GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Smuggler’s Run

Thanks to all for getting back at us for a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks You already know, I’m Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew – but if you didn’t, now you do! This time we’re peeping out the new business opportunity introduced in “Smuggler’s Run” and drop everything you need to know about costs, time, profits and whatever else you didn’t think you wanted to know yet.

But do! So let’s get straightly to it! Like all other businesses, with “Smuggler’s Run” you will only be able to “buy-and-sell” in public sessions – unless you find some way to play on the down low. This business follows the same structure of the businesses added in Finance & Felony and Import/Export. To sell a product you have to steal it, so your presence and active participation is necessary to get paid. First things first, what’s the best Hangar to buy? Its ain’t like there’s a wide selection: two are located at the Los Santos International Airport and three at Fort Zancudo. The cheapest are at LSIA while the hangars at Fort Zancudo grant players a low-level clearance to the Fort – in other words the ability to enter and fly over and inside Fort Zancudo without gaining a 4-star wanted level.

Thanks to that, the three hangars located in the Fort are the most appealing, but whichever you choose, be ready to face some hard competition. Hangars do not offer any kind of upgrades, staff to pay, etc. Buy the place, decorate it, add a workshop if you want and it’s done. Once inside you can change the position of your planes. You can park a “Pegasus vehicle” changing its status to Personal Aircraft – that can later be called from the interaction menu – or customize your fleet with upgrades, colors and more. To begin smuggling in San Andreas you need to complete a setup mission, which always involves stealing a Mogul from some bikers; once the caper’s done, you can start making money.

Sourcing is the main aspect and focus of this new business. Under the office there’s enough space to store up to 50 crates of goods like, Narcotics, Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Gemstones, Tobacco & Alcohol and Counterfeit Goods. Each individual crate can be sold for $10,000 – fully stocked its worth hits a cool $500,000 – but that’s not all – even more cash can be raised thanks to a bonus we’ll get into later. These missions are crucial for players who wanna buy new aircraft – because completing them, unlocks discount prices – something that in both Import/Export and Gunrunning was tied to a specific, and fun to play, group of missions. In “Smuggler’s Run” instead, after the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st source missions, you unlock the trade prices for the Ultralight, Rogue, Alpha-Z1, Havok, LF-22 Starling, V-65 Molotok and Tula. But that’s not all, the Bombushka, Howard, Mogul, Pyro, Seabreeze, Nokota and Hunter all have their trade prices as well, that unlock after missions 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42 are complete.

Like any other business, you need to become a VIP, CEO or MC leader – that last one is not recommended for your health. That’s because first, spawning an armed Buzzard is more useful than any bike can ever be. Second, the most you’ll be able to collect in a single mission is 4 crates – even if you have a full 8-member MC club active. The reason for this is to stop players from filling and then selling out full Hangars in less than an hour. To start a mission, in the new office turn on the PC and choose the material you want to source.

Every mission has a 20-minute time limit. If you’re not able to complete all objectives and bring the crate to the hangar in the time allotted, the mission fails. If in the case of doing the mission with a friend – he manages to get his crate inside the Hangar before time is up, his will be valid and marked as collected – even if you don’t get yours back – the mission is passed. Once a sourcing mission has ended, you can immediately start a new one, unless you are interested in collecting the same material. In the event you do want to stick to the same product, you’ll have to wait. How long you wait depends on what kind of product you want: a four minute cooldown for Narcotics, Chemicals and Medical Supplies, three for Animal Materials, Art and Jewelry and two for all remaining categories – you also have to add an additional minute for every crate collected by one of your associates. There are various missions to play when collecting goods. Most of these require reaching an area, killing up a shitload of enemies and retrieving the cargo dropped by murdered goons, tucked inside fake crates that must be destroyed, or already in other aircraft that you need to jack and take back to your own hangar.

With the exception of the selling missions, you can destroy any given aircraft containing the crates, collect the goods on foot and use the vehicle you like the most to fly back to the Hangar. Moreover, while we talking about destroying aircraft, if these are marked on the map with a white icon, you can simply ignore them and use a different aircraft, while instead a colored icon indicates that using – or at least getting aboard – that aircraft is necessary. But let’s get back to missions. The simplest one requires reaching a Maverick crash site and finding and collecting the lost crate.

Most of these missions are designed to use the abilities of the new aircraft, like dogfighting enemies in Lazers using the new Molotok and Nokota. One of the best missions involves the use of the Tula and killing a group of scavengers in order to retrieve crates lost at sea. Other lit ones are where you silently attack enemies from the Air Ambulance or parachute in for mass stealth-killings of your enemy – then grab the crates. The most common missions unfortunately are, longer and more boring. The first example is the one created for the Hunter – an attack helicopter returning from the 3D era. In these missions, all you have to do is destroy an indefinite number of scramblers around Los Santos and Blaine County to reveal the location of a Brickade, destroy it to retrieve its cargo and take it back to the Hangar.

The same can be said for the Seabreeze, a new, faster plane able to land and take off on water, used for a long mission centered on bombing Tugs and Trash Trucks to retrieve their hidden cargo. Just like for the mission on the Rogue where you have to carpet-bomb roofs filled with enemies just to find out where a couple of Buzzards with cargo are. The last example is the mission featuring the Mogul. Here we have to defend a Titan from armed Buzzards for almost twelve minutes flying continuously in circles waiting for the next fleet of enemies to spawn. All these missions can be played alone and the ones which involve destroying stuff, are undoubtedly better played as such because there will always be fewer and fewer things to bomb before you find the merchandise. Not for nothing, but the design of the new aircraft and missions require at least one friend who can man the aircraft’s secondary weapons. This makes the missions hella’ easier. But its also possible to collect cargo without dealing with missions at all.

Like vehicles from Import/Export, you can destroy or steal other players’ crates. The first option – also known as the “that-motherfucka-method” – awards players who destroy other player’s crates only $2,000. The second option instead – just stealing it – adds an extra crate to your stock only available when an enemy player is on his own source mission. During an enemy’s selling mission, his cargo can’t be ripped off, only destroyed. But don’t forget – the same goes for you! Incorrectly, the game informs you that by destroying or stealing other people’s cargo, your stock will increase – now this is true if you put the stolen crate in your Hangar – because you’re gonna have one more crate, that’s the value increased, not if you destroy other people’s cargo. It doesn’t matter if your stock’s full or if you only have one crate, you can still start a selling mission.

But, it’s important to understand, this one is different from all other updates in that inspite of how much stock you’re selling, you can still find yourself with several aircraft to manage at once, even if you’re selling a single crate. Avoid selling alone in a public session, without a friend, or two (or more) to watch your back and your crates because you might end up getting hit and having all your profits blown to hell. In a selling test we did with a full stock of Chemical materials, we missed a single drop out of fifteen and for that, we lost almost half of our profit. You can choose to fill your Hangar with crates of the same type or get random and take a bit of this and that – but if you’re aiming for maximum profit, always source the same material of one of the first three types. That’s because if you collect at least 25 crates of Narcotics, Chemicals or Medical Supplies, the value of your entire stock gets a 35% bump. If you fill up your Hangar with one those materials, a 70% bonus is unlocked.

You get 12% per every 10 crates of Animal Materials, Art & Antiques and Jewelry & Gemstones – – giving you a maximum profit of $800,000 for a full stock of a single material. The remaining two categories, Tobacco & Alcohol and Counterfeit Goods instead only get a 5% boost and that’s for every five crates, for a max price of $750,000. As always, the “High Demand” bonus is active. We’re talking about a positive bonus of 1% more for each enemy player in the lobby at the moment of the sell. However, to balance it all out, Rockstar Games also added a negative bonus. For every sell completed, Ron will get a 2.5% cut from your profit. That means $250 for a single crate goes to $21,250 for the full stock of prime product sold. Damn! Like sourcing, selling missions also center on the new aircraft added with Smuggler’s Run – and even here the cooldown between two selling missions, no matter how many crates – is just a paltry three minutes. One mission that calls for 2 players – literally it won’t even start if you’re alone – is focused on a new cargo plane, the RM-10 Bombushka. Thing is, with the Bombuska, you have to fly low to drop crates to buyers.

Meanwhile your friends have to arm the machine guns in case they have to end any fools trying to attack in a Buzzard. In another mission you fly Ultralights under a height limit – to avoid activating the “Global Signal”. That’s a becon that broadcasts your position on a map to all the other players in the session. Nothing’ a G wants. But there are also classic missions that require simply flying towards checkpoints using an Alpha Z-1, or dropping cargo in a designated area from a Seabreeze. Still in others you only use a Skylift to bring a container aboard a cargo ship. There are two different missions where helicopters are used. In one, the Cargobob is utilized, while in the other – the Havok.

Each requires multiple deliveries for each player. What this means is that more than one helicopter for a single player is needed if you use the Havok – there will be from two to eight Havoks depending on how many players you have and how much cargo you’re selling. In the mission involving the Cargobob, each player needs to get aboard a Cargobob, lift up a small cargo container and deliver it to a specific place. This process must be repeated at least once. One odd thing we noticed about selling missions, is the number of aircraft the game gives you. With the exception of one selling mission involving four players and eight Havoks, all the missions we played gave us two to three aircraft – even if our team had four players. And like we already said, you could fuck around and end up with three aircrafts to manage during a selling mission – even if you’re playing alone and just selling a few crates. To maximize profits and blow up those paydays, you know you have to fill your hangar with Narcotics, Chemicals or Medical Supplies. Remember, this is so you can sell your full stock for $850,000.

Considering missions can’t take more than 20 minutes – but that most of them can be done in 10, you’ll be able to have a full stock in two and half to a maximum of four and half hours while playing with a team of four. Instead, if you play alone, collecting 50 crates could take up to 18 hours. So, let’s move on to what all G’s are in it for, the math! Here we breakdown costs, profits and more. The least expensive setup for a hangar is $1,200,000, while the most expensive rockets up to $5,670,000, but that’s all. You don’t have to spend money on anything else to run this business – there are no upgrades, fees to pay for having info about the crates or such. Your hangar is even perfectly protected and cannot be raided. To recover the cost of the cheaper hangar, and make a profit of half a million, all you have to do is sell two full stocks of prime materials. But you’ll need to sell seven to get the top one and profit by $280Ks. Both are definitely doable because in the first scenario, even playing alone, in less than 40 hours you’ll be able to record a profit, while in the second scenario you’ll be able to make a profit in less than a single week.

So, it’s definitely easy to break-even in Smuggler’s Run in less than ten hours of abusing your friends’ patience, you can cover all the expenses necessary to start and run your own filthy business. If you’re able to isolate yourself and your friends while selling, you’ll be able to put some serious money in the bank. Still, the Bikers and Gunrunning businesses are better because they keep making money even if you’re focused on something else – and even if you buy supplies, your profit will be nice. The real problem of “Smuggler’s Run” is not its content, but what came before: over a year of updates that followed the same logic and structure. Also dragging it down are the repetitive and long missions, the removal of co-op missions and the fact that you’re still being forced to do everything in public lobbies full of motherfuckers with just one thing in mind: screwing you – surely this isn’t helping the way players are starting to see GTA Online.

And that ends this Tips and Tricks episode. Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about “Smuggler’s Run”. If you want to chat with us and other players or find someone to play GTA Online with, join us in our Official Discord Server or follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s all, from the GTA Series Videos crew and yours truly, G7MT. See you next time..

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12 Best Ways to Make Money On the Internet| How to make Money online for Teenagers in 2016 & 2017

What’s up you guys it’s Danny here and welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be a little bit different but I really like it. I’m going to show you guys a couple of ways that you can make money online. If you’re in high school right now or you just started college, you probably know that it’s really difficult to get a couple of bucks here and there, so this video is really going to help you out because obviously this is a day and age when we spend a lot of time online. So making money online is actually not that difficult. People are used to getting paid through, you know the conventional ways of working.

However there is a couple of ways that you can make money online, especially if you are in high school and you have a lot of free time in your hands. I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you do, please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe down below so you can see more videos like this in the near future. Because I am making them every Wednesday and Saturday now so I hope to see you guys here soon. So without further do, let’s get to this video on how to make money online. That way. So number one is going to be doing surveys online. You can make upwards of $100 a month on just doing surveys while watching TV. Which is like yeah, pretty cool. There are so many different websites that do these types of surveys online, so I am just going to list a couple of them down below so you guys can click on them. It’s really easy to sign up, it’s also free. Be careful if they ever ask you for money to do a survey, that is probably a scam, so never give money, never input your credit card information or any other type of information that they are asking for.

These should be free, of course because they re paying you to do the surveys. You are not paying them to do the surveys. So on some of these websites you do not only earn some extra cash, but you can also get super cool rewards, like gift vouchers, prize drawings, you can event get free products out of it which is pretty cool. So I’m going to link them down below. Just doing a couple of surveys a month and you can get a couple of bucks right there. Like yeah, I’m totally signing up. The next one you’re probably going to love because you’re already here. Getting money for watching videos. Yo’. Like what? Yes. You can make money from watching videos y’all. Like seriously. There is a site, it’s called Swagbucks, and all you have to do is watch videos and like them.

You also have to watch them for a certain amount of time in order to get your reward. You can earn upwards of $200 a month from watching videos and liking them. Earnings obviously vary but this is so cool you guys. So simple to do. These are things that we already do. I mean I personally spend hours every single day watching Youtube videos so the fact that you can get paid for watching commercials and different types of videos that they put out there on the internet it’s like so cool. Alright number 3 is going to be downloading apps. Which is something that we also do all the time on our phones. I hope you have enough space on your phone for this one. But I’m going to give you simple apps that you can download that are going to make you a couple of extra bucks.

So the first one is going to be the Nielsen Mobile Panel app and that one is actually brought to you by the Nielsen TV ratings website. And basically what you do with this one is basically just keep the app on your phone and you’re going to make money. You can earn upwards of $50 a year. Now this one doesn’t sound like a lot, but just for keeping an app on your phone you can earn money and that’s pretty cool y’all. The next one is called mobile expression and all you have to do is again download it and you can be entered to win different prizes every single week. You can play like a game they have for market research to have companies understand different customers and you can actually earn prizes off of that too.

So I’m going to put the link down below. Number 4 you are going to be joining this website that is called MyPoints. And basically what you do through this website is shop with those points on websites like Amazon and Walmart. And basically you get points for shopping through the website and those points you can later redeem for travel miles. You can redeem the points also for gift cards and restaurants and all kinds of stuff. The cool thing about this one is that just for joining MyPoints which is a free services again, you get a $10 amazon gift card.

So again, link down. Number 5 is going to be for checking out websites. All you have to do is check out websites, navigate through them and then you’re going to give your feedback on them. And this one gets you an almost whopping $30 an hour just for checking out websites. And giving your opinion on them. Thus company called User Testing is actually the one that does this. And all you have to do is record your screen while you are navigating through the website and you’re sharing your thoughts. And then for every 20-minute video that you make you get $10 on Paypal. Number 6 pays you to be healthy. Awesome. This is a really good motivation for you to stay healthy. Because they are going to pay you for it basically. This one is done through this website called Achieve Mint and basically what they do is reward you for being healthy.

For walking, and logging your information into your FitBit or MyFitnessPal which is a free website online where you log in calories and your exercises every day. For every 10,000 points that you earn through their website, you can get a $10 reward. This one is one that I just learned about and I’ve never used it before so I’m excited to use it and I wanted to share it with you guys because yeah. Are you a writer? Are you the friend that people always call when they need someone to review their papers? Then I have the perfect website for you, it’s called Upwork. And Upwork pays you to write. Or correct people’s articles or books or whatever they might write. So there is this website that has thousands of employers who are looking for people to review their papers, their articles, their books. Anything that they have written that they want someone to look at and maybe fix. So if you are an English major or you are very very good at English and you always catch those mistakes on people’s papers, or articles or emails or whatever it might be, this is a great way for you to make a couple of extra bucks.

Number 8 is really similar to number 7 which was Upwork. And actually Upwork does this as well. There’s a bunch of websites out there that are looking for graphic designers and people that are very good with computer skills. So you can do anything from designing graphics. Doing marketing and web programming jobs. So if you are really good with computers and you know all of these things check out the couple of links down below that I am going to put and I’ll probably put them here on the screen somewhere. There are really good websites that are looking for people who are skilled in these industries and can do the job for them. Check it out if you are good with computers. Number 9 is going to be also with Upwork and a couple of other websites. And it’s actually becoming a virtual assistant. So if you want to work from home and make a couple of extra dollars or you want to make just your living from home this is a good way to become someone’s assistant on the internet. So you will be doing everything from handling emails and travel expenses and day-to-day tasks that the person needs.

And sometimes you can make anywhere between $50 -$100 an hour for assisting someone through the internet. It could be like a high end company owner, or an online company but still require that assistance. So if you want to do that, this is probably a really good idea. 10 is for those who want to give private tuition classes. If you have a lot of SAT knowledge. Basically a service to provide tutoring for people and it’s called Chegg Tutors. Again their link is going to be down below and you can do that as well for a couple of extra bucks.

Number 11 is going to be for sharing your honest opinion on products with focus group companies. What these companies do is basically bring you into a focus group to provide honest feedback on products. So they basically show you the product and you provide an honest opinion on it. They ask questions. It’s so simple. I’ve done this one many many times here in L.A. and actually you an do it online as well. Check out 2020 Panel which is the website that does this type of service. I think it depends on the product that you are reviewing but you can earn $100 or more just for reviewing a product that you probably use on a daily basis. If you’re a pizza lover you are going to love number 12. Because this one is basically just rating pizza places on their quality and their delivery time. So there is a bunch of websites that do this. You can actually get a free pizza out of this and earn like an extra $5 bucks depending on the place.

I’ll probably be doing it like right after this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. And again if you did please give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe down below. Because you hopefully want to see this face in the near future with more videos. Every Wednesday and Saturday so I hope to see you guys back soon. These are really really easy things that everyone can use to make a couple of extra bucks. And you know, who doesn’t want a couple of extra bucks because we’ve got to pay for a lot of stuff. Whether you are in high school, or in college or you are an adult already and working full time, there is a lot of things that we have to pay for.

So a couple of extra bucks other than your conventional job never hurt. So I hope this video did help you out and yeah..

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How to Make Money Online Fast | Earn $1500 A Day Online | No Experience Required

How’s it going guys as Jeffrey was here this video and we’ll keep it real short but this is something if you read the title that really helped me out of my financial situation if I look kind of dark and tan and all that it’s one of the perks of being your own boss and being around this Sun too much that kind of overdid it but uh it’s all good also at the same time so to make sure that you hit me loud and clear I had the music a little background it’s not too loud give me some thumbs up give me some thumbs up that you hear me loud and clear at the same time you give me a thumbs up let me know what city and state you’re coming from at the same time okay so I know that you see me and I hear you at the same time I see a lot of people popping in right now so that’s what’s awesome but also I’m gonna give you right now what’s going on real quick you know what this is what the video is going to be about it’s a system that I’m part of a business business system from home that I get delivered all the time these checks all the time from home guys so let me get this out so I want to give you the opportunity also at the same time to show you how I got involved with this to being able to make these kind of commissions not even per per month this is per day kind of Commission all right guys all my name is Jeff rule is if you’re on my page right now obviously you know who you are Who I am because you’ve been following me the whole time and I’m always providing value in helping people get resorts from home 3,000 right 1500 hey guys I see you I see you give me the thumbs up if you hear me loud and clear just to let me know that I’m good to go I just want to make this short video 1500 um let me cover uh let’s see let’s Jeffery Ruiz right there right there all right you hear me so to being able to make these kind of commissions these kind of commissions all the time from home from home it’s a beautiful day what’s going on Keith let me know where you from guys don’t be shy just let me know what’s going on what’s going on fifty hundred and this week started off strong started off strong close to a five figure week and it’s Monday and what’s happening right now it’s a momentum a big momentum happening and a lot of people you know the parents are taking the kids back to school they’re situating themselves what’s going on my man off in New York I see what’s on my man people getting situated now that’s trying to see another second income build another signal a second income from home which a possibility is very strong from online you know a lot of people have a lot of things thinking it’s not possible before this system let me tell surprise um I’m a part of a lot of internet marketing businesses I’ve been doing this for five years and to see how this system is especially if you’re busy with family um working 60 80 hours a week you’re just not able to put so much time in to invest in yourself well you’re not or you’re intimidated because you’re not technically savvy anything like this this is the business for you guys like I showed you before so being able to make the large incomes in everything let me know oh also I mean I’m here I have music in the background if it’s bothering you let me know at the same time if it’s cool thumbs up I have friends all over the place you know I just love to vibe with music but this is something for you if you’re looking for another income this is also something for you if you want to leave your actual job it really is you know we’re in a dead age now that it doesn’t it’s not a sea you know so many people say it’s a scam it’s a scam it’s a scam it’s not a scam at all online it’s not a scam there’s so many opportunities out there here’s the difference is that people don’t actually put the actual training into place but anyway let me get to the point to those guys the system that I’m talking about was called big profit system it came to me a friend helped me out showed me and I said this is a very powerful this is very powerful I put it to the test the first week you know the first week I made $3,000 wasn’t even trying and then I knew it blew my mind because honestly I probably put that whole week one hour I sent traffic actually from the back office and what I’m telling you about the back office if you don’t understand what I’m talking about please people don’t be shy this is live we’re live right now question me then I’ll answer I’ll answer Melissa what’s going on and Tony what’s going on Keith what’s up answer me or question me so I can help you out so let me turn this around real quick so this is a website if you join if you join me this is a website you will get personally done for you that it’s called a big profit system you’re going to get this capture page basically you know you visit it this is where people will go in watch this we’ll go in read about the page put their information this is how the coaches the systems are gonna follow up with you you put your name email your phone number that’s how we you know follow up with you give you the information what kind of system is this it said it’s an internet marketing platform educational platform but this is a thing guys you get all this education in the background that you get to use but at the same time do not worry about doing the selling and telling why because most people are not good at sales most people don’t want to talk to people on the phone most people don’t like that it’s okay this is where we have coaches in place we have closers in place to actually explain what happens is here’s how the system works I go to my Lee’s list I’m gonna go I’m assuming because I don’t want you guys to like you know private private information from people so this person visited the website this this tells me step by step gives me the points how what they’re going through the funnel or this system they have gone through all these a couple of pages websites and stuff so I know this person is kind of serious soon they’re gonna ask for a coach request and when I mean by a coach request let’s go and let’s see I have a bunch of these guys I just don’t want to give numbers but anyway a coach requests what happens is a coach will call them when they were they request a coaching call the coach were explaining the whole entire business this is not your job our job is just drive leads all we got to do is drive leads and let me tell you right now let me flip this over real quick let me tell you right now when you say oh it sounds too easy to be true no you got to stay consistent all you got to do though is very simple steps you know what’s so funny see anytime anybody asks how much it is in the beginning right away you know they’re not based on value they’re based on let me know how much it is you know let me tell you right now somebody’s smart enough if you can make $3,000 off of one sale right let me flip this over let me flip this over if you can make $3,000 off one sale guys one sale let me look let me keep them coming $1,500 off one sale guys right $500 off one sale guys right $1,500 off one sale guys huh I hope you don’t come and think this is like a $40 $100 program no this is not a job either yes a job you don’t have to invest in a job this is an actual business opportunity meaning you have to partner up if this is something that works for you but this is great for somebody that’s brand-new whose business minded whose business minded who wants to take it to the next level and make real big commissions you know the kind of commissions you see online all the time people talking about talking about all on the beaches of the world and hanging out and automated this is the kind of deal because what you’re talking about is this real big ticket you got to spend a little bit of money you got to spend a little bit of money right but at the same time you’re getting your value you’re getting the value to the people you’re actually getting a system that a system is following up with an email when the email says they want a coach request a coach is calling your lead all you do is focus on providing the lead guys give me some thumbs up if people are starting to get this if you get this I’m trying to simplify this to the easiest level and at the same time I don’t want to hear this is too good to be true it’s a process it’s a process guys thank you thank you so here we go email broadcast campaigns and I’ll go to resources and this is all we have to do all you have to do guys I’ll bound look it look it look it oh let’s go right here I’ll bounce text blastings opportunity can action you go here you call this guy or email them I prefer calling him and he gives you a blast for $150 he reaches out to 2,000 people with your code meaning when they sign up with your code and the coaches close the deal depending what level you come in you can make 500 our commission 1500 our commission $3,000 Commission 6000 our Commission all depending where you come in this business it’s all about positioning yourself in the right spot you know what I mean Tina you’re in awesome Tina that’s what I like to hear Melina I see you Lilly what’s going on I see people popping in that’s awesome give me the thumbs up in hearts if you’re kind of understanding a little bit of a bigger picture if you want to make serious money online you gotta spend some money but you get all the products you get everything you know what I mean but at the same time I’m right now showing you the how to bring people in part you know what I mean not the product you you have all your products here people care more let’s be realistic how how can I make money from home from my smartphone from my laptop from my computer you can do this while part time at your computer at your job at the same time that’s how fast it is all you got to do like I said hit the resources buy some campaigns or done-for-you postcards here’s about here’s a real live postcard for you right now hold on one give me one second mm-hmm bang I was one of our postcards right here so there you go postcards and here’s the thing all you got to do is order it they do everything from the warehouse you do not order it you don’t have to stamp it you don’t have to waste three hours putting stamps picking out addresses no we pick people from a buyer’s list and when I say we I’m not part of the I am an affiliate I’m not the don’t get me confused as the owner or anything like that I’m not that guy yeah I just worked the business and I’m just showing you presenting you how easy impossible it is all right so people try trying to see exactly how to do this all you got to do is like this video like it like the comment like the post share it if you’re serious and then comment you know freedom you want freedom you want financial freedom I seriously spend one or two hours a day that’s it five days a week weekends I really tried not to work I mean this is me right here obviously it’s me there you go Jeff Ruiz I’m legit like I’m getting packages all day that’s a serious that’s a post I just recently made and let me tell you right now the week is just getting started guys if you’re in give me the hard to give me everything also this is a QA guys ask me questions if you have if you’re interested ask me serious questions right now I’m sure I will answer this is a perfect opportunity to want to do it so Brown you want some information also I’ll send you some information there’s no linking on top of this video so you know just comment down below to know more information this has made so many people right now six-figure earners within four to five months it’s been crazy it’s been it’s absolutely a blessing and you know what I like about it is just because a lot of people I’m telling you I got a real I have to say this again just because a lot of people hate selling and selling and stuff like that and you don’t have to do that here this is something that you just you just plug and play no I use automate or author I use everything as the coaches or the coaches I mean I buy the ads from the back the SMS text blasts are doing the best for me I’ve been sticking with them the whole time and they’ve been doing they’ve been doing solid the only thing I do different let me check it I’ll show you let’s see only thing I do different is that I do email broadcast so I’ll broadcast like today like tonight actually I’ll leave it for tomorrow morning tonight what I’ll actually do or tomorrow morning I’ll do one of my own emails to my whole list and showing them basically i’ma show what’s going on all my man I’m gonna give them i’ma show me i’ma give them the link to this video and then give them the link to to make a coaching call so use this to man email broadcast I mean you can only use it once every three days so use it once every three days and use your and put your own personal email it’s gonna blast to how many people you have on your list which is powerful I mean when you’re able to make 500 one sale 1500 one sell 3,000 one I mean I’m not I’m not smoke I’m not joking fifteen hundred you know five hundred I’m showing you right now five hundred three thousand one sale you know and I’m showing people I’ll give you a my private coaching I’ll show you ii was going off with this system so simple it’s two three steps I do and that’s it I let it run by itself all day guys all day that simplicity but a lot of people are stuck in a whole different mindset which is crazy that it’s not possible you can make this kind of money and this and that it’s kind of brainwashing but the truth is you really can I’m um I’m uh let’s say I you can say I’m an example I’m an example to that so this has been one of the most powerful systems that I’ve been able even a newbie this is great for people who’s brand-new just have to be willing to to invest and at the same time be coachable be coachable and take action steps that’s all you got to do which that’s the power of it give me some hearts give me some love give me some some thumbs up if you feel me at the same time like I said feel free to hit me up on my fan page anytime or if you want hit me up on my my personal Facebook Jeff roars I mean that’s me I’m not hiding anything and uh let’s rock and roll hope you’re liking the jam and the music and all that good stuff but let me tell you right now what would it be if you could just make $3,000 extra $5,000 actual month right about ten thousand it’s all possible I’m not throwing crazy out numbers out there some people you know in their minds they’re not ready for that but I’m here to help you out because you don’t do the selling and selling you do everything and at the same time you have me I am experienced five years full time online and I know how to results and I just care about having people just get results all you gotta be is don’t be shy come to me and I’m gonna help you out and I’m gonna show you the way but first thing you got to do is take the road block away and jump in jump in when you’re ready I’m here alright guys so he’s Richard you make that clear what you say per month or not per week what are you talking about commissions let me know if you talk about commissions or not sure what are you talking about so make money got to make money Sam Carlos this is a big ticket program like I showed you like I showed you if you’re making one sale and you’re making 3,000 or you’re making 500 or you’re making 1,500 I just tell people I hope you don’t think this is a little hundred dollar program obviously the first level is 1280 1280 and one time you’re a village so you’re able to do 500 I’ll commissions most people come in right now at the level 2 or level 3 because they have big bonuses I’m they’re running until August late August and then a month I mean they might extend it this is what I last heard late August so you come in at level 2 it’s three thousand two eighty one time and you get bumped into the six K and now you’re able to make $3,000 commissions here’s the thing at first it might seem a lot of money I understand totally I own the same it’s a lot of money for most people for me everybody it’s a lot of money look at the big picture I’ve been able to do with this program I came at level three which bumped me into the 12 K within four months I’ve been able to do over 150,000 so at first it might be like oh my god big risk big risk it is big risk you want big money got big risk but here’s the same time you have mean you have me you have the company you have the coaches especially if you join me I will help you I’ll give you the resources that I’m using how to make it happen you know like I said this is not for everybody not for everybody and it’s not attended to it’s not intended for everybody this is only for the series – serious-minded the entrepreneur is that no numbers the knows risk calculated risk and see they got put money to make money this is not a job this is a business opportunity for good questions time I appreciate you and Richard I’m thinking you’re asking commissions commissioners you can make them every day you can make them every day there’s no limit there’s no limit so if that’s what you’re asking there’s no limit you could get paid every day Randy what’s going on what’s good guy was good let me know where you’re from give me hearts give me love but guys it’s been productive let’s make things happen here’s the biggest thing that I’ve seen the biggest fault that people always tell me Moe Jeff I’ve been trying online and you know I’m part of these small programs 40 $50 programs I can’t get on a bike let me tell you 40 $50 program people are very broke very broke I’m sorry I’m speak the fact very broke they’re they’re wishing for a wonder of Hail Mary you know that like you know a little Hail Mary out there and like a miracles just gonna happen when you have people investing twelve one thousand two eighty three thousand six thousand twelve thousand these are people with business minded and they know it takes the money to make money it’s a whole different kind of breed of people and this is the people that actually make big money online because when they join these small programs these are the people that are broke wishing for a miracle and then all of a sudden they call everything a scam and they have everybody else thinking it’s a scam you know but now as you know you read the news the most millionaires and billionaires are coming out of internet marketing based businesses in fact is fact I’m just passing the news right to you it’s real talk that’s all it is anybody else have any other questions so I can help you out before I died out by the same time like I said like this video share it and then comment you know freedom you know financial freedom I’m gonna send you the information if you want to be a part of it at the same time if you do join me besides the coaches you’re gonna have the most exclusive coaches in the business but also I’m gonna put you on my private group just to give you my tips my marketing tips that you can use if you decide to join another business you could take it over to another business and start you know getting results I’m here to help I’m here to help you get make money online because it’s possible it’s possible guys I have my own LLC I tax write everything off you know everything because I have my home business you know this is this is where it’s at guys this is where it’s at all right talk soon make it happen guys signing out

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how to make money every day

Okay my friends welcome to my new system how to make $100 every single day for a newbies with this video guys I want to show you my proof how I a how much I make from this system this month a so let’s go first to a google and type time and date USA so today today is the end of the eighth month like you a 30 year so a let’s go to a PayPal PayPal account and let’s check how much I make from this system okay like you see here over for $1000 I make this month from this new system this system everyone can use it everyone can work with the system it’s so easy to set up this system and you can make over four thousand dollars every single month on auto-pilot okay so now I want to cash out this money to my bank account and we’ll show you on the free days on the next three days how I make every day over 100 dollars every single day okay so let’s cash out okay Michael welcome back to my video how to make $100 even more every single day for a movies this is a new system and everyone can use it to make $100 even more every single a day ok so after we cash out a the a cash from people to my bank account a before I will before I will show you am i earning a this last a day let’s go to a google and type time and date you saying so like you see here is October a1 start of the a month and the now let’s go and login to my PayPal account and let’s see a how I how much again from this a autopilot a system okay so let’s login okay very nice one day over a $140 in one day my friend okay one day over 140 $like I said everyone can do it it’s autopilot system a two minutes to set up everything and everyone can use it okay thank you for watching this video I will back tomorrow and show you my earnings from this new system so thank you for watching and have a good day okay my friend will welcome back to online a new system how to make $100 every single a day for newbies on auto pilot today is today number two a a before I will login to a to a PayPal account let’s go to google and type time and debt you say like you see it’s October October – its October – and now let’s go to a my paypal account login and I will show you my earring today from this a new system so let’s login okay very very nice like you see here over two hundred dollars that means one hundred dollars every single day this is a new system everyone can use it I will stop this video right now and we’ll back tomorrow with a my result so thank you for watching my video and have a good day thank you very much okay my friend welcome back to my new system how to make $100 every single day today is a number to day number a 3/8 so before I will log in to my PayPal account let’s go to google and type time sorry hang on tip you will stay like you see October 3 okay this is the date today and now let’s go to my paypal and check my gear link today login okay my friend over $300 a in a three days okay that’s me 100 dollars every single day for free on autopilot this system it’s a for a newbies everyone can set up and everyone can hearing from this system so thank you very much for watching my videos a you can click the link below this video to start to join this program and to succeed with this a new program thank you again and have a good day thank you very much you

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