Top 3 Ways Of Making FAST Money Online 2017-2018! (ANY AGE With NO MONEY)

What is going on guys welcome back to another video on this channel today I’m going to talk to you guys about the top three ways that you can make money online and better yet most of these are passive now I’m gonna rank this in order from most passive to least passive although they’re all paths they’re all technically passive I’m going to show you guys most work to least work so to start off we’re gonna be talking about pure investment so this is big connect big Nick bit connected something I’ve been to actually doing videos on quite a decent amount on my channel because I believe in it now before you guys start coming in here and hating and saying that oh this is a scheme it’s a scam blah blah blah I’ve done my own research I believe in the platform you don’t have to this is just totally up to you I’m gonna leave a link to big connect in the description if you guys want to sign up it’s free to sign up you only have to deposit money whenever you want to so if you guys want to make an account and then put in money later that is totally fine as well anyways I’m gonna explain to you guys a little bit of how big Nick works to maybe help you guys understand why I don’t think it’s a scheme or a scam or whatever you guys want to call it the way big connect works is that it’s you’re lending money to a trading bot right so similarly to how in the stock market there are Robo traders right this is basically the same thing except it’s doing it with cryptocurrency and the difference between cryptocurrency and the regular stock market is that cryptocurrency is a lot more volatile right so if you have a bot that can trade accurately and do it well you’re going to make of more money on trading the cryptocurrency than you would on the regular stock market so that’s why I believe that these guys have a legitimate reason to how they can pay you out now the percentages are absolutely wild but they also don’t say they don’t have like asset guarantee except for a few over here other than that they can give you 0% right that’s happened before it’s very rare that they give you zero percent a day but I’ve seen it happen before and that’s why I think maybe it that’s why I believe that this is a legitimate thing and why think it makes sense now again you guys don’t have to agree with me whatsoever but this is just my opinion and I’ve been I felt comfortable and I’ve invested my money into this platform and if you guys are instead of doing that again link is gonna be in the description you guys can follow what I’ve done and make your own money now I’ll explain you guys a little bit of how this works so I have to set this in previous videos in case you guys haven’t watched it though I’m gonna run over it again so if you land between a hundred and a thousand dollars you’re just gonna get your the percent of the daily percent and then after two hundred ninety nine days your money’s locked up for two hundred ninety nine days so they can invest with it and after two hundred ninety nine days you get the initial investment back right so say you invested five hundred at the end of two hundred ninety nine days you get your five hundred dollars back right now if you invest anything above a thousand you get an extra percent bonus so a thousand to five thousand you’re gonna get a plus percent daily five thousand to ten thousand plus point to ten thousand to a hundred thousand plus point to five now anything over a hundred thousand I’m assuming just gonna stay at point two five I haven’t tried it home to a 1 million dollar loan or anything so unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around otherwise I might actually consider it cuz your payout would be a lot of money you’ve got like ten thousand dollars a day right Wow anyways we’re gonna go over I’m gonna show you guys actually a calculation that you can do with this alright so you guys can see the last few days we had a one point four four percent to s I told you guys it can be very very low over here this day had an interest rate of zero on the 23rd of September we had an interest rate of zero right here it was point zero two again here was zero again right one point zero one tick I can see that it does happen but overall the average in the last seven days has been a point six eight it has been fairly low if you check the last 30 days in the last six months it has been a lot higher this is just a slower week since last week it was really really high last week Babbage was like crazy stuff and don’t forget if you have invested over a thousand dollars you do get a plus percentage on here so say even if you didn’t you were invest $500 so your money would be locked up for 299 days right with a average interest rate of percent at the end of the 299 days you’re gonna come out with 1845 dollars so your profit will have been one thousand three hundred and forty five dollars for an ROI of two hundred and sixty nine percent which is out of this world guys even if you did a $100 investment right you’d still like it depends on which money you have obviously to play with to me a $100 loan is small that’s why I’m doing loans in the thousands but if $100 is good for you guys and you come out with two hundred and sixty nine dollars profit that’s great right that’s phenomenal it’s still profit it’s great but now if we go into maybe we invested three thousand right and then our money would be tied up for two hundred and thirty nine days two hundred and thirty nine days just kind of run you guys through what happens so three thousand dollars would quickly turn into seven thousand dollars profit you’d come out with ten thousand because you get your three thousand back and that’s basically how this works obviously the more you do let’s pretend that we have what’s that one thousand this is a minute so pretend we have a million dollars to throw around this would only be 120 then yeah there’s way way too many zeroes I can’t even one two three one two three so your profit would be one point three eight million and you come out with million so again crazy numbers this is the first the number one way I believe you can make money online because you don’t have to do anything you can literally sit back and the money will be given to you right so it’s a one-time few clicks you buy your Bitcoin on coinbase which I’ll leave the link down below as well for you guys so you buy your Bitcoin you transfer it here yes loan it takes five minutes for everything and boom you’re done instant money every everyday way number two is a little bit now this is mix up affiliate marketing I’m gonna talk about philia marketing and Amazon FBA affiliate marketing happens I’ll be there they can vary on how easy or difficult there are obvious if you have a if you have a personal brand or if you have an audience of following affiliate marketing is gonna be very very easy for you if you don’t you’re gonna have to run some ads and stuff like that and learn that type of stuff but I have placed affiliate marketing at number two for the easiest one you can get started with because the initial startup capital the money you need to get started is not that high and what I’ve shown you guys is I have max bounty open I’m a member of Max bounty they have a ton of campaigns where you can get paid as you can see so it’s ranges from one point six dollars per lead to ten dollars per lead all the way up to four hundred twenty-five dollars per lead right obviously depends on which one’s harder to get well how much is worth you’re gonna have different amounts that you’re gonna get paid out but the cool thing is that you get paid out this if you make a sale on this right now there are restrictions obviously would like country bulb love but what people usually use they haven’t they have an ad they run it on Facebook they have a club a landing page usually using click funnels and then so they have a landing page which goes to their offer from bets they can collect an email the landing page and then go to the offer that email can later be used they put it to an email list later be used to give more offers of that same type in case that person is interested so you have upsells and then they’ll go to the actual deal and if they convert and they buy it or they do whatever is needed to do whatever action is needed then you’re gonna get paid out however much is stated here okay the Lending Club business loans can pay up to four thousand three hundred dollars per leave now I guarantee you this is not going to be easy to do to get one of these obviously these are a lot rare you can’t do this like once every hour but there are some others that like smaller ones that you might be able to get more conversions you really have to play around with it and see which one works best for you now I mentioned click funnels which is what people use to create landing pages they also have an affiliate program so you can not only create an account but then you can also have an affiliate program and teach other people how to do what you’re doing and get Commission now I looked at their affiliate agreement I’m not I’m not an affiliate for click funnels not yet at least I don’t do as much affiliate marketing as do Amazon but says 40% of all fees received by click phone so that could add up to a ton of money for you guys so affiliate marketing I put at number two now number three is probably I just put my youtube channel in here because number three is Amazon FBA and I am building the free Amazon FBA course so if you guys are just to go check that out this requires more of a startup and startup money because you’re gonna buy bulk from China send it straight to Amazon and then for like Amazon will fulfill all of your products that you just have to worry about the keywords in the listing but again very passive everything is done everything can be done from your phone so that’s the best part of it all of these everything can be controlled straight from your phone especially once it’s set up right obviously creating a landing page of stuff might be harder to set up on your phones I would recommend using a laptop or a desktop but after that it is completely hands-off so Amazon the only time you have to actually touch it is when you either order more inventory want to change your ads which is done straight on Amazon so they’re really really easy to do so or when you’re looking for a new product to sell now I’m not going to go into too much detail but the main gist of Amazon FBA if you search for product that sells well low competition order it bulk from China send it to Amazon and you keep refreshing your phone while you make sales basically that’s what I spend my day doing just like refresh refresh refresh refresh and there’s a lot of people making a ton of money with Amazon PA if you guys are interested in Amazon FBA go check out my course I’m gonna have the link down below to a Bitcoin tab it connect coinbase and while you’re on my youtube channel so you don’t get me the link to my youtube channel affiliate marketing I don’t really have any links for but if you guys are interested there’s a ton of programs think about whatever niche you’re interested in fitness money whatever it is there are affiliate programs for it I carry to you their affiliate offers for it there is no niche that I know of that doesn’t have an affiliate program so yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed this video that thumbs up button and subscribe to channel if you guys are new so that you guys can get updated every time we post a video it’s all relates entrepreneur it’s all related to business it’s all related to money and I’m gonna help you guys or I’m trying to you guys improve your financial situations and hopefully make a ton of money yeah guys that’s gonna be it for me today again subscribe hit that like button and comment down below if there’s anything I missed or if there’s anything you guys want me to explain better but for now I’ll see you guys tomorrow on the next video

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