the game gives you. With the exception of one selling mission involving four players and eight Havoks, all the missions we played gave us two to three aircraft – even if our team had four players. And like we already said, you could fuck around and end up with three aircrafts to manage during a selling mission – even if you’re playing alone and just selling a few crates. To maximize profits and blow up those paydays, you know you have to fill your hangar with Narcotics, Chemicals or Medical Supplies. Remember, this is so you can sell your full stock for $850,000.

Considering missions can’t take more than 20 minutes – but that most of them can be done in 10, you’ll be able to have a full stock in two and half to a maximum of four and half hours while playing with a team of four. Instead, if you play alone, collecting 50 crates could take up to 18 hours. So, let’s move on to what all G’s are in it for, the math! Here we breakdown costs, profits and more. The least expensive setup for a hangar is $1,200,000, while the most expensive rockets up to $5,670,000, but that’s all. You don’t have to spend money on anything else to run this business – there are no upgrades, fees to pay for having info about the crates or such. Your hangar is even perfectly protected and cannot be raided. To recover the cost of the cheaper hangar, and make a profit of half a million, all you have to do is sell two full stocks of prime materials. But you’ll need to sell seven to get the top one and profit by $280Ks. Both are definitely doable because in the first scenario, even playing alone, in less than 40 hours you’ll be able to record a profit, while in the second scenario you’ll be able to make a profit in less than a single week.

So, it’s definitely easy to break-even in Smuggler’s Run in less than ten hours of abusing your friends’ patience, you can cover all the expenses necessary to start and run your own filthy business. If you’re able to isolate yourself and your friends while selling, you’ll be able to put some serious money in the bank. Still, the Bikers and Gunrunning businesses are better because they keep making money even if you’re focused on something else – and even if you buy supplies, your profit will be nice. The real problem of “Smuggler’s Run” is not its content, but what came before: over a year of updates that followed the same logic and structure. Also dragging it down are the repetitive and long missions, the removal of co-op missions and the fact that you’re still being forced to do everything in public lobbies full of motherfuckers with just one thing in mind: screwing you – surely this isn’t helping the way players are starting to see GTA Online.

And that ends this Tips and Tricks episode. Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about “Smuggler’s Run”. If you want to chat with us and other players or find someone to play GTA Online with, join us in our Official Discord Server or follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s all, from the GTA Series Videos crew and yours truly, G7MT. See you next time..

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How to Make $200 A Day Online As a Lazy 16-17 Year Old

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I’m gonna be showing you how you can earn over $200 a day online with this simple method I’m gonna show you guys guys the great thing about what I’m gonna show you is this works even if you’re completely broke you don’t need a single dollar to start doing this and the great part is guys as soon as you finish this video you can take what I’m about to tell you and you can start doing it yourself to start entering some money online so that sounds good make sure you stick around to the end of the video because guys in just a minute we’re gonna dive into my computer so I can show you guys exactly how to do this but before that guys I gotta say right now if you’re new to the channel and this is your first time watching me then definitely subscribe right now join the fam for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to do this alright what is going on guys we’re in my computer as you can see we’re on because this actual website we’re gonna be using to earn over $200 a day online hi guys I’m gonna dive straight into it I’m not gonna waste your time your time is valuable my time is valuable so I’m gonna get straight in and tell you guys exactly what we’re doing or actually we doing guys when we drop shipping products from suppliers on eBay directly to customers guys I’m gonna show you some examples the people that are doing this right now to earn some money online and you’re pretty much gonna be doing the exact same thing that they are so guys I’m gonna type in a hand drill that seems like a good a good random item to choose so first one right here guys it’s smelling for a simple mini micro aluminum hand drill with keyless chuck whatever okay so a forty-nine free shipping and this person’s already sold one hundred and thirty two of these let’s go ahead and click this I guess we’re actually gonna do is gonna come down to the pictures down here we can click this picture right here like search Google for image because what we’re actually doing guys is I can almost guarantee this person is drop shipping this product from another supplier what I did was guys I write clicks and I clicked search Google for image we’re actually in a reverse image search for this image we can actually find it find it find their supplier let’s click this link right here and right here guys Allen’s website same aluminum drill it’s pretty much the exact same picture guys exact same pictures are using on eBay right here are the exact same pictures on his website and right here it’s only selling for 468 with free shipping standard shipping time 7 or 20 business day is not a problem you guys see it’s only selling for 468 here we guys on eBay this person selling it right here for 849 weekend with free shipping but that right there was a $4 difference almost the foil difference in price every time he sells one of these he’s making a $4 profit right there was do some quick math he sold over 132 of these he’s made over $400 just selling this mini micro aluminum hand drill for like $8 I’m not even sure what this thing really is to be honest please made a serious profit just song is one item alone guys you’re gonna be doing the exact same thing gonna be going through eBay looking for products and then you’re actually a find suppliers for these products on other websites like this I’m banggood you guys can use Walmart Amazon Home Depot they all work you guys are pretty much it’s gonna be drop shipping directly to the customer we’re gonna be doing is Union be taking products like this and you’re gonna be listing them on eBay but when somebody buys them instead of shipping the product to your house you’re actually gonna put the customers information in and ship it directly to them alright so I’m gonna show you guys another example because right now you’re probably saying Anthony this is like an $8 hand drill he’s only making like $4 selling this hand drill in profit you said we’re making two hundred dollars a day online how are we doing that so I’m actually going I’m actually sure he has no example of a little bit of a higher priced item let’s choose another random one let’s type in baby crib that says krub okay let me okay let me fix that really fast sorry about that guys baby crib and of course if you have a lot of his 7000 results that one’s actually coming straight from Target so I’m not gonna put that one that one looks nice but I’m actually to click this one right here the portable baby crib bassinet playpen travel all that good stuff just longing for $75 right now he sold over eight of these already let’s do the same thing guys gonna come on to the picture right click right click and then click search Google for image the same thing as we’re pretty much reverse searching the image to find out where their supplier is you guys right here Walmart calm let’s this and see where it brings us and guys it is the exact same picture again right there accident that they have on eBay right there on mine I was actually out of stock but I mean when this person made the last thing that probably wasn’t stock but this person is doing the exact same thing it’s selling on for 62 dollars 98 cents then he’s selling it for 1795 so I don’t almost a 10 dollar profit this one was baby crib alone and he sold over eight of them how does a quick $80 guys right there or course you’re not gonna see insane profit to this obviously you guys aren’t gonna be sourcing products and then selling them for like double triple the price but if you guys can make maybe like 5 10 maybe even 20 dollars in profit per sale that will add up especially if you guys list multiple products that’s really the heat here guys is the scale is up you don’t want to do is pick one product unless that product than wait for it to sell I’m pretty sure new eBay accounts allow you to sell up to 10 products out of time you can list 10 different items and sell them all at once if you have a little bit of an older account or give a more experienced account you can actually even more items so let’s say use 50 items from from Walmart Amazon Home Depot all these places on eBay as if you have 50 items all making me like 5 10 20 25 dollars in profit and a few of those are selling every single day you should easily be able to scale it up to like $100 day $20 day maybe even more if you actually stick with this for a while grow your eBay account a little bit and actually get your selling limit increased because guys there are people on eBay that are really making a killing with this there are people that have stories with over a thousand items listed and of course they’re making lots of sales every single day with that and of course guys like I said before it might only be like five ten fifteen dollars with your song like 20 things a day 15 50 things a day and you’re easily making 100 200 maybe even 300 dollars day doing this exact method you guys are probably wondering hey is this legal are you allowed to do this is a customer name at if they find out like it came from my Amazon or Home Depot Walmart alright guys let me clear that up this is completely legal you’re not doing anything wrong here what of course I have to give you guys a little bit of a disclaimer I’m gonna be honest you guys when you’re actually selling things from like Walmart Amazon Home Depot a lot of the times they’ll actually come with like an invoice and and on that invoice it’ll say exactly what’s uh what’s in the package right for examples sake it’ll say you know there’s new coffee baby crib playpen and it’ll actually tell you the price on the invoice as well so and that and those scenarios the customer might get a little bit upset if you’re actually charging seventy eight ninety five but you know they see that you only paid sixty to ninety for it they might get a little bit upset on certain websites in like the shipping to the checkout you can actually put do not include any type of like invoice or promotional material in the package that way the customer won’t see any receipts for invoices and they can really get upset but again with Amazon Amazon also ships with their Amazon tape and their Amazon boxes so that might look a little bit suspicious to the customer but I also know a lot of people that do this exact method on eBay and they ship things from Walmart Amazon Home Depot and they don’t really care they’re making that much trouble of course guys you might have to do with some customer service issues every once in a while isn’t like the biggest deal guys like I said this is completely legal there’s nothing wrong with this a lot of times when people are coming to eBay to buy things they’re pretty much looking for the cheapest price I’m we’re looking around I’m really Price shopping window shopping checking different websites for different prices if any were just coming eBay buying and not really caring about what they’re paying necessarily they just hoping they’re getting the lowest price but of course you know you’re actually making a profit with it over that clears things up a little bit for you guys this is not illegal there’s nothing wrong with doing this it’s completely fine but you might have to do with some angry customers every once in a while I can’t guarantee anything guys I’m not gonna sit here lie to you of course so you might have to do with some hanging customers every once in a while but of course guys we’re not we’re not worrying about that we’re worrying about making profit making $200 a day online and it’s exactly how you’re gonna do it that’s pretty much the video wrapped up guys if you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a like on it and definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day make sure to join the fam and with that being said guys my name is Anthony villa I’ll see you in the next video and until then I am out peace you

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10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

– Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake, of helping you create something awesome today. So today we’re gonna talk about 10 different ways to make passive income online. And I’m really excited about this, because this is probably one of the most important videos that I’ve ever done, because this will actually help people achieve financial freedom, make some extra money, give themselves a raise, maybe put some money away for their kid’s college, so I’m super excited about this particular video. Now I’m not one of those internet gurus, who is trying to sell you on the idea that passive income means not having to work, or get up early, or do anything like that. It’s freaking hard work and it’s nothing new. The top Fortune 500 companies in the world, are making passive income right now. You just have to change the way you’ve been thinking about it, so that you don’t think of it as a scam or a myth.

And there’s a lot of ways you can really think about exactly how this works, and has always worked. And reality is that, right now, whoever is doing the, or has the licensing in Netflix for a show like Dawson’s Creek, or Roswell, or something like that, from years and years ago. Guess what, the actor’s might not be making any money from that right now, or they might. It’s called, they might be getting royalties. But whoever controls the licensing, and was able to sell that to Netflix. Whoever had the rights to the whole thing, they’re making money years after that show is already off the year. The camera man, who showed up every day, he’s not still making money off of Dawson’s Creek, or Smallville, or whatever. But whoever owns the licensing to that intellectual property, is still making money today. The person who invented the paper clip, their descendants are still making money today. So when you think about passive income from that perspective, you realize that the largest corporations in the world are raking in passive income right now, while you’re waking up and grinding, which by the way, you should probably still be doing.

But, they are doing that, and making money on the backend. CEO’s could probably stop working today, but because they own their company, they will make residual passive income everyday, whether they show up and run the business or not, or whether their general manager or their VP does it. So, you have to start thinking about it in that way. So here are ten ways that you can actually start making passive income, and a lot of them are really easy, and you can do them right now. For one thing, if you don’t own your own intellectual property, it’s okay. You can do what’s called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketings from programs like Amazon, or Commission Junction, or even through individual web hosting companies, like Blue Host, and Go Daddy, and One in One, all allow you to sell their products, or their services, and you will get a commission for it.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. So if you read a book, like, let’s say, the Ask Gary Vee book, which is one of the best books to buy right now, is a blue print for entrepreneurship. So buy that book with the link in the description below. See what I just did? That is affiliate marketing. So I want you to buy Gary’s book, and learn about how to be an entrepreneur, or how to grow your business, and if you do, I’d probably make a couple bucks.

So that right there, is a primary example of affiliate marketing. Now granted, you should do that for things and products that you believe in, and you know, and that you are reputable to speak about. If you’re a photographer, talk about the camera gear that you own, and review each piece of lenses, and camera bodies, and your lighting equipment, and get people to buy those based on your recommendations.

Or recommend alternatives to those, and that’s a way to do affiliate marketing. That’s just one example. You can do affiliate marketing whether you’re a photographer, an artist, a makeup guru, whatever, it’s something that you can do right now, just by talking about products you own, and products you love. Now, a lot of you might be thinking, well, if I do that, that doesn’t necessarily mean I can quit my day job, or that I can create financial freedom for myself. You’d be surprised, actually. You’d be surprised. I’m not allowed to talk about certain numbers, from certain programs, but I can tell you right now, that I do very well in Amazon. I probably do somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars a month, in Amazon affiliate marketing, right now, based around my content. So that’s just a primary example.

I can tell you that other affiliate marketing programs like Blue Host, the web hosting company that I use, and that I do affiliate marketing on behalf of, whenever I get somebody to sign up for the cheapest Blue Host plan, I get 65 dollars. Right now, there are many of you watching this video that are making 65 dollars after working all day busting your hump at your job right now. Whereas, if you were able to actually get two people to start a new website, you’d make 130 dollars for that day.

Granted, that will pay out 30 to 60 days later, but again, this is the earning potential we’re talking about. And so, I would say that taking advantage of programs like Amazon, Blue Host, and Commission Junction are a really good way to make passive income. And, even if you have no intention of ever leaving your day job, this will give you that 5,000 dollar a year raise that your boss just isn’t gonna give you, and is not gonna write a check for. So affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways that you can make passive income, but there are other great ways that you can as well. One of them, is creating your own products. Like, writing a book? Or maybe your thing is that you’re really good at making music in Garage Band, or Fruity Loops, or whatever.

You can actually sell products online, whether they’re a book, whether they’re videos, whether they’re music, you can sell these products online in things like Amazon and iTunes and Google Play, and you can make passive income. This is the same as the same big companies that are selling their DVDs or their downloads. You can do that too, and the beauty of it is you can go directly to the marketplace, and not need to sign with a label, or a publishing company.

The guy who wrote The Martian, whose name escapes me right now. He put his book out for free, and his audience demanded that they be able to read it on their Kindle, and on their iPad. So he went directly to the marketplace, and more people bought the book, than downloaded the free version when they could before. Or went to the website and got the free version. More people bought the book. It was an instant Amazon best seller. All of a sudden, all the publishing companies that turned him down, and mocked him, and laughed at him.

All of a sudden, they had to come crawling back, and they wanted to offer him a deal, and that’s how the book went to print. And later, he sold the licensing rights, which is another way that you can make passive income, for that movie. So licensing your content, licensing your intellectual property, whether it’s the rights for your book, or your idea to become a film, or a television show, is a great way for you to make money, and to get royalties so that you’re paid for life off of that, as well as sell the product directly. So these are two great ways, that you can make passive income. And again, you can do this whether it’s the licensing of your idea for a movie, whether it’s selling part of the rights to your book, whatever it is, you can do that, and go directly to the marketplace and sell your product, or you can license it to somebody else, and make money on the backend.

Tip number four for making passive income, is speaking of licensing, there is a such thing as stock video, stock photography, and stock audio. By selling stock resources, you can actually make royalties off of that forever as well. If you’re a photographer, and you shot some great landscapes, or you have some stuff that you bought from the dollar store, you shot against a white background, like a piggy bank, marketers like me buy stock photos, by the drogues all the time to use for banner ads, and for print ads, and for billboards, and for things like that. So you could make a lot of money off of marketors and designers if you’re a photographer, and if you shoot video, you can sell to video editors and to marketors as well, as far as stock video, we’re always looking for that stuff, and we want that to be royalty free, so we’ll pay for the rights to use it, and if we want it to be exclusive, we’ll pay even more. So producing stock audio, and selling that to people in a marketplace like iStock, or Audio Blocks, or Graphic River, or Invato, all of those things are a way to make passive income online forever, having done the work one time.

So if you make a lot of these things, you stand to make a lot more money. If you have like 100 beats to sell, you can package and bundle some of them, you can sell them individually, and you can sell them in multiple marketplaces. You don’t have to do marketplace exclusivity. You get more money if you do, but you can sell them everywhere and make a lot of money. You can do the same thing with your photography, or if you’re a graphic designer, you can make some simple graphics, you can make word bubbles, you can make arrows, you can sell banner ad templates, you can sell website templates, and this will make you money online. So, selling stock graphics and stock audio and stock video is a great way to make passive income, because again, you’re selling a product.

One of the other ways you can make passive income online, is through online advertising. Online advertising through Google ad sense and other marketplaces are a great way to make some real money. Now granted, it’s pennies on the dollar, but if you have enough content in enough places, it all adds up. You could also use affiliate marketing banner ads and links along with these Google ad sense pay per click ads, and that could be a good way to make some money in different ways. So if you have a blog, you can do Google ad sense, and you can do the other ad marketplaces, but you can also use your affiliate marketing there as well, and then you have more shots at making real money. So, I would highly encourage you to sign up for as many of those marketplaces as you can, and get in on Google ad sense, as well as some other ones. A sixth way you can make passive income, is through direct video marketing. Now, this works in a couple of different ways. There are video platforms outside of YouTube, that pay you, like Daily Motion has a way to pay you, and so does Vimeo, as far as paid on demand videos.

So you could use those marketplaces. YouTube also is connected to Google ad sense, and that is another way to make passive income. So you can use video content, and pay video, to make passive income online and that’s another great opportunity for you. Another way you can make passive income online, is through sponsored content. Now, the way sponsored content works, is very different, depending on who the sponsor is. You could get what’s called, pay for performance sponsorship, which means that they will pay you in proportion to how many views that you get for your content, whether that’s a video, whether that’s a blog post, whether it’s a podcast. They’ll pay you based on either the downloads, or the views, or what have you. And that’s another great way to make passive income online. Some people want to pay you a flat rate, and that’s okay too. Another option is also, they could pay you a commission based on what’s called cost per action, meaning if your videos translated to a sale for them, and it’s trackable, they will pay you for that. So it’s similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s a little different.

Because instead of going to the marketplace, you have a direct deal. The commissions for that could be higher, than if you did affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is usually lower percentages, anywhere from four to ten percent, but when we’re talking about direct sales, it could be higher. So just look into that. Speaking of sales, another great way, and I think this is number eight, to go ahead and make passive income online, is what’s called joint venture partnerships. So if somebody’s launching a product, or a course, and you’re what’s called a JV Partner, a joint venture partner, you can sell on their behalf, and they will cut you in for the profits, and this could be 20%, 30%, or even upwards of 50% and that’s great. Now, you might be wondering, why somebody might do that, but the reality is, selling stuff is harder than people think. So if you have ten people out there selling for you, getting 50% of the sales of ten people, is much better than getting 100% of just the sales you can bring in by yourself. So that would be another great opportunity. So you can look for joint venture partnerships, by either working directly with entrepreneurs, people in your network, or just do a Google search and find out whose looking for JV Partners, and see what you can bring to the table.

Another way of doing passive income online, is network marketing. I’m not the biggest fan of network marketing personally, but there are a lot of people who swear by it, and I would just say, make sure you’re not roped into a pyramid scheme. Look for something really strong, as far as network marketing, and something that’s reputable. Grant Cardone has a lot of great advice on this, so I would highly recommend that you look into that. One of the final ways I’m gonna talk about making passive income online, is selling actual, tangible products. Meaning, that you can actually go into Amazon, or Ebay, and you can sell existing products that you already have to people, whether they’re new or used. This can be great if you happen to get a gift that you have two of, you can go ahead and make some money by doing this, by just taking a couple pictures and posting up for sale and seeing who bites. This is a fantastic way to make money offline, if you’re trying to go ahead, and think of it as a virtual garage sale. So this is my tenth, and final way for you to make passive income online.

I might go in depth about each of these, later down the road, but these ten things are something that you can execute on probably today, tomorrow, or within the week, if you really wanted to. Anyway, I hope this video helped you guys out. This should probably help some of you figure out how you can make a little bit of extra money. A lot of these things are things that I’ve done, I’m actively doing, or have done in the past, or I specifically know people that are first hand connection, who have taught me about it, so that’s why I’m giving this advice. Resource links for everything I’ve talked about, are in the description below. So make sure you’re checking that out. If you still have questions about passive income, and how to make it work for you, let me know in the comments section.

I’ll try and answer as many of your questions as I can. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome content on the channel, as always you guys, thanks so very much for watching, and don’t forget, create something awesome today..

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11 Passive Income Ideas 😴 (Proven Ways to Make $1,000+ Per Month)

– Creating passive income takes work, but once you implement those processes, it’s one of the most fruitful income sources that you’ll ever have and it’s also very rewarding. Today, I wanna share my 11 most favorite passive income sources that you can start today. (lively music) Okay, the first idea is pretty well a no-brainer especially if you know that I’m a financial planner and have been working with clients for over 15 years now. But, the first passive income source that you can derive is from investing. Now, I know many of you watching this might think, “Well Jeff, I don’t have a lot of money to get started.” I get it, I was there too. But, let me tell you, it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.

Whether it be 50 bucks a month, $100 a month, anything that you can start investing, you can start making gains, start making interest off your investment. So, whether if you’re making capital gains off of your mutual funds, your ETFs or your stocks, or if you have dividends that pay out on a consistent basis, these are all sources of passive income that you can get.

If you’re not sure where to get started investing, there are a ton of online providers nowadays. There are Robo Advisors such as Betterment, Wealthfront, Acorns, Robinhood, Ally Invest, E-Trade. If you know nothing about investing and you want somebody to pick those investments for you, that’s why I have to recommend Betterment. Betterment doesn’t have any money to start and they will chose an ETF model for you.

So, if you’re putting any money in, they’re gonna choose those investments and then you’ll sit back and start making those capital gains in dividends, otherwise passive income. Now, another form of option that I love when it comes to investing is peer-to-peer lending. I started doing peer-to-peer lending over six years ago and it has been one of my most favorite investment classes to put your money into. Now, peer-to-peer lending is just like as if you’re acting as the bank. So, instead of somebody going to the bank and getting a loan, you are giving them a microloan. So, you become the financial institution. And, since these are microloans, you’re only giving up about $100 per loan, sometimes less. And, I don’t know if you’ve ever taken out a personal loan from a bank, but you know how much interest they charge. So, imagine now you’re sitting on the side of the bank and you’re collecting that interest.

The top two peer-to-peer lenders to check out are LendingClub and Prosper. I have accounts with them both and I really don’t have a preference either which one. Well, I’ll tell you, I’ve been sitting back and earning those interest checks since I’ve started and I love it. My second passive income idea is taking advantage of deal sites and/or survey sites. So, sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, or MySurvey. Signing up for these sites allow you to do your normal shopping that you do online and make a little bit extra money on the side. Or if you’re sitting on your couch watching Netflix, your favorite TV show or some sports game, if you have your laptop handy, you could fill out surveys as you’re wasting time, killing time, and make really good money.

All right, my third passive income idea, and this one’s a little bit outside the box, but hear me out. Taking advantage of cash-back reward points. Now, I know, I’m sure you’re thinking how is that really passive income? But, check this out. Before I started using credit cards to pay all of our bills, we used to use debit cards all the time. Because I always subscribed to the idea of like you shouldn’t have credit cards because credit cards are evil. They’re not that evil. But, when I started talking to others that were truly taking advantage of all the different reward points that you have to offer, I realized that we were missing out on a ton of free cash. So, we’ve started using reward points, specifically for cash back, airline miles, or hotels, anything like that that we knew that we’d be using on a frequent basis. So, now everything that we buy, whether it’s our cell phone bill, our satellite bill, Netflix, groceries, gasoline, we run all of our expenses through our credit cards and we get back tons of reward points.

And, with these reward points, we’ve cashed in on airline miles, hotels, and a variety of other things. A couple years ago, we took our entire family to Jamaica and didn’t have to spend a single dime other than some snacks in the airport. So, using your credit cards to taking advantage of these reward points is so passive because you don’t have to do anything. You’re doing something that you’re already gonna do to begin with. You just sit back and enjoy the cash. Cha ching! All right, on to passive income idea number four. And, this is a fun one. Doesn’t really apply to me, well, it kinda does. Ah, let me explain. So, one of my good friends is a photographer and when he started taking pictures for me and my family and for my business, he asked, “Okay, I will take your pictures and I won’t charge you, “but, I wanna be able to use you “for my iStock photography account.” At the time, I didn’t know really what iStock was or what stock photography was, but I thought, you know what, if I’m getting free pictures, sign me up.

So, he would upload my pictures to iStock and businesses from all over the world were using my picture on their websites, brochures, and all their marketing materials. I’ve had so many people contact me because they saw my picture on some brochure or website and asked like, “Jeff, is that you?” It’s like, yeah, that’s me. Now, I don’t get any royalties for that because all I got was free pictures. But, my buddy who’s a photographer is still making royalties off pictures that he took several years ago. So, if you have a knack with a camera and love to take pictures of people, things, whatever, consider using iStock or any stock photography service. All right, number five is for all my artists out there. And, this is something that’s not me because I’m definitely musically challenged. So, there’s this cool service called Patreon. It’s for any artist that has a community, a growing community, and you wanna get paid for your work. And, you have a community of people that love your art whether that be your drawings, your music, whatever that art may be. And each time that you release a new item, you can get paid a fee for that.

And you get to determine what that fee is. So, let me give you a few examples of some friends of mine that really have taken advantage of Patreon. A good friend of mine, Evan Burse, also known as the Cartoon Block, is a very popular artist and has a thriving YouTube channel. And, he loves showing people how to sketch superheroes. So, with Patreon, any time that he creates a new image, a new sketch, his community will pay him a fee every time that he releases a new image.

Talk about getting paid for what you love to do. Another good friend of mine, Chris Greenwood, a musician and in the band Manafest, gets paid by his community every time he releases a new music video. See, these are things that these artists were doing anyway. But, now instead of just releasing something and hopes that somebody will discover it or that you hope that you might get paid for your work, with your community that is looking forward to the next piece of art that you’re going to release, you’re going to get paid and they’re excited to pay you. Check out for other ideas especially if you’re an artist that wants to get paid for your work. All right, number six. And, this one takes a little bit of time, but once you get it out there, you can really sit back and start earning that passive income. So, what am I talking about? This time I’m talking about writing a book.

Shameless book plug. So, I had both the wonderful and stressful experience of writing a book, Soldier of Finance, back in 2013. But, here’s the cool thing, the book has been out for almost four years and guess what? I’m still getting paid on sales. I can log in to Amazon and see how many sales of my book are occurring each and every week. But, maybe you’re not ready to do a physical book. You could also sell an ebook. There are tons of authors that release books all the time on Amazon. Writing and publishing books in the Amazon Kindle program is so much easier than it ever was. So, if this is something that you wanna do, think about it very hard. Another blogger that I know in the personal finance space named Mike Piper, blogger at is making over six figures a year from his ebooks that he sells. And, guess what? He doesn’t have a ton of ebooks, but he has enough.

And, the ones that he does sell, yields him over six figures every single year. As you could see, writing a book, whether it be a physical book, like Soldier of Finance, or an ebook, can be very lucrative. You just have to get the book done and get it out there. All right, number seven. ♫ We’re about get physical, physical ♫ We’re about to get physical ♫ Come on and get physical ♫ Let’s get into physical – Okay, so maybe not that kind of physical, but we’re talking about physical products. So, this could be a variety of things. This could be t-shirts, mugs, blankets. It’s amazing what you can create and sell online, especially with the Amazon FBA program. But, maybe you don’t wanna go that route and you actually do have a physical product that you wanna sell. One of my most favorite success stories is Steve Chou from the blog So, with Steve’s case, his wife is getting ready to quit her job, a six-figure salary living in Northern California and he wanted to find a way that he could replace that so she could still spend the time with their kids, but also not lose out on the income.

So, what do they do? They created a digital online store selling physical products. In this case, it was handkerchiefs. You could check out his site at and see everything that they sell. Now, their store has evolved a lot from the handkerchiefs so they offer a lot of different things. But, here’s the cool thing about that story. Within the first year of launching their online store and selling these physical products, they replaced his wife’s income over $100,000. Did you hear that? $100,000 after their first year of opening their doors.

That’s amazing. And, the best part, it is passive income. All right, on to number eight. Let me tell you, number eight was one that didn’t work out quite well for me, but I know it’s worked out for a ton of other people. So, where does this one? Real estate. Now, there are many ways that you can get involved in real estate. You can flip houses, you can buy ’em and sell ’em wholesale or you can become a landlord and have tons of rental properties. And, that’s the path that I started. But when I started down that path, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Now, thankfully, I didn’t lose my butt on that investment, but it did allow me to explore other passive income ideas that I’m currently implementing. But, let me tell you, I have a local friend here who is in his early 30s and is making over $250,000 a year from his real estate properties.

He has a lot that he does flip, but he has a good chunk of his real estate portfolio that is completely passive. I will tell you if you want to start getting involved with real estate, make sure that you have a good mentor, because you can lose a lot of money very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, if you’re not completely comfortable investing into physical real estate, there are other options. One option are real estate investment trusts which you can buy through ETFs. Other options include sites like So, with Fundrise, they will take your money and you’ll put that in a pool with other real estate investors and then somebody’s in charge of choosing those physical locations for you.

So, that way, you’re not in charge of picking those locations or having to collect rent and making sure that they’re taking care of the upkeep on those buildings. All you do is sit back and collect the interest and dividends. Either which way that you look to explore into real estate is going to yield you some sort of passive income. Passive income idea number nine, take 17. So if you’re comfortable putting yourself on the world getting in front of a camera kinda like I’m doing right now, you can publish content to YouTube and sit back and make money.

So, how exactly are you making money on YouTube? The most easiest way is the ads that you see. You know, those annoying skip here ads the first five seconds of every YouTube video that you watch? Yeah, those ads. Anyway, YouTube publishers get paid any time that you watch any of their videos. So, YouTube’s always looking for content creators that are willing to put in the time and effort to create good video content. One of my favorite local stories here is Emily from Beauty Broadcast. When she started her YouTube channel showing her community how to apply makeup, she started making a little bit of money with the ads from her videos. The next thing you knew, those ads kept increasing as her viewers gained and her subscribers gained. Fast forward to three or four years later, she was able to quit her day job because she was making more money than her day job with her YouTube videos.

Now, she makes almost six figures every year just by putting on makeup every single day. Pretty sweet, I like it. I don’t really wear makeup, but you know, whatever. It works. So, whether you wanna create makeup videos, prank videos, or crazy workout videos, if you’re willing to put in the work and upload those to YouTube, you can get paid. All right, number 10. And, number 10 is definitely one of my favorites ’cause it’s near and dear to me. But, it is blogging. So, I started my blog back in July of 2008,, holla. And I’m still amazed at not only the amount of money I’ve been able to make from my blog, but just all the connections I’ve made with so many amazing people over the years. Now, my blog brings in over seven figures a year. What? And most of it is passive. Yes, like a landlord, it does take some upkeep and there are things we have to do, but I put in very little work for the base that I built up over the years. You can check out other bloggers like Pat Flynn from or food bloggers Lindsay Bjork Ostrom from

And, even my wife, Mandy, from All these bloggers are making really good money and most of them are from blog posts that they wrote over three years ago. It’s amazing and it is almost completely passive. If you’re interested in making your first $1000 from blogging, be sure to check out my free Email Challenge, the Make 1K Challenge. You can check out more details at In this challenge, I show you how to start your first blog, publish your first blog post, and give you behind-the-scenes peek of how I made my first $1000. Yes, it can be done. So, go check it out at All right, here is the last one and I don’t know if this is my favorite, but it definitely is one that I’m pretty excited about. So, what is it? What I’m talking about here is creating your own online course. Now, this is something that I fought forever.

I’ve always wanted to create a course, but I kept struggling with what do I wanna create, what’s the idea? Who are the people that I wanna serve? And, I kept coming up with idea after idea after idea, but unfortunately, I never actually launched any of those ideas. Now, let me tell you, to make passive income, you don’t make money off ideas. You make money off implementing those ideas. Finally, about two years ago, I released my first course, The Online Advisor Growth Formula. In this course, I’m showing financial advisors how to use online marketing to grow their businesses. I launched that course last year and I’ve created the course, I’ve just recorded all the videos, and now all I do is market, which most of it is automated using Facebook ads and email marketing. Last year, we made over $100,000 off that course, all because I took an idea and actually implemented it. This year, we’re on track to beat that by at least 50% if not double it. Now, remember, I’ve already created the course.

This is not something new that I have to redo or reshoot. All the information is there. Now, it’s just a matter of getting that course in front of the right people that are willing to buy it. Out of all the ideas I’ve shared with you, I love the creating an online course idea the most because the margins are ridiculous. If you’re selling a course for $1000, your cost in that course may only be 100 buck, 200 bucks. But, as you go along and make more sales, your margin decreases which means your profits increased. So, you start making more money and more money and more money. And, guess what? It’s completely passive. Now, as you can see, there are a ton of passive income ideas you can start. I’ve only shared 11 with you here today. On my blog,, I share 25 passive income ideas that you could start in addition to the 11 I’ve shared here today. Now, we’re constantly adding to that blog post so if that number is bigger by the time you actually watch this, just know that we must’ve found another great passive income idea that we’ve added to that post.

All right, now I wanna hear from you. What passive income idea have you implemented? How much are you making? How long did it take until you started earning passive income? I want you to share with the GFC community so others can benefit and start making some real passive income. Let’s go make some money. Jeff Rose for Take care. All right, onto passive inki– So I had the wonderful and… Oy goy, bar right services. Starting over, that doesn’t make sense what I just said..

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[$12,614 in 29 days]- Clickbank Live PROOF- How To Make Money With Clickbank

Yellow I’m going To if you are intersted to make money online Mucha all that action hide anything in this vieo I will show you how i made $12,614 in 29days from clickbank the best but less yes like that at all this in the world and this this he just said so trust yeah so the engine I’ll do this no holder is cause of this year in Asia customers I what yes the secret sauce what’s needed statement and I and also celibacy tunis just the laptop any that she any that help people this Islam so here’s what I said up close the US in six days an element of human think the whole his chain that he’s I love this step-by-step along the Sun levels on how I for something else unusual the just that are internet connection limited capital know all this no style so Alcides the well the national and one that will be many more lene right now millionaires hmm Thursday here in the US I just checked in at Hilton Woodland Hills in Delhi I’m still jetlagged library excited to get started so how does it all look well to start you need two things: near that top and you need an internet connection so I left off in five yet I’m gonna get connected to the internet now the next thing which I wanna show you is to take more all the current date and time it’s currently 8 18 p.m.

Here Lt and its June 10 on a Sunday 2012 and the reason why i wanna show you this is so that we can track our progress ministry okay this thing these are little is was assigned a public defender Kyle this came back to come I just signed up for another couple of minutes ago ed I’ll let you do take note all the company as well as its sales you’ll see that the account name is called US chip and you also notice that this click back in town is fresh is 10 seal me to date is completely new and this will be there come will be working on in the next couple of weeks I’ll talk to you again soon as soon as I make my first sip is baby yen the US I’m still a few Lt and best thing to do is not think ok at home here as you can see from time in deep thought pump it currently p.m. june the twelfth Chango so let’s take a look at how US ship bank account to see the progress and beefy at me and sales this log in right now I’m human details and as you can see from I’ll occult the US chip Clickbank account we have made seventeen dollars and ninety eight cents till date now granted I know there’s not a lot of money but it’s only two days into using this system and yet be dull a seal so what does this mean well 01 the bus sales the Honda CR come by any we know that by using this system that we can generate seal all you need to do is to use the same thing we’ve been doing and just do the same thing again and again and again and that will create momentum to generate even more serious does now basile is on so I’ll keep you updated it yet and Nazi how these come rebels up and speeches you guys is the name and you checking up his kids old let’s have a look at our help here just logged in and things are looking pretty healthy bout six hundred dollars pencils so we’re still technically still losing money yet to people car rental and but let’s see the if things get field the day that and I’m here in Santa Monica his adopted by the party years is helping US ship colin is going its things are starting to its shape and both doesn’t really good to to a dollar days it’s about 150 dollars so far so let’s look at how things go in the next couple days well its day that the nanny just made up of us three hundred dollar the up well check it out guys the 16 happy that i’m gonna sales the 17 per side for another day the eyes day twenty things aren’t right bus stop hey guys they chained to the second thousand-dollar day hey guys what’s up in staging by and we just meet our but thousand dollar-a-day so before we continue let’s do a quick recap on what has happened so well as you can see you know first did this we didn’t make any serious it to this treaty love you know personal and right now via me our the house in all so why is that well you notice that the bill but ended up mentors and now getting I 2000 all these the and there’s a reason for that that’s how the system works is that studying a strong foundation and manage traffic cops in is actually pretty I to stop seals and its last week now station by and on spending the last we hear Davis yet and I’ll keep you updated on progress hey guys I’m kind yes friend unclear or were hiked down want to show you guys simply much collection your life II their still up let’s take a peek at Perth and look at what has yep that’s a fun their first me to spend quite a bit of time wouldn’t you setting up the system but now as we approach our last week remember me spending more time hiking and looking around because the system now SP much on autopilot it’s funny multiple and it’s pretty much ends of them so let’s take a look at the results for polled speak to you can see hey guys is the chamber and I just got back from the Grand Canyon and this is at our case study I’m leaving that cold Malaysian tomorrow so let me show you what has happened to all counsel up you notice that in the last three days with me about over three thousand US dollars which is a pretty decent considering that we haven’t worked on it in the last three days and it’s really help I’ll all the dot-com lifestyle internet marketing with this initially even added a case study in this I wanted to show you guys what’s it like tumhare Hyndman freedom have a system that’s setup once and that it continues he makes money for you %uh setup he saw how this happened initially but there was very little sealed just that but what’s the and its closest in the making 800 but I’ll dollars FBD way day I just saw that in the Asia and 1998 the much longer yes indeed yahya rest but hell just less I who that left side I series website the just looking while lost yeah sold and the reason why I all the Press but Press on their of my home real possible him so messages imagine clean up in the morning lot pool I’ll Paul Russia okay %um overcome the world also second beach you realize the more miles and all of them all shield online shield Pakistan teeth a very mean person this to look up in my Inbox and whenever i receive and email from Clickbank it gets archive into my sales call them and as you can see from here a meet over a hundred and ten thousand seals it put it back and this is just vendor sealed doesn’t include I feel it seems and fast cool down you can see that this is a typical day home on Gmail looks like July 22nd and I this is I’m not going to kneel on Chinese special day this is just typical day an SI school that to all that you’ll Sunday July chains second eulogies second collection for to realize your time a judge in first so this notice that seals multiple seals is me and I’ll even while I’m asleep the in be a let’s have a look at this I’ll one York Times issued a don’t miss home US bought from me and it’s it’s 17 lawless you know the typical ceiling mount for my product reach from 37 US dollars and a over and whose a and I’m this much II five musical 78 a loans really change I al as I hold a with almost any push buttons software only the up so evasion No glasses this like I bliss them shot on No because angle locks will me that friend now people so he’d up try this is a mile ed sees if for any reason at all you not see the results and Nani massive amount of cash for amnesty the you alleged me or us lemme sensual pipe psalm do is unless head higher this deal and I’ll see you on your side

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Make Money Online $177.71 Made ⬅️- Video 4 How To Earn Money Online

Yo, yo, what’s good Youtube Christopher Ramirez Comin at you with another video? And I know you’re probably searching either on Hulu or YouTube For a job in your local area for some kind of work that you’re looking forward because more than likely struggling to find work Alright um I just want to go ahead and show you what was helping for me What’s working for me that’s helped me to generate extra revenue on the side well, I still working on two five two But I want I want to also help you out to get extra bonus low income okay on so far I’ve generated with my Amazon associates account a hundred and seventy seven thousand 71 cents in all okay, I had that zoom to end and for you to get more information on that go ahead and click those links in the description and We’ll go ahead and help you guys I’ll give some of their free training on our house able to skim this all revenue this added revenue of through Facebook okay, and I’ll see you on the inside so go ahead and click those links in the description no ceo in the training you

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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Welcome to Top10Archive! Are you tired of the 9-to-5 routine? Did our Worst Jobs video do nothing to make you feel better about your current employment? We may be able to help you, as always, with another great installment! This time, we’re tackling the top ten real ways you can make money online! These may not replace your full-time job immediately, but with a little time, patience and imagination, you could go create a career out of the comfort of your own home! 10.

Online Psychic and Tarot Readings Regardless of what you believe, there are those out there that swear by astrological readings, tarot cards, and psychics. That also means there are people out there that would pay others to provide said services, turning what some would consider ludicrous into a viable business. Via websites like, alleged psychics can sign themselves up for paid live chat sessions and charge a specific amount per minute. Tarot readings are a bit more complicated to get started in, mostly because there are so many free services offered, but Craigslist has proved a viable starting point before moving onto your own online tarot reading service. 9. Online Surveys Ever wonder how some companies make the decisions they do? Sometimes it’s an internal decision based off of figures and estimations, but consumer opinion can be a big part of change; but where would those opinions come from and how do they coax people to take the time to do a survey? Well, with online surveys and cash money, of course! There are plenty of websites that offer compensation for surveys, so much that the market is getting pretty saturated, but some sites are a bit more generous than others.

If you aim to make some extra cash through online surveys, recommended sites include,, and, or for Android users, the app Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to earn a few bucks towards your Google Credit account. 8. Online Focus Groups Like online surveys, online focus groups allow for convenient consumer and political research, but they require a bit more from the participants than clicking a few radio buttons. Rather than gathering a group of people in one location, though, everything is done in an online forum. As there isn’t much of an inconvenience to participants, not every online focus group pays, but if you’re looking for a quick buck, is a valuable resource.

A moderator will steer the discussion, which is held over a web-based technology like WebEx and GoToMeeting, and you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of face-to-face discussion. 7. Etsy Feeling crafty and don’t know what to do with those 25 scarves you crocheted? You can try your luck at an arts and crafts show, spend the money to secure a table, and enjoy the blistering heat, or you can simply open an Etsy shop and sell your handmade product from the comfort of your own home. Members of the eCommerce site specialize in handcrafting unique items, leading to a community of over million sellers and $billion in annual sales in 2015 alone.

Additional to arts and crafts, Etsy also allows shops to carry vintage and antique items that are at least 20 years old. 6. eBay Have a lot of junk that you think may be worth something? Since 1995, the online auction house has proved to be a fine means of unloading your unwanted stuff. While you’re free to sell just about anything you can find, those that have the potential to make the most money tend to either focus on limited collectibles, antiques or open their own eBay Store and specialize in stocking and selling anything from clothing to electronics to niche items like, uh, erotic postcards. One of the best ways to find stuff to sell on eBay is by visiting local thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. Be sure to bring a device with an internet connection so you can price-check your lucky finds before you buy them! 5.

Owning or Building a Website Have a service you think you can offer? Is your mind filled with things that you’d love to throw out for the world to read? Think you have the know-how to turn an online space into an advertising mecca? You may want to shell out the minimal start-up cash to build yourself a website. Making money from a website is a long-term endeavor that takes a lot of patience and time, but if the formula can be perfected, your bank account can grow from ad revenue. If you are the creative type and know your way around WordPress, or even better, can code, there are plenty of small brick-and-mortar and service companies looking to have a website built, and will often pay in the $1,000’s.

4. Virtual Assistant Thanks to the wonders of the internet, some jobs are able to leave the office setting and be done from the convenience of your home. One position, which offers the perks of a home setting and independence, is a virtual assistant. Much like an in-office assistant, virtual assistants act as a sort of liaison for a higher-up employee, scheduling meetings, fielding phone calls, performing research and record keeping, and partaking in conference calls and online meetings. Via e-mail, telephone calls, and online meeting software, virtual assistants communicate with fellow employees and not once do they need to slip into high heels or throw on a tie to get the job done. 3. Online Tutoring Maybe you’ve pursued a career in teaching but find that it’s not at all what “younger you” thought it was cracked up to be. Maybe you’re in between teaching jobs or are just waiting for summer break to end. Whether the situation, your schooling doesn’t have to go to waste, especially not with online tutoring as a feasible alternative. Cutting out the need to deal with children in a face-to-face setting, online tutoring allows you to use your educational background to help people of all ages with homework, basic and advanced test prep, and general coursework.

Even if you’re still pursuing a degree, so long as you’re a Sophomore in a 4-year degree program, sites like will consider you for an online tutor position. 2. Freelancing If you have an ability to create something others may struggle with, such as an informative piece of writing, beautiful graphic logo, or piece of music, you could have a future as an online freelancer. Typically, freelancers are responsible solely for content, whether it be a company logo, website design or podcast theme song. Just knowing how to create something is one part of the battle as marketing yourself and finding clients can be far more frustrating and time-consuming. Websites like PeoplePerHour,, and are vital resources for starting freelancers looking to remain and succeed in an online setting. 1. Own a YouTube Channel It’s true, you can make quite a bit of money by owning and operating your own YouTube channel. What isn’t true is any inkling you may have that it’s easy to do.

Many different factors go into what makes a YouTube channel successful, first and foremost being whether or not the idea is original and appealing. Though that doesn’t mean you need any talent or expensive equipment, there are plenty of channels that have started or continue to use sub-par equipment, yet have a huge following. YouTube GradeAUnderA is a prime example – a channel that went from 50,000 to million subscribers in just one year, utilizing only Microsoft Paint and Movie Maker to make his videos. YouTube is all about creativity and finding an audience that enjoys your content.

Chances are if you find something funny, entertaining or educational, then someone else will too – so don’t be afraid to start creating content and starting your career path on YouTube!.

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How To Make Money Online – $10k Challenge Program (2018)

What’s up guys welcome to Network legend in this video I’m going to show you how to make money online now stick to the end of this video because I want to share some really cool stuff that could potentially help you make five to ten thousand dollars per month and it’s never been easier so stay tuned make money online alright guys so before we begin first I wanna introduce myself my name is luis antonio and i’m an online entrepreneur mentor and coach i’m currently running my own business from home making over ten thousand dollars per month that’s over a hundred thousand dollars per year now this video is for people who are serious about making money online now this is either if you want to make extra income from home or you just want to quit your job and run your own business how to make money online so what i’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take you to my computer to share with you the same system I’m using to generate income from home now before I show you my results as well I want to give you an income disclaimer I do not guarantee that you are gonna make money online because I don’t know you and I don’t know if you’re gonna take action if you’re gonna follow our training and if you’re gonna use the system to its full potential so let’s do make money online that right now okay guys so where my computer screen and what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna show you my results and how I make money online now if you want to know how this whole process works and how you can activate your multiple streams of income click the link below and the description box now I don’t have to run a single ad or sell anything to get paid from these companies check this out click funnels they have paid to me over two thousand four hundred and one dollars there goes another one how to make money online click pain over seven thousand one hundred and fifty six dollars and click magic over one thousand four hundred and four dollars now guys this company pays you on a monthly basis now this is called the multiple streams of income make money online everyone learn more information on how you can activate your multiple streams of income so that you can actually start generating income online then click the link below in the description box you can learn how the whole process works so how to make money online I just wanted to show you my results in this video because in the next video you’re gonna learn how to actually activate your multiple streams of income and how the whole thing works okay guys so you seen that this does work I am making money and you can also use the same system to make money by clicking make money online the link below in the description box watching the whole full presentation video on how this worked and how you could create your account today now don’t forget to subscribe like us on Facebook how to make money online hit the thumbs up on this video please share with friends and family and if you have any questions leave your comments down below thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you later how to make money online

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Marlyn Oh Bennett the original student at a game of internet marketing I was just listening to some classical music guys you know sometimes it’s a great you listen to classical music or something you kind of just relax you you know I mean drown out all the noise anyway guys again it’s your boy Marlon Oh Bennett welcome guys to what I’m gonna call another episode of my street-level marketing hey guys today let’s talk about the best ways to make money online the best ways to make money from home and how you can start earning while you learn guys but before we talk about that guys let’s talk about something else I want to talk about I want to talk about the fact that if we justify the current situation that we’re in no matter what that situation is right if you justify it then you won’t give yourself the parameters you need to move on to move ahead to build okay to evolve and do what it is you want to do or what you will call to do right if you continue to justify your current situation you just won’t move forward guys and you won’t do it so before we talk about making money from home and the best way to make money from home the best way to make money online you have to understand that if your current search the circumstances are such that you’re happy and you feel like you’ve evolved to a point where you can’t evolve anymore then that’s fine okay although I always believe there’s a room for improvement but let’s just say that you want to move forward in your life maybe you just want to learn a new language maybe you want to go to school and take up some classes on you know a few courses or some things you always wanted to maybe you want to go to another country who knows guys but whatever it is you have to have hope and in order to have hope you have to be in this place where you’re not going to just be comfortable with the current situation you in if it’s not a means to an end or it’s not taking you or you’re not on a path where there’s going to be a means to an end what everydays doesn’t have to have anything to do with finances at all okay but when we talk about time freedom when you talk about making money from home and you talk about making money on the internet or you talk what the best way to do it and my mind guys the absolute best way to do it is with marketing systems okay marketing funnels and what I mean by that guys is when you if you guys have been on in my previous videos you always hear me talking about a lot about traffic and a lot about business systems automated business systems and funnels and the reason I talk about that guys is because the simple fact that you can actually automate to make money or making money online process when you have the proper tools anyway guys I’m not supposed to be driving my wife hates when I do videos in the car but it’s such a beautiful day guys you can see I got my shades on and I just wanted to get that message out to you so for anybody who finally me for the very first time a day on YouTube guys on Facebook

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